Tied UP!

Tied UP!

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Misery meets comedy. This was my very first story I wrote on Trey Songz. It's funny, sexy and has an ending you won't believe. Enjoy!


Misery meets comedy. This was my very first story I wrote on Trey Songz. It's funny, sexy and has an ending you won't believe. Enjoy!


Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



Tied UP!

"What the fuck!"

"Trey look don't be afraid."

"What the hell you got me tied up fo'? Where am I?" Trey looked around the room and noticed he was in a cabin tied to a bed.

"You may not remember me, but I attended one of your shows in New York at the Beacon Theater. You actually pulled me up on stage and gave me a massage."

"You right, I don't remember you. What's up with me being tied to the bed? As a matter of fact, how did I even get here to be tied up? Where my crew at?"

"You're asking an awful lot of unnecessary questions. You're in a beautiful cabin with a very attractive woman, plus you're tied to the bed. I thought that was every mans dream?"

"Look sweetheart, my peoples gone be looking for me if they don't know where I am already. Can you just stop with the little love games and untie me please? I really got things to do." Trey was past annoyed at this point.

"Oh no darling, you're not going anywhere. We have unfinished business."

"How's that?"

"When you took me back stage you promised that I would be able to return the favor one day. Well today is your lucky day."

"Ok baby. Well, how bout you untie me and then we can get down to business."

"You must think I'm stupid don't you?"

"Well it's not a bright idea to hold me captive if that's what you're doing."

"Oh so you're not only cute, but a smart ass too."

"Look baby what you want from me?"

"To love you like you've never been loved before."

"But don't you want me to be able to do the same? How you expect me to use my hands?"

"I don't expect you to do anything. I'm the one that's doing the giving. Remember, I'm returning the favor. You just have to trust me and let me do what I do. By the way I'm Jayda."

Trey looked Jayda over as she was busying herself in the cabin bedroom. First she was taking clothes out her suitcase and putting them in the dresser drawers, then she walked in the bathroom to put all her personal belonging in there.

The cabin room also had a full length mirror in it, so she also was holding lingerie up to her to see what she wanted to wear for him. This really captured his attention. He never really noticed her since he was tied up in this situation. Jayda was a very attractive woman. She was brown skin in complexion, with naturally wavy long hair. She had a bit of Asian in her so her eyes look small and slanted. She didn't have much going on in the breast area, but her legs and her ass compensated for that.

"Alright look, can you at least tell me how you were able to bring me up here and tie me up? You don't look like you could've done this by yourself. What you bout 125lbs or something like that?"

 "Trey I'm sure you were taught not to ask a lady her weight. I'm not going to tell you all of my secrets. Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you. Well, at least not in the way you may think," she said with a smirk as she looked at him through the mirror.

"Ok baby so when we gone get this show started?"

"Not until after dinner. I can't make love to my baby on an empty stomach."

"So you gone untie me so I can eat?"

"I'll untie you so you can eat one thing, but not until after the first course."

"Hold up baby, we gone set some ground rules right now. As far as any eatin goes, I call the shots on that. Don't make no marks on my neck or my face, that's off limits. Everywhere else is fair game. Make sure you strap me up too."

"Do I need to know how to fuck you too?"

 "I'll determine that when the time comes."

"Oh, I never knew you were a comedian too." Jayda then walks over to the radio and turns on some instrumental music. "Ok I'm about to make your favorite meal. You just chill and relax till I come back.

"Yeah, sure baby what else can I do?"

"I'll also add sarcastic to the list," she said as she frowned her face up at him.

As she was down in the kitchen she heard Trey making up lyrics to the music that was playing. She loved it. She actually was relieved since it seemed like maybe he was loosening up some. Later Jayda came back with steak, potatoes and asparagus.

She pulled out a chair that was at a desk in the room and carried it over by the bed. Then she went back to grab the plate of food that she sat on the desk and put it on her lap after she sat in the seat. Trey just looked at the food at first. He wasn't sure if he even wanted to eat it.

 "I see someone been doing there homework," he said.

"I hope you like it."

"You ain't put nothing in this did you?" She smacked her lips at him and looked at him like he was the crazy one.

"That's why I have two forks. I knew you would think that, so I'm going to share this plate with you. Believe me I value my life too much to die. Here, have a taste."

"You go first."

"OH MY GOSH! You think I would really do something to this food? I haven't even got what I wanted yet. Why would I poison you?"

"The same reason why you got me tied up baby. I don't know."

Jayda took the fork and shoved a piece of steak in his mouth. Then she ate a piece.

"Not bad. It probably could've used some more seasoning on it, but not bad."

"Oh so now you're telling me how to cook too?"

"Calm down baby I'm just messing witcha. I like it. Thank you!"

"You're welcome." Jayda finished feeding Trey the meal in between their conversation that they were having. He asked her what she did for a living, where she was from, and how did she come to be at the Evergreen Lodge in Yosemite. He ended up finding out where they were, from the name being engraved on the plate. Then he started singing again. She figured that was her queue to get this party started while he was in a good mood.

"Aye baby, I need to use the bathroom. You gotta untie me."

"No I got you." She walked right in the closet and pulled out a bedpan. Trey started laughing hysterically.

"Yo, you don't expect me to go in there, do you?"

"Sure I do."

She took off his sneaks, then unfastened his belt and pulled off his jeans. She figured I might as well pull his boxers off too, but he interrupted her first.

"Ar'ight! Ar'ight! Ar'ight! I don't have to use the bathroom, but you want it? Leggo!"

She went in the bathroom first to freshen up and get her sexy on. She ended up putting on this red lacy push up bra to accentuate what little breast she had with a lacy thong that matched. Ass all hanging out. She figured she'd give him some eye candy to start out with. Boy did he get an eye full once she came out.

"DAMN!" He said as he stared intensely. She said nothing. She walked over to the bed and climbed up on him and straddled her legs across his body. She still hadn't taken his boxers off yet. She began to unbutton his shirt only to find another one. She pulled his beater up and started twirling her nails around his chest and his nipples. He laughed at first cause it kinda tickled, but he got past that feeling real quick.

She licked them and twirled her tongue around them. Trey's mouth shaped the oo sound, but nothing came out. He just watched her. Jayda made her way to his neck kissing all around it and even licking it. She guided his chin to her and kissed the lips that she had been wanting to taste for a long time. She could feel him under her ass getting hard so she figured it was time she gave that area some attention.

She got off of Trey and pulled his boxers off. She was in love. What a fine piece that stood before her eyes she thought. He knew it too. Didn't blink one time when she looked at him. She wanted to play a little bit, so she took him in her hands and massaged his shaft up and down. Trey leaned back, closed his eyes and enjoyed the hand job. She grabbed the condom out of her bra and was ready to give him the second act.

She dressed him for the occasion. She straddled across him once more and slowly guided his manhood inside of her. MMM... that first penetration felt amazing. He was now completely engulfed in her vaginal walls. She wanted to tease him some more so she pulled out as far to the tip of his dick as she could, then I slammed it right back in her pussy.

"Ahh Shit!" He screamed.

 She decided to leave her mark and suck on his neck anyway. Hell, she figured it's the heat of the moment and he can't stop her anyway. She slowly started kissing his neck as she continued to pump him harder and harder.

 "Damn baby whatchu doin?" She sucked him a little and then she bit on his neck just a taste. Trey squirmed and moved his neck around not sure of what she was trying to do to it.

 "OOO... YO.. FUCK," he yells, trying to resist her but he was torn between passion, pleasure and pain. His hands were tied and his dick occupied and there was nothing he could do but enjoy it.

"Yo Trey wake up. We here."

"What?" Trey looked out of the window on the tour bus and noticed they were in Yosemite National Park at the Yosemite Lodge at the Falls. His mind was in disbelief. "That shit was a dream," he questioned. He walked off the tour bus and into the lodge. He had to see if anything was familiar like his dream.

 "Yo man hold up," said his bodyguard.

"I'm not goin nowhere." He walked in looking around in amazement. His mind couldn't accept that the dream was not a reality. It seemed and felt so real. He walked over to the front desk. You would've thought he saw a ghost.

"Hi my name is Jayda. Welcome to Yosemite Lodge at the Falls. Do you have a reservation?"

The End

Trey and Jayda's paths cross again in LOL :) I'll post depending on the comments! That's not a short story.

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