Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction


Think of my story as a war where countless dimensions universes and planets are fighting each other for supremacy. Each universe is it's own side, they work together. Each dimension filled with planets has different specialized powers and abilities. For instance, one dimension is filled with Greek mythological gods and beings. Some dimensions have it set so that each planet has a different ranking system. The smaller the planet, the lower in status are the inhabitants of that planet. For these dimensions the smallest planet is a billion times larger that earth's sun.


Think of my story as a war where countless dimensions universes and planets are fighting each other for supremacy. Each universe is it's own side, they work together. Each dimension filled with planets has different specialized powers and abilities. For instance, one dimension is filled with Greek mythological gods and beings. Some dimensions have it set so that each planet has a different ranking system. The smaller the planet, the lower in status are the inhabitants of that planet. For these dimensions the smallest planet is a billion times larger that earth's sun.


Submitted: December 13, 2013

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Submitted: December 13, 2013



A mother and a father, who are far beyond the genius level in both science and invention, use their advanced knowledge to look into Earths' future and what they see is the annihilation of the human race.

"Wha, wha, what is this?! This, this can't be true... and yet we must assume it is and do everything in our power to prepare our son for what is coming. I think I have a very good idea that will make our son extremely powerful, and hopefully able to protect us, and save us all." says the father. 

"What is it?" asks the mother.

"We use invention number 40 through 80 on our son." the father responds.

The mother agrees and they both go to work on this new project. The parents begin, by opening spaces and holes between earth and countless other planets and then absorbing all the nutrients, and other energies, and placing them into a giant bottle. Then, they send many robot insects to the past, to the time of the dinosaurs, as well as to the times and places on earth of other very strong animals with the intent to absorb them all. They do the same thing to the inhabitants of all the time periods of countless planets: martial artists, elementals, psychics, and so on. When they finally think to themselves that this is enough, they make the robot insects go into the bottle, and shrink it. Then they feed the formula to their newborn son. All of a sudden he feels different, like he's not normal, like he's unique. that's because he is.

"Looks like we made it just in time. Make us proud son", they both say at the same time, right before an explosion occurs which actually turns out to be a very good thing and backfires on the, for the moment, unknown assassin. You see, the explosion not only gives the baby the parents' knowledge, the ability to control, multiply, and create any type of technology. But also the ability to copy his abilities and give it to other humans.

"Mom, dad, please don't leave me! I promise I will make you proud. I will destroy all that you saw, and protect everyone." The baby says, "Now then, down to more important business. My parents wanted to name me John, but I have other plans. I shall name myself Humanoid."

All of a sudden millions of soldiers of numerous different universes come to Humanoid's with the intention of not only ruling earth, but earth's universe. And the only one that has even the slightest chance of not being killed and protecting everyone is the inhuman human.

"So it begins" says the only hope of earth.

The last hope of earth, Humanoid, begins by copying his abilities and giving it to other humans, so that they have the power to fight back also. He simply does this by making trillions of copies of himself, and makes physical contact with both the humans, and the enemies. However, the copy acts as a poison to any non-human being. This kills off a lot of the forces and helps the humans.

Each of the remaining forces are beamed down from their space ships and become enraged, "Die! Just die! Die! Die!" they say, and start by trying to absolutely dominate, slaughter, and exterminate the earthlings.

"This is way, way to hard." Says a rank Commander level 120 race Shocks code named Stondo.

Five Previous Mr. Universes from the earthly contest decide to do "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to decide who will fight who. They do "Rock, Paper, Scissors", without using any of their newly received powers, such as mindreading.

"What?! How dare you, make light of us!" Stondo says. "Stay calm, stay calm, do not let your emotions take control of you!" Stondo says.

"Yeah!!! I win, I win, oh yeah, oh yeah!!!" Says the least experienced and knowledgeable of the five.

"As the winner you get to fight them. So what will be your opening move?" Asks the most experienced and knowledgeable of the five.

"Hmm... You will just have to be patient, wait and see", he responds.

At last they finally clash. The rest of the four make couches appear, as well as popcorn, and watch the fight.

"Oh that does it!" Stondo says.

"You still do not understand, it would be far beyond child’s play for two of us, let alone all of us, to fight you. You are far, far too weak; this has become like a game, not a fight. It really is disappointing".

"So, shut up". All five say at the same time.

"Enough of this!" says the commander level 120.

Stondo attacks by pounding the ground, which not only causes the ground to split in many places and creates huge craters, but also turns the debris and everything that gets touched by the splitting ground and earth (that’s going in all directions) into stone, Anything he makes contact with, or that makes contact with anything that he touches gets turned to stone. The Mr. Universe simply avoids harm by creating a power neutralizing ray gun from both of his hands and hits all of the earth that is going everywhere, as well as the craters and so on.

"So, what will we play next, huh? Do you not think you have wasted enough time? Well?" says the Mr. Universe.

"Hurry up and finish things up." the other Mr. Universes yell.

"Yeah sure." he responds.

"What the heck? All of a sudden a strange shaped sword is coming out of his body," says one of Stondo's subordinates.

He then pulls it out, and throws it up in the air 50 feet. Then natural gravity brings it down, it hits the earth. And all of a sudden it reacts to Stondo's powers. Too bad it just so happened to land on a place where stuff got turned to stone.

"Yes! This is so cool! Now I control your power thanks to this swords power. The conditions are this: first the sword has to be out, second the sword has to make contact with the beings power or powers in any way possible." While he explains he picks up the sword. "Now that those things have happened, I can and will finish you off, as my seniors have requested of me." 

He throws the sword at Stondo and uses Telekinesis as well as telepathy to guide it. The plan works and it hits Stondo, and thus he gets turned into stone. Afterwards his subordinates abandon him, and run away. He turns them all to stone with the sword and telekinesis powers. He neutralizes the stone power, by throwing the sword up in the air, and shooting the ray gun at it, then afterwards absorbs it back into his stomach.

"So what should we do now?" says the accomplished Mr. Universe.

"We should find out who is in charge of this invasion and take them out. With any luck that should help earth greatly."

Elsewhere, countless other battles are occurring; on the land, in the air, in space, and under water.

"Damn, damn, damn, damn this is very, very frustrating!" says Fofkikio, rank Vv level 10,000, a low ranking commander, "How are these humans killing off so many of our allies? No, wait! All of our allies are dead now! How can that be, what is it? Why are these humans so powerful? Why do they even possess powers and abilities? And who taught them how to use these powers so well, at the right times? Find that out for me!" He commands of one of his subordinates. The subordinate that was just given the order takes action immediately. 

"First I will test their sense of awareness." She goes to one of many of the teleportation rooms that are on the ship.

"Ahh lord Ponenio!" A scientist exclaims

"I have been given a mission by lord Fofkikio. Teleport me to earth."

"Of course right away. The scientist says. "What part of earth?"

"It does not matter."

She gets teleported to Phoenix, Arizona. "So this is earth." She is immediately surrounded on all sides, by many super powered humans.

"He, he, this is getting interesting. But if you think I am the same as the opponents you have faced before, than I highly advise you to think again. It is time you found out what your place is in the food chain." 

"Be very, very, careful, I have a bad feeling." says one of the earthlings.

"As do I." agrees another 

Ponenio smiles.

"Why don't you attack me all at once? That will be the only way you will have even the slightest chance of winning this fight."

She forces all of her opponents to fly upward at 900 million mph. The speed alone causes them all to pass out, and burn up and turn to less than ashes instantly. "Now that that is over and done with I believe it is time I start my real mission. But how am I going to accomplish my mission?" 

 "Did you see how easily she defeated them? She must be one of the leaders of the forces that are trying to take over earth." says the 5 previously mentioned Mr. Universes. 

"Well I guess if I continue to kill my opponents then the main one, or ones, will show up. Now then, how shall I proceed? I imagine I am probably being watched. So probably very soon I will be attacked again."

"What should we do? Should we attack? And if so when?" says one of the Mr. Universes 

"We will bide our time, we do not know how to fully utilize these powers, we still need time to mature before we take on someone like her."

"Haaa! Damn I guess you're right. What are we supposed to do then? Spar with each other? I mean that is way too dangerous. We will just have to find the being who gave us these powers and request his or her guidance." 

"Wait a minute, how do we know who gave us these powers is from earth?" 

"We don't, but we have to start somewhere." 

"How very interesting. Seems like the humans have no idea how they got their powers. I will report this right away." says Ponenio 

"What is it? And it better be good." says Fofkikio. 

"It seems like the earthlings don't know who gave them their powers. Do you want me to interegate, or annihilate?" 

"Do some more detective work, but first bring one up here. Have him, or her, I really do not care which, readied for experimentation, we might be able to learn if we..." Fofkikio reconsiders and says "Actually bring 100, just in case the experiments go awry on some of the subjects." 

"Yes my lord." 

What the? "I, I can't move..." one of the 5 Mr. Universes says, "Neither can I!" says another one. 

"That is because my special power is power over transportation." says Peninio "Sadly part of what that means to you is that you no longer have any control over your bodies. Secondly it also means it will be that much easier to... Well. Your destinies will be revealed to you in time." 

 "I think not, the time has come for you to suffer my wrath." Humanoid says. 

 "Runaway you foolish infant! This is no place for you. And it's also not a good time to play hero." The Mr. Universes warn Humanoid. 

"Relax, I have everything under control, just trust me. All five of you were previous Mr. Universes, am I wrong or right? 

 "But how could you possibly know that? While it may be true, it was way before your time." 

"Eh lucky guess." Humanoid jests.

"Enough of this, I have a mission to accomplish." says Ponenio. 

"Oh right, I almost forgot about you, which would have been a good thing for you. I will use these Mr. Universes' powers against you. Sorry, but I do not show mercy to anyone" 

"What the?" Ponenio says to herself

Ponenio thinks to herself the following "There are countless microscopic metal creatures inside of each of these five. Each metal creature has its own power. So that's it. And what's this? All five are resonating equally with that infant. What is the meaning of this? Does this mean? No way, it can't. But if it is, then, well, I need to retreat for now." Upon gaining a whole lot of information about their powers she retreats for the moment.

Fofkikio scolds Ponenio by saying "You had better have a really, really good explanation for coming back here empty handed." 

 "I do sire. In addition to finding out the source of the humans powers, which is, surprisingly enough, microscopic metal creatures that are within their very bodies. Each metal creature has a unique power. They can be used as many times as the human wants to use them and the powers can be combined. There are millions of them by the way. And I also found out that this is good for us! I found out that firstly, none of them have mastery over their powers, not even close. Secondly, I found out that the master mind of the humans gaining these powers, is an infant!" 

"An infant, are you sure?" 

"Yes. I am 100 % positive. Unfortunately I was unable to find out exactly how the infant himself got these powers or how he distributed them to the humans." 

"That does not matter, at least not now. Very, very good work." 

"I aim to please." 

 "Our main objective right now..." but just as they were about to discuss different strategies they are suddenly interrupted by a status report command by a very angry and uptight superior. “What is going on? Why is the takeover taking so long?" 

"No matter, I am sending my levels 5,000, through 25,000. We, the transportation race, will dominate these humans with our sheer numbers and sheer power. The time has come for these inferior beings to know their place, which is either to surrender and be slaves for us, or death. They should be there in 9 to 14 months. I trust you will be able to hold out until then. Over and out." 

"Uh the nerve. So very frustrating. Well you heard him. We have no choice, it seems." says Fofkikio. 

On earth, "Ok I am going to start with all 5 of you. I am going to teach you how to freely use control over and master the abilities that I gave you." says Humanoid 

"What are you crazy or something? Why should we listen to a Just then the Humanoid transforms into a fiery lava fusion of 10 Woolley Mammoths and 10 Tyrannosaurus Rexes? All of a sudden his skin bones even his blood changes into fire and lava. And grows proportionately to the size of a fusion of 10 Woolley Mammoths and 10 Tyrannosaurs Rexes would be. He changes back.  “Whaaaaaaaaaaa whaaa what the? That is freaking amazing!!” says a Mr. Universe

"Do you now understand what each of you are capable of?” says Humanoid. “You will be needing these powers very, very soon. I have less than 14 months to teach humanity how to fully utilize their abilities, not just you. After 14 months it’ll be too late. By then, many much, much more powerful soldiers will be here to attempt to either kill or enslave us. In other words, they are much stronger then the soldier you saw and almost died by today.” Humanoid focuses a lot of his attention on skilled fighters and teachers, such as master martial artists.

 "Ok, so your will, emotions, and determination are what decides which and how much of a power or powers you have. All 3 factors need to be in balance in some way or form. Without this balance, you will never be able to master your powers.” Humanoid adds. “Ok, so how about we first try to do something that will hopefully be simple? The five of you try your hardest to fight me by creating illusions. It does not matter what you create, just make sure they have great realism. I suggest the five of you all attack at the same time.” Humanoid tells the Mr. Universes. 

 "Fine, let's do it!” one of the Mr. Universes yells. All of a sudden illusionary ice and rain storms appear and the fight begins. Weeks pass. "Good I think you’re ready. Now I have to do the same thing countless times more. Humanoid decides the best and fastest way to train all of humanity is to possess everyone and make their will and mind be intact, and train them that way. "The time has finally come, 14 months have come and gone alright will we survive?” One of the five Mr. Universes asks. "Well, I will survive, and that's all that matters.” Humanoid thinks to himself. 

As the fierce, fierce battle comes closer and closer to occurring, Fofkikio briefs Bonfo, who is one of a hundred captains, level one million. On planet transportation they have a very unique ranking system. You begin at one until you get to level ninety nine hundred thousand zillion then you get to high class master lord general. If you survive all your missions up until that point. As the briefing continues, numerous soldiers are teleported to Humanoid’s location, "What’s going on here? How come so many are coming after me? It's as if they… Yes, that must be it. Damn it, damn it, damn it! I guess I’m just going to have to defeat you all. You’re ok with that, right?” 

 "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, if you think doing that will be easy then you have greatly underestimated us.” One commanders say. "On the contrary, I know exactly who and what I am up against. I am not worried at all.”

"Let's see how long that cockiness and arrogance of yours lasts?” says the commander "Yes, lets.” Humanoid responds. 

 "Tsk finish him off already, what the hell are you waiting for?” Nundeendo, the one in charge of all the deployed soldiers for this mission says.

"Well, shall we begin?” Humanoid says.

"Now we will see just how and why these supposed weaklings have been giving us so much trouble.” Bonfo says, who is watching via a transmitter planted on earth one hour before the fight began. Humanoid transforms into a fiery lava fusion of 10 Woolley Mammoths and 10 Tyrannosaurs Rexes. He charges all 30,000 of the invaders. As he gets within 500 yards of them, they start to feel the heat. "Dang that's hot. Oh, oh yeah.” The invaders say as they just realize they can stop the transportation of the heat, as well as humanoid, using nothing but a bunch of hand signs, chants, and their minds, "Humph.” Humanoid negates both of their attempts to gain the upper hand with an ability halting ray gun and continues to charge.

“Let's focus on the very ground this time.” one of them says. They create a huge mass of quick sand by running in a circle and thus making the very ground change from solid to not so solid. But Humanoid just uses his ability to fly. "How dare you make light of us!” they say.

"Are all of you listening to me?” Humanoid asks the other humans "I am contacting you via your mind and showing you where I am via my own eyes.” So as to make it easier to let them know his location. "Humph, by the time they get here it will all be over.” Humanoid thinks "Well, at least they will get to see and know how powerful we really can become; our true potential.”

“I'm sorry, but I have no more time to play around with you.” Humanoid proceeds by spewing out a mixture of fire and lava from all over his body. Humanoid also increases his over-all current temperature, which is right now at 5,000 degrees and is only getting higher, until it reaches what humanoid wants it to stay at, which is 20,000,000 degrees. "That should make my attack plenty deadly.” Humanoid’s attack overpowers all of them. They are absolutely no match for him. He then reverts back to his natural form.

"Are you seeing what I am seeing” says Fofkikio. "Yes, of course. I do not believe it, but I see it just fine.” says Bonfo. "Ok, I am going to home world to request a meeting with my superior officer and see what we can work out. Also, I want footage of all of this immediately so I can show her and try to avoid life in prison, or worse, for this disgrace. "Yes sir, my lord.” 

“Are you alright, Humanoid? We came as quickly as we could. "Ha where are our opponents? “They’ve been turned to dust. "So what do we do now? “All the remaining humans asks Humanoid? "Which total and evens out to 4.9 million humans. “We take the fight to them Humanoid responds. "To make sure earth is not taken over while we are gone, "some of us will go and some of us will stay. “All of you create as many clones as you possibly can. "Yes as you wish sir. All the real bodies begin to fly off into outer space, and shoot out laser beams from all five fingers of each hand, all aimed at the current failed mission mother ship. "Aahh ha, "what the hell is that? “And why weren't we informed the officers ask? "I I it was not detected by our scanners or space probes the lower ranks reply. “Well then evade Fofkikio says. "We can't they are coming way to fast, "they’re going to hit one of the space craft operators say. “Dam Fofkikio says, slamming his hand on the top of a chair. "Why the hell hasn't Fofkikio sent us the footage yet "an angered Bonfo asks? Well you see, "out with it Bonfo demands! “We lost contact with Fofkikio's ship approximately 1 minute ago. "It would seem as though the humans are coming to this planet. “What did you just say? "Well then I will just have to hope she believes me my words alone then? “Sir where here. "Ok then let us hope everything goes smoothly. “Let’s get this over with. "Of course knowing her she probably already knows everything that is going on he thinks to himself. “It took you long enough a friend and fellow captain says. "She's been expecting and waiting for you. “I thought as much. "Please come in Hofo asks? “Who is a captain level 5-1 which is WWW which is level 1,000,000? "I understand exactly what is going on. “And all the way up to the masters are glad that they are coming here. "We are also aware that these humans have made many many copies or clones of themselves back on earth. “In hopes that it will prevent us from taking over their planet. May I ask a question? "You may.”Why is earth so important in the first place? "Can you help me understand? “It is not earth itself that is so valuable to us. But their entire galaxy. 


 "You see earth's galaxy has planet's that carry with them properties and qualities, "that are essential to the masters and all of us. “If we are going to conquer the universe. We will need the Milky Way. Let me make this perfectly clear you are not to discuss anything that I just told you to anyone is that clear? 

 "Yes it is I understand. 

 "Good now I suggest you get ready, "the humans as well as their leader should be here fairly soon I’d say in 30 minutes. 

 "Oh okay. 


 Yes mam. 

 Wha, what’s going on? they’re here but not here, that’s much earlier than expected what "they made themselves invisible in all aspects, invisible to eyesight, to heat vision, and so on. 

 "Do not get cocky and arrogant humanoid says. 

 "Yes sir the rest reply. 

 "Ha dam this invisibility thing is killing us we can't counter the leaders say.

Within hours the whole planets race is exterminated. We did it we did it a human cheerfully says. 

 "No we haven’t this is just the beginning Humanoid replies. 

 "What what do you mean by this is just the beginning another human asks?

"I mean exactly that. “Do you not find it strange that such a quote so called powerful race has absolutely no other allies? "Or worse for us superiors somewhere else humanoid asks? 

 Uh well now that you mention it, a human who was previously a grand master of 6 different martial arts replies. 

 "This battle is just beginning yeah, yeah, I love, I love, fighting aliens bring them on I say, a previous 5 star Chinese general says. 

 "Seems like your letting all of your victories bloat your already huge ego, says another human. Another human says 

 "Whatever, whatever. Previous 5 star Chinese general says.

"elsewhere in a different dimension known as the super power dimension, on a planet known as the planet of the master leaders. A discussion is being held. "Well that went kind of well I guess.

"That one Humanoid he's pretty good I guess. A master leader says 

 "Next their probably going to go back to earth and revive everyone that they think is going to be useful in the upcoming battles another master leader says 

 "Alright let's go back shall we? I have a plan to hopefully tip the flow of this war in our favor Humanoid requests? 

 "Yeah they all say in unison. 

 "Enough of this I am ending this myself, I will end it in the most painful and cruel way possible, one of the lead masters says. On the planet of the master leaders 

 Any objections? 

 "None here, none here, none here, the same thing is said none here, by many different master leaders, 

 Until it gets to the head master leader none here. 

 "Great then I guess I will get to work 

. He does nothing but think and will with his mind, and humanoid is taken over as is all of his powers. But he still has his senses because he let him. She proceeds by making Humanoid relinquish all of the human’s powers and then they die of not breathing and cold. "She then continues by having Humanoid teleported to super power planet 4. After doing all this. She puts Humanoid as well as his metal insects under a slave spell that lasts forever indefinitely. "So

what do you think fellows? 

 "I think you ended things way to quickly. 

 "You did well I guess. 

 "Next we have those of super power planet 1 handle things. "At least until things get more interesting and tough the head lead master says. 

 With no human remaining on earth to defend it. Earth gets taken over, by beings from super power planet 1, as well as metallic soldiers who were made at metal warrior planet 1. On earth someone is receiving orders

"That is all. You have your orders!” Darkness-Lights immediate supervisor says. “Yes sir,” Darkness-Light responds.

After being dismissed, Darkness-Light quickly realizes that the best way to carry out his mission is to get a physical body, and therefore heads towards the cemetery. However, just as he is about to use one of his abilities, he's ambushed by a swarm of bounty hunters. Hours before Darkness-Light received his orders the swarm of bounty hunters receive their orders.

These bounty hunters come from their own dimension, where their planets border the entrance of several enormous, endless black holes. Thanks to gravity-neutralizers, however, these planets have resisted being sucked into these holes for centuries. As an extra precaution, all of the soldiers and bounty hunters on the planets wear protective anti-gravity suits.

Every bounty hunter on this string of planets has incredible extrasensory abilities, due to their unique physical make-up. Unlike other creatures, bounty hunters utilize 100% of their brain, allowing them the ability to utilize their senses in countless ways; such as their ability to see their surroundings in different shapes, forms, levels, versions and modes, and hear everything that happens in all other universes, in every dimension. Their sense of smell is equally powerful, and they can sense footsteps from miles away by feeling the ground’s vibrations. These bounty hunters have strict ranking system with the newest and weakest of their ranks being the Privates class 0. These Privates reach class 100 before they're promoted to Private First Class 0 and so on until they reach their top rank, which is General of the Bounty Hunters class 100. Earlier that night, a Captain 30 commanded fifty Sergeant 10's and fifty Private 100's to incapacitate and capture Darkness-Light on Earth, and then bring him, dead or alive, to whichever of Earth’s organizations pay the most money. “Do not go to any other planet." he directed.

Immediately upon receiving these orders, the bounty hunters are teleported to Darkness-Lights exact location.

"At last we meet," the bounty hunters say as they spot Darkness-Light.

"I am guessing you are bounty hunters. Is that correct?" Darkness-Light asks. "Yes, that's right," the bounty hunters say in unison. Standing side-by-side, Darkness-Light observes that this group of bounty hunters are a formidable bunch, with enough skills and battle experience to make them a slight inconvenience. They begin talking amongst themselves, trying to sense the force they’re up against and how long he will take to crush.

“This guy seems tough based on his stalwart expression and calm attitude.” many of the Sergeants think.

“Ha, you have got to be kidding me! This guy doesn’t even seem like he could match one of our lowest-ranking soldiers,” responds a Private. “Let me take him! It will be over in mere seconds.”

Darkness-Light starts to laugh hysterically.

“How dare you make fun of us!” a private yells, which causes all of the privates to begin the assault.

“Wait,” says one of the sergeants.

“It is no use now, let them go” the other sergeants advice. “He's made his choice and now he'll pay for his stupid arrogance and recklessness; we have to test his abilities at the very least, and maybe through their deaths we can weaken him…”

The Privates all charge with anger and hatred, not keeping a level head or staying calm. Darkness-Light launches his light powers high into the sky in the form of a burning spark that flashes so brilliantly as to blind all one hundred hunters.

“Now I have you all right where I want you!” Darkness-Light proclaims.

The private ranked bounty hunters are overtaken with uncontrollable rage, and blindly attack each other. This is due to Darkness-Lights ability to overtake his enemies. The higher ranks, having much more experience, knowledge and strength, are not effected and easily defeat the others using their powers and senses. These bounty hunters deduct from their sense of smell, hearing, touch, sight, and taste to augment the strength in their muscles. They still have to be very careful when using this ability, though, because they're left with weakened senses.

“We are truly sorry, but we have no choice but to destroy you,” the lead bounty hunters say as they mount their attack. Clapping their hands in unison, they create a long and powerful shock wave that sends huge chunks of the earth flying in different directions.

Nevertheless, with the lower-level bounty hunters defeated, the remaining forces realize they are in grave danger of losing their lives and retreat underground thanks to their last attack to think of a battle strategy.

“Damn it, I still cannot believe we were forced to withdraw,” says one of the leaders. “But it only means that we will get a huge reward or promotion after all this is done, so how can we accomplish our mission asks another Sergeant? What do we know about our target so far” asks another?

“We know that he can control, create and manipulate all forms of darkness and light,” one of the remaining bounty hunters says and also considers. “He may also have other powers that he hasn’t shown yet…”

Meanwhile, Darkness-Light is also wondering how he should proceed. He decides to fuse part of his light powers into a tree, and then spits it into several different branches. “Hopefully this will make my search for the bounty hunters a whole lot easier,” he says to himself. “And when I find them, I will make them pay dearly for delaying the accomplishment of my mission!”

With these tools, Darkness-Light quickly finds and sneaks up on the remaining bounty hunters. He releases his control and power over branches and successfully takes control over the bounty hunters.

“This was way too easy,” Darkness-Light boasts.

“Damn it, we were careless,” moan in response.

“Now die!” says Darkness-Light, as he forces the lead bounty hunters to snap their necks. Moments before their deaths, they think about their dreams, friends, home dimension, and home planet. “Well that was a complete waste of time. Ha ha ha!” he laughs, as if it were obvious he was going to be victorious from the start.

“Now, let us begin,” Darkness-Light says, making the lead bounty hunters follow him back into the cemetery. Once there, he fuses more of his powers into the shadows and dead bodies.

Next, he races to attack one of the rival organization bases that has a whole lot of soldiers. His superior ordered him to overtake this base in particular because of its superb location and surroundings. As he and the lead bounty hunter get closer, however, they are detected by about 30 of the base’s robot and machine guards.

Taking cover, Darkness-Light orders the bounty hunter, along with 10,000 corpses from the cemetery, to annihilate the guards.

Suddenly, the lead guard unleashes a ball that spits out millions of robot ants, each programmed to be a killing machine. In retaliation, Darkness-Light orders everyone but the sergeant tens to tear their heads, feet, legs and arms out of their sockets. He then fuses the blood and limbless-corpses with parts of himself to create a gigantic monster: part human, and part robot. He--almost instantaneously--swallows all the robots, ants and guards, forcing them into part of this creation. Thus part robot 

Next, Darkness-Light orders his huge slave soldier and the 50 sergeant tens to capture the base. By creating tons of smaller soldiers and--still taking cover in his hiding spot--orders them to surround the base.

"Fools! A robot soldier shouts as they are immediately spotted and surrounded by robot soldiers in the base. Darkness-Light quickly orders all of his slave soldiers to absorb all 2,000 soldiers, thereby forcing them to also obey his orders.

Mr. Healer,” the Leader of the Base observes from a tower, “Intruders have entered the base and it seems as though our forces are somehow being absorbed by many seemingly invincible indescribable foes but that is not the worst of it! “It seems these foes have many different types of powerful attack moves, "like the ability to stretch its bodies for miles.”

“What? No!” the Leader jumps from his thrown. “Attention, this is your leader speaking!” he calls down. “Drop what you are doing this moment and evacuate!”

“What, are you crazy?” a General asks. “There is no way our opponent will change his plan mid-way through its execution. He is way too strong, and smart. And calling for reinforcements would take too long! They would never get here in time."

“You make it sound as though you know the army who is attacking us,” the general responds. "But why did you just say opponent and not opponents?”

“That is because there is someone controlling the soldiers. His name is Darkness-Light and yes, I know him. We fought each other years ago; a battle to test each other’s strength. I lost this battle.”

“What exactly are his powers?” asks the general.

“First of all, although his body is in human form, he is not human. He is made from the powers of darkness and light, and he can thus create, control, and manipulate all variations of darkness and light. He can revive and control corpses and use all of his abilities through the bodies he revives. He can do the same to trees, shrubs, branches, etc. He can go through blackness and light; he can step into a shadow and make it stretch for as long as it will. He can pour sadness, hatred, happiness, or love into others simply by choice and control them that way, but his most dangerous and deadly ability is the ability he is using now. He can fuse, mix, merge, and combine what he revived and enslaved with other stuff such as earth, trees, or robots." "By all rights, I should be dead... To this very day I can't figure out why he didn't kill me. I can only imagine that it wasn't part of his orders at the time, or maybe he chose to show mercy. The way I see it, we have two choices. One, let all of my subordinates and myself die and just be done with it, or two, retreat and think of a counter strategy, damn it!" says the General. "You heard what our boss said!" a robot soldier adds, "Retreating, surviving, and coming up with a way to destroy them is our only option now." Seconds later, a human female-looking robot an air of confidence enters the room. "Who are you?" "Asks another robot. "Hah! Worthless, useless, weak trash, all of you!" says the unknown intruder. "What, how dare you!" says another helpless metal soldier. "No, it can't be! Why is she here?" the Leader exclaims "All forces, whatever you do, do not anger our guest! She is known as Spindepo, one of the Master Metal Changer/Transformers and is not our enemy." After hearing this, the remaining soldiers step back in surprise. "My orders are to end this little rampage and save you." says Spindepo. She then breathes out a special gas and many of the soldiers being controlled by Darkness-Light are turned and changed

Into a metal shield. On the end of the shield, closest to the remaining slave soldiers, she forms many needles. "What the... What happened?" Darkness-Light says. He then realizes that it was a very high-ranking metal soldier who did this. Spindepo then stretches out her arm to grab the shield, "This should be good. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to have a real challenging fight! I think I am getting 

 A better understanding of the situation as a whole." "What do you mean?" asks one the metal soldiers watching. "These soldiers, first of all, are made of parts of robots, metal, trees, humans, and so on... What’s more, they are being controlled by someone." She contemplates aloud. "O.k., I want you to go scouting and search for anyone suspicious, but the moment you find him or her, "you retreat back to the base. Do you understand?" "Yes ma'am!" the metal soldiers respond. The lower ranking metal soldiers mount up, get ready, and leave. Outside the base, Darkness-Light thinks to himself "So, it seems like this fight might be somewhat of a challenge after all..." He then decides to end things quickly, "Ok, it would make things much harder and much more complicated if I let even one of them get word to anyone of my location." He thinks. He then proceeds by creating a gigantic winged unicorn with spikes all over its body and a huge sword imbedded in its head out of his remaining soldiers. He has the gigantic unicorn take flight and orders it to flap its wings very hard and fast, creating immensely powerful gusts of wind in a pattern mirroring the spikes on its wings, which is exactly what he wanted. The wind hits the scouting party, penetrating their bodies and exposing their circuitry to the water spouting from an exposed and broken water pipe, ending their mechanical lives.

Unfortunately for Darkness-Light, just before one of the scouting soldiers dies, his messenger one of many ant-bots that only metal soldiers have. Not only takes a picture of both Darkness-Light and his location, but also manages to escape back to Spindepo. Viewing the photo, she is pleased and smiles while she remembers her last encounter with Darkness-Light. "This time will be different, I will not lose." she says. "It seems she has gotten stronger, but I guess we'll see if she can even compete with me, let alone win against me. Of course, that is if she can defeat all of my slave puppet soldiers and is not too exhausted." Darkness-Light reflects, "Well, it will not be long now..." But, before he can finish his thought, a plant like something sprouts up near his feet. The top is a hologram of a very angry, immediate supervisor of Darkness-Light. "What the hell is taking so long? With your skills, strength, and abilities you should have completed your mission hours ago!" scolds the supervisor. "Right, I am very sorry Plant Master. Also known as Moodojdo, I will speed this up." "You better or you will anger my superior, codename: The Cleaner. Also known as Drisio, "she is already displeased. “And tells me you have two more days before she personally comes destroys you and completes your mission. "The chain of command is serious about gaining control of this base. “Yes ma'am! I understand well. I will be leaving now." says Darkness-Light . "Good luck and do not fail, over and out." Plant Master says, as her hologram is pulled back into the earth.

"Well, it seems you are getting some heat" Spindepo says! As she emerges from behind a car Darkness-Light. "As you can plainly see, I am a whole lot stronger now, compared to when we last fought.” "Ha, it's you! It's time I ended you once and for all!" says Darkness-Light. The winged unicorn and Spindepo clash. The battle lasts for hours upon hours. Darkness-Light uses the same technique he used against the weaker soldiers but, having seen what the unicorn can do, she

Jumps out of the way. Unbeknownst to her, the attack was only meant to unbalance her, and it does just that. While she attempts to regain her balance, Darkness-Light attempts to have the giant unicorn beat her up with the unicorn’s fists but to no avail. All that happens is she evades all the swings, and says is that you got? "No says Darkness-Light. He quickly regains his composure, and has the giant unicorn take a deep breath and spit out huge numerous air pellets. Ahh, ahh, she says. Collapses dam you she says, and then dies. “Well, it's about goddamn time," says the superior of Darkness-Light's supervisor, code name the Cleaner, also known as Aluntio "good work." She then adds, "How would you like to be my assistant?" "What? But... I don’t think I'm good enough." says Darkness-Light. "I would not be asking you if I did not think you were good enough, also I have faith in you. You should have faith and believe in yourself, got that?" "Ha! So that is Darkness-Light, and someone even more powerful, it seems. This should be fun." says another one of the Master Metal Changer/Transformers, “What a laugh that foolish girl got beat, ha ha ha!" "You are the fool! Do not underestimate our opponents and do not make any mistakes, understood?" says their leader, code name Master Metal Changer/Transformer level 2. "Yes Sir!" they all respond. "Huh? Well it would appear we have some guests. Can I ask you something?" says Darkness-Light. "What is it?" asks Aluntio. "Who is your superior, and what his or her powers are?" he asks. She responds by saying "Well, for starters, he's a puppet and he can turn anything into puppets, including beings, simply through physical contact, eye contact, or even through chanting. What’s more, he can also fuse himself with his victims and manipulate them as you do. Of course, he can't manipulate the darkness and the light like you can, but he doesn't need to. Unlike you, who must possess things?

Through physical contact, he can create a puppet of any target and from unlimited distances as long as his puppets are within sight of that target."

"Why don’t you stop hiding like fucking scared little babies and show yourselves, I don't have time to play games!" says Aluntio. "Yeah, same goes for me." says Darkness Light. "Well, alright," they each immediately show themselves and they each immediately fight. Within mere seconds of the fights' beginning, craters form in the ground and the air heats up from all the nonstop fighting in the area. The metal changers/transformers fight Darkness-Light, while their boss fights Aluntio. Although it may seem that Darkness-Light is exhausted because he was in many previous fights, he is, in reality, just warming up. Darkness-Light fuses himself with a shadow from a totally destroyed and crushed car. "Who's hiding now? One of the metal changers/transformers taunts Darkness-Light. "Ha, this is just how I fight.” says Darkness-Light. Darkness-Light then casts a big wave of light, blinding everyone in the vicinity, including his supervisors' superior, but Aluntio uses his ability, creates a cure for it so he can see. "They're dreaming if they think they've won so easily." then all the metal changers/transformers breathe out the same gas in every direction. Some of it hits the shadow that darkness light is in. "Ha!" says one of the metal changers/transformers. "Damn it!" the two say both darkness light and his supervisors’ boss. Darkness-Light realizes that if he tries to go through it he will be turned to metal, so he just goes to another shadow, this one on top of a building, one of the very few that is still standing in the area. Darkness-Light then decides to use one of his most powerful abilities and spreads out to make all the shadows in the area wider and

Longer and also makes it so that anyone who stands on the shadows will be trapped forever. Aluntio realizes this and withdraws to a safe place at a safe distance. Unbeknownst to them, all of the fighters have been under observation by two even more frightening foes "there you see all of them are right there" says a saber toothed lion bear tiger. Also known as Tesio this creature which is a fusion of all of these animals, has one partner which is a Pterodactyl. Also known as dereal why are you hiding? "It must be so hard and frustrating to always smell so bad, and be so very ugly. Why don't you show yourselves Aluntio asks? ew, ew, ew, what are you? "Who are you? “Who are we you ask? We are your end your deaths. "This is not good says Wave Master also known as Adisotio. As he watches from a specially made TV. That can show what happens in earths universe. "What shall we do? “Losing them would, aside from the metal ones be bad for us. "You do realize who they are up against write? “There is no way they can win. Tesio has knowledge of infinite languages such as medusa, the titans, even Zeus, the language of the animal, being, monster, demon, beast, creature, whatever, is all he needs to activate and use his, her, their, and or it's, power and or powers. "And it is not just Greece’s legendary gods etc. "But the worlds as well as other worlds. “Additionally he has his very very huge body, he's fast, has very strong senses, and is all muscle. "And his partner dereal may not be able to see out of his eyes but he can read words, that comes out of people’s mouths, by way of lip reading. "He can also read minds in all aspects, and in its entirety. “He has feathers that can see, hear, smell, feel, and taste. “After he's done with learning the words, voice, and or mind reading. "He can then transfer that knowledge to his feathers, and either prey on his enemy(s), fear(s), or deceive. “Or he can create very powerful high level sound waves, "by yelling with any number of voices, and any number of languages, in any number of directions. “Or he can shut off any number of the feathers five senses from any number of feathers, and use the selected senses energy to strengthen the feathers defense, the more senses he shuts off for a time the more defense the feathers will have. "The more senses he shuts off the less he will be able to since. “Lastly he can release his feathers and make them fly and attack intended target(s). "Huh his feathers can regenerate instantaneously too. “I know that already. "Huh fine I give you permission says the Night And Day Master also known as Fineelio.”Wait, wait, wait, this might just work out very well for us. "Go and rescue them but bring the animals and metals here dead or alive, so hopefully we can run tests do experiments and make copies and clones and gain more knowledge. Okay so how shall we crush you they both say ha ha ha maybe you can't count we have you out numbered says Darkness-Light what the fuck do you mean asks a metal soldier? "The enemy of my enemy is my friend that is what I mean Darkness-Light replies. “Fine whatever. "Each side attacks each other relentlessly. “The fight goes on and on. "Darkness-Lights side is making mistakes probably due to loss of energy and exhaustion. “And just as it seems all is lost, their only hope is coming. "Back on Superpower Planet 1. He is teleported to earth, and makes his move just in time to save them all from the very powerful animals. "He creates a rectangle wave from hundreds of miles away, what the hell is that Darkness-light and everyone else ask themselves? “Then all of a sudden the rectangle wave swallows the animals and metal soldiers, once inside any type. Kind. Etc. of wave he creates you have to endure countless possible tortures, such as drowning water flooding your body etc. if he so desires. "Luckily for you I’m in a good mood.”So I will let you live unharmed for the moment at least. He then lets the teleportation department know he as well as his captives are ready to return they acknowledge. "Well that should do it." he says. "Talking to himself, or so it seems to those watching, but he is in reality he's talking to the teleportors on his planet. Shortly thereafter the wave master makes a silent exit as he is teleported back to his planet, but the puppet master has seen the wave masters' great and immense power and wants to know more. Using a scorpion puppet as a scout he had seen The Wave Masters' arrival, not only that, but a puppet car was in the area of the battle between the super powerful animal creatures his subordinates, and the metal soldiers. So he saw both the creator of all the waves with the scorpion puppet and the damage done by those waves with the car puppet. The Puppet Master also known as Pydy quickly transports his real body to where the wave master is by traveling through space to where the scorpion puppet is. The scorpion puppet then spits out the real Puppet master the Puppet Master can get to any place simply by using any puppet he creates. He decides the only way he is going to get more information is by following the Wave Master, so he grabs him. Of course, the wave master is aware of this and allows it. He, at the time, decides that the puppet master can be better used on his own planet. They get to

The wave masters planet which is filled with many beings that are extremely powerful and strong. "What the hell are you doing? “You know full well that no lower life is allowed here ever!" says Fineelio Fineelio boss is there also, he is known as the Master Of Everything Beast, Monster, And Demon also known as Dryipio. "He will make a fine monster for my collection." He makes this so simply by saying "puppet monster elephant" in plain English. The Puppet Master gets turned into just that, a puppet monster elephant. "Now, in many ways he is much stronger; the only thing he can't do is think for himself, well he never could do that. But now he has no lee way at all. Other than that everything is sort of the same, and he just gained even more abilities. Now he can also turn anything that gets sucked into his trunk into a puppet as well. He can then perform any combination of three new abilities: chanting to either fuse any number of them together, multiply them depending on the chant, or absorb them to heal his injuries if need be. "So what do we do with him?" says Night and Day time master. "I have an idea, but for now knock my newest creation out and sleep drug him. “That will give me more than enough time to hopefully get permission from my boss. “Says Dryipio. They all suddenly feel a great fear just thinking about Dryipios boss. Also known as Stoono. "Meanwhile what about the other captives? “OH yeah that’s write, "send them to the department of experimentation.”Roger that. Stoono now goes to see his boss who is known as the sound master. Also known as Soyo "He goes to Soyo domain, and requests an audience with her. When the guards realize who is asking they give their permission immediately. He walks in and can't see Soyo. Huh I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I cannot see you. "I know why you are here and what you want. My answer is yes." He happily replies "Great!" and is then dismissed. When he gets back to

wave master and night and day master, they send the enslaved Puppet Master, in his new form, to the Baby Boom Galaxy in yet another galaxy in Earth's dimension, where he will very soon rule for his masters. On a planet filled with extremely super powerful beings, such as the animals that the wave master defeated, one such being says "Hah! Damn. So those two were defeated!" "Please send us." says a much more powerful animal than either of wave masters' victims. "There is no need, we will wait and see what happens next." says a higher up animal. Meanwhile, on super power planet 1, "I want all that are not at least masters to go to earth

And capture all that are easy enough to capture. They can either be alive or dead is that clear?" says Sound Master. "Yes, understood." they reply. They get teleported to earth and are immediately attacked by many swarms of alien bounty hunters, mercenaries, and aliens who kill for fun. "heh heh well it's about time we thought we would never find someone or some group to fight and capture. "I wouldn't underestimate us if I were you, so glad I’m not they each say. "Is everything ready?” Yes sir, good, teleport them all back. "Doing that now. All of the aliens bounty hunters, mercenaries, and aliens who kill for fun are surrounded over powered and knocked unconscious and are then sent to the experimentation department At the palace of super power planet 1, where only the strongest and highest in rank are allowed, "I suggest and recommend that we fuse everything in Earth's galaxy and just create one big planet, for it will not be long until planet Earth is destroyed. This will easily be accomplished because of its own flimsiness and because of how small it is." says the master of power strike, x two other powers also known as Sobinio, this coming from someone who, with a single finger, can obliterate mountains with ease and who has made his body basically indestructible. Says the glass shatter man, x 3 other powers. Also known as Kidio. "I agree." says the master of weapon shape and form, x 4 other powers. Also known as Nindio, "And so do I." says mirror copy master, x 5 other powers. Also known as Midio, "Me too." says the master of himself x 6 other powers. Also known as Blididio. "I also agree." Says master of nightmares x 7 other powers. Also known as Blideo. But the truly most powerful member of the leaders of super power planet 1, is surprisingly the lowest in rank. This is because she was secretly, and stealthily sent from super power planet 2. Even she herself does not know why she is there, when, and how, she will return, if she will return, all she knows is what she was told, which is your mission will be revealed to you is 40 hours. Her code name is the exterminator with/out transformations x 1 other power on super power planet 1, but on super power planet 2 it is x 12 other powers. Her other name is axax. "So then, it is unanimous, but before we take any steps to do this I suggest we make haste to plan this out very carefully, for no matter what, this will take a long time to do." "While we are taking care of the necessary preparations, among other things, I also suggest that we recruit and increase the strength of someone that might give us a huge advantage. You see, I have been doing some research on one of our slaves who is on planet Earth, Darkness-light. Now obviously this will take a whole lot of time and a lot of work because of, well... first we will have to bring him here, then deprogram him, and then give him free knowledge, will and..." "What kind of fucking crazy stuff are you saying!?" asks the glass shatter man. "Wait! I too have researched this Darkness-light. His powers and his track record are impressive," says master of nightmares x 7 other powers. "I, as the leader and strongest, demand that we have him fighting beside us. While we are at it, why don't we have him go back to where he came from originally, the night and day time master. The purpose of Darkness Light

Was to add to our muscle, but that has already been achieved. Now the only question that remains is who will bring in Darkness-Light?" The glass shatter man recommends master energy-absorption for the mission. Master energy-absorption, also known as Karria, replies "Yes!" with a smile. The Nightmare master x 6 says "Granted." She then is given the ok to be on her way and leaves. Karria decides to accomplish her mission firstly by attacking him to see just how strong he is. She is teleported to earth where she searches for Darkness-light by air. She creates billions of energy hawks to scour the entire planet while she remains at a safe distance. She has the birds search from very high above and puts up a light energy shield around herself making it very hard for anyone to detect, and/or find her for any reason. At long last, she finds him and goes on the offensive with the hawks. She uses the hawks to absorb Darkness-light. "He doesn't stand a chance." It ends in mere moments and Darkness-Light is taken back to Karria's planet. "Alright, the orders from above are to make him believe that enemies, not us, have brainwashed, manipulated, and cont

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