Craig's Graduation Present

Craig's Graduation Present Craig's Graduation Present

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


He has loved her years. She is about to make his dream come true.


He has loved her years. She is about to make his dream come true.


Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013



I had just graduated high school, but at 18 years old I was still a virgin. I was never a big party guy throughout high school, fully content with just focusing on my studies. I graduated valedictorian, my parents where so proud of me, and I was proud of myself.

My parents were throwing me a graduation party at our house. Family and friends all gathered to honor me. It was a big formal affair, everyone all dressed up in their best. I had accepted to a rather prestigious university out of state. But there was one person I really couldn't wait to see, Evey. Evey was a friend of my older sister, and both were a few years older than me. And honestly, I had a mad crush on Evey for years. She was just so beautiful. Her brilliant blue eyes just pierced right through you and her breasts and ass were perfect. Many a night I had rubbed one off at the thought of her.

I glanced around the room, swirling of people. Many came up to me, handing me checks and cards and saying how proud of me they were. Then I say her, Evey. She was wearing this sexy black dress, my heart started beating faster at the sight. She turned from talking to my sister, smiled at me, and started to walk over to me. She pulled an envelope out of her purse and handed it me.

"Congratulations, Craig," she said, them she added softly. "I wouldn't wait to long to open that if I was you." Then she walked off.

I excused myself from those around me and went into the kitchen. I opened her envelope and looked at the card. It was just some funny picture of a cat. Inside the card was blank but a small note fell out. I picked up off the counter and read it quickly. Even her handwriting was beautiful.

"Meet me in your room. Now."

That's all it said, no signature, no nothing. I put the card, and note, back in the envelope and shoved it into my back pocket, and promptly headed up the stairs.

I was walked up the stairs I kept thinking what it was she wanted. I knew what I was wanting, what I was hoping for. But, I seriously doubted that was going to happen.

I reached the door to my room and walked on. Evey was sitting on the foot of my bed, the two straps of her dress were hanging off her shoulder, exposing more of her wonderful cleavage.

"Evey?" I asked.

"You probably will want to shut the door," she said. "And lock it."

My heart raced, my penis stirred. Was what I always dreamed of about to happen. I did as she told and walked closed to her.

"Craig, I know how you feel about me." She raised her and started to feel the bulge growing in my pants. "And I wanted you know, I really like the man you've grown into." She began to stoke member through the fabric. "Your sister thinks your still a virgin, is that true?" She asked sorrowfully, still stroking.

I shook my head yes. She pouted her beautiful lips. "I think we need to change that." After saying that she quickly unbuckled my belt and pants and pulled them down. My erect penis bounced in front of her gorgeous face. "It's shame such a penis has gone to waste for so long." She grabbed it and pulled it into her mouth.

Slowly she pushed it deeper into her mouth, using her tongue with skill. With one hand holding my member, her other hand started to remove her dress, it falling to her waist, exposing her wonderful black bra.

"Talk it off," she smiled at me and then went right back to sucking. I unclapsed it and pulled it off and a marveled at her beautiful breasts, breasts I had dreamed about for years.

"Go ahead, touch them."

Cautiously I took one in my hand and started to squeeze. Evey moaned around my dick in her mouth. I squeezed more and and started to play the nipple of the other. She started to suck harder. I felt the pressure mount in my penis. I moved a hand to back to Evey's head and grabbed a small chunk of her black hair and started to shove her further. Still playing with a breast she moaned louder and louder. Suddenly, I knew I was going to cum.

"I think I'm about to cum," I warned her.

She began to suck faster, using a hand to stroke my dick in rhythm with her sucking. Before I could warn her again I shot my load into her mouth. She continued to try and suck every drop, closing her eyes in pleasure.

She smiled up at me. "I know you want to want to put in me know."

"Think you can get it hard again?" U asked.

She smiled and took my hand in your hands, then placing it in between her breasts. Evey grabbed her breasts and started to jiggle them around my cock, stroke my cock with them, and just squeezing them around it.

"Did you swallow?" I asked, feeling my cock getting firmer.

"Yeah," she smiled at me. "A trick I learned from your sister."

"I really didn't need to hear that."

She laughed at me. "You should thank her, she's the one that told me you had such a crush on me. I didn't know, kinda wish I had though."

My member was now at full attention again. "You ready?" she asked as she laid down on the bed. She pulled her dress up to her waist (now the whole thing was pooled there) and reveled her pussy to me. She hasn't been wearing anything this whole time. I was beautiful.

I quickly unbuttoned my shirt and threw it on the floor, and after taking my shoes and socks off I pulled my pants off too. During this short time Evey had started to play with her shaved pussy. Running her fingers over the edge of her clit.

I turned to her and taking penis in hand, I slowly guided it in. The warmth and wetness that welcomed me was amazing. Slowly I went deeper, till my balls hit her shapely ass. I being pump her, slow at first soon faster. I grabbed both breasts in my hands, squeezing them and playing the nipples. Evey started to moan, quick at first, but getting louder. It was the greatest thing I has ever heard. Evey locked her beautiful blue eyes with mine. I started to go faster.

"Wait," she in a moan. "Let me get on top of you."

I slowly withdrew and laid down on the bed. Evey stood up and dropped her dress on the floor and them climbed back on top of me, slowly easing me back into her. She took one of hands and placed it on her hips, my other hand I placed on the other side. She started to ride me, pumping me, slow then fast then slow again then faster. She began to moan louder. She let out a high pitch screech, and I felt her orgasm. Her muscles clinching around me inside of her. But she continued her ride, leaning forward over me. I lifted my head and took one of her breasts in my mouth, sucking on it. She continued her rhythm of slow then fast then slow.

She looked down at me, "Do try...another...position?"

I lifted her off me and got her on all fours. "Oh, I love doggy." She said to me, breathless. "But you have to pull me hair."

From behind I shoved my dick into her pussy. I could her my balls slap her leg, it made want to go faster. I took a was of her hair in hand and started to lightly pull on it. "Faster, oh God, faster," she whispered to me. I started to go faster. Then I felt it, another orgasm from her. She moaned loudly. "That's was new," she said, gasping for air.

"My turn," I said as I started to go even faster, now keeping both hands on hips.

Soon I started to feel it build, I knew I would be cumming soon.

"Just cum in me!" she shouted.

I continued my ride, then I let loose the stream deep inside her. Evey let out a long moan. She collapsed, with me on top of her, my dick still getting limp inside if her. I pulled it and sat on the bed, juices slick on my penis.

"I've never came twice," she said, sitting up, grabbing her bra. She leaned in and kissed me. After a few minutes she let go. "I wonder how'll you'll be when you're more experienced?"

I watched Evey as she started to dress. "So you're saying there might be a next time."

"I'm sure of it," she said. Giving me another kiss. "Congrats on your first time. But I think you've been gone from your party too long. You should be getting back."

Now fully dressed she turned and left the room. I grabbed some tissue and whipped off my dick, dressed and returned to the party. Upon coming down the stairs my sister gave a wink. I smiled at her. She and Evey then left the party.

Evey left for the summer that next day, because of her job. It wasn't until I had settled into college that I saw her again. By then I was a little more experienced, but that story will be told another day.

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