The Lift part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A young pretty blonde who enters the same lift with 2 men. They can't seem to get their eyes off her and resist the temptation to....

It was dark in the evening, with dark bloomy sky. If it wasn't because Ralph had asked me yesterday for dinner, I would have stay at home, watching television with my big bowl of caesar salad. I'm a tall blonde, probably 5'10 wearing red hot stiletto heels pairing with my black sleeveless jumpsuit and a red clutch. I put up simple make-up to look more natural, but red lips is a must for a pale white blonde like me.

I walked as fast as I could to the nearest lift so that I can get to my car fast. Little do I know that bad things are about to happen soon, very soon. While waiting for the lift, I glance to my right, catching two men checking out on my body. One looked slightly younger than the other one. The young one was checking out on my long pair of legs while the older is eyeing on my butt.
Although, we girls like men to stare at us when we dressed up but not like hungry animal type of stare, staring at me like a piece of meat. There are only three of us in the lift, with none around. I pressed the ground floor quickly( We are at the 20th floor). They are grinning at me and I know something bad are about to happen if I don't get out of the lift quick. I tried to get out of the lift when the door are about to close but they pulled me back, causing me to fall on my knees.
The younger guy unbuckled his belt and proceed to remove his pants in matter of seconds. The older guy starting to fondle my breasts with his bare hands. I pushed them away and shouted as loud as I could but the younger slap my face hard, like really hard. "Bi**h, you better keep your mouth shut before I place this on your throat' said the younger guy while showing me his knife. The older guy starting to suck my ni*p*le* and finger my p**sy.
He rubbed me so hard until a wet patch formed on my red panties. He knew that my p**sy juice are flowing out and yanked out my panties. He started to lick the opening of my v*g*na and stick his tongue into my v*g*na. I can't stop moaning and it gets louder and louder. Honestly, I know these guys are raping me but it feels so good when he is fucking my p**sy with his tongue. He spit at my p**sy to lubricate it before sticking his finger into my p**sy. His finger goes so deep and reach my g-spot, making me almost reaching climax.
The younger guy removed his boxers, and long fat snake sprung out of his pants. "Open your mouth wide and suck it all out until I am satisfied with you. Do you hear me b*t*h?" said the younger man. I said 'yes' to him and open my mouth wide for him. He sticked his c**k deep into my throat and gagged with it. He thrust his c**k in and out of my mouth faster after each thrust.
I can feel cold sweat running down from my forehead and feeling nauseous due to overload of cum inside my mouth."Swallow all of it, you lil c**t" said the older man."Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh, oh f**k......this feels so good" said the younger man while thrusting his large and long c**k, probably 10 inch long and 3 inch width in my v*g*na. He pulled my legs up and placed them on his shoulder and penetrate inside my v*g*na again, but deeper this time. "Arrgggggggg....its fucking huge....fucking huge c**k.........oh f**k......" shouted me. He thrust so deep inside and my walls contracts and clenched his c**k. In seconds, huge load of cum are coming out from my p**sy.
The older man thrust my an*l hole with his c**k from behind. My body arched back and can't seem to stop orgasm from coming. Pee or p**sy juice flowing out from my v*g*na uncontrollably and lubricate the friction from the penetration. They finally removed their genitals off me and I thought it was all over. 
The older man said " Mine is getting soft already and I'm tired". "Okay, then I will have her on my own cuz mine still rocking hard and need some release" replied the younger man. The older man get out of the lift at I don't know what floor. My body are shaking due to the orgasm that has just erupt just now. I can't stand on my feet and he carried me with his arms, and I started to lose conscious.
Feeling dizzy and exhausted after being f**ked by two strangers, I woke up in an apartment. I can hear a man's voice talking on the phone, it was him. " Hey Rick, I got a chick in my apartment, her skills on bed are great and you can be hard all night. You can have her for one whole night at 200 dollars. But no sharing, if there are more of you, then you guys have to pay more. Her p**sy is tight and she can get wet really fast. I f**ked her just now, she's amazing "said him.
He turned behind and saw me standing here and eavesdropping. He put down the phone and  started to shout at me,"why are you up so fast, u dirty lil sl*t? U want more from me? I was weak at that time and couldn't even stand straight. He grab my hands and pinned me to the wall. He pulled up my skirt, and spank my as**s. I can feel them getting red as there is a burning sensation when he keeps on slapping my ass. I wanted to push him away but i can't because I was too weak to do so.
He suck one of my ni**les and use his hands to pinch the other one. He lick my ni**les as if he is eating ice-cream. It felt so good yet I know it is wrong. He got me really wet down there and cum are flowing out my panties. He notice that and he rub my p**sy to get me all wet down there. " Ur b**bs r huge. R they real or plastic?' asked him. I said "they are 100% real". 
He pulled down my panties and thrust his finger into my p**sy. Each thrust, he add more finger and goes faster. He turned my body and pushed my down to shove his c**k inside my mouth. His cock is so freaking huge, he jerk off himself by pulling the shaft in and out. Like I said earlier its a 10 inch long and 3 inch thick, maybe more, i don' t know. He moaned louder and louder and I know he's gonna reach climax soon and cum all over my mouth.
He pulled me up and slid his c**k into me straightaway. My p**sy walls are contracting and squeezing his c**k."arghhh.....ah....ohh....ahh......f**k...harder......" He cum with me at the same time and both of us got weak after that. 

Submitted: July 19, 2014

© Copyright 2023 phyllis. All rights reserved.

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So sorry if my writing offend you. Please feel free to give comment.

Fri, August 1st, 2014 4:33am


I always thought that women were better than meen at porn but this was a rape fantasy that has no end. Not my cup of tea.

Fri, August 1st, 2014 7:16am


Thanks for commenting. I will improve my writing.

Fri, August 1st, 2014 3:17am


It's good, don't worry about the people that don't care for the story you can't please's just a fantasy and it's a pretty good one. Keep up the good work

Sun, August 3rd, 2014 5:48am

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