Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone Comfort Zone

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Poppy is finally working her dream job and living a happy life. Things become complicated once a important decision is thrown her way. Her choices are are tall dark and infuriating or tall fiery and possessive.


Poppy is finally working her dream job and living a happy life. Things become complicated once a important decision is thrown her way. Her choices are are tall dark and infuriating or tall fiery and possessive.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Comfort Zone

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Poppy is finally working her dream job and living a happy life. Things become complicated once a important decision is thrown her way. Her choices are are tall dark and infuriating or tall fiery and possessive.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 18, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 18, 2015



Nothing comforts me more than the library. The rows of books, the calm setting, and the silence. In the library I have the ability to sort through my thoughts or get lost in the words and words.

Today the library was pretty lonely, but it was Tuesday, not a very busy day. I say hi to Ronnie, at the main desk, as I make my way toward my spot in the back corner of the buliding. I have two hours before the library closed, so I had enough time to get through a few chapters in my book. I crack open my book, ready to get lost in the abyss of words. Occasionally, I reach for some of my candy. 

"Poppy, I'm closing up!" So that was fast. I grabbed everything and pushed in my chair. I slowly made to the front of the library. 

"Hows the story going?" He nodded toward my book.

"Great it's a mystery, kind of gruesome, but good suspense." 

"Whats happening in it?" 

"Well, the 'hansome' detectives currently why the victims sister was in a private suite with a box full of photos and clothes that she got at a yard sell and why she didn't mention this when he interrogated her."

"Hmm." Is all he responded.

"Yeah, and the victims sister might actually be her mother." 

"Sounds addicting and complicated."

I laughed. "It is very addicting."

"You going home, I was gonna go to the bar with some friends you want to come?"

"No thank you I have to get up early tomorrow, it's my first day teaching a kindergarten class. A friend who was a teacher there got me the interview and the opportunity."

"Wow, that's great, congratulations, good luck tomorrow." 

"Thanks Ronnie, have a good night and be safe."

"I will, and good night to you too Poppy."

The fact that I was going to be an official teacher tomorrow gave me exciting nerves and some anxiety. I would be able to run around trying to get kids to get in a line and listen or inspire them to be great things or comfort them when they feel sad or make them laugh with silly jokes or faces and teach them their alphabet and numbers. I had been day and night dreaming  and almost every thought dedicated to this moment. The smiles on their cute little faces and the questions to be answeed. I was born for this and I was ready.

"Tamani, I got Chinese!" I set the bag on the kitchen table of our small apartment.

"Well, well, well, stomach you have been saved." She announced as she walked into the small space.

"How was another day working for that lazy boss of yours?" 

"Incredible, I love everything about it." She smiled knowingly.

"Really, because it sounds incredibly boring and like you do everything for him, so instead you should be the boss." I made a point of rolling my eyes, I hated her boss even though Ihad never met the guy. "And those uncomfortable suits should be band and burned."

She just laughed and continued eating. "It's not that bad."

The rest of dinner we talked and eventually decided to go to sleep early. The next morning we both had to be ready by certain times and we both took out time getting ready.

I woke up disoriented and slightly dizzy.

" Get up, you don't want to be late to your first day teaching our future leaders." She teased.

She was used to this, since she had to be at her internship early, then after head to the university. She grabbed a pillow and threw it at me after I fell asleep again. I was experiencing the awful feeling of going to school, but then remembered I was teaching now. 

  I shot off the bed and headed toward the bathroom. As Iclosed door I heard Tamani shouting to not take a century. I would try. 

A hot shower, 15 minutes of blow drying, brushing teeth and eating breakfast and I was out the door.

"Good luck!" I heard Tamani yell.

* * *   * * *


I arrived Wimberly Elementary school at 7:25 a.m.. The front doors were wide open like they were expecting me.

"Okay you're freakin' ready for this." I whispered to myself.

Since I was fourteen years old I've been waiting for this moment, now ten years later, I was living my dream.

I walk through the doors taking all the details in of my school now. Already loyal and living towards it. I look around trying to spot a teacher or principal that will show me my classroom. My classroom. That sounds magnificent. Mine to do what I want with.

"Are you a substitute?" A woman with a red bun asks me. She's tall at least 5'11, and she vibrant green eyes like a sea green ocean and creamy skin. Though at the moment she has a strict look on her face.

"No ma'am." I smile at her. "I am the new kindergarten teacher."

Her face softens immediately. "Oh, alright I have your file right here, let me see, um, Poppy Francos, right?"

"Yes ma'am" 

"Oh stop call me Ivy, I'm the assistant principal, I'm glad to finally meet you."

I shook her hand and smiled, she had a beautiful smile and already a seductive gleam in her eye. 

"It's great to meet you to Ivy." I hesitantly tried out her name.

"I'll show you to your classroom Poppy, I'm very sure you are going to to love teaching right away."

"I know I am too, I'm so excited I might explode." I said laughing. She patted my shoulder and smiled.

"Okay, here we are Ms.Francos, your students should be arriving soon. Parents will start bringing their kids by and it will be a little emotional, but I know you'll handle it exceptionally." She gave me a wink and left turning the direction we came from.

She was definitely going to make this experience even more interesting. I settled in putting my lesson plans and other materials on my desk. The room already had four tables with five chairs on each. I had a white board and a chalk board. My heart was racing at the thought of being to teach the kids on it and letting them learn by letting them write on them too. I set everything in place and prepared myself mentally to greet my new little angels soon, precisely at 8:00. 

"Hello, Ms.Francos, this is Eric, he's kinda nervous to be here." A man with a little boy were standing at the doorway, the little boy had big Brown eyes and was playing with his dad's zipper.

"Oh that's okay, I'm a little nervous too," I was next to the boy now taking his little hands in mine, "But I know I'm gonna be okay because I have you to keep me company and then you and me are gonna have even more friends to help us not be nervous soon. We're going to have so much fun together so you won't be nervous anymore, because you'll be laughing and smiling." He was already laughing because I was tickling his little neck. 

"Are you gonna be good buddy?" His dad asked with watering eyes.

"Mmmhhmm yeah pop, she make laugh and I like it." Eric smiled at his dad, then me.

"Alright bye bud." He gave Eric a hug then left. Eric went to sit down and smiled at me.

The morning went like that one by one, my heart loving each and every one of them. Each little angel was cute whether they were crying, mad, nervous, happy and all in between, all the parents were emotional, but proud to see them independent. The day went by fast, by the end every one was sorta comfortable but laughing and a little tired. All the parents made their rounds picking them up again, this time ready to hear their kids stories about their day. 

"How'd it go Poppy?" I turned around, there was Ivy leaning against the wall.

"Fun, but tiring, I already love it too much."  She smiled.

"Good I knew you would," she started walking toward me, "Do your feet hurt, mine always do from walking around all day."

"Hell yeah my feet are bleeding probably."

"Whenever you're ready for a massage just tell me, but I do expect one in return." Her smile was melting me.

"Ha, yeah of course, but I really should get going,traffic is going to be a bitch."

"Right, I'll see you tomorrow then, Ms. Sailor Mouth." She said smirking.

Instantly feeling like a moron, I blushed. "Im so sorry Mrs. King, it's just that, sorry I have no excuse for that language. I don't use it in front of the kids. I promise I'll clean it up."

She laughed elegantly. "Again, call me Ivy, I know you would never use that in front of your kids, Im just teasing, Poppy." She tilted her head and I few strands of fiery curly hairs came loose. She was going to ruin me.

"Still, I'll clean it up, see you tomorrow Ivy." Still blushing from just looking at her gorgeous hair and imagining running my hands through it. It would probably silky and smell like spring.

"Good bye Poppy." Again with that killer smile.









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