My sexy church outfit

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My first experience wearing a cute bare belly outfit to Sunday mass

My husband had asked me for a long time to attend a Sunday mass at our Catholic Church while wearing a cute, sexy, bare midriff outfit.

It's not exactly the kind of place where a bare belly outfit is appropriate. And I've always felt like I would be embarrassed dressing like that in front of the people we know at the church.

My husband and I decided some time ago that I would wear sexy, revealing, daring clothing in public all the time.

I'm 23 years old and I'm lucky to have a body that looks good when scantily clad, and I'm lucky to have a husband who wants to be seen in public with me and show me off when I'm wearing very little clothing.

I love the feeling physically and emotionally of my bare body revealed when I'm out and about. I have had some incredibly unusual, hot, even scandalous experiences since I started wearing such sexy clothing in public.

My husband is especially partial to seeing my bare belly when I'm out in public. My husband of course loves when I wear clothing that leaves my nipples and shaved pussy bare, but I can't wear those all of the time.

I can wear bare belly outfits all the time, and that's what I end up doing. I like it too, because of the way it feels for my midriff to be bare in public, the way I look, and the looks, attention and comments I get about my outfits. I feel so pretty, so feminine, so vulnerable and so unbelievably sexy. It's all wonderful! I love leaving the house with almost no clothes on.

So one Saturday I decided my husband would get his wish. I decided I wanted a new outfit to make my bare belly church debut in, so I went shopping.

I put on a teeny-tiny orange bikini top and a pair of cut-off daisy duke jean short shorts over my bare ass and pussy. My ass-cheeks were exposed since these shorts were so short. There was a thin blue jean strip that ran deliciously between my legs and it didn't take long for the skinny strip of material to press into my pussy and spread my lips so they were easily seen from behind. I say deliciously, because the feeling of the material pressing against my bare pussy was a huge turn on. My husband cut the lining out of all of my bikinis, so my nipples are very prominent poking against the little triangles of my bikini top. I started to put a pair of pretty, strappy sandals on, but stopped.

I decided to go shopping barefoot. My husband thinks there is something very sexy about women who go out and about in public while barefoot. Especially me. He says I have very sexy, pretty feet, and he never lets me cover them. I always wear strappy sandals, heels or just go barefoot. I have gone barefoot while wearing supremely sexy, elegant dresses to some of Denver's best restaurants, even to a plays and to a black-tie functions his employers put on. I only mention this because I will go anywhere barefoot any time if my husband asks. This is something I've done for a long time during warm weather months. And sometimes like on this Saturday shopping trip, I do it because I want to do it.

What do you think? Is a woman walking around barefoot in public places sexy? I go barefoot for him in winter, too. Would you like to see a woman barefoot during winter time? Anyway, back to this story.

I wore one of my many pretty belly button rings in my pierced navel and I put on an anklet and toe rings to decorate my pretty little bare feet. I looked at myself in the full length mirror. I thought how lucky I was to be a girl who can wear so little and look so hot doing it. The view of me from the back was spectacular. All I had on was tiny short shorts that left the bottom of my ass cheeks bare. My pussy lips were visible and I had an orange string tied in a bow on my back. That was it. No other clothes covering my back side... not even shoes! God I love this look. I truly had almost no clothes on. I was so excited to leave the house on my Saturday afternoon shopping excursion.

I pulled on my nipples to make them hard and stand up a little more and I left the house... in search of my hot bare belly outfit for Sunday church.

My first stop, as usual, was Starbucks. I love baring my body inside their stores. This time was even better because I was barefoot. It was a busy place, so I was very happy about the way I was dressed. I love crowds of people staring at me. It was hard to order because there was a long line of people, and when I was at the counter I was essentially nude from the back. I was so turned on. My nipples were poking hard against my bikini top. The baristas behind the counter could clearly see my nipples and areolas. And everyone behind me could see my ass cheeks and pussy. It felt soooo good. The air conditioning was blasting and it made me very aware of how very bare I was.

I left Starbucks and went to a store on Federal Boulevard. called Fashion Mia. This store has a lot of great clothing that caters to young women who want to dress in hot, revealing outfits.

There were a lot of pretty girls in the store wearing revealing clothes, so I wasn't that much out of place the way I was dressed. There was even a girl in a bare belly top who was barefoot. My husband is right. I thought she looked incredibly sexy, but I had the least amount of clothing on. That's the way I like it.

I found my church outfit right away. I was so pleased. I took it off the clothes rack to go try it on.

The changing rooms there don't have doors... just a curtain to slide across the opening. I took off my bikini top and my shorts. I enjoyed standing there nude while I could see the other people in the store.

I tried on the outfit and it was a little sexier, a little more revealing than I had planned on wearing to church, but it had, I don't know how to describe it, a sort of elegant look to it... as elegant as an outfit can be that leaves its wearer very bare.

I opened the curtain and walked back into the store. I went in front of a mirror and admired how the tiny little top and sexy skirt molded to my body. I caught the attention of a couple of guys who were there with their girlfriends or wives. I raised my arms and stood on my bare tip toes and put on quite a show. I hurried back into the changing room because I wanted them to see me in my incredibly revealing shopping outfit.

I put my short shorts back on, and pulled on my naked nipples. Then I put my see-through bikini top back on and opened the curtain. I walked to the counter with my church outfit. I saw one of the girls slap her boyfriend and she pulled him away. I just had go smile.

The girl at the counter looked at the bare midriff dress I picked, looked at me and said she had jewelry that matched the color of my outfit. I said great, let's see it.

The beautiful part of it was she had dangly earrings with a matching dangly belly button ring. She also had a matching anklet, toe ring, finger ring, necklace and bracelet. She told me they just started carrying these full sets of pretty body jewelry. They matched my outfit perfectly. Then she showed me a pair of 5" strappy heels that matched the color of my outfit as well.

These shoes are a naughty girl's dream. They have a single tiny strap that goes over the base of the toes. A strap that goes up the back of the heel from the shoe and then a single tiny strap that buckles around the ankle. They are very hard to walk in, but very sexy to show off bare feet and legs.

I got whistles from a couple of other guys when I tried the shoes on and walked around in my bare ass cheek daisy dukes and bikini top. I bent over for them and kept my legs straight while adjusting a strap over my toes on my shoes. The view of my bare pussy with the jean material strip running through it must have been exquisite.

I hit the jackpot for my bare belly experience at church. I was so pleased with my purchases.

I left the store and I so much enjoyed being dressed in so little on this great Saturday afternoon. I was very happy and feeling every bit as naughty as I looked.

All I wanted to do was go someplace where a lot of people could see me. I decided to go to Park Meadows Mall. I went not to shop, but to be a sexy bare girl in front of a lot of people.

I got to the mall and used some of my wipes I keep handy in the car to wash off the bottoms of my pretty little feet. I don't think they're so pretty when they get dirty when I'm barefoot. Satisfied with the way they looked, I opened the door and headed inside.

I walked through J.C. Penney and out into the crowded common areas of the mall. This is where I wanted to be seen. There were plenty of pretty girls dressed in very sexy, hot, revealing outfits, but I think mine was the most revealing. I didn't see any barefoot girls with bare ass cheeks in a tiny bikini top with nipples poking against the material. I loved how the cold, hard floor felt on my pretty little bare feet. I loved how the cool air conditioning made my bare body chilled, and made my nipples stand up hard and very obvious.

This is what I wanted, I felt so horny, I wasn't shy about walking and posing in very sexy ways. I invited people to look at my bare body, and that's exactly what they did. Many guys looked at me as though they wanted to impale my hot cunt on their hard dicks right then and there. It's a very unnerving yet exhilarating experience.

I have been places while wearing outfits with my nipples and pussy uncovered, but never by myself. My husband was busy and couldn't join me that day.

I made my way to the center of the mall and decided to make my skimpy outfit even more revealing. I know... I'm crazy.

I went into the restroom. I stood in front of the mirror and moved the triangles on my bikini top to the sides just enough to  expose my bare nipples. I looked in the mirror and loved what I saw, but it wasn't daring enough. I unbuttoned my tiny little shorts and folded them down. There was just a hint of the top of my pussy slit visible.

I walked out. I was such a naughty girl – bare belly, bare feet, bare shoulders, bare back, bare arms, bare neck, bare nipples and a hint of bare pussy. It was a crazy thing to do but it was crazy exciting to do.

The feeling was unbelievable. I got so turned on. It was powerful for me to be in a normal public setting where dozens and dozens of people could see me, and I let them see my bare nipples.

I love making eye contact with a man who is taking in my provocative, indecent display. This was even more powerful because I had unbuttoned and opened my tiny little shorts and I was barefoot, in the mall. Wow.

I walked slowly. I pointed my toes to show people I loved being barefoot. I raised up on tip toes, and raised my hands high over my head. I looked at as many people as I could. I did anything and everything I could think of to let people know I was enjoying the way I was dressed, loving them looking at me.

I wondered what people were looking at when they saw me dressed like this. My bare feet? Naked tits and nipples? My open shorts? Bare belly? Ass Cheeks? Bare legs, arms and shoulders? Back? Neck? All were uncovered for them to see. The feeling of being so naked and not covering up was beyond wild. It was fantasy come true for me.

Are there any girls who want to do this or think about doing this? Maybe I'm the only weird one. It doesn't matter, I absolutely love being a barely dressed girl in public.

I did stop at a kiosk where a young man was selling pretty jewelry. He showed me a pair of sparkly barefoot sandals and he had a sparkly belly chain with dangles on it I liked. I asked him if he had anything for my nipples. He said no and I said too bad.

I bought the barefoot sandals and I asked him to put on the belly chain for me. He was more than happy to do that.

I left with my purchases and found an exit not too far from my car. Before I opened the car door, I untied my bikini top at my back and neck, and peeled off my shorts. Then I got in the car, spread my legs without closing the door, and pushed two fingers into my wet, hungry pussy. I was so hot and turned on. It didn't take me long to have one of those intensely sexy public orgasms that I started having.

I drove home naked. Walked from the car with my purchases, along with my daisy dukes and bikini top in hand into the house. My husband was home and he was very sorry he wasn't able to go with me.

We went out for dinner, a movie and clubbing Saturday night, but that's another story.

I woke up Sunday morning with a great deal of excitement and anticipation. I was very much looking forward to going into church in my bare belly outfit. There would be plenty of women in pretty, sexy clothes there, but none as bare as me.

My husband had things to do. I told him I would meet him at church and he needed to save a seat for me. It was perfect, since this was going to be a surprise for him as well.

I put my pretty new outfit on the bed along with all my matching jewelry and high heel strappy, fuck-me-in-church sandals. I took a shower and touched myself gently, slowly rubbing my slit, doing circles on my clit, easy strokes in and out of my pussy with my fingers... bringing myself to a long, sensual orgasm over the idea of what I was about to wear to church.

God I was so excited. I was really going to do it. I was going to wear a very revealing, bare belly outfit to church. Everyone was going to see my hot, naked tummy, bare legs, sexy little bare feet and there would be nothing I could do to cover up.

I started by putting on my pink sparkly matching jewelry. My toe ring on my right foot, my anklet on my left. I put on my earrings and dangly belly button ring. I wore a sparkly cross necklace. I was going to church, after all. I put my ring on my left middle finger and bracelets on both wrists.

I put on my new pink short skirt. The material was kind of "crinkly" and it had uneven edges. It was a little longer in the back than in the front. Noticeably asymmetrical in a very pretty way. It Was like the skirt had strips of material that hung down... some at different lengths. The strips on the hips allowed glimpses of bare legs up the sides all the way to the hips when walking and sitting. It was shorter than I first imagined wearing to church, but I absolutely adored this sexy outfit. The back hung down to about mid-thigh, the front was closer to the upper thigh. I was not wearing panties. I knew I needed to be careful.

The matching pink top was smooth. It had a string that I slipped over my head that went around the neck and then the material came down, over my nipples and ended just below my tits. It had a pink string that wrapped around and tied in a knot on the back. This top only had a front panel, there was no back at all. It was totally backless except for that string.

My nipples were easy to see poking against the tight, form fitting top. I slipped on my matching pink high-heel strappy sandals.

I looked at myself in the mirror and loved what I saw. I was about to walk into a crowded Catholic Church with a pretty mini skirt, high-heel sandals that did nothing but highlighted my pretty bare feet, my matching top that revealed my belly from my tits to my hips. The top just happened to be totally backless as well. All of my jewelry matched... anklet, toe ring, belly button ring and earrings. I had my cross necklace on as well.

The church was only about six blocks from our house, so I texted my husband to let him know I was on my way. I got to the parking lot and parked. I sat and looked around at all the people. Nobody was baring their belly. I smiled. I was so excited to walk in the church in my bare belly dress. My husband sent a text to let me know where he was seated. Front row. Oh my God. The church was full, mass was about to start, and I got to walk to the front row. What an interesting development.

The church is set up in the round. There are basically five sections, kind of like a pentagon with the altar and the priest speaking and walking around in the center. The front row of each section is just chairs, the pews are behind it. People who sit in the front row are very prominent to the other people in the church just because of the location.

Well, this is what I wanted. I was so excited to walk in. I headed for the main entrance. The man holding the doors open said, "Welcome." I said, "Thank you," and breezed right in. I know he watched me and I was so happy that my back side was bare except from my hips to the backs of the middle of my thighs.

I was standing in the gathering space near the main entrance and I saw that a lot of people saw me. I had to smile to myself. The cool air on my bare belly, back, legs and feet was exhilarating. I could feel where my body was bare and I loved that. My pussy was tingling and my nipples were erect against my tight short top. There was nothing I could do to hide their arousal, nothing I could to hid how turned on I was.

I saw a couple of women who I knew from attending church. They waved and I thought to myself this should be interesting.

One of them said, "Hi Lori. Look at you! That's quite a dress. I didn't know you wore such revealing clothes."

I told them I saw this outfit at the store and just had to have it. The other woman said she would be too embarrassed to show so much of her body in public, especially at church.

She asked, "And what does your husband think, I mean you hardly have any clothes on?"

I said, "He asked me to wear a bare belly outfit to church, so I'm doing this for him." I smiled and turned and walked away.

I walked in front of all of the people who were sitting in folding chairs in the gathering space. I kept my legs straight and bent at the hips at the baptismal pool to get some holy water and do the sign of the cross. Every single person had an opportunity to see my bare ass and shaved pussy from behind. I made sure as I stood back up that some drops got on my belly and ran down to my belly button.

I looked for my husband. He waved and gave me a thumbs up. I think he liked his surprise. He had a seat for me in the front row of the left section. Clack, clack, clack I proudly walked down the center aisle in my sexy high heel sandals that made my legs and ass look marvelous and showed off my pretty little bare feet perfectly. I knew the slits in my skirt showed my bare hips as I walked.

I am so weird. It felt so good to walk in front of all of those people in my skimpy outfit, with my belly so bare, and my back side very bare. I sat down carefully toward the front of the chair. I did not want the back of the chair to hide my bare back. I crossed my left leg over my right, so that I could swing my pretty bare foot with the anklet on it for everyone to see. I was so exhilarated by my bare body display. I was soaking up every second of it.

My husband said, "My God Lori. You look amazing. Your new outfit is so pretty, so sexy, so Ooh La La. Thank you for wearing it. Your bare body in this stuffy Catholic Church is perfect. Your driving me wild."

I said, "Thank you for asking me to wear it, and thank you for being seen with me dressed like this. I feel so hot and turned on."

I looked down and was very excited about what the cool air was doing to my nipples. They were both quite obvious poking against the material of my daring little top. I felt so alive, every part of me was on fire.

There is a lot of standing up, sitting down, and kneeling down during a mass. I especially liked standing up because that's when my outfit is the most revealing. People's eyes were absolutely drilling into me. I loved that they were looking at me, and whispering about my sexy display. I could only imagine what most of them were saying.

It was getting close to time for communion. We stood up and we were some of the first to go up front because of where we sat. Several parishioners provided communion because there are so many people at mass. I got in line where the priest was delivering the host. He's in his 40s and someone I consider very "hip" for a priest. He certainly eyed me up and down as I put out my hands to receive the host.

"The Body of Christ," he said.

"Amen," I said as he placed it in my hands and I put it in my mouth. I went to the man behind him, who let me know he appreciated my outfit with his eyes.

"The Blood of Christ," he said as he handed the chalice to me.

"Amen," I said as I took a sip.

My husband and I went back toward our seats, although I saw some people in the first row of pews behind us had left, so I led my husband there. Now people could not see my legs except those sitting on either side of us. My husband and I kneeled on the padded kneelers. There were two men with their wives on either side of us.

I was right next to my husband and I was so turned on. Touch me I whispered to him. I spread my legs while we were kneeling and he moved his hand in between my thighs. My bare pussy was aching for some attention. His fingers came up from underneath and finally made it to my slit. Then eventually he found his way to my clit.

"Ooooh. Don't stop," I whispered.

"God Lori, your nipples," my husband said. They were putting on quite a show poking at my little top.

I smiled at my husband and said, "Uhnhhhm."

The priest sat down and that was our cue to do the same. I slid onto the wooden bench so my bare ass was on it. I sat forward. The two men on either side were really the only two who could see what we did next. I'm such a naughty girl.

I spread my legs a bit as I moved up to the front of the seat. My husband knew exactly what to do. He slowly folded my skirt up until my pussy was exposed. My husband leaned over and whispered, "You look sooooo good when your pussy is bare."

I was so hot. He filled my pussy with his fingers. All I could do was think how wrong it was for me to be getting finger-fucked in church. All I could do was think how good it felt to be getting finger-fucked at that moment in time. I was one very lucky, very horny girl and I loved the way I was dressed and what was happening because of it.

Mass was quickly coming to an end. I crossed my legs, but did not pull down my skirt. We stood for the final sign of the cross and for the choir to sing the last song. My skirt fell to cover my pussy once I stood up.

I can't describe how awesome it felt to be standing in that church wearing so little. My husband leaned over and whispered that my gorgeous female body should be bare all the time.

"All the time?" I asked.

"All the time," he said.

I guess people will get used to seeing my bare midriff, legs, feet, and back every Sunday at church. We walked to where the priest was saying goodbye to the parishioners.

My husband shook his hand and thanked him for the mass. Then he turned to me and said, "Lori you look stunning today."

I said, "Thank you father."

Then he made another surprising comment. "I especially like that jewelry you're wearing in your belly button. It's very pretty," he said.

I said, "Thank you," and beamed.

We walked outside and we had quite a crowd of onlookers. We got to the car and I stepped up to my husband, put my arms around his neck and kissed him. Deeply. I raised my right leg up like a pretty girl does when she's kissing.

He opened the door for me and I got in the car. I pulled my skirt up to sit with my bare ass on the seat. It also happened to leave my pussy bare for him.

He got in the car and said, "We're going to the Pancake House."

I said, "Great."

He asked me if I would bare my nipples for him at the restaurant.

I said, "Of course."

He then asked me if I could do what I just did... raise up my skirt and sit down with my bare ass.

I said, "Yes."

Then he said he wanted me to leave my pussy exposed the whole time we were at the table.

I said "OK." I couldn't wait to get there.

Submitted: August 12, 2014

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well fuck me honey lol!!!!!
i think u could ask for money from drooling onlookers!!!
however i wont ask u for a fuck until u grow some pubic hair on that slutty pussy hole lol!!!
i assume this is a fantasy of yours going near naked in public and that u have never actually done it lol!!!
if this is a true story then well done naughty girl lol!

Tue, August 12th, 2014 9:59am


Wow! That was very risqué... Glad that the two of you enjoyed the experience, but I wouldn't be able to "Be" in church if I was in a church with you in it! I would be somewhere else, not thinking of God or church... Just His creations that were doing such wicked things to my mind!

Thu, February 4th, 2016 12:09pm


This is a true story. I only wear bare belly outfits and have for a long time. I work as a belly dancer. I love being out where there are lots of people who can see me wearing almost no clothing. I dress to show off my naked body no matter where I go, what I'm doing or who might see me. I guess I am naughty.

Thu, November 10th, 2016 8:23am

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