Comfort Zone : Chapter 2

Comfort Zone : Chapter 2 Comfort Zone : Chapter 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Poppy is finally working her dream job and living a happy life. Things become complicated once a important decision is thrown her way. Her choices are are tall dark and infuriating or tall fiery and possessive.


Poppy is finally working her dream job and living a happy life. Things become complicated once a important decision is thrown her way. Her choices are are tall dark and infuriating or tall fiery and possessive.

Chapter2 (v.1) - Comfort Zone

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Poppy is finally working her dream job and living a happy life. Things become complicated once a important decision is thrown her way. Her choices are are tall dark and infuriating or tall fiery and possessive.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 14, 2015



The moment I took a step into my apartment,I fell to my knees and slowly crawled to the couch, since my feet were aching and burning. Being on my feet all day was not something I was used to. The softness of the couch slowly enveloped me and I quickly fell asleep.

"I've got Indian!" Tamani yelled as she shut the door. "How was your first day, you look a little rough."

I woke up slowly. "It was amazing," I muttered into a pillow. "The kids are worth the way my my feet are burning and slowly bleeding right know." 

"Wow, you seem really enthusiastic about something that is seriously hurting your fragile feet." She chuckled, using my own past complaints against me. At the same time grabbing my feet and slowly massaging them, causing me to mutter a thousand thank you's and IOU's.

"I'm glad to hear your willing to bro me a favor, because I actually have one." I looked up at her she was smiling. 

"What is it?"

"I actually have a date this Friday." She smiled.

I sat up and ready to listen. She hadn't had a boyfriend since, Joshua, she thought he was the "one", but he turned out to like beards and not Tamani. So she was heartbroken and a bit hesitant when it came to boyfriends or potential ones.  

"Who is it?" I asked.

"I actually met him, that one time I had to pick you up from the library."


She laughed. "Yeah, he's so sweet and I have this trust with him that I don't have with anybody else." She said with a look in eyes full of love and longing.

"I'm so happy for you Tamani," I took her hands in mine. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Well, as always your were really into your book and we took advantage of that and started talking and agreed on a date that we went on last Wednesday, then on a few others, Friday is our fifth date. "

"Your making feel like a bad friend for not noticing all this, but I couldn't be anymore happy for you. I can't believe that, you have to tell me all about your dates on Saturday, but whatever that favor is I'll do it." 

"Thank you Poppy, so how was your first day? Did those little monsters change your mind about teaching?" She said laughing as I threw a pillow at her.

"They're not little monsters, they're little angels. And if anything they made fall even more in love with teaching. Everyone was so energetic and they were like puppies in a new setting, wanting to know and touch everything."

"That sounds awful, but whatever fulfills your life and you enjoy it."

"Of course I enjoy its the one thing I've wanted to do since I was I little girl."

After eating, we settled in and enjoyed the nonsense that was on the T.V. My thoughts drifted to my job and the surreal feeling of having my dreams actually come true. And hoping that things would go great for Tamani too, since Joshua she hadn't really been living her life like she did before, energized and ready to knock down any obstacles her way.

"Before I go to sleep, the favor is just delivering some files and a suit to my boss." Tamani said with a little shrug. She knew bidding like her boss, even though I never met him. He was just so full of himself and he was bully. I would love to punch him right in the throat.

"Ugh, okay whatever just give the addresses and I'll deliver his junk to him and I will try not to tell him off, like he deserves to be told off." 

She laughed and rolled her eyes at me. "Please don't get me fired, okay? I really like this job and he's not as bad as you think. He's busy, because he's a successful man with more success and wealth to achieve and gain."

"Dont defend him, I won't get you fired and I will do the task."

"Thank you so much."

"Just have a good time okay, you deserve it." I smiled at her.


* * * * * *

It was the end of my first week, I was a little tired and a bit proud of myself. Finally, I was done with the first week and Iwas ready to take on the rest of the year with my munchkins.

"How was your first week?" Ivy was standing against the side of the doorway, with the folders in her arms.

"It was a more than handful, but I know I'm meant for this and I'm grateful for the opportunity you gave me." I smiled at her.

"Good, I'm glad to hear that, I'm going out to The Red Cap, do you want to come so we can celebrate your successful week?" She tilted her head and gave me that killer smile.

I melted and blushed. "I would love to but I agreed to do this favor for my friend and I really have to do it, for her job."

"Well, if you still have time, you should come by." She winked as she turned the corner. Leaving be even redder and flustered. She was the definition of seduction.

I made it to my car and followed the directions to the cleaners and picked up the jerk's suit. Then made my way to the apartment building , of course it was sophisticated and and elegant. He was on the top floor, a penthouse, obviously. The elevator already more beautiful than the apartment and I was already annoyed at this stuck up asshole.

I stopped at the top floor and put in the security code for the doors to open. The first thing that I noticed was how the place smelt like burnt wood and the ocean. I took a step into what seems to be the living room. With brown leather couches and a glass coffee table, to the side the fireplace with some wood lit and blazing.

"Who are you?" A deep voice with a slight accentcalled out. I turned around and a Spartan soldier with the deepest green eyes was giving me a cold stare.

"I came to drop these off, Tamani had important business to take care of today." I held out the suit and files for him to take.

"What business? Who are you? Why didn't she say anything about you?" He asked while taking the things off my arms.  He looked me up and down.

"Well her personal business is none of yours and I'm her best friend  and she didn't tell you because today is supposed to be her day off,but you still gave her work like the asshole that your are." I raised an eyebrow at him and made my way back into the elevator.

"Excuse me." He furrowed his eyebrows and walked into the elevator. "Did you just call me a asshole ? "

"I know you heard me." I smiled my best smile. "So please move and I will leave you in the privacy of your home to cry."

"You think you're funny, but I could drown you in paperwork and debt for traspassing." 

"And I could not care less, because I have your code and I didn't even make it past your living room, so move I have somewhere to be."

He smirked and  my heart involuntarily leaped. He moved and pressed the lobby floor for me.  

"That attitude is going to get you into trouble, Poppy." He smiled slow and hot. His eyes met mine just before the doors closed and he winked.


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