Lil Freak

Lil Freak

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: August 15, 2017

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Submitted: August 15, 2017



LIl Freak


Bryson finally arrives at his boy Cain's splash party. Everyone was there. He had just got finish working and was ready for some action. The first person he bumps into is Cain's brother Corey.

“What‘s up man?”

They slap hands.

“What‘s goin on… I see the ladies looking like some serious heat up in here.”

“Crazy ass and pussy throwin' in this bitch.”

Bryson liked hearing that. Just what he needed after coming out a serious relationship of three years.

"I could use a lot of that thrown my way tonight man."

"I promise you... with all the women around, in here, this night will be full of surprises."

 "That's the same thing ya brother said to make sure my ass came tonight. I'm wit it though. Where Cain at anyway?”

“Drunk somewhere 'n shit… he probably still tryna show off his baby pictures to women.”

They both start laughing.

“My man go hard when he drink… but I’mma go grab me one too, along wit a few lil freaks and uh… I'll holla at you.”

They smack hands again then Bryson walks off. He gets himself some Ciroc and walks through the crowd to scope out the ladies. He knew one wasn't going to be enough after only having his focus on one lady for so long. He was looking to have fun. Suddenly a female approaches him.

“How you doing daddy?”

“What’s happenin' lil mama?”

“You want me to get you something daddy?”

He raises an eyebrow real quick. He already was holding a drink. His hope was another woman to go along with her.

“What you tryna do for me love?”

“Whatever you need me to… you seem to be looking for something, or maybe... someone,” she adds, sashaying her pointer finger from her chin down to her cleavage. Bryson smiles.

“You tryna fuck wit me tonight?”

“What you tryna do daddy?”

“I'm tryna do you and some other females in this room, honestly."

“What you see isn't enough for you daddy,” she says perusing her hands down her well proportioned body that was only clothed in a thong type bathing suit.

“You enough for anybody baby. I just need more than one lil freak tonight… can you handle that?”

“Damn daddy, I wish I could, but this pussy only fucks with cocks, besides I'm a one woman show. Believe me daddy, I would be all you needed,” she confidently stresses in his face.

She kisses him on the cheek and walks away. Damn! Bryson watches her backside contemplating for a quick minute. He let that one go, and continues on the prowl to see who all was there.

He grabs another drink along the way as he throws 'em back. He makes small talk here and there as he scans the room to see who the lucky ladies are going to be. Suddenly he’s tapped on his shoulder. He turns around.

“Excuse me, but do you have a black Lamborghini?” Bryson’s eyes do a quick stroll over the long legged beauty that's standing in front of him before he responds.

“Yeah, that’s my ride.”

“You might want to come with me.”

Curious about her line of questioning on his car he follows her outside. As she walks in front of him Bryson studies her movement and her curves as she whips her hips with each step.

She's also in a bathing suit. A two piece string bikini. He thought she was very sexy. Gorgeous face, beautifully toned body and her ass... he couldn't stop looking at it. She certainly captured his interest.

They walk a bit of a distance since he had gotten to the party late and had to park farther down the block. As he gets close to his car there was another woman leaning on it. His curiosity really goes through the roof now. Another beauty in a bathing suit and heels, he thinks. She stands with her arms folded and legs crossed eyeing Bryson like she is the rightful owner. They approach her.

“So you’re the owner of this black beauty,” she sweetly asks.

“Yeah this me… is there a problem? I'm sorry... what‘s ya name… I don‘t want to be rude or anything.”

She points to herself, “I’m Dimples, and she’s Rain.”

“Dimples... okay Dimples, and Rain," he says looking at the woman who came to get him. "If I may, I think you stand to be corrected. I believe you ladies are the black beauties.”

They both smile and say thank you at the same time.

“Ya name is very fitting Dimples..."

"So I'm told... thanks!"

"And since you seem to be leaning on my ride… what’s the problem?”

“Only that you’re blocking me in so we can’t leave.”

“You ladies can’t be leaving already… I just got here.” Dimples looks at Rain. They get the response they were hoping for.

“We have a confession,” says Rain.

Bryson starts feeling uneasy.

“About what?”

“We just wanted to get you alone.”

His nerves subside a bit.

“Why… what’s up?”

Dimples tells him the rest.

“We want to give you a night you won't forget.”

Bryson starts wondering if he was hearing her properly.

Like did two beauties really just fall in my lap like this with no effort on my part? "Excuse me… you... you said we?”

“Yes we.”

He's a bit apprehensive.

“Just like that?”

Then Rain responds.

“We’ve been waiting for you."

"Me? Who told you I was going to be here?"

"Doesn't matter. Now that you are, why waste time?”

Rain goes and stands by Dimples red Cadillac Escalade and opens the door. Bryson notices that car wasn't even blocked in. He walks over to Rain.

“Y'all tryna take me somewhere?” Rain shakes her head no. “You want us to get busy in the car?”

Dimples comes up behind him and puts both hands on his shoulders and nears her face by the side of his neck.

“You gotta problem with that, handsome?”

His eyes peek over at her when he responds.

“Do I gotta problem with fucking in a car… Fuck no!”

Bryson gets in the second row of the truck real quick with Rain and Dimples. They waste no time sliding the two front seats forward to make the space wider and room for undressing him.

While Bryson lays as best he could on the bench, Rain takes off his shirt and Dimples pulls down his trunks. Bryson loves their aggressiveness. Then Dimples scoots beside Rain and they both shower his face with kisses.

Dimples takes advantage of his lips while Rain kisses elsewhere, like his ears, forehead and cheek. They were certainly getting Bryson ready. Then they start giving each other an erotic lip massage, wildly French kissing. While Bryson enjoys their show he takes a moment and feels on Rain.

He rubs his hands up her legs, they travel and squeeze her exposed ass while she's on her knees. Then Dimples grabs his massive pole that was standing at attention and massages it with her hand. Then she licks his balls and strokes him at the same time. He was getting work from the top and the bottom.

Rain unties her bikini top and feeds Bryson a mouthful of her perky breast. He barely could suck and lick them because Dimples was taking mind blowing care of his manhood reducing his lips to just drooling on Rain's tits. Then he feels Dimples put a condom on him and hops on top.

With her warm walls now surrounding his penis he really loses his composure. "AHHHH FUCK!!!!" His face becomes distorted as he grunts, liking the fact that her insides fit him so snug plus felt good. He wanted to run rapid in her, but knew he couldn't completely abandon Rain not showering her with affection too.

Rain decides to let his lips work on something that she knew he wouldn't get distracted from. She climbs over him turning her body in Dimples direction and squats over Bryson’s face.

Part of her backside can be seen through the window since Bryson was sitting a bit upright. Bryson helps spread her thighs for more comfort since Rain was trembling while squatting. He dives his tongue inside her lips and licks and sucks her wet clit, while continuing to get fucked by Dimples.

Dimples and Rain lean in toward one another and madly start kissing again as their emotions were getting the best of them. The Escalade was rocking. Then suddenly someone starts knocking on the window and making big dog barking sounds before they scampered off.

Everyone heard it, but was feeling to good to care. Dimples continues to ride his dick obediently, Rain doesn't even look back to see who could be there, and Bryson kept on eating.

Rain finally reaches a climax from the delicious vaginal massaging she was receiving from Bryson's tongue fucking. She forces herself to climb over the front seat for some sitting relief from all her squatting. Bryson really starts pounding on Dimples pussy now that his upper body is freed. They both end up cumming together.

Dimple slowly gets up to let Rain take over while she rests a second. Bryson is lying there with a big ole smile on his face still in disbelief. Rain peels away the used condom and starts to kiss all over his glistening shaft.

She was determined to make him hard again for her fuck. Bryson curses and pulls on Rains moistened hair as he watches her put her mouth all over him. She could tell he would soon be on his way… he was getting excited again.

Dimples finally had enough of a break and is back aroused after seeing her friend toy with Bryson's dick. She returns to the seat and starts kissing Bryson giving him her tongue to suck. Then she drags it over his nipples and traces his tattoos with it.

Her tongue moves slowly over every inch of his body that she wanted to conquer. She gets up and squats over top of him, one foot snug between him and the seat, the other on the floor, and her hand holding the top of the front seat for balance. It was her turn to get feasted on and she was in position and ready.

Rain deep throats Bryson bringing him to a halt on sucking Dimples only to holler from the sensation. She has his body fired up and so jittery he abruptly takes his hand and jams his fingers inside of Dimples pussy and her asshole and starts rapidly finger fucking her. She screams from this sudden invasion. She was expecting only a tongue thrashing. 

She welcomes it with that same intensity twirling her hips around his fingers like it was two penis's. Then he starts tugging and sucking on her clit. Dimples screams as he licks and slurps up her continuous drizzle. She plays with her breast and grinds hard on his lips to stroke herself into an orgasm. Bryson has nothing but pussy and ass all up in his face.

Rain puts another condom on Bryson to get her turn since he was fully swelled. She pumps him while grabbing Dimples to kiss. They passionately make out. Rain squeezes her friends breast magnifying the heat.

Dimples takes it a step farther and puts one up to her own mouth. She enjoys the combination of warmth from her wet mouth and the touch of Bryson lips as she fucks them. One by one they all cum again. First Dimples. She cums and falls in between the two front seats.

Rain was next to cum, but she still had work to put in, because Bryson wasn’t done yet. He grabs her hips and really gets into a grove since his top half could move freely with Dimples not there. Next he's groaning from his release. Rain falls forward right on him afterwards. Everyone was silent and drenched, but feeling good. Bryson breaks the silence.

“Now that’s how you fuck wit some pussy. I could go all night. Who’s with me?”

Rain looks him in the eyes.

“You’re not satisfied yet?”

“I'm definitely satisfied, but I’m thirsty for more.”

Dimples chimes in still laying on the middle console on her stomach with her ass in everyone's face.

“My body is going to pay for fucking in a car like this. Rain you and your bright ideas, but I'm with you Bryson,” she says.

“What’s a lil discomfort when it's for a good cause," he jokes. "You gotta let that Lil Freak out every once in awhile. Y'all definitely unleashed it in this car.”

“And it felt oh so good,” says Dimples.

“Man, I’ve done it in a car plenty of times, but never doubled my pleasure in one. I need this again... anywhere!”

“Welcome to your pleasure being twice as nice," says Rain. "But you ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait till we get you in a hotel room. The lil freak you saw in us was only a preview. Get us in a bed. There's a lot more that we can do."

“So it gets better than this,” he asks looking at Rain.

They respond in unison.

“Much better!”

“Sign me up then. What hotel y'all staying at?"

"We're not," says Dimples. She turns over and sits up. "We would just take you to one, or come to your house."

"Matter of fact, why was y'all waiting for me in the first place? Not that I really care. I'm just curious.”

"You have Cain to thank for that... or maybe we do," Dimples says with a giggle. "It may have been his party, but he knew you were the one that needed to be shown a good time."

"Cain huh..." I bet that was his drunk ass knocking and barking n'shit outside the window... he smiles. "That's my dude man. I owe him big time for this."

"So do we," says Rain looking at Dimples.

Bryson gives them the side eye.

"Y'all are some lil freaks. Got damn!"

The End




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