Addicted: The Series

Addicted: The Series

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Enter the world of this drama filled,and riveting series Based on a True Story. See how this deadly and sinful secretive love affair takes a turn for the worse. What will the out come of this secret love affair be? See how lives are changed and impacted over the course of this series.


Enter the world of this drama filled,and riveting series Based on a True Story. See how this deadly and sinful secretive love affair takes a turn for the worse. What will the out come of this secret love affair be? See how lives are changed and impacted over the course of this series.


Submitted: May 26, 2016

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Submitted: May 26, 2016



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I can’t believe that I had sex with Brandon again over and over last night. My husband would truly be hurt. What am I doing to my family? But Brandon’s sex is so good to me, and I love his personality. I absolutely loved and adored my family and wouldn’t trade them for anything in this world, but I really wanted Brandon to be mines. I needed his dick once more before we left this hotel room and head back to Louisiana. “Baby, wake up!” He would not budge. So I took it upon myself to wake him up. I took my tongue and tickled the tip of his dick head with it. “Damn, baby that shit feels good, please don’t stop!” Brandon said. His dick slowly began to spring to life. I loved this man’s dick so much. “Ooh, let me get it from the back baby!” Brandon said in his sexy New Orleans accent. Not saying anything, I immediately came from under the covers totally naked. With a sense of urgency, I bent over to receive his ten-inch dick gladly. I loved early morning quickies, because they gave me so much energy.

It felt so good when he put his dick inside of me. Going slow at first, then all of a sudden fast, I loved the way this man stroked my wet vagina. Thirty minutes had now passed, and we were still going at it. “oh my God, I’m cumin!”, Brandon screamed. “Yes baby!”, I said with such passion. I could feel the warmth of his semen inside of me and it felt so good. I am on the pill, and besides Brandon and my husband are the only two men that I sleep with. I know, not a wise choice, but I love what I love. After sex, I loved the way that Brandon would hold me and squeeze me, unlike my husband.

We both had dozed off and let the time gotten away from us. I was certain that my husband, Timothy was worried sick about me since he hadn’t heard from me in a day, and would be asking all sorts of questions. So I reached on the table by the bed to get my cell phone to call him. “Hey sugar plum!” Tim answered the phone. Feeling relieved that he wasn’t upset in any sort of way with me, I said “hey baby, I miss you.” “I miss you more. How is the trip going with Erica?”, Tim asked. I had previously lied about going out of town on a trip to Vegas with my cousin Erica, but me and Brandon took a short trip to Texas for the weekend. “It’s going great. I have spent every second of it thinking about you and Sasha.” I lied. Tim chuckled and said, “awe baby, we aren’t going no where, just have fun.” “Ok baby. Well I’m about to get up and shower and I’ll call you in

a little while, ok?”, I lied again. “Ok my love, I love you with all of me.” Tim Said. “Love you more baby.” I said and hit the end button on my I-Phone.

After hanging up the phone from my husband, all I could do is think of him and our daughter, Sasha. I felt guilty in every way, but I loved what I loved. This love affair between me and Brandon had been going on for a year now. We made sure to cover all of our tracks so we wouldn’t get caught. It was just something about him where I just had to have him every day. I loved his swag. Brandon was straight out of the hood, and I loved that about him. Although he had very little to offer me other than good dick, he was a cool person. We decided to get up and shower together, a known practice for us every time after sex. After showering, we decided to head back home to Louisiana. We had to be extra careful when fooling around with each other, even if it means leaving the state to mess around.

The whole car ride back home, I was silent. Thinking of me and my family and all the horrible things I had done over the past year. “why are you so quite baby?”, Brandon asked in a curious tone. I simply said, “no reason”, and that was it. Brandon didn’t speak much himself after that. Five hours later, we were crossing the state line back into Louisiana. Only one more hour to go, since we lived way down south in Granger, Louisiana. Out of nowhere, my cell phone rang and broke the silence in the car. I looked on my caller ID and it said Erica. Without sending it to voicemail, I just let the phone rang until it went to voicemail on its own. “Who was that?” Brandon asked. “Your fiancé.” I answered. Yes, Erica was my cousin, and I was messing around with her man. She never treated him right. She cheated on him twice previously, and she acted like she didn’t want him. So I took him, and started giving him what he needed, good pussy!

Ten minutes later, Brandon’s cell phone rang. “Who was that?”, I wanted to know. “Erica.” Brandon said. He didn’t answer the phone. “Don’t you think you should have answered the phone Brandon?” I asked in an almost angry voice. “No, we are almost home, she will be fine. Why do you sound angry Kim?” I simply said again, “No reason.”


“Baby, wake up. We are here!” Brandon said. I had dozed off during the car ride home. “I’ll text you later Brandon.”, I said in a hurried fashion. I then got out of the car. It was a good thing it was Sunday because Tim and Sasha were still at church, and he wasn’t expecting me for quite sometime. Now all I had to do was make up a lie as to why I was back from my trip to Vegas with Erica so soon. Thinking of Erica, I decided to return her call from earlier.




Who could this be I wondered , as my phone continually rang. I looked on the caller ID and it was Kim. “Hey girl.” I answered. “What’s up?” She replied. “Nothing much, just got back from my little rendezvous. I had the time of my life, and remember, I was with you in Vegas if Tim asks,” Kim said in a suggesting manner. “Ok girl, you know I got you. So what did the both of you do while in Texas, besides fuck like crazy?” I asked. “That’s all we did girl. Oh my God, I love that man’s dick. We tore that hotel room up.” Kim said. I loved my cousin Kim, and would do absolutely anything for her including covering for her while she cheats on her husband Timothy. Was it right? Absolutely not, but me and my cousin were always tight like that since childhood. After me and Kim got off of the phone, it was time to prepare my man Brandon a nice meal. I know he has missed my cooking since he has been away from home on his business meeting in New York. I was expecting him any second now.

After cleaning a bit and cooking, it was now time to prepare myself for my man. I headed to the bathroom to get ready to take a hot bath before Brandon got home, because after dinner, we were going straight for the dessert. I loved making love to my fiancé  and I loved him dearly. When we first got together, I made two mistakes of cheating on him, but I assured him that it would never happen again. I was young, wild, and dumb. Me and Brandon had been together for seven years, we were both 29, and I could never imagine doing my fiancé the way Kim is doing Timothy. I admit to helping her to a degree, but she has let that love affair between her and her “fuck buddy” gotten out of hand. I mean it’s like she’s addicted to him or something. I have never met her estranged partner before, but she claims he is to die for. Kim and her partner had been sneaking around for about a year now. I know that I am addicted to Brandon’s dick, and if any other female tries to have it I don’t know what I would do. It just feels so good to me. I have grown to love everything about my fiancé. We had decided that we would start our family soon and had been trying to get pregnant lately. I had been waiting for Brandon to get home before I take this pregnancy test, but the excitement was building on the inside of me.

Once I had  finished my bath, I could no longer wait. The anticipation had been building up inside of me to take this pregnancy test. So I did. I was so excited. I couldn’t wait for the results to pop up in the little window. Nearly three minutes later, I picked up the pregnancy test and looked at it. Pregnant! I was so excited and couldn’t wait to tell Brandon the news. Speaking of Brandon, I better call him. Before I could unlock my phone to call Brandon, I heard the key entering into the door knob. “Hey baby, I missed you!” I ran to my man and jumped into his arms. “I missed you too baby. Damn you smell so good.” Brandon added. “Thanks honey. Come here I have something to show you.” I said. I gave him the test so he could see for his self. “We Pregnant!” Brandon screamed. “Yep WE are pregnant. Our dream is finally coming true. I mean you do still want this, right?” “Yea baby, you know that I do.” Brandon suggested.

“I say we celebrate over the dinner that I prepared. I said” “Ok Baby I’m down with that. What did you cook?” Brandon asked. Your favorite, pot roast.” I answered. Go wash up for dinner, and I will have everything set when you come to the table honey, ok?” I said. “Ok baby, thanks.” Brandon said. I began to warm the food and set the table for us to enjoy our dinner. I couldn’t believe our dream was finally coming true. I was so excited.



“Wow baby, dinner was slamming. Now it’s time for dessert.” I said. “I know that’s right, come on let’s go to the bedroom.” Erica said. I gladly got up and followed my sexy baby to our bedroom. In a heated passion, we both began stripping each others clothes off. My dick was already rock hard, all 10 inches. I began to eat Erica’s pussy real soft and sensual. All of that moaning and shit made my dick even harder. I couldn’t wait any longer. I got on top of Erica, and inserted my dick in her tight pussy. “Oh my God, that feels so good!” Erica screamed out. I could make my fiancé` cum multiple times, due to my fat ass dick. The ladies loved it. As I stroked my dick in and out of her pussy, it became wetter. “Squeeze that pussy on this dick baby!” I commanded Erica. “You like it when I squeeze it!?!” She yelled. “Hell yea, I love it!” I replied.

Feeling myself about to cum, It was so good. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I exploded my load deep inside of Erica’s pussy. I collapsed on top of Erica with my extremely wet body. Erica always liked for me to hold her after sex. “Baby, promise me something. Promise me that you would never cheat on me and give my dick to another female.” Erica said. “I promise Erica. Don’t even think like that baby. I would never cheat on you.” I lied. I don’t know where that came from, but the thought of Erica finding out about me and her cousin was starting to freak me out. So I put on my clothes and went out side for a cigarette.

After I lit my cigarette up, I could feel my phone vibrating in my pocket. It was Kim. “Hello.” I whispered. “Hey boo, can you talk?” Kim asked me. ’Yea, I got a few minutes. What’s up?” I asked. “Nothing. Seeing when can we meet up again. I need some more dick.” Kim said. I’m not sure Kim. You know things are now a little more complicated, now that we are back home in Louisiana. Maybe tomorrow. I could leave work early. What time does Tim go to work tomorrow?” I asked. Nine to five. You could come around ten in the morning.” Kim suggested. “We will see Kim. Erica’s pregnant. Did she tell you?” I asked. “Hell no. She didn’t tell me anything! Are you serious? Oh my God!” So what does that mean for us Brandon? Kim said in desperation. “Why do you always have to think about yourself and what you want!? I asked in an irritating type of way. “Excuse me!!?” Kim screamed. I was tired of feeling like my life was wrapped around Kim’s finger. Little did she know, I was about to cut her off. She had become way to demanding, and had become a thorn in my side. Besides, I wanted to focus more on Erica and our soon to be family.

“Look Kim. We may have to stop messing around, I have too much to lose now.” I said. “To much to lose? You weren’t saying that when you were on top of me or inside of me. Now all of a sudden, you have too much to lose? Be here by ten o’clock tomorrow morning. If you are not here, you better believe I’m gonna expose you and tell your little fiancé about us fucking around together and all of our other little secrets.” Without warning, she hung the phone. Kim was no ordinary chic. Whatever she says, she does. I could not lose Erica and my soon to be baby now, but I didn’t want to risk getting exposed by Kim’s trifling ass. It was time for me to head back inside to Erica before she came out asking all sorts of questions. Erica was sound asleep. I guess that’s what good dick will do for you. I snuggled close under her, and held her tight.



Church was finally dismissed after a refreshing service this morning. I’m so use to us going as a family to church. Me, Sasha, and Kim, but Kim and Erica were out of town for the weekend in Vegas. So It was just me and my baby girl. I reached for my phone in my inner coat pocket and powered it back on. 1 new message. It was from Kim. She was letting me know how much she missed me. She couldn’t wait until I got home, and that she loved me. Interrupting my thought pattern, Sasha spoke, “Daddy, can we get some Popeye’s Chicken on the way home?” Sasha Asked. “We sure can baby. I love you.” I said. “I love you too Daddy.” Sasha said with a huge smile. I was a blessed man to have such a loving family.

We were finally now home, after stopping for chicken at Popeye’s. “Hey beautiful!” I said while picking up Kim, and giving here sensual kisses. “Hey baby, I’ve missed you so much.” Kim said with an overwhelming joy in her voice. “Hey my princess, I’ve missed you too. Were you a good girl for daddy while I was gone?” Kim asked. “Yep, I was momma.” Sasha replied. “OK! Let’s eat. The food is getting cold.” I said in a hungry manner. “You guys go and wash up while I set the table and fix the food.” Kim said. “OK baby. I said gladly.

After eating we all decided to watch TV as a family. It was a Sunday evening so nothing was really on. Sasha had fallen asleep on the couch, so me and Kim decided to make love, since we had been away from each other for almost three days now. So to the bedroom we went. I began kissing her on her neck, since that was her hot spot. We had always had intense love making sessions, but this time it seemed like Kim wasn’t really into it. “What’s going on Kim? I can tell you are not into it like you’d normally be. What’s going on with you?” I asked. I think my cycle is trying to come on baby. I am cramping like crazy. I‘m sorry baby.” Kim said in a painful tone. “It’s ok baby. Hey it happens sometimes.” I said. Damn, I really wanted my wife tonight, but I didn’t want her to think it was her fault, so I began to rub her feet. “Oh, thank you so much baby. I really need this foot rub.” Kim said.

Once I finished rubbing my wife’s feet. I ran her a hot bath, so that she could relax and be soothed before bed. While Kim was in the tub, I decided to kick back and watch a little TV. I don’t know. Kim had been acting strange for the last couple of days. No matter where she would go, she would always call me or text me throughout the day. I had noticed that while she was with Erica, she barely called or text me. Maybe this is just paranoia that’s coming over me at once. It seems as though lately, every time we were about to have sex, it’s all ways one thing or another. I don’t know. All I knew was that I loved my wife dearly, and would be very surprised if something was going on between her and someone else.




I can’t believe that I lied to my husband about my cycle being on. I just could not bring myself to become intimate with Tim. It’s like the physical attraction that I had for him was simply fading away. It was probably because me and Brandon had been fucking everyday for the last two months. I wanted my family but I wanted Brandon too. I just really needed to get away from everybody to evaluate what and who I really wanted in my life.

Tim had fallen asleep while I was in the bathroom taking my bath. I was so horny for Brandon and the way he stroked me until I decided to go into the kitchen to text him to see if we could meet tonight. He would usually text me right back, but fifteen minutes had passed, and no text came through from him. So I decided to call his cell phone. He sent me to voicemail. No this motherfucker didn’t, I thought, so I called again. Yet again, he sent me to voicemail. All of a sudden my phone chimed. It was a new text message from Brandon. He said that he could not talk right now because him and Erica were asleep. So I texted him back saying that I would call their house phone until he answered if he didn’t get up and meet me. I got no response. So I started to call their house phone, but was interrupted by a text message from Brandon. He wanted to know where did I want to meet him. Yes I got my way again! I had Brandon Wrapped around my pinky finger, and knew how to get him to move when I wanted something from him. Both Tim and Erica knew me and Brandon had gym memberships at planet fitness. We both would all ways do our work outs at the gym over nights five days a week. This would be our time to meet up at a local hotel to fuck. We had been doing this for about two months now, and I have been enjoying every minute of it. I texted Brandon back and told him to meet me in thirty minutes where he all ways meets me, at the Lodge Inn not far from the gym. I told him I would text him the room number once I was issued a room. He said OK. So it was set, yet again.

About thirty minutes later, I had arrived at The Lodge Inn. I checked in and got a room on the third floor. Once inside and settled, I text Brandon the room number. Less than five minutes after I sent that text, there was a knock at the door. I was so excited. I opened the door and said “Hey Sexy!” “There is something seriously wrong with you Kim. Why did you call our house phone this late? Are you trying to get us caught!? Damn!“ Brandon asked and shouted in an angry tone. “Look, I didn’t meet you here so we could argue. You know what’s up. So let’s get to it. I said in a demanding tone. I began to take off all of my clothes. Once naked, I got down on my knees to receive his dick in my mouth. I began to unzip and unbuckle his jeans. Before I could reach in and get it out, Brandon’s dick was so hard that It popped out on its own. Even though he acted like he didn’t want to be here, his dick said something else. I began sucking slow while tickling the tip of his dick with my tongue. I know he liked it because he began to moan and grab my head. The next thing I know, he aggressively grabbed my head and shoved his dick to the back of my throat, penetrating my mouth with long passionate strokes as I sucked. “You like that shit, don’t you?” I asked as I came up for air. “Hell yea!” Brandon said. I began helping Brandon get undressed quickly. Now we were both naked and ready for each other. I got into my favorite position, which was doggy style on the king sized bed. I spread my knees wide out of anticipation for receiving Brandon’s big ass dick. Before inserting his dick, he licked my pussy real good. After giving my pussy a couple of licks, he inserted half of his dick inside of me. “That’s what you wanted?” Brandon asked in a deep tone. “Hell yes baby, yes, yes!!” I said in such pleasure. “Give me all of it Brandon!” I demanded. He shoved his dick all the way in. It felt extremely good. He was fucking me so good, a mixture of slow and fast strokes. “Get on your back, and spread your legs wide for me.” Brandon directed me. All I could say was “OK!” I loved the way Brandon took control in the bedroom. Something my husband didn’t do. I loved the way he treated me when we would have sex. My sex life with Tim had become really dull and boring, and besides Brandon’s dick could make two out of Tim’s dick. Tim’s dick was medium in size. I had become quite fond of Brandon’s big dick, and had also become a pro at receiving it.

About an hour later, we were both drained from all the fucking we had done. “Was it good?” Brandon asked. “Was it? Hell yea it was good. It’s always good. Brandon can I ask you something?” I asked. “Yea, go ahead, but could you hurry up because I have to get back home to Erica.” Brandon said. “Look, number one, don’t rush me. And number two, I could care less about what you have to do, because last time I checked Erica was doing fine by herself at home. Anyway. Where do you see us in the next year?” I asked. “What the fuck kind of sick twisted question is that? Look, you are married, and I’m about to be married. Not to mention, Erica is your cousin. Me and Erica have a baby on the way Kim!” Brandon screamed out. I could sense irritation on his part, but I was going to get what I wanted one way or another. I always do. “What do you want from me besides dick!?” Brandon asked. You really want to know? Ok, I’ll tell you. I want us to be together.” I confessed. “Be together? As in a relationship? You know that shit can never happen. What the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you acting so crazy!? Brandon shouted. “I am crazy! Crazy for you. Guess what, If I can’t have you, neither can Erica or anyone for that matter. You know I have the potential to fuck your life up. So try me if you want to. I can guarantee you will regret the day you were ever born Brandon Christopher Carter.” I said with an attitude. “Ok, that’s it. We’re done. No more sneaking around between you and me. No more fucking. No more nothing. Once I get up and put my clothes on, I don’t ever want to see nor hear from you again!” Brandon said.

Brandon began to get dressed in a hurry. I was still talking. “So what does all of that mean Brandon?” “Figure it out Kim! Peace, I’m out.” Brandon said, and exited the room slamming the door behind him. I really didn’t want for things to get ugly between us, but Brandon asked for it. I knew what I wanted and I knew just what I had to do to get it. Even if it means becoming the biggest bitch in Louisiana. It was getting late, and it was time for me to get home and shower so I could get a little rest before Tim got up to go to work. I know he and Sasha were still sound asleep because I didn’t receive a text message nor a phone call from him like I normally do while I am away over night. I proceeded to check out of the hotel room so I could be on my way home.



It was 10:30am. A Monday morning, and I hadn’t got much sleep the night before. I overslept for work. I already knew that I was not going to make it to work today. As a matter of fact, I was going to use some of my sick time this week for work. I just wasn’t feeling it. I had entirely to much to sort out in my life, namely the situation with Kim threatening to expose me to Erica if I don’t continue to play by her rules. Enough was enough. I was exhausted from playing by Kim’s rules. I thought about coming clean and telling Erica everything, but I had entirely to much to lose. I knew she would be beyond hurt. I know Erica needed me more than anything now that she was pregnant. Glancing over at Erica, I began to feel even worse when my eyes landed upon her while she was sound asleep.

Since I couldn’t sleep any longer, I decided to fix me and Erica a big breakfast this morning. I figured I would make her favorite meal since she cooked for us yesterday. On my way to the kitchen, my phone began to vibrate. I looked at the screen. It was Kim. The message read: You are mines, and all mines. I won’t stop until I have you. Can’t you see that I love you and that I want to be with you. I want a family with you. This is more than just sex to me. You mean a lot to me. Don’t you want me too? A couple of months ago when we were together, you told me that you wanted to be with me. Don’t you remember?

I know this bitch was crazy, but I didn’t think she was this psychotic. I did remember telling Kim that I did want to be with her, but that was when me and Erica had our differences. I was simply caught up in the moment, and I didn’t mean what I said. I was not going to reply to Kim’s message, because all that was doing was adding more fuel to the fire. I will just continue to ignore Kim and her dumb ass messages.

I had finished cooking and it was now time to serve my baby Erica breakfast in bed. I made sure to leave my phone on the kitchen counter on vibrate just in case Kim’s crazy ass decided to call or text me. Upon entering the room, I could see that Erica was wide awake now. “Good morning baby! You made me breakfast in bed this morning?” Erica said, as I walked toward the bed with a tray full of breakfast and orange juice for her. “I did it all for you baby! You deserve it.” I said, while handing her the tray of food. “Thanks baby. It’s good too. Erica said as she chewed on her breakfast. What time did you get back from the gym last night?” Erica asked. “I didn’t even pay attention to the time baby. I just wanted to finish my work out so that I could spend time holding you last night. So I finished and hurried home.” I lied. “Awe Baby, I love you.” Erica said. “I love you too baby. You were sleeping so good last night. You didn’t even budge the whole night, You must’ve been extremely tired?” I asked. “No, that’s what good sex from my soon to be husband will do for me. Put me sound asleep last night!” She bragged. I hit her with my sexy crooked smile. “So you not going to work today?” Erica asked while eating. No, I think I am going to use some of my sick time for this week, to spend time with you, and to get catch up on our quality time.” I answered. “Awe baby, that’s really sweet. So what are we doing today? I thought maybe we could take a little ride to New Orleans or Baton Rouge to do a little shopping today.” I said as I leaned over and kissed Erica on her forehead. “Now I’m feeling that baby!” Erica said in an exciting tone. I really wanted to get out of Granger for a day or two with Erica, just to get away from all the drama and bullshit Kim was bringing my way. I regret I ever began sleeping with her. She had the potential to bring havoc to my life. I had began to stare and daydream, because I was thinking about how of a fucked up situation I had gotten myself into. Interrupting my thoughts, Erica began to speak, while scrolling down her news feed on Facebook. “Baby? You ok? You seemed worried about something. Do you want to talk about it?” Erica asked in concerned manner. “I was just thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice just to get a room down in New Orleans on Canal Street. Let’s enjoy ourselves for a couple of days baby. What do you think?” I asked. “I say that’s a good idea baby. We could use that little time for ourselves.” Erica said. “Cool then. Well let me go and pack some of our things and get our luggage together. You just relax here for now baby.” I said. “Ok baby, I love you.” Erica said. “I love you too Erica.” I responded, kissing her sensually.

Realizing I had forgotten my phone on the kitchen counter. I headed back for it. It was ringing when I picked it up. It said UNKNOWN. My first thought was Kim. After I sent that call to the voicemail. There was a missed message on my screen. I opened it. It read: I told you don’t fuck with me Brandon. I told you I was crazy for you. Look outside the front window! I slowly open the curtains and pulled down the blinds just enough to peek out. I could see Kim’s Chevy Malibu parked across the street. Shit! This bitch is crazy. My phone had began to vibrate. It said Kim. I hurried to the back patio to go outside in order to take the call, so Erica would not hear me. “Bitch! What the fuck is wrong with you? Don’t you know I can call the police on you for this shit?” It’s called stalking!” I yelled. “You can’t do shit. I’m not on your property, I’m across the street. You’re going to learn to take me serious Brandon. I’m gonna fuck you up. I’m gonna fuck your life up. You will never have peace. Meet me today. And if you don’t, I’m gonna expose you to your little fiancé.” Kim Snapped back.  “Bitch, do what the fuck you want to do. You ain’t running nothing here.” I said. She held the phone for a brief moment. “Keep your eyes peeled Brandon. Like I said last night. If I can’t have you, nobody can.” She said and hung up the phone. I headed back inside to get ready to pack me and Erica’s things for our trip to New Orleans.



On my way from stalking Brandon’s ass, I decided to stop at the Krispy Kermes on 3rd street for a couple of doughnuts and hot coffee. I couldn’t go back to that house. My mind was traveling at a high rate of speed, trying to figure out how to get Brandon to be mines. My plans were to make him mines, and me, him, and Sasha could move to Texas. But Erica’s ass was in my way. I loved her because that was my cousin, but her ass was beginning to be a problem. I had to think of a way to get her out of the picture.

Welcome to “Krispy Kreme’s Doughnuts!” The fine ass clerk behind the counter said. I mean this dude was dark chocolate, tall, handsome, and had an athletic build with dreads. I was a sucker for dudes with dreads. “Good after noon Hun. Let me get a half of a dozen of original glazed doughnuts.” I said in my most sexiest voice. “Is that it for you? I’m going to write my cell phone number on the back of  your receipt.” He said with a smile. “Excuse me!?” I said in a fake surprising tone. “I wasn’t going to let you get out of my sight without me giving you my number. Call me. I get off at three o’ clock. Call me!” He insisted I take the receipt that he had written his number on. I took it kindly and said, “ok I will call you later.” “That’s a bet.” He said in a thuggish type of way, which turned me on even more. My hormones were already raging out of control, and I was extremely horny again. I knew Brandon’s bitch ass was probably going to be tripping about fucking me. So, I’m getting another lil side piece for when I can’t fuck Brandon. But, Brandon is going to be mines, I just have to get rid of Erica some type of way. “What’s your name by the way?” His sexy ass asked. “Kimberly, but just call me Kim. And you are?” I asked.

“Deon.” He smiled with his pearly white teeth. “Ok, well I’ll talk to you later.” I said and exited out of the doughnut shop. I knew I was going to call Deon when he got off. Homeboy is too cute. But first, lets see if I could get Brandon to meet me.

Before putting the car in drive. I dialed Brandon’s number. The bastard sent me to voice mail. So the next time I called, I dialed star 67 plus his number to block my name and number on the caller ID. I called him more than ten times back to back, to a point where he powered off his phone. Damn! I had to find out a way to make him mines and quick. Before going back home, I decided to drive by Brandon’s and Erica’s house to see if they were at home. His car was not at home, but Erica’s was. So I decided to call him again. Brandon’s phone was still powered off. When he did return home, I had a huge surprise for him. I was going to make his life a living hell. He would never have peace, not If I had anything to do with it.

It was almost time to pick up Sasha from school. I had already planned things out for the evening. I was going to wait until Tim got off from work to meet up with Deon’s fine ass. I would pretend to go to Wal-Mart  and pick up some things for the house that we needed. This would be my time to see what Deon was all about, and to see what he was working with. I hope that I wasn’t disappointed with his dick size. I was extremely horny, but yet I didn’t want my husband. I adored Tim, but I had fallen out of love with him.

The whole drive over to Sasha’s school, I used to think of how I was no longer happy with Tim. His law practice and his clients had taken top priority in his life. I remember this man use to do any and everything to make me happy. Now it was all about making money for his family. Along the way, Tim had forgotten what it takes to make me happy. He use to be enough for my ferocious sexual appetite, but I was beginning to think that I had out grown him sexually. He was not passionate about us anymore. He didn’t look at me the same, with that sexy glow in his eyes like he use to. He wasn’t romantic anymore, and to be honest, none of my needs were being met. I just didn’t have time for it anymore.

Interrupting my thought pattern, the back door of the car became ajar. It was Sasha getting in the car. “Hey my baby!” I said. “Hey momma, I missed you today!” Sasha said as she took off her backpack. “Awe baby, I missed you more. You had a good day at school? I asked. “Yea, it was ok. I got an A in conduct today.” Sasha said proudly. “Awe honey, I’m so proud of you.” I said. “Can we get McDonald’s mom” she asked. “We sure can honey.” I said.

After making a stop at McDonald’s drive thru, we were finally home. Sasha ran to the table to eat her happy meal while I checked the mail and voicemails on the house phone. Nothing interesting in either one of them. I had almost forgot to call Deon since it was 3:26pm. Instead of calling his fine ass, I decided to send a text: Hey Deon. It’s Kim. The chic from the doughnut shop. I was texting you to see what were you up to. I hope you are not busy. After I texted him, I continued to pick up things around the house. About five minutes later, I could hear my phone chiming in the kitchen. I quickly ran from the back to the front to get my cell phone. It was Deon. His message read: Hey sexy. No I am not busy. Just getting home from work. Trying to see what’s up with your sexy ass. I blushed. I texted back: In need of some good dick, and trying to have a little fun. I’m not going to lie to you, I have a husband who I am not pleased with sexually. So I need some good dick in my life. He texted back immediately: Can I be the one supplying you with good dick with your fine ass. I honestly wasn’t trying to start fucking a third guy, but hey, if his dick was good why not. The only way I could tell was it good or not was to try it for myself. I texted back: What time do you want to hook up? I already had everything planned out. As I said before, I would make Tim think I was going to Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of things for the house. He texted me back saying: it’s up to you. I’m free for the rest of the night and I am off tomorrow. You can come to my place. I live alone. That was a good thing. I could go there and not have to worry about sneaking around. I sent another text message: well once my husband gets home, then I will text you for your address boo. He replied: Ok sexy, that’s a bet.

After cleaning, organizing, and helping Sasha with her homework, I was expecting Tim any minute now. I texted him to tell him to pick up something to eat since I didn’t have time to cook today. It was too late. Soon after I pressed send on my phone, Tim arrived home from work. “Hey beautiful!” Tim said, with gladness to see me. “Hey Tim. I said, with such a dry tone. “You didn’t get anything to eat? I didn’t get a chance to cook today. I had errands to run.” I told him. “It’s ok. I’ll get something later. I have a lot of work to do tonight. I have a big case tomorrow.” Tim said. “Ok, well you are going to have to watch Sasha. I have to go to Wal-Mart, and a few other places tonight baby.” I said. “Ok honey, what ever you need.” Tim said while he unloosened his neck tie. I went on to take my shower in preparation for meeting Deon.


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