School Discipline

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

In a boys school, newly promoted schoolmistress finds herself in charge of discipline in a traditional environment.
In a second instalment we discover what one of her victims thinks about it.

School Discipline

Miss Green's View

In the late 1940s and 1950s when I was teaching, I had risen to be deputy head of a boy’s school in the Midlands.  Most of the staff were male but I had as a female worked hard and found I was trusted and respected by the other staff members and especially the head.  When I was promoted to my deputy position the head remined me that I oversaw discipline and that only in the most egregious case should he be involved in such matters.  He told me that caning and slippering were something he hated but regarded as necessary and that I should carry on as the former male deputy, Mr. Boot, had done in handling these matters.

I was only in my second day in post when a knock on my door resulted in a fifteen-year-old entering my study from the corridor.  I knew him as Huxford and that he was in the third form.  He was still wearing shorts which was unusual in the third year at the school as most had gone into long trousers during or after the second year.  He was a large well build lad perhaps a little taller than me.  I asked him why he had come.  He said, “Mr Wilkinson sent me for a slippering.”  I asked what he had done and he told me he had forgotten to bring his homework to French lesson.  I had not been present when Mr Boot carried out his punishments, but I was aware that in my desk drawers were several plimsoles and a couple of canes.

I got out one of the plimsoles and put it on the desk.  Huxford said, “Is it on the bare, Miss?”  This took me aback a little as I had not considered the possibility of bare bottoms being presented.  I said, “Is it your first time, Huxford?”  He told me it was not and said, “After the first time Mr Boot said it would have to be on the bare, if I was sent back to him.”

I said, “Then on the bare it is.”  Without more ado Huxford unfastened his shorts and dropped them to the floor, picked them up and put them on my visitor’s armchair.He rolled up his shirt and I got a clear view of his brief underpants.  For a youngster, he seemed well endowed judging by the bulges in his briefs.  He peeled his pants down revealing to me a splendid set of male attributes.  Then he bent over the arm of the visitor’s chair and spread his legs apart.  Unused as I was to the sight of a young man’s bottom, I was intrigued by the way his fine pair of testicles hung in his scrotum in full view from the rear.

I picked up the plimsole and began the task of making Huxford’s bottom a fine shade of red.  He gave only slight gasps as I carried out my task.  I stopped at six and told him to stand up.  He did and saw he was sporting an erection.  When I’d first seen his penis, it was hanging limply and neatly over his scrotum, but now it was standing proudly over his twin testicles and was pointing to the ceiling.  I said, “Huxford, what is this?”  He not only had a red bottom but now he was blushing bright red.  He said, “I’m sorry Miss, I can’t help it, it just goes up on its own.”

I could not help staring at this young man’s male attributes.  He possessed a sturdy six-inch organ capped with a smooth bell end.  Having me stare must have been quite humiliating for him, and said, “Whatever do you mean, by that?You must be able to control it.”  He would not look me in the eye and mumbled, “I think it’s because you are a woman, I’m trying to stop it.”  He might have been trying, but to my eye there was no sign of the stiffness decreasing.  I had not realised how well developed fifteen-year-old boys could be.  He had a dark triangle of curly hair at the base of his stomach, and his scrotum was now tightly holding his testicles neatly at the top of his legs.

 I said, “Go and stand in the corner until it goes down.  Hands on your head.”  He obeyed my instruction.  I wanted to get on with some correspondence on my desk but was interrupted by a further knock on the door which connected with the school secretary’s office.  Mrs Nelson entered with a cup of tea and a plate of biscuits on a tray.  She seemed undisturbed that a semi-naked youth was standing in the corner with a red bottom.  “The headmaster would like a word with you, Miss Green, when you are free.  Can you let this boy go back to his class?”

I told Huxford to turn around, and was pleased to see his erection had subsided and was now just horizontal.  I said, “I think you can get dressed now.”  He walked over to the armchair, meanwhile the school secretary had picked up his shorts and pants and she handed him first his briefs and then his shorts.  I wondered how often she had entered the deputy head’s office and found a boy being slippered or half-naked.  When Huxford had gone, she said, “How are you getting on with slippering them?”

I told her Huxford was my first time.  She said, “I expect you will soon get used to it, Mr. Boot, seemed to do it all the time, I’ve seen lots of the boys in here with their pants down.  I asked Mr. Boot if I shouldn’t enter when he was slippering boys, but he said it added to their humiliation and made the lesson even stronger.”  I said, “I hadn’t thought of that.”  She said, “After that I always made a point of popping in if he had a boy in for a slippering.”

I said, “I was a bit worried about Huxford and made him stand in the corner when he became a little excited, if you know what I mean.”  She said, “A lot of them do that, even the first formers, and you should see the size of some of the sixth form lads if they get what they call a hard-on”.

I realised now there was more to being the person in charge of discipline than I had supposed and wondered what the next knock on the corridor door would bring.  I rather liked Mrs Nelson’s remarks about humiliation adding to the punishment and decided I would make it my policy, after a first offence, that I’d be requiring all subsequent visits to my study to include a bare bottom.



School Discipline

Huxford's Point of View


My name is Patrick Huxford and I was educated at a boys’ school in the Midlands.  It was a Grammar School then although it later went comprehensive.I did quite well during my time there leaving with a clutch of General Certificate of Education ‘O’ levels.

However, when I was fifteen, I had a form master, Mr. Wilkinson, who seemed to enjoy finding fault with me, and twice sent me to be punished by the head.  Well actually the head never seemed to do the punishing it was always the deputy who seemed to have the job.  Under Mr Boot lots of my form mates got either caned or slippered depending on the severity of their supposed crime.

My crime both times was being late with homework.  On both occasions it was because I’d not received for some reason the instruction to do it, but Mr. Wilkinson wouldn’t take that into account or didn’t believe me.  On the first occasion he sent me to Mr Boot who gave me six swipes with a plimsole.  It hurt of course, but not as much as I expected it would if he had got out his cane.  Since it was my first time it was over my shorts which gave me a bit of protection.  He seemed to reserve his canings for older boys who visited him too often.  You might wonder at a fifteen-year-old still wearing shorts, but it was quite usual in those days only to go into ‘longs’ when you were in the second or third form.

Mr. Boot retired at the Easter holidays and for the Summer Term Miss Green had taken over his role as deputy head of the school.  I always got on well with her during her geography classes, when I was in the first and second form, but one day Mr. Wilkinson again decided I needed a dose of discipline for late homework.  This was despite my explanation I’d missed the class when it was given out.  He thought it was up to me to find out whether there was homework to be done.

Reluctantly I set off from my form room to visit the corridor where the school secretary, the headmaster and the deputy head had their offices.  It dawned on me that this time my punishment would be administered by Miss Green – a woman.  Strangely I became conscious as I walked that there was activity in my shorts.  What my mother used to call my ‘tilly’ had stiffened.  It used to happen a lot in those days, usually at very inconvenient moments.  I hoped I was not going to get a full erection in front of Miss Green.

I went to the secretary’s office.  Mrs Nelson asked what I wanted, and I told her.  She said, “Miss Green is free, just knock on her door.”

I did as she bid and knocked gently.  I heard Miss Green say, “Come,” and opened the door.  She was sitting behind a large desk.  She asked the purpose of my visit and I explained that Mr. Wilkinson had sent me for a slippering for late homework.  She said, “Oh, is it your first time, Huxford?”

I was tempted briefly to lie and tell her it was my first time, as I suspected worse punishments went on for second and subsequent offences.  However, I told her the truth and that it was my second offence and Mr. Boot had told me that would lead to a bare bottom punishment.

I saw her raise her eyebrows at this point as she got a plimsole out of the desk drawer.  She said, “Then on the bare it is”.

I started to unfasten my belt and then the front of my shorts.  I was still aware my penis was a little aroused, as my shorts dropped to the carpet on the floor.I picked them up and put them on an armchair.  Miss Green said, “Roll your shirt up,” and I complied.  I could see she was looking at my briefs where my penis was making a bulge.  I knew that the next step was to take my underpants off, so anxious to get it over with, I slid them down and stepped out of them.  I put them with my shorts.

Putting my hands over my genitals occurred to me, but I thought she would think me wimpy if I did that so I moved quickly to the chair where my shorts were and bent over it, just like I had for Mr. Boot.

Mr. Boot had made me spread my legs apart, so I did the same.  However, this time the view of my behind was not going to be of my grey school shorts, but of my bare bottom, and it dawned on me that my genitals were going to be clearly visible to Miss Green.  As I was well aware of how well developed, I was in that department, I knew I had nothing to be ashamed of.  I was used to stripping off after gym sessions when the form all crowded into the communal showers, so had seen lots of boys of my age and knew most of us had well sized balls, and at least a triangle of curly hair just above our penises.

I had no time to dwell on these thoughts as the first blow descended on my posterior.  Miss Green certainly could lay it on, and the first blow was swiftly followed by five more.  I don’t know why but for some reason my wayward male organ became erect during the beating and when it was over, I was sporting a full erection.

I didn’t want to stand up when the thrashing was over, knowing it would reveal my erection, but she told me to stand up, which I did.  I kept my hands by my side despite wondering if I should cover my standing phallus.  Miss Smith was staring directly at my proud stiff organ.  She said, “Huxford, what is this?”

I thought it should have been obvious to her.  I knew I was blushing, and I stammered, “I’m sorry Miss, I can’t help it, it just goes up on its own.”

She wasn’t satisfied and I felt very embarrassed as she continued to look at my exposed scrotum and penis.  “Whatever do you mean, by that?  You must be able to control it.”

I looked down at my feet and said, “I think its because you are a woman, I’m trying to stop it.”  Even as I said it though I knew it was not going down.  The circumstance of this female looking at me so quizzically was giving me a sort of thrill, even though my bottom stung, and I was trying to think of other things.  My penis even gave a little bob as it pointed upwards.

She told me to go and stand in a corner with my hands on my head, which I did.  I couldn’t see what Miss Green was doing but heard a knock on the door.  Next, I heard the school secretary, Mrs Nelson telling Miss Green that she was wanted by the school head.  Thankfully my erection was now down to horizontal and much less prominent, which was a relief as Miss Green told me to turn around.  She told me I could get dressed and Mrs. Nelson handed me my underpants and shorts.  It was all very humiliating to think that two females had now seen my private parts in one afternoon.  I was glad to pull up my briefs, and shorts and when I had finished dressing Miss Green told me to return to class.

I managed the rest of my schooldays without a further visit to Miss Green and was very careful to see my homework was on time.  However whenever it was geography lesson under the deputy head I had a funny feeling that she could see right through my trousers to my burgeoning penis which as usual had a mind of its own.




Submitted: June 30, 2020

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Excellent story, with the promise of more (similar) exposure to come. I would like to read about one of those sixth-formers.

Wed, July 1st, 2020 2:02pm


Thanks for the kind words. It was meant to be a one off single chapter, but now you speak of it perhaps I can expand upon the situation a little.

Thu, July 2nd, 2020 2:12am


I can confirm, this lends itself very well to imagine many different scenarios.

Thanks for the story.

Thu, July 2nd, 2020 2:18pm

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