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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Two schoolboys are chosen to partake in an interactive biology lesson about human reproduction.

Biology Lessons


My name is Adrian Johnson.  This tale relates to when I was fourteen years old and attended our local grammar school.  The uniform for all pupils was black cap, black blazer with a black and white piped edging, grey shirt, black and white striped tie, and for lower forms grey shorts.  Upper forms wore grey trousers.  It was an all-boys school; the girls had their own school half a mile up the same road.

We had been invited to make choices of various subjects with a view to specialising in them for the exams which would be held in year five.  Each of the subject masters where a choice could be made had given a short talk to year two boys to enable them to make an educated decision for the following year.

The biology master had given an entertaining short presentation promising that we would learn a great deal about the life cycle of the aphid, but he ended saying that the mysteries of human reproduction would be on the agenda.  That settled it for me as I was quite ignorant of the latter details and was keen to know more.  As a teenager well into puberty I was very interested, especially as, as soon as Mr. Proctor, the biology master, had mentioned the subject of reproduction, an almost instant bulge in my shorts, indicated that my little man down there wanted to know more.

In year 3 all went well, and I got down to the studying all the subjects which were compulsory and the ones I’d chosen.  In biology our form found Mr Proctor a good teacher and he made the subject very interesting and I soon learned lots about aphids and their life cycle.

When we arrived in the biology laboratory for our lesson, we discovered that the subject was to be human biology.  Mr Proctor said that we would start by trying to understand how the reproductive system for boys of our own age worked.

He said that he’d had a word with Mr Roberts, the physical education master.  Mr Roberts had picked out two boys and letters had been sent to their parents for them to agree to the teaching method which would be used.  The parents had returned the consent forms and the experimental teaching method would go ahead.

“Come out to the front, you Corbyn and you Johnson.”  I was somewhat startled to discover this was about me and my form mate John Corbyn.  We both stood up from our desks and made our way to the raised platform at the front of the laboratory where Mr Proctor had his desk.

“Boys,” said Mr Proctor, “Johnson and Corbyn’s parents have agreed that we can use them to teach you about puberty and what it means for boys of your age.” He turned to me and Corbyn and said, “Take off your shoes and socks, then just slip off your blazer, shirts and shorts and put them all on the desk, so we can see what a fourteen-year-old boy looks like.”

This unexpected command either had to be obeyed or I would face the consequences of disobedience.  I wondered if I could object, but since it seemed my parents were going along with this, then there would be no point.  Anyway, Corbyn had already got his shoes and socks off and was removing his blazer.

I started doing the same, and we were both soon down to our underpants.  Corbyn was wearing some pale blue Y-fronts, and my own briefs were cellular ones from Marks and Spencer’s, and I was conscious they were on the old side and quite loose fitting.

Corbyn seemed unconcerned that he was virtually naked in front of the rest of the form.  Of course, we were all seen together in the nude when we showered after gym so there was nothing to see that we had not all seen before.  We stood waiting in front of the class.  Mr Proctor said, “That’s good lads, now put your hands on you heads.”

We complied and he turned to the class.  “We are going to talk about secondary sexual characteristics.  Once a boy reaches the age of about 9 years puberty begins, and boys begin to grow body hair.  Eventually this leads to the ability to grow a beard – I don’t suppose either of you lads is shaving yet though,” Mr Proctor smiled at us.

He went on to invite the class to note that we both had underarm hair, a few hairs on our chests and in my case some visible hair on my legs.  He turned to us both and said, “Just slip your pants down a little at the front.”  Both of us moved the elastic waistbands of our briefs down.  Mine was resting on my penis and I suddenly realised I was getting a little excited down there.  Mr Proctor then directed the attention of the form to the triangle of curly hair each of us was sporting on our lower stomachs.

He said to the class, “I expect most of you will be at a similar stage.  I know some of you will be lagging behind, perhaps without much hair growth, but you will certainly catch up before long.  Now let us consider the primary sexual characteristics of you boys.”

Our biology master turned to us both and said, “Put you pants with the rest of your things.”  I was reluctant to obey, but John immediately complied and revealed his genitals.  I noted he was not circumcised like me and he didn’t seem at all aroused by the situation.  However, as my briefs came off, I knew that my penis was almost at the horizontal, and I was praying that it did not erect any further.  “Hands on heads, again,” said Mr Proctor, “and face the class”.

We complied.  He questioned the class as to what they noticed, and almost at once every hand shot up.  Jones said, “Corbyn has got a foreskin and Johnson hasn’t”.  “Quite right,” said Mr Proctor, “These two boys were selected by Mr Roberts so I could show you the difference.”

At this point I was struck by the knowledge that despite my always being discrete when I emerged from the communal showers after gym or sports sessions, wrapping my towel round my waist, Mr Roberts obviously knew which of us were circumcised and those who were not.  There had sometimes been talk of roundheads and I had a vague understanding this term applied to those of us without a foreskin while and cavaliers referring to their practice of wearing extravagant hats indicated those with foreskins.

Mr Roberts had picked me it seemed because of what he had seen of my penis.  Mr Proctor said, “Both these boys were selected because they are well advanced in puberty and their sexual organs are well developed.”

So not only had I been selected because of my missing foreskin, but because Mr Roberts thought my genitals were a good size – how embarrassing – and another reason my penis was refusing to subside, although mercifully it was not fully erect.

Mr Proctor was pointing to my scrotum and saying, “Johnson has well developed testicles as you can see.  Look at both of them and do you notice anything about their testicles?”  Another forest of hands went up and Brown was picked to answer.  “The left ones are bigger than the right ones.”

“Quite right,” Mr Proctor purred – he was getting the answers he wanted, and no one had made a silly joke so far.  “Come out here Brown, and you Jones.”  He issued both of the boys with cardboard rulers and instructed them to measure our penises from the base to the tip.  Jones took hold of mine and pushed the ruler into my pubic hairs taking the chance to sort of fondle my organ as he did so.  He pronounced it five and a half inches long.  Meanwhile Jones was operating on Corbyn and he came up with five and a quarter inches long.

Mr Proctor said, “Studies have shown that that is about average for a male penis.”  He turned to me and said, “You’ve got a semi-erection there, can you fully erect so we can remeasure it?”

While this was extremely embarrassing it was just the release I needed, so I could stop trying so hard to overcome my natural wish to become fully erect.  Almost at once my member pointed upwards.  Jones and Brown were instructed to remeasure my organ, and it turned out that even though now fully erect the length was just the same as before.

They repeated the measuring on Corbyn.  I had not seen someone roll back their foreskin before revealing the glans.  As my mate John became aroused, I noticed that both our penises now looked much the same as the stood up over our firm scrotums.

The form was instructed to write up for homework what they had learned during the lessons, and John and I were told to resume our clothes and do the same homework.  Mr Proctor asked us to stay behind as the rest of the form shuffled out of the room.  He thanked us both for our help.

We left the room, both of us with bulges in our shorts.




Submitted: January 09, 2020

© Copyright 2021 PJM. All rights reserved.

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An amusing afterthought is I wonder if Boris and Jeremy will ever read this tale?

Wed, January 22nd, 2020 3:00pm


I like to imagine young Miss Swinson and her friends from the girls' school, on some errand, peeking through the gaps in the decrepit old window blinds. John and Adrian don't know it yet but someone will be sure to tell them. No wonder the little minx got expelled!

Sat, January 25th, 2020 11:12pm


Love your imagination. Expect Miss Swinson's experience another total humiliation when she got expelled.
Thanks for your witty response Britguy - sadly only likely to be understood around the U.K.

Mon, January 27th, 2020 8:35am


I loved this story. I also have to admit, this was one of my many fantasies in school. I dreamed that the teacher would pick me to be his model for our boys health class, when we studied the human body.

I Have an idea for a follow up story along the same vein and with the same class and characters. Being a 14 year old once, I know from personal experience that all boys don't enter puberty at the same time. I didn't have my first ejaculation until I was 14. It was very embarrassing for me in the school showers because my penis was not only still small like a little boy but it was totally bald as well, where most of my peers had both long penises and pubic hair as well. I didn't get pubes until I was 15.

So for an encoure story, I was thinking Mr. ropberts could suggest twodifferentboys in the class, to demonstrate early andlate puberty. Where one boy would only just be barely starting puberty, bald and tiny and the other boy be well into puberty with a long penis, low hanging tesitcles, hair everywhere, armpits, chest legs even in his butt crack.

This would showcase to the class, how much different boys in their class can be even though they are the same age. Of course the well developed boy will be all proud and showing his stuff and the under developed boy will be all ashamed, and embarrassed that he is naked and his tiny genitals are on display and being talked about.

Just a thought, to add more embarrassment. I Have written a story along those lines myself, but I have no idea where it is posted.

Fri, April 17th, 2020 8:01pm


Dear Zyn
Thanks for the comments. Its great to get feedback especially if the story has resonated with someone like you. I wish the story was a memory rather than a fantasy.
I too remember those days showering with 30 form mates, all of us naked, soaping up with hot water and steam. I know I took a keen interest in how the other boys were developing. I liked to compare my own penis with theirs and was curious why my penis had a nice round tip, like a dozen of my mates, while the others had an excess of skin round the tip.
Occasionally i emerged from the shower keen to find my towel and cover a burgeoning erection. I remember one form mate telling me that if our PE master spotted my condition I would get the whack - a plimsole applied to my bare bottom.
It would be great to read your story - perhaps you've kept a copy somewhere.
Best wishes

Sat, April 18th, 2020 2:03am

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