Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Private time masturbating, gets caught and pegged as revenge.


Private time masturbating, gets caught and pegged as revenge.


Submitted: March 02, 2017

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Submitted: March 02, 2017



I’d been horny as fuck all day. You were working late and I’d be sleeping when you got home. I needed release. Lying on the bed video on the tablet, images on my phone, I lay naked rubbing my throbbing cock.

I hadn’t heard you come in and standing in the doorway as I groaned and fired a stream of hot jizz on my belly. I heard a cough and as I looked up you passed by to the bathroom.


I hoped you hadn’t seen me, I cleaned up and met you as you came out. Things had been quiet so you left early.

“I thought I’d come home and treat you”.

You hadn’t seen thank fuck.

Unbuttoning your blouse in front of me, and stepping out of your skirt it slides down your stockings, you clasp my head between your breasts, cupped by a black lace bra, then down. My face held firmly against warm damp knickers, hair interlocked around your fingers causing me to grimace as you rub my face against you, rocking your hips I can hardly breathe.

You resist my efforts to lay you down, standing proud, staring at me your fingers inside your nics and ease them seductively down your legs and kick them off your patent leather shoes.

“Get on your knees,” you command as you slip your fingers inside your cunt and bring them out glistening.

You mouth “eat me,“and paint my lips with your juices.

My hands tightly against your buttocks I pull you in. Mouth over you and tongue trailing a line up your slit, circling your clit, saturating my face in juices. With flat palms you push me away, onto my back, inches from my face you rest your heeled shoe. Legs splayed above displaying your dew covered petals.

“You’ve had your pleasure haven’t you? wanking over porn”.

She had seen me!

“It’s my turn now, I’ve been waiting for this opportunity”.

Grabbing my cock you run your finger over my tip scooping up my pre cum and lifting my balls to lubricate my hole before easing a finger in.

“You like this?

“Have you ever been fucked, or had anything inside you?”

Shocked I shake my head and try and say no but no sound comes out.

As you open your top drawer and take out a harness with a pale veined phallus you whisper “I’m going to fuck your virgin ass tonight to show you what happens if I catch you wanking again”.

“Don’t worry I’ll go slow”.

Adjusting and tightening the straps and buckles so its located perfectly on your pubic bone, you say. “Do you want to suck my cock?” "Feel it fill your mouth?“

I shake my head and a hoarse "NO” leaves my throat as you push it in my mouth, gagging me as it hits my throat. It was longer than me but the girth about the same although it appeared enormous.

Strangely I start to enjoy your domination of me and relax as you then lift my legs to my chest and enjoy the feeling of the cold lube entering my puckered hole.

“Good boy, you’re ready now”.

I was terrified but aroused at at a level never before felt as you circle my ass hole with a squelching sound before slowly spreading me and pushing in. I grab the edges of the mattress and bite my lip as I feel pain as you ease in. You stop for a second and smile, your eyes glazed and mischievous. You withdrew slightly before pushing on further. Then slowly start thrusting.

As I relax more I begin to feel the pleasure as your hips circle and buck in to me. Beads of sweat appear on your thighs and chest as you fuck me, and grasping my cock wank me in sync with your thrusts.

The stretching of my ass and the feeling as you hit my prostrate send me over the top. Your wild grunts as you fuck me to savage heights, the harness against your clit enhancing your pleasure, tits shaking, your hair hanging wild in front of your face I begin to come, spurting thick blasts of come over my belly as you destroy my ass.

The power and domination of me tilts you and your orgasm completes your fantasy of fucking me with your cock. 

© Copyright 2021 Polly Amory. All rights reserved.

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