Sex Room

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Sex Room


My name is Tiffany and I’m addicted to sex. I know I have a problem, because I’ll do anything to have it. I think about it all the time. I can’t go an hour without wanting to cum. It’s so bad I almost got caught pleasuring myself at work. I had them on my mind and couldn’t resist the urge. When I say them I’m referring to the one night stand I had two nights ago. I was out at the strip club with a few of my girlfriends living it up. I guess I was too inspired by what I saw. The way the ladies worked their bodies on the poles had me wanting to dance on a few of my own.

It was these two guys around me that were friends who saw me making it rain. At first they made small talk, but I knew what they were really after. A girl of my stature. Great perky tits, voluptuous ass, all in a coke bottle frame and with a face that's definitely irresistible. I know I'm a looker and what men want when they see me. I guess they could tell how much I was enjoying myself, they figured now would be a good opportunity to pounce on me.

Needless to say we went to a hotel room and got busy. They even paid my girls to go, since they wouldn’t let me leave without them coming too. They chilled at the bar while I got my kitty cat worked on in the room. I was horny as fuck too. These guys wasted no time, one fucking me in my pussy and the other fucking me in my ass after they put condoms on. Talk about double your pleasure, mine was tripled. Even the hole in my mouth was being molested with the one guy’s fingers.

The thought of that night had me so wet I felt myself dripping in my panties at work. I walked in the bathroom, luckily no one was in there at the time. I went into a handicap stall, pulled my pants down some, propped my leg up on the seat and started fingering myself. I was moaning until I heard the door. Immediately I’m left breathing hard trying to catch my breath in silence.

I could tell by someone’s pitter patter that they were curiously looking to see what was going on. I quickly started coughing while I wiped myself dry and fixed myself up. The toilet was censored so I moved my body to make the toilet flush to create more noise. Then when I heard them using the bathroom I tore a piece of toilet paper, careful not to touch the door knob with my bare hands, and came out. I made sure I washed my hands swiftly before I left out of there.

It’s sickening, but it’s a feeling that I just can’t get enough of. I go through batteries so fast on my dildo, because if I can’t have the real thing when I want, I’m trying to satisfy myself with it. I get a rush from sex, but I’m becoming reckless with it. I’ll fuck anywhere. My urges have become so out of control I can’t keep a steady relationship. Today I’m going to get some sex therapy. One of my girlfriends referred this guy to me. She had some problems because of her addiction and said he’s done wonders for her.

I never knew she was dealing with the same issue before, until she saw all the signs in me and shared. I’ve never heard of him, but she said he’s really good. His name is Dr. James Dickerson. I told her with a name like that he must be good. Hell, anything involving dick is alright with me. She said wait till I see him. I started thinking maybe this wasn’t such a good idea then. If he’s attractive that’s gonna be a problem, but I’ll have to see, because her taste isn’t quite like mine. Then again, honestly, it really doesn’t matter if he’s attractive, my pussy only knows one thing… a dick. It doesn’t have to be good looking, it just has to work and make me feel good.


I’m sitting in the waiting area and then his assistant; I guess that’s who she is, comes to get me and tells me to come on back. I walk in this office that is filled with book shelves. I was expecting to see him sitting behind the desk, but I didn’t. His desk was empty. It was cherry wood; looked brand new. He had a chaise lounge and chair in there that were chocolate leather with gold post outlining them. He also had mirrors covering a wall right in front of them. That seemed kinda strange to me in an office decorated like this, but I liked it.

There also were photos of beautiful women that lined his window seal. Those looked to be personal, none with a male in them. I was hoping to see a males face somewhere, one that possibly was his. I was curious to see what he looked like. Curious to see the type of person that helps people with sex issues. The suspense was killing me. Just when I was about to mess with this gadget on his desk, he walks in.

“Hello,” he nicely says. “Welcome to my sex room.”

I liked being here already. I clutch my hands together in front of me like I wasn’t about to touch anything. Then I waive and say hi. My wait was over and I couldn’t stop staring.

“Go ahead and have a seat.”

I wasn’t sure where he wanted me. The chair or the chaise. I wasn’t sure about anything in that moment. He just blew my mind. I had all these dirty little thoughts, I didn’t know what to react on first. His eyes were so dreamy, I was caught up in them. Then when he smiled as he told me to have a seat, his smile was stimulating. He noticed I didn’t move anywhere yet from being spellbound, however, he put an end to my confusion.

“You can sit over on the chaise lounge… get comfortable. I’ll be over to you in one minute,” he continues to say.

He already had a pen tucked in his pocket on his shirt. He seemed to be looking for something else though. I guess he let it go and then came and sat in the chair. I noticed he didn’t get any paper or have a recorder in his hand. Not what I was expecting at all.

“So, how are you doing today Miss Gregory?”

“Please, call me Tiffany and I’m doing okay, I guess.”

“You don’t sound too sure about that. Look, I want you to relax and just talk to me. You seem a little tense. I’m not here to make you feel uncomfortable about things or judge you. Think of me as someone that you can confide in and know you can trust.”

“Hmm okay, I’ll try to do that,” I say skeptically.

“It won’t be as hard as you think. I promise you, I’m very easy to talk to.”

“Mr. Dickerson, may I ask you a question before we begin?”

“Sure… what’s on your mind?”

“Do your clients ever feel intimidated by you? You’re a very sexy man for someone to be getting counseling from on sex. No offense, but you also look so young.”

He smiles.

“So are you saying because of the way I look it over shadows what my clients can learn?”

“Definitely! Again, no disrespect, but all I’m thinking about right now is how many ways I want to violate you in this room. Truthfully, I don’t know if I’ll be able to pay attention to anything that you have to say to me.”

“Young lady, I take my job very seriously. My clients all come to know that. Before long you will too. Believe me, you will pay attention and learn.”

“I think you’ve got yourself your first challenge then, because there is no way in hell I can sit here and talk to you and overlook your flesh. Just looking at you right now is feeding my addiction. I want to fuck you.”

“I can already sense that.”

“So how can you help me if all I want to do is get a taste of you… see what you feel like inside of me?”

“We’ll talk it through. I’ve been doing this for years. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to help you with those feelings. I haven’t failed yet.”

“What would you do if I just came on to you?”

“That’s also a natural reaction. It’s not me you want its sex, but that’s why you’re here. I’m gonna show you how to properly control those urges.”

“You can’t. As I sit here and look at you; yes, it is sex that I want, but I want you too.” I get up off the lounge and walk over to him and sit on his lap. I take my finger and sashay it down his well molded face. I look into his eyes. “Are you single Mr. Dickerson?”

“My personal life is irrelevant, besides we’re not here to talk about me.”

“I see. Explain this than. How do you expect me to resist wanting you when you’re so sexy and look like this?”

“That’s just it, I don’t expect you not to want me. What I do expect is for you to listen and do everything I tell you to do.”

“Can I tell you what to do, too?”

“Why would you think you needed to tell me what to do? I’m the professional.”

“So am I. I just don’t have any degrees to back me up, but I damn sure am qualified.”

“Something else I can sense in you, resistance.”

“You see right through me and yet you still haven’t made a move yet. Can I have you Mr. Dickerson?” I rub my hand over the print in his pants. “I’m hungry. I want and need to be fed. Help me… please help me,” I beg.

I instantly get swept up in his eyes and kiss him. He pulls his lips away.

“Hold up.” He removes my hand from his crotch too. “In this room you do what I say. I see I have a lot to teach you.”

He put his hands on the arms of the chair inching to get up, so I move. He walks over to the door and then goes out of it. I didn’t know what to think. Then he comes back with something I couldn't make out in his hand and locks the door behind him.

“Is everything okay?” I ask.

“Certainly… everything is gonna be just fine,” he reassures.

I enjoy looking at his body. I couldn’t wait to see what he was hiding underneath. I walk over to him and rub my hands down his chiseled arms, biting my bottom lip flirtatiously. Then I lean into him and mouth very carefully my wishes.

“I want everything that you have to offer Mr. Dickerson, all of your services.”

I went to kiss him again, but he stops me.

“Let me remind you, you have to do what I say in order for this to work.”

“So what do you want me to do?”

He guides me over to the chaise, but tells me not to sit down yet.

“First, I need you to take off all ya clothes excluding your red heels.”

Those were instructions I was very familiar with. I loved the fact too that I was leaving my pumps on. I nicely ease out of my red fitted T-shirt and unhook my red sheer laced bra. Took my heels off just to slip out of my form fitting jeans along with my red lacy underwear. He wanted naked, I got naked. Then I put my heels back on. I went to unbutton his shirt, but he stops my hands.

“You just don’t listen do you? But I got something for that. Just take it easy. This right now ain’t about me. It’s all about you.” I wanted his clothes off. He could see the frustration in my face. “How does this make you feel right now, not being able to have your way when you want it,” he asks.

“I feel mischievous and want to just unfasten your pants and take it,” I aggressively respond.

“Now we’re getting somewhere. Let’s continue to explore those feelings.”

Finally, I thought. I get excited thinking he was about to undress. Every inch of my body went stiff like a rock hard dick. I wanted to burst. Instead he disturbs my sexual longings by getting my attention and telling me to lay on the lounge. I go ahead and follow his instructions. He crawls up to me while smiling at my heels and lays in between my legs. I look down at him taking deep breaths. He looks at my pussy.

“I haven’t even touched you yet and I see you’re oozing with wetness.”

“Please touch me,” I whine.

“Like this,” he asks.

He puts his hand on my parted lips and starts rubbing the top of my pussy up and down massaging it.

“Ahhh yes… yes...” I groan, as I simultaneously lock his body between my legs by wrapping them around him. He continues this motion up and down nice and slow, then he takes his fingers and presses in between my split. Now my clit was getting a rub down. I was supporting myself up on my elbows as I watch him vigorously give me some treatment. He tells me to spread my legs as wide as I could. Now I see why he had a chaise lounge. It looked just like a fancy curved bed. This is where he gives the sex therapy. My body vibrates as his hand handles my fatty. Just like that I squirt.

“HELL YES,” I holler out.

I got pussy juice all over his shirt. He smiles.

“I was prepared for that,” he light-heartedly states.

I, on the other hand wasn’t expecting that at all. He gets up to take his shirt off. I wanted to see the anaconda that I felt. I crawl over to him as he’s taking off his shirt and I grab on his pants to unfasten them. He stops me yet again.

“Young lady, we’re doing things my way in this session. I gotta teach you some restraint.”

Since he was playing hard ball I decided to rub his dick through his pants anyway. That was an action he now was feeling. When he unfastens his pants to take them off, it was like I was seeing them drop to the floor in slow motion. They couldn’t come off fast enough. This yearning that I have for his penis is unbearable. 

Suddenly I was staring at an incredible body of work. Never in my life have I seen a man that impeccable. My eyes stroll down to his jewels. I had struck gold, but was uneasy about handling all the karats. I was about to cry. He puts a condom on. Then he took a blindfold out that was in his pants pocket and puts it on me. He took my view away. Then he forces my hands down in front of me and handcuffs them. I was disappointed. He directs me.

“Lay back Tiffany. Therapy is officially in session.”

I reluctantly lay back. He fondles my breast lightly with his hands before he pushes them together licking both nipples. His tongue glides over my body as smooth as ice. He gives me the chills from the way it moves.  Then he gets up and spreads my legs. He rubs his dick up and down my parted wet lips a few times preparing himself for the plunge. I could feel that his piece was so swelled and hard it was giving me mixed emotions. No time to have second thoughts though, he rips right into me.

“AHHH,” I scream. He cups my legs and starts fucking me admiring my shoes.

"You know red is my favorite color... come on... keep these legs up. I want to watch them move in the mirror.

“FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!!” I hissed repeatedly. Therapy was a fucker. I couldn’t handle all of him. I tried to use my cuffed hands as a stopper between our bodies to keep him from going deep, but he flung them away. I start sliding back instead, but he keeps pulling me close. He meant business.

“You’re not going nowhere,” he says unsympathetically. “This is exactly the type of penetration that you need.”

“But… but it…” I stutter. His voice now becomes soothing.

“I’m here to make everything allll riiiight,” he sang. “Trust me. Can you trust me?”

“YEH-ESS,” I helplessly say as he’s bashing my insides. “SHH-IIT!!! AHHH!!! AHHH!!! AHHH!!!” I yell, as he rattles my body and thrusts into me.

His dick comes out. When it does I take a moment and blindly press on my pussy and squirt again. He puts it back in, pushes my legs back near my shoulders and holds on to them for leverage while he continues to strike. For the first time I was thinking is this man ever going to cum even though it felt out of this world. He was giving my body a beating and I didn’t know how much longer I was going to last. My legs were weak and when I would try to move them he wouldn’t let me.

He finally tells me to turn over. I barely get on my hands and knees and he fucked me senselessly from behind taking turns in each hole. I wanted to touch him, but my hands were being held hostage keeping me restrained. I was having the hardest time balancing myself as he moves. He starts rubbing my clit while his anaconda slithers inside of me spreading its intoxicating venom. I was gonna learn today!

This man was fucking me so well I never knew I could squirt so much. Every time he slipped out, shortly after, I was giving him a shower. He was all kinds of motha-fuckas in that room the way I felt. I never had to take so much dick from one man ever. He definitely made me recognize that he did things his way. I couldn’t do or see shit. No wonder my noticing his flesh was of no concern to him when I mentioned it. I was fucked! My body was under his control.

Finally he explodes and smacks my ass once he was done as if to say my time was up. My body completely drops on the chaise lounge with my cuffed hands dangling over the edge. He removes the blindfold, then the handcuffs and sits down by my legs with his arms resting on his knees. He's left breathing hard.

“You’ll be good... till I see you next time. I’mma... schedule you to come once a week.”

I sluggishly turn over and look at him.

“Fuckin’ once a week,” I protest in one breath.

“You have an addiction Tiffany. You have to... learn self-control. Now I’m recommending sex therapy once a week. No other sexual activities in the meantime too, and the red heels are a requirement. You gotta problem with that?”

I never thought I would like seeing a therapist, but with therapy like this, hell, once a week was all I needed. I answer his question.

“No problems at all, except for one.”

“What’s that?”

“I think I’mma be here till next week. I can’t move. What do you suppose we do about that Mr. Dickerson?”

I devilishly smile at him. He knew what I was up to. Even though he put a whipping on me, I still wanted more. Can’t fault a girl for trying. What can I say, I’m a sex addict who’s in a way found a new pusher. I can’t wait for my next hit. Hello sex therapy.

Submitted: June 24, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Prittbrowniiz (pretty brown eyes). All rights reserved.

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