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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Inside is a story I wrote inspired by a song from Trey Songz that I actually gave to him to read. Hope you enjoy it too!



As I lay here looking in his eyes I let all my inhibitions go and allowed the moment to take over. His pace is slow and steady. He feels so good inside of me as he rhythmically continues to grind. He’s definitely warming me up. He kisses my lips…mmm they’re so soft…licks my ears…ahh yes…love his tongue game…hands on my ass…fuck…I clinch down on his dick even more…

“Squeeze it…squeeze it witcha pussy do it…ahhh…yeah,” he groans.

All I was thinking is Kegel muscles don’t fail me now shit! His dick was so engulfed in my pussy there was no escaping until I came. Each thrust was harder than before. My legs started shivering from this inexplainable feeling. With his eyes focused, piercing right through me all I could do was moan and dig my nails in his back to express my emotions. He just grabs my ass and put it on me even more and I wanted it…all of it.

“Ahh fuck! Got dammit Trey…mmm…” That just sparked me up even more and I pull him deeper and deeper inside of me. That move right there must’ve taken him to the X spot because he went crazy after that trying to hit it. I smiled to myself thinking yeah Melanie I got him right where I want him.

“DAMN BABY,” he shrieks. Now the tables were turned. Instead of him focusing on me cumin he couldn’t stop focusing on it happening for himself. He was mesmerized by my love cove. As we fucked on a blanket outside with a few trees surrounding us and mother nature watching us Treys volume continues to become a little louder.

I could tell the feeling was too great. His facial expression looked like he wanted to cry. I wanted to see some tears too so I grinded on him harder increasing the intensity. I sweetened his love nook and put my legs on his shoulders so he could really enjoy this naughty nook and we both could cum this way. I was so wet Trey slid out of me one good time from my legs now being up on him.

I wanted him to hurry up and put it back in. I was a fiend addicted after my first few hits. Instead he teased me and rubbed it up against my clit. He knew I was close to climaxing before his dick slid out and that I wanted him back inside of me. He read my eyes and unselfishly put it in. I knew what he was doing, buying himself some time since he didn’t want to cum yet. He kissed me quickly, sucking my lips, tugging them before he went back to fucking me.

Moans of enjoyment filled the air. A few slow strokes before the grand finale and we both were erupting. Drenched in our love we lay there breathing erratically. I’m looking at the sky while Trey’s laying on me with his head down on my shoulder. I couldn’t believe I was naked outside with daylight on the horizon. I liked the fact that he was on top of me now that I cared about my body being exposed. Trey was covering me up. After a minute I had to tell him to move because he was heavy. His sweaty body peels away from mine and he situates himself beside me.

“You ok?”

“No. I need something to cover me now.” I scoot over closer to Trey so I could pull the blanket on my side over me more. We only had the one. Trey moves some to give a little more of the cover. “I guess you don‘t care about being seen naked like that huh?”

“I don’t give a fuck! I was naked not too long ago when I was beating dat ass. I‘m spose to be worried about it now?”

“Did you just feel that?”

I look at my arm.


“I think it’s about to rain.”

Trey starts kissing on my neck.

“I guess mother nature wanna get wet too.”

“Leave it to your ass to say something like that. We better go.”

“For what? Baby we not done.”

“Trey I just told you it’s about to rain.”

“What dat mean?”

“I’m not staying out here and getting my hair wet.”

“Why not? It’s already fucked up.” Then he runs his hand through it making it more messy. “Whatchu gotta say now?”

“Your ass is fired. You’re not getting no more of my goodies.”

“Man I’ll take dat shit.”

“I’d like to see you try. I’m going to the car.” I was about to get up, but Trey pushes me back down. “Stop!” I whine.

“Nah. We not finished.”

“Trey it’s about to rain. I’m serious, I don’t want to get my hair wet. Can’t we go fuck inside some damn where?”

“No. I want ya sexy ass outchea.”

I gave him a fake smile since I wasn’t amused with the compliment.

“See! I’m feeling more rain drops…please baby?”

Trey was thinking and staring down at my pussy as it peeked out of the cover.

“I bet dat shit a really be wet.” Then he tries to sweet talk me. “Ar'ight I’ll make a deal witchu. If you stay out here wit me a lil longer and put up with the rain, next time we together I’ll cook for you. Whatever you want.”

“Hmm I don’t know Trey your cooking’s not as good as my pussy.”

He grins. “Aw dat’s fucked up. I bet ya ass stay out here and get fucked doe.”

“Trey the only way you’re getting inside of this is if you take it because I’m leaving your naked ass right here and going to the car.”

I tried to get up once more but never succeeded. Nor did I really try. Trey pins my arms down, moves the covers and sits his naked ass on top of me. I was pretending like I wanted him to get off of me by resisting him. The drops started to spit out more and more. Trey starts licking the rain as it falls on my breast. His touch was weakening me making me relax real quick. I watch him as he lets his tongue work all over my nipples as it collects the droppings from the precipitation. He was making my love cove storm explicitly. I began to quiver as the sensation gave me tingles combined with the coldness of the misty rain.

Trey kisses down to my navel and then continues down to my naughty nook. His kisses had me squirming all over the place. Then came that first lick that I was anticipating. I gasped for air as his tongue and his lips feast on my love. He dips his tongue deep inside my cove and bathes it in my pool of nectar. The more he sucks the more I dig into his shoulders pushing him away, falsely wanting to evade the feeling. Trey suddenly stops.

He gets up and sticks his dick inside of me. I cry out sounds of sexual gratification as he fills my insides. He gives me a few quick strokes and then pulls out. I lie there dripping wet looking in his eyes still wanting him. As my body was in between his legs he eases up to my face and plays with his dick on it. He watches me smile as I watch his enjoyment. He went for my mouth and I closed it playing with him. He rubs the tip across my lips. He was turned on and his look took on a seriousness.

“Take it.”

I gladly opened wide and he put his dick in my mouth. I squeeze him in my jaws and give a quick suck with the first stroke. Then he pulls it out and slowly slides it back in again. I lick the head toying with the bulls eye first then suck the crown of it. 

“Ahh... yeah baby... take my shit.”

He then pushes it in further and further. I suck him savoring him as my mouth gives the massage. Trey reaches back with his right hand and fingers my pussy while rubbing my hot spot.  I was starting to lose focus because he was about to make me cum again. I wasn’t ready. My body was saying yes but my mind wasn’t. I didn’t want this feeling to end yet. I had to react. I took his balls in my hand and started slowly massaging them. I could tell that was bringing Trey close to his nut.

There was no escaping mine. As his pleasure heightened my pleasure soared and before you knew it I was cumin all over his hand. Mixed with the misty rain Trey takes his fingers and put them in his mouth relishing my flavor. He noticed me sleeping on the job at that moment. His dick woke my mouth up with one swift stroke. I wasn’t ready for it and almost choked. Trey laughs at me while he gives me a minute.

I showed him who was going to have the last laugh. I form my hand in a tube shape around my lips and tell him to cum INSIDE. My hand ushers his dick in right to my mouth. A few strokes like that and Trey was a goner. He was giving me a mouth watering treat before he knew it. I gave him a mind blowing experience he‘ll never forget. Trey gets off his knees and lays back beside me. I take the edge of the blanket and wipe my mouth off. Then I turn on my side to face him.

“You're paying for my hair appointment right?”

He lifts his head up as he looks at me.

“Melanie, doing shit like dat I’ll pay for whatever you want…damn baby.”

“This was special. I can’t believe I let you talk me into doing this. Do you think anyone can see us? Or even saw us?”

“I don’t know, but we probably should be gettin' outta here and going inside somewhere.”

I cut my eyes at him.

“Oh, so now you wanna go inside.” Me and Trey put on our wet clothes, got the blanket up and left so he could take me home. He walks me to my door. “So do you want to come in?”

“Nah, I needa go shower and change n’ shit.”

Trey gives me a kiss and is about to walk away.

“You can cum in my pussy, you can cum in my mouth, but you can’t come in my house for a little bit?”

“Nah, that can’t get my dick hard.”

I frowned up my face at him.

“Whatever nasty ass!” I realized he is such a joker. I let it slide, since I knew he was soaked and needed to get out of those clothes. “Well, will I see you later?”

“Yeah. I’mma hit you up, but it’s gone be late doe.”

“What else is new?”

“Next time we gone do it OUTSIDE on the roof top.”


“Ha HAHH!”

*Trey and Melanie is a series. I may post more depending on responses*

Submitted: June 03, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Prittbrowniiz (pretty brown eyes). All rights reserved.

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I think I'd pay for more than a hair appointment for a blow job like that! Awesome.

Sat, June 3rd, 2017 5:45pm


LMAO! Thanks for reading!

Sat, June 3rd, 2017 10:58am


I agree with Ben... Seems like a hair appointment would be a small price to pay for that kind of special attention!

Sun, July 9th, 2017 4:12am


LOL! Too funny! Thanks you so much for reading and commenting Spyguy.

Sun, July 9th, 2017 6:07am



Wed, August 23rd, 2017 4:19pm


Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I'll keep the slang remark in mind. I'm always grateful for feedback. Thank you!

Wed, August 23rd, 2017 2:16pm

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