Blood Era ch2

Blood Era ch2 Blood Era ch2

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Status: Finished

Genre: Other


A disease.


A disease.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Blood Era ch2

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A disease.

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Blood era chapter two

"Where'd your little pet go?" Tommy belched as an unmarked bottle hung in his questionable grasp.

"I let him go." Van tossed a hand flippantly in the air and fiddled with her bag's stubborn zipper. Tommy watched her for a moment then his head tilted and a single finger scratched his temple as he closed his eyes.

"I'm sorry, I thought I just heard you say you let it go." Tommy huffed with a tone of laughter but it was short lived and he looked at her again in disbelief.

"I said I let HIM go. Tommy, they do have genders regardless of your hatred for them."

"They're all the same, Van. And you let one go back out into the world where it's going to keep killing innocent people." Tommy looked at her, his tone was hardened and she pursed her lips causing him to press his lips into a whitening line. A stubborn standoff off a stare contest until Tommy broke and stomped back outside. Her hair swiveled in front of her face as she leaned over to see him out the door and then knelt down behind the counter and opened the cupboard slightly where a pair of glowing eyes met hers.

"Will you be alright?" She asked quietly and her ears perked at the sound of a bottle smashing outside. Trevor nodded and she had to squint to see him in the shadows. She could barely make out his pale skin but his eyes had her attention wholly.

"Will you be alright?" He asked with a slight grin and she laughed lightly and nodded.

"Yeah, I will be fine. Might I ask you a favor?" She whispered, listening for Tommy's movements outside. Trevor waited and Van leaned into the cupboard slightly. "Would you mind staying here? If I could come back tonight and do a follow up, maybe ask some questions..." She knew the chances of him agreeing were slim and he'd probably disappear the first chance the sun went down.

"I could wait, yes." He said quietly. "He's coming."

Vanessa smiled quickly and shut the cupboard standing once again and gathered her things, carrying them out to the truck. Tommy wasn't in the mood to talk to her and she was actually grateful for it; she didn't want to tell him that she'd be coming back to talk to the vampire.

As the truck drove away Trevor stayed still in the cupboard for a while longer; no place to go now and with everything he'd recently done the news would have spread by now. He would not be welcome in the Darkened Cities.

He pushed the cupboard open gingerly peaking out for any sunlight that might be a direct line to him but he was safe; the vines of an ancient ivy had conquered the majority of the rundown building. Thick leaves covered most of the broken windows and aside from cracks and holes here and there in the ceiling, the light was kept out.

Trevor could never fully grasp what had happened to him and everytime he came out of a rest period he found it hard to accept that he was not human. He hated this, holding up his hands he examined them for what must've been the billionth time; despising this thing he'd become. Cold and selfish, his foot crunched on something and he looked down at the shattered glass of a long forgotten mirror.

Thousands of silvery and reflecting splinters and chips, a puzzle of whomever looked into it. Kneeling down he pinched a shard between his fingers; perhaps it was used once to help a patient that suffered with self esteem issues. The color in his eyes turned and twisted, writhing like smoke at the sight of himself, red filling them like a wine glass. His jaw clenched with the anger that flared in his shoulder blades, sliding into his arms as the veins rose slightly and he propelled the piece of glass across the room, causing it to stick in the wall.  That was something about being one of these things, the sight of his own reflection triggered  the beast.

He thought of Van and it seemed to calm him but he didn't understand her attitude towards him; it was hard for him to trust her but then again he'd stopped caring whether he was killed or not.

He was bothered. He hadn't been this stirred up since....since... he couldn't remember. His fists tightened into balls and relaxed as he looked over the remains of the room. Broken furniture with faded fabric and their skeleton boards sticking out like protruding bones. It was how he saw himself, an old piece of furniture that sat still and watched the world change around it while he stayed the same.

The breath that escaped his lungs in a heavy sigh startled him, he looked around for a moment before realizing it was him that made the sound. His feet carried him to the doorway where he'd stood in many before, but this one was different; a place much like himself, empty except for the ashes of what used to be. Ashes caused by a war so uncontrolled that not even God would've stepped in. The worn wood greeted his fingertips with small splinters as he gazed out at the heat waves above the green grass. He'd yearned for that warmth again but remained in the shadows, always tempted to end it all with a few steps into the light. His tongue pushed on the tips of his fangs as he kept his eyes steady, almost hypnotized by the individual beams of light stabbing into the forest far off in the distance.

He knew how long it would take to kill him if he'd stepped beyond the safety of the shadows, he would make it four feet until he fell to the ground; twenty seconds for his flesh to singe to a crisp and finally the entirety of his body would burn to ash and float away with the wind.


"So you just 'let him go' and you weren't worried at all that he would kill you." Tommy had been in a foul mood all day but Van had made it a habit of ignoring him. She looked at him from where she stood in the kitchen at the counter preparing dinner. He was sitting on the couch in his usual dirty jeans and stained white shirt with the sleaves ripped off at the shoulders. Tommy was her younger step-brother and he'd always been a bit of a brute especially since their parents passed. He was protective but he tended to boss Van around just as much as he did anyone else. "You should've killed him..." Tommy grumbled and Van kept her eyes on her hands slicing the chicken.

"He wasn't like the others--"

"Don't start with that!" Tommy said, "You start talking like him and you'll end up like him."

"I think dad was on to something. I don't think all of the vampires are--"

"They are! Vanessa!" Tommy stood up, still watching her but she wouldn't look at him. "They're monsters." He said seriously, his brow furrowing and Van nodded accordingly.

"Then I don't understand how you caught this one so easily." She said and Tommy shrugged, turning away from her with a sneer. "You've never been able to catch one so easily, you and your boys brought him in two days after my request..."

"Your request. Your secret little experiement to prove that dad wasn't wasting his time but really he was." Tommy said.

"Well?" Van turned from the stove and looked at him. "How was he so easily caught?"

"It was lying in the road when we found it." Tommy mumbled taking a seat at the counter, he shook his head remembering. "It was just lying there staring up at the moon and we thought it was a dead guy at first until it started moving--"

"HE, Tommy. His name is Trevor--"

"What?!" Tommy jumped from his seat so fast that the chair fell backwards and he didn't try to catch it. "What did you make friends with it, Van?"

"Look I don't need this." Van said and turned the stove off. She dished food for both of them and took her plate into her bedroom, she wasn't hungry and ended up setting the dish on her dresser. Nervous to go back and see Trevor, she was hoping he'd stayed.

After Tommy went to bed Van grabbed his keys and snuck out to the truck, she'd grabbed her notebook and flashlight and just in case, a gun. A gun wouldn't kill a vampire but it would slow them down due to the recovery process their bodies would go through to remove the bullet. She didn't think she'd have to use it but she didn't want to take any chances. The drive went by fast and as she came onto the dirt road her heart seemed to lurch into her throat. She was considering turning back and going home, it was a dangerous thing to meet up with anyone nowadays in a dark and secluded area but meeting up with a vampire was like asking for a cup of suicide.

The truck gave up easily as she turned the key to shut it off, the lights died and she could see the dark, looming building now. The moonlight lighting the fragmented roof and the overgrown field around it; the forest that surrounded the field was daunting and Van almost didn't get out of the truck but her hand pulled the door handle. 

Her nerves shook violently as she walked, shining the flashlight on the path to the broken door and pushing it open. Her free hand squeezed her bag hanging on her shoulder as she slowly looked around the empty room.

Something snapped behind her and before she could turn to see it, she was taken to the ground roughly; whacking her head on the wooden floor, she watched the flashlight roll away from her as she struggled under something heavy pressing her down effortlessly.

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