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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A girl wanders into a theatre's washroom and is to molested. Find out why she begins to enjoy it. Also, why she is in for a wicked shock when she finds out the truth about her perpetrator.

“The washroom beckons me! I’ll be back”, she whispers to her left. Her tracts required a quick relief from being played slyly by the air conditioner and in sudden bursts by the unreasonably scary surround sound. She got up, leaving the retracting seat to tap against her bottom. ‘Too much pepsi is not good’, she realizes as she takes each step, pee-consciously, down towards the little girl’s room. ‘Nor is cotton pants or sleeveless tops’, noting that what she wore wasn’t appropriate apparel for a freezing theatre; even if she was to entice her naughty, unaware friend- Junior. 
Now, Junior was just a year elder to her, and had the charm of a devil. He got his way out of everything, just the way he managed to calm her down for his late arrival to today’s movie. She booked him a ticket, just as she did for all the others; 30 minutes through the movie and he still hasn’t shown up. Not a single call, not a single message after they entered and nor has he replied to the ones she’s sent him. The absence of people in the waiting hall, the unoccupied red sofas and the watchful eyes on her petite figure, went unnoticed as she pulled open the heavy washroom entrance. The handle was a long metal rod, in width it was just as she’d imagined the penis of a rhinoceros in her biology class. ‘Eeeh’, she left it as soon as that thought struck her. She looked at it once more, to admire it girth, and grinned. 
Demeaning herself perversely was no big deal, she did it often. The other day Junior got her to imagine dogs sniffing her vagina and finally humping her, before fighting over her naked body. She joked about, her wanting to visit the dogs naked, and he got her breath heavy and hot by describing how dogs copulate, and how they would ‘fuck’ her with her on all fours. This boy was a giddy genius with an overpowering sex drive. She wouldn’t have been surprised if he evoked sex in a saint. Entering the common room, she peeked in the mirror. She saw a slim, average heighted, fair, brown eyed chick staring at her. She smiled, and her reflection smiled instantaneously. She turned around and entered a cubicle, failing to notice something weird in the very next cubicle. 
Now, to do what she was here for. She locks herself in and unbuttons her pant. ‘Zzz’, she enjoys the zip slide down, pulling her blue panties along with her tight pants, till below her knees. She slightly spreads her legs, and perches herself. She tenses her tummy, clenches her thighs and closes her eyes, to release. Relief grips her tracts, and her vagina loosens to the flowing warm bio-waste. Six seconds into her relieving, and she hears a ‘THUMP’ on the right wall. She ignores it, until the second ‘THUMP’ freezes her fluids, sound of drops trickling down her vagina add to the eerie silence of the after-‘THUMP’. She stares at the wall, then at the tiny pink flower prints on her panties, and focuses on finishing her work. Her heart is beating a little harder than it did during the terrifying scenes of the movie. She tears tissue to commemorate her completion, and rubs all wetness dry. She lifts the end of her top, and nips it in her mouth; to pull up her pants. Before she gets up, two hands grab both her ankles; she screams and tries to kick. It soon overpowers her balance, and drops her to the ground. The hands pull her towards the adjacent cubicle through the partition, which is a little more in width than her body, while she continues screaming. She knows her panties are halfway off and soon to be removed. But to her surprise, they are slid back into position, and through her panties, her clitoris is kissed twice. While she is pulled halfway into the other cubicle, she continues to scream, but reminds herself that it is 12 in the night and her efforts may be in vain. Still unable to see the face behind the torturing hands, she screams louder. 
“The door is locked, continue to scream and you shall be raped. Stop now!” a gruff voice demands. When she screams even more, he pulls her even further, and lifts and presses her knees against the wall. Her phone rings. Not letting her go, her phone slides to her from under the partition. “JUNIOR” the screen reads. She picks up, “I am in the girl’s washroom, please help, please help”. “It’s me, RELAX.” She doesn’t comprehend and repeats her plea for help. “Jaanu, it is me. I am in the girl’s washroom too. I wanted to scare you. Stop screaming, Stop screaming before someone comes knocking.” “What? I cannot believe it. JUNIOR is that you?” she screams. Another phone slides from under the partition. It Is Junior’s. “Stop kicking. You have kicked my face twice and my stomach really bad. You just missed my balls!” she hears his voice echo. It sounds a little coarse, but it was his phone, so it should be him. She didn’t doubt his presence, owing to the sick stuff he has done with her before. “Now wait, since you’re ready. Let me go unlock the main entrance.” She hears him unlock his cubicle and unlock the main entrance, and then traced his heavy steps back to the cubicle. Once it was locked. She whispered, “Ready for what?”
The ground was cold, and she was bereft pants. Her body heat nullified the ground’s cold, raising it to her temperature. She rested on her elbows, and crossed her legs. Her wet panties squished between her thighs. The ground seemed like a warm, hard bed. She whispered again. “I think I peed my panties, remove ‘em.” Spreading her legs, she asks “Is anyone else in here?” “No”. 
“Then pull me in completely, or allow me to stand. We are in a toilet if you are unaware. I hope no one heard me. Please remove my panties.” She felt them slide off, and blushed at being stared at by him. Her vaginal lips twitched, from the cold to her wet exposure. She hears him taking a long breath and a short “Mmmm”. “You didn’t piss your pants miss, you’ve wet ‘em with your womanly fluid.” She felt something dripping on her groin. She was sure, he had squeezed her panties over her, and was now watching the drops of her bodily lubrication drip all the way to her ass. “Eeeeh! That was pee”. She reacts to his breath, by spreading her legs; and shivers at him moving apart her groin’s curls with his nose and gently sucking in her fluids. She closes her eyes and holds in an extremely sensual moan. He kisses again, and sweeps his tongue across her lips- arousing sensations she never knew existed. She raised her tummy, but was obstructed by the partition which held her body down. “Nope. It isn’t salty. It sure is lubrication. We do still have an hour, before the movie ends. Text your friends. Tell them that you have met a friend and will be there in a minute.” She casually picked up her phone and begun texting, “You still haven’t told me, ready for what?” 
He picks up her feet and wipes them clean with her panties. She feels him kissing her heel, and soon her foot. He gets ticklish with his tongue and sucks her toes. He wiggles his tongue through the gaps between her toes and suddenly stops. “Lift your hips”. She does, and he slides his t-shirt under her hips. ‘How considerate’, she cannot resist liking the treatment. She lowers her top to her hips, and unclips her bra and removes it. She throws it over the top, into his cubicle. He laughs and kisses her foot once more, before he places it on his neck. She traces his chest, his tuft of hair, navel and muscled groin. He pushes against her leg and finally lets it slide down to his… jeans. ‘Zzzz’. He unzips, and pulls his jeans down; she tilts her head, as to see him doing that. But to no avail. She quietly settles to depend on the non-conservational feelings shooting up from her feet, rollercoaster-ing its way up to her brain and pumping straight to her groins. She can just imagine him watching her vagina glisten with drops of lady-dew. For all she knows, her clit has enlarged for a rough session of downright penetration- and he knows it. ‘He was kind enough to clad my vagina, what made me ask him to remove it?’ 
Her foot, finally hit jackpot. With her ankle clenched in his fist, he rubbed her foot against a hot, hard, beating part of his body. She pressed against the throbbing taboo and failed in trying to hold it between her biggest toes. She felt it with as much as force she could. The more she pressed, the more hard she found it get. The smooth, hot penis was up against his stomach. Her foot couldn't get enough of her newest toy; she moaned and shivered while she explored the body part, alien to her own. He slid his palms up from her ankle to her calves, and enjoyed the smooth rub intensely. She seemed to enjoy it even more, with her other leg folding in spasms. He repeated his sensual feeling of her legs.
She feels him straddle her hips. Embracing herself for what she expected, she tried spreading her legs, but managed just a little. She then felt a smooth bob being rubbed against her dripping clitoris. She realised what it was. Wanting to get that foot sized pumping clot of nerves into her, she resisted pushing her hips towards the teasing. She resisted and substituted by scratching at the ground. She finally gave up, and slightly moved her hip towards his tantalising hardness and got a little penetration from the act. Too bad, it was pleasing beyond pleasure, and exalted by his keeping it dipped just a little. Her instincts longed for a complete consummation, but he rebelled against her demands. He finally pulled it out and pulled her a little more into his cubicle. He shifted ahead and shoved the glistening bob onto her tiny navel. She was surprised at the sensations her stomach released, having him play upon her tummy. She wanted to get hold of him, squeeze him and kiss him. But all she managed was to say, "Junior". "You're still a virgin. Do not ever forget tonight” he grinned. She felt his grin in her restlessness for rougher affection. "Complete. Please complete" she asks in bated breath. "You're too lost. Someday." he whispers, and slides his palms around her heels. He slides her passion seeking body back into her cubicle. She hears his door open and click closed. She pulls up her top, and opens her door. Peeking from the crevice of her open door, she makes sure there is no one in the washroom. She enters the other cubicle semi-naked, to find on the ground her pants and bra folded neatly and a pack of condoms, lipstick and a razor on top. Under the bra, she found a note which read 
'Much more in store for YOU
Too beautiful to offend too soon
Will be back
She tried to make sense of the note but her senses were sexed and body passioned to the point of unreasonable lust. She wore her clothes and left, dazed. Her innocence was being tested by a strong urge for masturbation and her virginity by a longing for, more than just the tease she just went through. She exited the washroom and seen her friends exiting, right then. They looked at her astonished face and she began to realise her pant may be exposing a wet blot of her wet panties. She was right, it did. Her brown pants had a dark brown show of her excitement at her groin. Though she could easily hide it, she got shy. '"Where were you all this time? The movie sucks, but Junior just broke to us with some amazing news" her friends laughed, and told her that they were headed to meet him right then.
They left and headed straight for the police station. "My phone is stolen; I have been searching it all along. I and the policemen have been right here, trying to locate it from the past three hours" Junior tells the group. She stared on in amazement!

Submitted: March 24, 2014

© Copyright 2021 PrimeDemoneo. All rights reserved.

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A break here and there for new paragraphs would make an easier read, but the content was good.

Tue, March 25th, 2014 1:02pm


There are paragraphs! It got posted wrong. Trying to solve that. Thanks!

Tue, March 25th, 2014 9:56am


Ohhhh I likey! I'd there going to be a part 2? I wanna know what the lipstick, condoms and razor was left behind for her for, also why didn't she recognise that it wasn't his voice?

Tue, March 25th, 2014 8:05pm


Read on !

Wed, April 2nd, 2014 12:16am


This was def a tease...

Wed, April 2nd, 2014 9:29am


Just what i planned!

Wed, April 2nd, 2014 10:27am

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