The Plumber

The Plumber

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: July 02, 2017

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Submitted: July 02, 2017



The Plumber

I’m so sick and tired of the leaks around here. Why did I buy a fixer upper? What was I thinking? Everything is wet and yet I’ve been in a drought. The irony. Let me call a plumber. The man answers on the other end.

Packs Pipe Plumbing, Dave speaking. How can I help you?

“Hi Dave. I’m calling because I have a clogged pipe in my kitchen and leakage under the sinks in my bathrooms. I was wondering if you could send someone out to take a look at it and if so how soon…"

Name and address?

I give him my information.

We can have someone come out at 3:30.

"Someone can be here today at 3:30… okay that’s great! Thank you very much.”

Now that, that was taken care of I had a whole list of things that needed to be done. What I needed the most was a maintenance man. Maybe I’ll find him next. I think I’m a glutton for punishment. I knew going into this it was going to be challenging and yet I still bought the house, but it’s so beautiful.

It’s a three bedroom with two and a half baths. It’s my little diamond in the rough and as soon as it’s all fixed up all this punishment that I’m putting myself through would have been well worth it. I’ve only been in my new home for like three weeks now and already all the imperfections are starting to show even more.

Better now than later while I still have the money to do things. I still have more painting to do, new cabinets that need to be installed, the floors need to be redone, and lastly my yard. But these leaks and that clog has to be handled immediately.

They were making me crazy especially at night when the house is quiet, all I hear coming from my bathroom is drip… drip… drip. The naughty things that go through my mind. I swear when it splatters the sound reminds me of my pussy when its talking from being fucked so good and I’m wet as Niagara Falls. Some nights I can't resist the urge to have some fucking me time.

I’ve been missing affection for a minute. The last encounter I’ve had with a man was a one night stand and that was over six months ago… mmm just the thought of that gets me hot. Talk about your panty wetter. That man dicked me down so good I was still crying afterwards in my sleep. Lord knows I wish I could find him. That was one hell of an experience. I will never forget it.

Thinks back...

I had just gotten dressed and needed to run out. I remember I had to run to the grocery store before I was due to be at a barbeque because I was running late. I knew what I wanted to get so I picked up a basket, grabbed what I was suppose to bring, plus a few items for my fridge and then jumped in line.

There was a very handsome gentleman standing behind me. He smelled so good too. I could feel his eyes staring at me. I picked up a magazine like I was really interested in looking at it just because my body had to move in front of him a little to get it.

I said excuse me. He politely said sure and smiled at me. So I’m flipping through the pages and then he starts to talk to me, but as he was speaking it was my turn at the register. I had continued talking to him while I was looking in my purse to get my money. I was in such a rush leaving, I don’t know how I did it, but I had left my wallet at home. I couldn’t believe it.

I’m standing there frantically trying to find my wallet and it wasn’t there. I was so embarrassed. Why did this angel say he would pay for my groceries? I of course had told him no, trying to be proud, but he insisted and went on and gave the cashier the money for it. I told him thank you and waited until he was done paying for his groceries to really talk to him…

“You know you paid for my groceries and I don’t even know your name.”

“It’s William, but you can call me Will for short. And yours beautiful?”

"Myah, and you can call me Myah." He found that humorous. We start walking out of the supermarket as we’re talking. “I really appreciate you paying for my food. I’ve never done that before… left the house without any money. I'm so embarrassed.”

“Stuff happens. It’s cool… believe me, I was happy to help.”

“Well, I’d like to pay you back.”

“It's no need. Now, if it was over a hundred you woulda had a problem.” Then he laughed. "No I'm joking."

His smile made me blush even more. I really wanted to pay him back, so I invited him over for dinner the next day. I was in my apartment at this time still looking to move. I knew something was bound to happen with him that night because we were so attracted to each other. We kept giving each other these subtle glances and then he had me sit on his lap while we watched T.V.

Just thinking about it is making me wet. His pipe was so hard. I felt it protruding right through his jeans as my ass hugged it. My arm was resting around his neck, then once I turned and looked into those eyes he leaned into me and kissed me.

It was the first time our lips introduced themselves. The way his tongue swayed in my mouth and the feel of his strong hands on my body had me dripping wet. I turned my body all the way around to face him to enjoy the kissing that much more. 

He gazed into my eyes first like he was looking for permission before he pulled my shirt off and got his first look at my girls. When he nibbled and sucked on them I was practically losing my mind from the gentle massaging. My body was ready to feel what was in those pants and how well he could work it.

I was rubbing clothes begging for it. He knew I wanted it too and kept on with the foreplay. Biting on my neck, fondling my breast, palming my ass pushing me into him so I could feel his hardness, and tongue fucking my mouth sucking out my soul. By the time we did fuck my panties were soaked before they ever came off. Ok... let me stop thinking about it. I have to save that memory for when it’s me time. Right now it’s get this house cleaned time.

I did my cleaning and wanted to do some laundry, but I was scared to use my machine because of the leaks, so I held off on the washing. I just recycled a bunch of my “around the house wear” which consists of shorts, tank tops, cut off sweats, old short sleeve shirts and a few sweat dresses. I liked to be comfortable, besides I had no one to impress, unfortunately.

Once my cleaning was done it was about 3:00 pm. I decided to wash up real quick since I was sweaty and watched T.V. till the plumber arrived. Finally there was a knock. I was so happy to finally get this taken care of. When I opened up the door I had to take a second look. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

“Hello… Ms. Wright? I’m here from Packs Pipe Plumbing. You called for a plumber?” I was still surprised at who I was looking at that I didn’t even answer him. He’s standing there waiting for me to respond and let him in. I’m just staring at him. “Ms. Wright…”

“I’m... yes, I'm sorry, come in.”

I noticed once he came in his whole demeanor changed. He barrels over me wrapping me in his arms so tight all I could do was stand there since he had my arms pinned to my sides.

“Lemme just hold you for a minute, so I’ll know you’re real,” he says.

My voice is muffled from his embrace.

“I didn’t think you remembered me.” 

He releases me to look at me.

“Girl, you don’t know how bad I've been wanting to see you again.”

“So you do remember me?”

“I could never forget you. I had to keep it professional while I was at your door. You never know who’s watching, but damn right I remember you.”

“So why’d you disappear on me after that night?”

“I left you a note with my number on it, because I had to go. You never called me. I wasn’t gonna just show up at ya door, but believe me I wanted to. Drove by a few times to see if I could catch you out, but I never saw you. Now I see why.”

“I didn’t get a note.”

“I left you one, right on the desk in ya room.”

“I never saw it. I would of definitely called.”

“Yeah, I kinda questioned that one myself.”

I laugh at his cockiness.

“I didn’t know you were a plumber.”

“You must not remember that night like I do then.”

He makes me laugh again.

“You know what I mean.”

“Yeah I know. But this is one of the many jobs I have. See I like working with my hands, so fixing clogs and leaks ain‘t all I‘m good at.”

“You don’t gotta tell me.”

"When did you move?"

"I've only been here for three weeks."

"So you were still at that apartment back then?"


"I guess my timing wasn't good when I would drive by."

"You're timing is perfect as far as I'm concerned. You show up it seems when I need you the most."

"When it comes to you, I'm happy to oblige."

Now I'm smiling from ear to ear.

“So first things first. Show me where you're having problems at.”

“Right this way.”

I show him what’s going on with my sink in the kitchen and then the bathrooms. The upstairs bathrooms were easy fixes. He knew exactly what to do. While he's in my kitchen working I just sit there and stare at him. He was so focused, I didn’t want to interrupt with any chatter. I just let him work. He told me the job was going to have to be fixed in two parts, so he would have to come back. That was fine with me. I was so happy to see him again. I couldn’t stop smiling.

“So will you be the one to come back, or will it be someone else?”

“No, it’ll definitely be me, but uh, is that everywhere? You don’t have any other clogs or wet spots that you need me to take a look at before I go? I do have some time.”

“You know, there is one other wet spot that could use some attending too.”

“Show me.”

“How bout I just tell you it’s on me and you find it and fix it.”

He grins liking my boldness and the idea of a hunt. He proceeds to walk over and stand in front of me. He starts at eye level and kisses my nose.

“Is it here?” 


He kisses my lips taking his time with them just like he did before. I bite my lip afterwards loving the invasion, but that still wasn't the spot.

"Uhn uhn."

He gets down on his knees. Then he pulls up my shirt just enough to show my belly. His lips lightly brush and circle around my navel before he kisses it. 

“Is it here?”

You talk about muscles tightening up and juices flowing, my pussy was crying. I could feel the tears. I repeatedly shake my head no unable to open my mouth at this point. Then he pulls my shorts down to the floor, slides my panties to the side and kisses my sopping wet lips also giving my slit a taste of his tongue. Then he looks at me.

“Baby, I found the leak.”

My mind is in a frenzy as I look down at him. He has me stuttering.

“C-can you f-fix it?”

“I can fix anything.” I step out of my shorts. “This is gonna need a special kind of piping though, but I got it right here.” He stands up, unfastens his pants and whips his tool out on me. My leak was now a steady waterfall. “This whatchu gone need right here,” he says as he waves his thick long pipe around.

He wasn’t lying. With that kind of piping I knew my leak was only gonna get worse before it got better. I came out of my panties real quick. He picks me up and sits me on the island in my kitchen. He has a condom in his wallet. When he takes it out he looks at me and smiles.

“Never leave home without ’em.”

I was so glad he didn’t. After he put it on he fucked me right there on the counter top. The first spot in my house to get broken in. My hands grip the edge of the island as he drills into my uterine walls. He cups my legs lifting me some to get better leverage as he unclogs my drain. His pipe makes me moan every time he stabs it in me. Plunge after plunge I leak even more. He sees how wet I am, pulls out and replaces his dick with his mouth. The touch of his lips against mine felt out of this world.

I wiggle my hips in a circular motion heightening the pleasure as his tongue tickles my bud. It creates more moisture, which he in turns sops up with his wet vac. I could feel my wetness glaze his face as his cheeks slid up against my thighs. My eyes stay in my head and my jaws hang wide open as he sucks what felt like the life out of me. I'm shaking like a leaf about to be on the verge of cumming. The feeling was too great making me collapse my legs on his face as I release and howl like an animal.

Then he pushes my body back. I flinch from the coldness of the countertop against my skin. He gets right on top of me and picks back up where he left off. He abruptly wraps my legs around his body so he could sink his pole in deep. I lay there limp as his pipe goes to work and continues to work on my leaks proficiently.

I grind on him every now and again as the life in me was returning. The next thing you know I'm gripping his ass bringing him in deeper to my abyss. The sex is rough and passionate. Amazing like before. Our bodies are slipping and sliding from being sweaty and soaked from my pussy's fountain spilling over. I was definitely missing this, and grateful I needed a plumber.

There was leakage everywhere. It was out of control. There was no stopping my waterfall. I was like Liquid Draino once I was really unclogged. The flood gates were open until I was finally drained and couldn't cum no more. This last time I whined like a baby as my body shuddered and the rain came pouring down.

It felt so damn good to know that my pipes were now in good working order and the clog had been fixed. My drought was over. He got satisfied shortly after when his wave finally came crashing in. He lays flat beside me on the island. We both lie there looking at the ceiling.

“You need some new paint up in here too.”

“Yeah, I know. There’s a lot that needs to be done, but I had to deal with these leaks first. You can't have leaks trying to paint.”


Will had another appointment to get to so he gets up and starts getting himself together.

"What's your next appointment for?"

"That one's simple. I'm replacing some pipes in one of the bathrooms."

"I hope they're not going to get the same pipes that I needed. I don't like other people having the same thing as me."

He rubs my cheek as I'm still laid back on the island.

"Don't worry sweetheart. You needed a special kind of piping. They're not getting that." He gives me a kiss. "I’ll be back tomorrow to finish up the rest of the job. Ya one sink was pretty wet up underneath, so the solution I used needs to marinate for the night. Then tomorrow things will be back in order and I'll give it a good cleaning with the wet vac.”

That was music to my ears. I sit up.

“So what time should I expect my plumber man then?”

"What time would you like me to come?"

"First thing in the morning would be good. After marinating all night I think the morning would be ideal."

"I'll make sure you're my first appointment. How's 8:00 a.m."

"See! I told you your timing is perfect. I'll see you than."

I felt good. Like a weight had been lifted. Everything was in good working order now. It helped too that whenever I sprung a leak I had Will here to fix it. My personal Plumber man who would make one hell of a Maintenance man too... hmm...


The End

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