Blood Era

Blood Era

Status: Finished

Genre: Other


Status: Finished

Genre: Other


A disease.


A disease.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Blood Era

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A disease.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 06, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 06, 2013



“When you said you wanted a vampire I almost laughed.” Tommy whispered with a small smile but as his eyes set on the monster in front of him his smiled faded. He looked like a normal man from far off but up close was a different sight, chained to the floor in bloody rags; teeth gnashing in a criminal grin and eyes swirling with deep red. “I would rather have tried to find you a unicorn.” he sneered at the monster looking up at him with it’s vacant eyes and evil brow. It’d been chained for days to the floor, unable to feed. "I still don't understand why you want to proceed with this..." His voice trailed off as his eyes wandered about on the wooden floor leading to where she stood.

“You wouldn’t understand my reasoning so why are you even here? You did your job so leave.” Van said from behind the counter, she was filling up a clean syringe with a test antidote her father had tried once before.

“I just wanted to check up on you and make sure that it hadn’t eaten you yet.” Tommy looked from Van back to the beast. His tone was light but he was serious and he despised anything having to do with the creatures.

“I can take care of myself.” She said, but he didn’t believe that.

“Somehow I highly doubt that. And this little experiment you’re doing is dangerous enough as it is. There have been more killings and this--” he held a hand to the monster, “This is not going to work. You’ll just get yourself killed like--”

“Tommy, I didn‘t ask for your opinion.” She growled and he shook his head, grabbed his jacket and headed for the door.

Van had never seen a vampire up close before or even one that was still living long enough in front of her eyes without being terminated right away. Tommy let the door slam shut on it’s rusty hinges and Van listened for his truck to start and waited until the sound faded. She looked back to the seemingly beaten man on the floor, he was everything she’d heard from everyone‘s stories: beautiful, charming, and deadly. Van was no doctor like her late father but still she approached the subject like a true scientist. She’d observed him over the past couple days while he was weakened by a tranquilizer and unable to comprehend his surroundings.

“Hello.” She said, looking over his arms that were chained tightly to the floor. The blood on his clothes was not his, not a scratch on him or a bruise though he looked very ragged. He had been places and wasn't accustomed to being in such a drab state but he wasn't about to share where he'd been before her little assistent caught him.

“Hi.” He smiled up at her with a shiny white grin, two fangs sitting prominent and sharp from under his upper lip. He appeared to be amused by her movements, maybe he was delirious. She wasn’t sure.

“I’m Vanessa.” She stood in front of him and he looked up at her, the moonlight shining on his pale face through the broken roof. The building was a long abandoned psych ward that had been used as a bomb shelter after the war broke out, most of the patients had been susceptible to the virus and were demolished upon discovery. He smiled politely at her and nodded his head with the pleasantry. She waited for him to tell her his name but he remained quiet and stone like in his stillness, watching her. His hair cut was high and tight, clean jaw and of course his body was in perfect physical condition. That was what the virus was designed for. Peak physical condition, advanced combat potential.

“You were one of them weren’t you?” Van asked and his eyes dropped to the floor, long lashes covering the memory playing behind his eyes. “You have no bite scar. So… you must be one of --”

“I don’t see how it’s any of your business!” He snapped, his eyes turning a deep rubicund with the anger rising in him. She didn’t flinch with his lash out and he chuckled as his eyes faded back to the pale green.

“You have emotions. Your eyes are proof of that, despite what everyone likes to believe that your kind--”

“My kind.” he laughed as his eyes dropped back to the floor.

“Is a heartless species.” 

“Abomination.” he said matter-of-factly and pulled at one of his chains lazily; mentally he was bored by the conversation as always with anyone. He was too weak to break his bonds, but he wasn’t sure he’d hurt her if he had the option, he'd been working on self control. She knelt down in front of him, dangerously close to one another and the distance astounded him but his face stayed blank. He watched her dig in her pockets for something.

“You have great self control I believe.” She said looking over at the pile of dead rabbits that he refused to drink from.

“Why eat if I don’t have to? It’s not like I’ll starve to death.” he jeered and Van laughed quietly at the weak-hearted joke. He had humor, dry humor but humor nonetheless. He had missed the sound of laughter over the years of avoiding any contact with humans or the kind that were known as Vampire.

“If you don’t feed you’ll become weak and--”

“Ill tempered, delusional, uncontrolled.” he shook his head with a dreamy expression as if he'd heard it all before. “What does it matter? I’ll just lose it and feed relentlessly on some hide away then go back into my self-loathing and…” he stopped talking and clamped his mouth shut. He didn’t mean to tell her anything and she was watching him intently now, very interested in his pattern he’d revealed.

“If you eat the rabbit then you won’t be so eager to give up your secrets.” Van said but he didn’t react in anyway. “I would like to try this serum.” she held up the syringe and his eyes focused on it attentively, the golden liquid shimmering in the light.

“What is it supposed to do?” He asked.

“You’re quite agreeable. I’ve never met such a calm…” this time she didn’t want to say it because in front of her he looked so human.

“You’d be angry too if you were being tied to posts to burn in the sun, watching family and friends disintegrate in front of your eyes.” he whispered. Van swallowed roughly at his words and could see something behind his eyes for a moment, a human expression of pain. She cleared her throat and looked at the needle in her hand.

“The serum is supposed to suppress the urge to feed on humans. As to say it was primarily designed as a alternative source. A replacement for nourishments.” her voice was soft and quiet.

“You don’t know if it works.” he huffed half amused and half exhausted. He wished he could sleep but his mind was almost always moving onto different things and when his mind wasn’t moving it was as quiet and still; much like how he was sitting in front of her. She held up the needle in question and he nodded and closed his eyes, submissively turning his arm over in the clinking chain. The needle stuck his skin and she injected it. She set the needle down and took a flashlight out of her pocket and he looked at her nervously.

“Don’t worry it’s a normal bulb.” She smiled and reached forward, pulling his eyelid up and shining the light into his eye. The pale green swirled in his irises with the contact of the light.

“Color is consistent and pupillary response is well… normal.” she laughed and he smiled still feeling weak but something new was sliding through his veins and he could feel it, almost taste it.

Hours passed with no alarming side affects and Van was wondering how long it would take if there were any.

“You’re not as demonic as people make you out to be.” She was speaking of the accidental species in general.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” He was lying on his back now still chained and watching the stars through the hole in the roof. He could barely remember lying in the tall grass as a boy with his brothers and talking about the aliens. There was pain he felt every time he was reminded of them, an ache deep inside where his heart would be if he believed he had one. With every passing year he found it was harder to remember his human life, at times forgetting his littlest brother's name or what his mother's favorite flower was.

“My father…” Van started, she too was watching the stars on the floor near him. “He believed that every disease had a cure. But it’s--”

“Not a disease.” He finished her sentence.

“It made it especially hard for him to find a fix for it. When it went viral my mother was attacked on the street. He was so determined to save her that it took his own life.” Her words had a heavy weight behind them and he could sense it easily. “I was twelve when he died. He was testing this serum on a reluctant and very angry vampire, freshly fed but bound with numerous chains.” She shook her head seeing the memory like a picture film in her mind. “I don’t know what happened, if he ever got close enough to inject the serum, who the vampire was…” she sighed. “Questions I’ll never have answers to.”

“And your mother?” He asked.

“Killed herself. She didn’t want to live with it, walked out into the sun.” 

Van turned her head to look at him and he could see her perfectly in his peripheral vision. He had a strong jaw line and a straight handsome nose, high cheek bones with kind eyes. It was hard to tell exactly the shade of blonde that his hair was but she guessed that it wouldn't really matter if this all went wrong.

“Why are you so different? Why aren’t you…” She didn’t know how to ask the question.

“Monstrous, spitting with insults and ridiculously fiendish, perpetually angry?” He tossed the options out with a light weight and saw her nod.

“Just like the others.” She said.

He turned his head this time and looked at her, his eye hidden by the starlight glowed with a catlike glaze. A small smiled on his graceful lips, she could barely see the tip of his fang from underneath.

“I am all those things and more. I’m just well mannered.” He was joking again but he was serious at the same time.

“Why?” Her voice was almost inaudible and if it weren't for his unnatural hearing he might've not picked up so easily.

He thought about it for a moment and he knew the reason, he knew a lot of things. He could only explain it by telling the story.

“When I was young I lived in the woods with my family; the oldest of five boys, we loved to hunt for pheasants and rabbits. Pick berries, trade our game for onions and carrots in the town square. This was after the great war, after everything was safe again. And as bad habits go, humans had to start fighting again…” he paused for any questions but Van had none, she had studied the great war; stories of weapons of mass destruction, nuclear bombs and various others.

“As you might know spies were everywhere eventually and technology though it was advanced wasn’t what the humans needed. But still they continued with a developing drug called Bahnedstahd.” He said. “Bloodstand. It was a drug inhaled by soldiers to change them mentally and physically, but the only thing was it made a lot of them blood thirsty. Literally blood thirsty, infected with a virus and sent out into the field, they would go days without food and then one man found that he could feed off his victims. After feeding they found that they were stronger, mentally sharper but hungrier.” his eyes slid across the night sky hearing the sounds of screaming innocents from more than three decades ago. “The victims that didn’t die, changed. The victims that didn’t die, got up again and fed on their families, friends, animals.” 

“The soldiers scattered like roaches, they say…” Van said quietly, trying to imagine the horrific time.

“They called it the Blood Era or the Blood Age.” He ran his tongue over the sharp fang under his lip. “A lot of the men returned home and lived normal lives to the best of their abilities, trying to control their cravings but as bad habits go…” he tilted his head to the side and she could see the pain in his eyes.

“You lost control from not feeding.” She said and he nodded. He didn’t say anything but he didn’t have to because she could see it in his pained expression. Still he spoke again.

“By the time I came out of my hungry rage…” he said with a hollow tone. “I’d killed all of them, doused in their blood and surrounded by their bodies.” His voice broke as if he would cry but no tears came. He was unable to produce tears and his emotions always felt masked but as he lay on the ground with the serum still making it’s round he felt different. Vanessa stayed quiet but looked at him again when he turned his head once more to look at her; a most human expression set in his brows and a faint frown staining his lips.

"Do you think times have changed?" She asked and he took the quesiton very seriously but didn't spend less than two seconds to shake his head.

"Your kind." He said quietly, almost solomnly and analyzing. "Will never be safe from what lives in the Darkened Cities." Goose bumps rose on her arms with the mention of the forbidden places.

"You mean I'll never--if this is successful, be able to convince them to take it." She mumbled and his eyes squinted with the desperation in her voice. He could tell she wanted to help but he already knew there was nothing that could reverse what mother nature had died from. He let his head fall back to face the stars, looking for an answer as so many before him had done in vain.

"What is your name?" Vanessa asked, sincerely curious.

“My name is Trevor.” He mumbled. He wasn’t so keen on the idea of sharing so much personal information but he was probably going to be left to die anyways so he didn’t see why it mattered.

Van woke somewhere near six in the morning, it wasn’t the light that woke her but the eerie sense of someone watching her. She opened her eyes seeing her face inches from Trevor’s green eyes. His chains lay broken in the links and the shackles were gone from his wrists and he was watching her quietly, he’d been in this position for nearly three hours. He’d drank from the rabbits, the good ones anyways. His arms were at his sides and somewhere near two in the morning he’d quietly snapped the metal links and went for a walk. The air was fresh at that time and he could listen to the sounds of the animals, the plans of the day, what the villagers three miles away were shuffling about for in their barns. The serum had heightened some of his senses even more yet it dulled his need to feed, to kill. He was hungry but when he returned and saw Vanessa lying on the floor he had no inclination to feed on her. Instead he studied her facial expressions as she slept, the way her lips twitched to convey information to the people in her dreamland.

He wondered what it was like to dream nowadays, if it was the same as always or did new desires plague these people's minds?

"You're still here..." She mumbled and he didn't say anything because it was obvious that he was still here. When she looked down for his chains she jumped up so quickly that she almost lost her balance and toppled over; before falling though something caught her and she looked over her shoulder at Trevor. His hands holding her arms gently and calculating, he was considering how fragile she was and the warmth that came from her skin was almost unreal. He hadn't felt the heat of a human since before his change.

"Th-thank you..." She whispered and he immediately let her go, to stand on her own. He wasn't sure what this was inside him, this new politeness and bold action.

"I would've left but it wouldn't have been safe for you to be sleeping here all alone." He said flatly and turned away from her, the sun was coming up over the horizon and he stepped behind the wall to avoid the shine. He'd had a blanket thrown over him when he was chained to avoid contact with the sun. Van looked over her shoulder out the window and then back to Trevor, he had broken his chains and been free to kill her but something had stopped him.

"It worked." The words fumbled from her lips and Trevor stayed still. "It actually worked." 

The sound of a rumbling truck was approaching and both her and Trevor looked at each other in alarm. If Tommy came in and found Trevor unchained Van knew he would take immediate action.

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