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Genre: Poetry


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



A poem about a streetlight



A poem about a streetlight


Submitted: October 05, 2016

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Submitted: October 05, 2016



Feel like a prostitute, only used at night

Never appreciated, I don't think its right

People make use of me with little thought at all

Without me they'd be in the dark, could trip or fall


Never worry about me, couldn't care if I'm hurting

But! don't they complain when I'm not working 

Stuck out here in the weather in all extremes

They all rely on me or that is the way it seems


Only time I get washed is when it happens to rain

Sometimes I short out and spark, oh what pain

My cover is old, yes its all cracked and broken

Does any one give a dam? you must be joking


Dogs cock there leg against me and take a piss

Birds shit all over me, don't think I deserve this  

Men lean their girl against me for a kiss and a feel

Undesirables stand below me to make a drug deal


Police try to solve crimes perhaps stop an odd fight

No idea most of the time, I try to shed a bit of light 

Concreted to the ground, can't move, surely not fair

Stuck out in the weather with my head high in the air


Once I was hit by a drunk driver and knocked to the ground

Police and firetruck arrived, driver was nowhere to be found

Sparks and electrical currents, gee whiz it certainly hurt

Firemen threw powder over me,  too dangerous to squirt


I lay on the ground for a week, some flags around me

People stayed away at night, just wasn't possible to see

Then along came some workers, such nice gentlemen

Fixed me, and with use of a crane stood me up again


I cannot understand people at all, certainly not fair

I needed to be run over before they showed any care

They are all happy to use me while my heart glows

Don't they cuss though if my poor old globe blows

© Copyright 2020 poeta de Cabra. All rights reserved.

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