Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A shit day at work needing release. As always his lover was there for him.


A shit day at work needing release. As always his lover was there for him.


Submitted: February 08, 2017

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Submitted: February 08, 2017



It had been a shit day.

I had been let down, so because of that, the knock on effect was others were let down by me.

I hated that.

Searching for release from my stress I sat on the barstool with my second large JD. Ice clinking in the tumbler. Normally enough to relax me, but not today.

I picked up my phone and sent the text. “I need you”.

You were always there for me.


My lover.

Phone buzzed, “Come round now”. Always the same reply.

You opened the apartment door greeting me with a kiss as usual. Arms around me stroking my hair.

We kissed a lot. It always helped me. I knew what was next.

A routine you had perfected.

It always helped me unwind.

You unbuckled my belt.

Unzipped me, and with your tongue licked the underside of my cock taking the head in your warm mouth.

Tonight would be different.

I needed more.


I needed to make somebody pay for my shit day. My hand in your curls I pulled you up. You winced, eyes glossed over.

I gripped your blouse at the collar and with a hard tug ripped it open, and yanked it off your shoulders exposing your lace bra.

My hands inside the cups I pulled out your tits uncomfortably squashed by the tight fabric. Your nipples hardened with shock.

I held your throat and guided your tense body to the sofa throwing you down. I unzipped you and pulled your skirt and knickers off in two tugs.

By the ankles I pulled your ass forcefully to the edge of the cushions, kneeled down and without touching you I put my cock at your lips and pushed.

You were not ready,

I could see the pain in your face as I forced my way inside you and pushed all the way in.

I felt better, someone was paying.


I needed more, I fucked you frantically. You started to move with me, apparently enjoying the animal like change in me.


I didn’t want you to get pleasure.

I pulled you up by your nipples causing you to groan.

Flipping you over.

Your head held face down in the cushions.

I pressed my cock at the entrance to your ass and rammed home.

Fucking you.

My tight grip preventing you from moving.

I groaned loud with each thrust before pulling out and unloading all my stress up your back in heavy spurts covering you in a splattering of thick jizz.


You relaxed below me, Turned around and held my head to your chest.

Stroking me reassuringly.

All my stress gone.

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