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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

They say two is company, but three's a crowd, or is it just CrAzY...

You, Me & Her


Kelly arrived at her hotel room and decided to turn on the TV while she unpacks her things. As she was changing the channels she came across a news story that blew her mind.

Breaking news: This just in, a local woman Nicole Butler has been arrested for the attempted murder of her boyfriend James Anthony.

“What! Oh my god! This can’t be happening. Like WHAT?!”




“Ms. Butler you claim you didn’t have a weapon. Explain why your fingerprints are all over a 45mm?”

“I don’t have to explain a damn thing! You’re the detective, figure it out.”

He walks and gets in my face.

“You listen here, I’m gonna get to the bottom of this with or without your cooperation. Now you can make this easier for you or you can continue to make it hard. I got nothing but time, and by the looks of things you will too.”

Let me tell him what happened


"No what," asks the detective.

I grab my head shaking it with frustration. Nikki just wouldn’t leave me alone.

“Ms. Butler, I’m talking to you.”

I come out of my haze.

“I’m sorry, what did you ask me again?”

“Why did you shoot your boyfriend James Anthony?”




Earlier that day

“Hey Kel, everything is all set.”

“He is going to be so surprised Nicole.”

“I hope so. I really feel bad about not being able to stay with him long after his arthroscopic surgery, but he‘ll be down for a few more weeks, so I‘ll get to make it up to him. ”

“I‘m sure you will.”

“I have been missing him like crazy. Well, I better get going and maybe I’ll give you some of the details once I get back.”

“Alright girl. Go get him!”

“He’s already got.”

The flight to Florida went nice and smooth. I was glad too. I don’t know why, but as much as I’ve flown I still get nervous. You think he really cares that you’re coming to surprise him? There she goes again. "Why are you doing this to me?" My outburst startles a couple walking beside me. I smile it off. I shake my head hoping it will shake her off making her shut-up. Finally, I arrive at the timeshare where my baby is staying temporarily until he's back on his feet. Him and his close friend Andre went in on the property before we met. His surgeon practices here in Florida, so this is where my baby has been.

He has no idea I'm coming to see him. I guess he was upstairs when I arrived, because no one was downstairs. I sit my bags down in front of the door and quietly walk in the kitchen. I was trying to be discreet, since I wanted to surprise him. I had some roses for him that I wanted to put in a vase and have them waiting down on the island for him to see. Suddenly, I hear a giggle. I was wondering if that was the TV. That’s a bitch! Shoot her ass! Nikki again. Get the 45mm out the secret drawer before you walk up them steps. He’s not alone and he damn sure isn‘t thinking about you coming to see him. He’s thinking about someone else cumming instead.

I couldn’t take it anymore, she wouldn’t shut up. She was really driving me crazy. She also had me paranoid all of a sudden. I don’t know why, but for some reason I listened. I got the gun, tip toed up the steps and walked to the master bedroom door and stood. The sounds become louder. I open the door only to find the nurse that I trusted to take care of my baby, taking care of my baby.

“Nicole,” he yells. James was shook. The nurse saw me and immediately tried to duck under the covers. I completely forgot I had a gun in my hand. I was in shock. I just stare at James.

“Let me explain,” he frantically says.

He puts his boxers on and starts walking toward me slowly with his hands out trying to persuade me to put the gun down first. In the meantime the nurse was completely covered up to her neck in the sheets frozen stiff pleading and crying for her life. She looked like she didn’t know whether to run or stay put. Shoot the bitch first! Nikki was all in my head. I was confused. I heard James telling me to put the gun down, but Nikki is telling me to shoot first and ask questions later. I’m in here somewhere trying to find out how did I even end up here.

“Baby please... just put the gun down first, so we can talk. It's no need for nothing else babe... please...”

Nikki wanted to mess with his head.

Talking is over rated. 

I kept the gun aimed right at him. James was completely baffled by my behavior. He still continued to inch toward me.

“Babe I... I know what this might look like, but please... please just put…”

“Don’t. Move. Another. INCH!” He put his hands up and stopped. I sternly look at the nurse. “If I EVER see you near my man again I will kill you! NOW GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!” I yell. She scurries for her clothes. “And if you report this to anyone I’ll see to it that the only nursing you’ll be doing is breast feeding, if I don’t kill you first bitch!” The nurse picks up her shoes and runs out of the room and down the stairs to leave.

Now back to you Mr. Lover.

I look at James. He looks pathetic... begging.

“Come on babe, she means nothing to me. Please believe me. I don't love her the way I love you.”

I start smiling.

Then Nikki interferes with my thoughts again. Who do he think he’s fooling? No fool lives here. Nikki, is in the building. Aw... it’s so cute though, the way he’s begging and pleading and you want to fall for it. I love him. I ask affectionately,"James... baby... do me a favor? Go take a shower for me please," then I get mean "and wash that filth off you!”

He couldn’t believe my request.

“Nicole... baby... I know I hurt you. I know, but can you please put the gun down so we can talk this out?”

I aim the gun back up in his direction. My patience became non existent.

“Go. Get. In THE SHOWER! He hesitates. “MOVE!” He immediately walks in the bathroom while I follow behind him. I quickly grab the handcuffs out of my vanity drawer as we pass it while walking to the bathroom.

“I really wish you would put that gun down. Damn! You really want to hurt me?”

“SHUT UP! You don‘t get to ask anymore questions!”

I grab the top of my head again shaking it still holding the gun. Nikki wouldn‘t leave. She was so evil and only spoke and ordered me to do horrible things. I was losing the battle trying to control her. She was controlling me. James looks at me not knowing what to think. It suddenly dawns on him that he didn’t know this person that stood before him, and he better not press his luck if he wanted to remain unharmed. He did what I said and took his boxers off and got in the shower.

“Now cuff yourself to the shower rail.”

“Come on Nicole don’t make me do this... baby I love you.”

“DO IT!”

I give him the handcuffs.

“I can’t do both hands now Nicole.”

"Don’t worry, I’ll help you. For now just cuff the one.”

He cuffs his right hand to the small shower rail that was inside the shower on the wall. I decide to leave the other hand free. He wasn’t going anywhere anyway. I’d figured I’d leave him with something to work with. I put the gun on top of the sink, which was some distance away from the shower. It definitely was not in arms reach. I turn on the water, so it could be nice and hot for the two of us.

“Nicole, why are you doing this? This isn’t you! You’re acting like some crazy person that I don‘t even know." He tries to reason with me. "Babe, I know I fucked up, I’m sorry. I know that I hurt you...”

He was steady rambling while I was running the water checking the temperature of it before I turned on the shower. His pleas fell on deaf ears. How dare he give my love away. That's something that’s crazy! Now he has to pay for it.

I began to undress, so I could get in too. That really shocked the shit out of him. He had a look of relief mixed with a little bit of fear. I put his free arm around me and quickly kiss his lips as I look up to him. My baby had the most beautiful brown eyes. I loved to stare deep into them. I couldn’t understand why he just did this to me. As much as I wanted to forgive him, Nikki wouldn’t let me. He had to pay. She wanted him dead, after he pleased her one last time.

“You love me baby,” I sincerely ask.

"I do. I love you so much! I just had a weak moment. That's all it was, I swear. She…”

I cover his lips.

“Shhh... show me how much you love me. Fuck me better than you fucked her.”

“Nicole I didn’t…”

I kiss his lips to shut him up. I was done talking. I then stopped kissing him and take the bar of soap and rub it all over his body. He puts his hand over mine and helps me guide it around. I made sure I scrubbed my penis that he carelessly gave away thoroughly. My touch alone had him screaming at attention. He was ready for me, but I wasn't ready for him quite yet.

I whisper in his ear.

"Jerk off for me baby..."

He's already swelled and hard. As we stand inches apart from each other he grabs himself and strokes... and strokes. He leans in to kiss me. I let him briefly, then pull away. Nikki wanted me to watch. Instead he just kisses all over my neck and licks the water that falls on my skin. He kisses my breast and sucks them tenderly making sure to please me. He stops stroking himself and pushes me up against the shower wall with my face facing it. My body's horny from watching him. I was ready for him to take me.

With my hands and legs spread holding the wall I smile devilishly, waiting for him to feed me. He smacks my ass first and tells me to shake it. I poke it out a little and jiggle it for him. Since my pussy is dripping wet I take my left hand and dig my fingers inside to give myself a few strokes. He tells me I’m being a naughty girl and need to be punished. Still with my devilish smile on my face I stare back at him breathing heavily as I respond.

"Yes, but pay back is a bitch."

He removes my hand and puts it in from behind, fucking me hard and long. He wraps his free arm toward my upper body fondling my breast, manipulating my skin fervently with his mouth, and my walls magnificently with his manhood. I was enjoying his loving too much. I couldn’t contain myself any longer and moan loudly as I release, since he brought me into this incredible orgasm. It damn near took my breath away. James was still trying to get his in, but Nikki didn’t care and wanted the loving to stop. She orders me to move away. I try to move across the wall by sliding away from him, but was still in his grasp. He holds me even tighter, still pumping, while trying to stop me from moving. This really gets Nikki pissed.

She demands that I slide his arm away with both of my hands, to try to get away, but with our bodies being wet and slippery I couldn’t get a good grip on him. He finally reaches a climax and cums inside of me. Nikki had complete control of my mind by now and pulls away. With her being in control she turns the water off, wraps up in a towel, and grabs the gun and aims. James was just standing there sluggish, still breathing hard trying to recover.

"I hope you enjoyed your last fuck, FUCKER!"


I smile with such satisfaction and accomplishment as the cameras pan on mine and the other ladies faces as they announce the winner for the role of Best Actress.

“And the Oscar goes to… Nicole Butler for portraying 'Nikki' her alter ego in the feature film Me, You and Her!”

The End!

Submitted: June 08, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Prittbrowniiz (pretty brown eyes). All rights reserved.

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Awesome story. Love the twist.
And that shower scene omg...i nerd to take one myself hehe

Thu, June 8th, 2017 6:26am


Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Glad you enjoyed it!

Thu, June 8th, 2017 7:39am

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