Cougar On The Prowl

Cougar On The Prowl Cougar On The Prowl

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A cougar goes out on the hunt for a young hard cock to satisfy her.


A cougar goes out on the hunt for a young hard cock to satisfy her.


Submitted: November 02, 2015

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Submitted: November 02, 2015



She looked in her wardrobe

Which clothes would she choose?

A short skimpy dress

And her come fuck me shoes

It didn't take long

To pick underwear

A pink skimpy thong

Her large tits left bare

Now the cougar was dressed

And ready to hunt

For some young hot stud

To fill up her cunt

She'd hit the dance floors

Strutting her stuff

Inviting the young men

To come get her muff


The cougar was prowling

Cruising the bars

Didn't pay for her taxis

Wanked them off in their cars

Then she found a large disco

The place was packed tight

It was here she would pounce

And get fucked tonight


Dancing and twerking

It didn't take long

To draw mens attention

Flashing her thong

She danced like a devil

Shaking her bits

And more than once

Out popped her tits

As young men danced round her

Her excitement grew

Three times she'd been groped

Her thong was wet through

Now it was time 

To finish the hunt

And find a hard cock

To fill her wet cunt

It was her turn to grope

To seek out and find

A young hard cock

On which she could grind

To fuck both her holes

The back and the front

And on which she could suck

While he tongued her cunt

She picked out her prey

Then made her way

To where she could dance

And put her hand on his pants

As she rubbed with her palm

She near fainted in shock

For her hand did encounter

A monstrous hard cock

He moved himself closer

Looked in her eyes

She felt his fingers

Stroking her thighs

Then her soaking thong

Was pulled to one side

And in her wet cunt

Two fingers did slide

Inside his pants

Her hand she slipped

And his hard cock

Her fingers gripped

Oh fuck she cried

I'm going to come

As she felt her clit

Touched by his thumb

She heard his voice

Whisper in her ear

Your place or mine?

Or shall we do it here?

I don't fucking care

She hoarsely replied

I just want to feel

That cock inside

And so it was over

A successful hunt

Caught the hard cock

She'd sought for her cunt

Now it was time

To enjoy her prize

And feed the hunger

Between her thighs

Back to her cave

She took her prey

Fucked him all night

And all the next day

She lost count of the times

Her captured Toy Boy

Made her cougar cunt

Weep tears of joy














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