The Cooper St. John Foundation

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Victor Cooper St. John is a renowned plastic surgeon who developed a breakthrough in Nanotechnology which helps regenerate skin cells faster without the evasive medical procedures that was once being used.
The St. John family will take you into the Mid 21st Century and throughout the 22nd Century with continual breakthroughs and advancements in technology. Having to deal with overwhelming trials and tribulations of family Betrayal, Drama, Suspense and Deception, not to mention the occasional Murder. Follow the St. John family as their lives lead you into the future.

Table of Contents

Cooper St. John Foundation-1

Chapter 1   May 3, 2103 12:00 PM   Jordan Cooper St. John. As she walked across the stage receiving her mas... Read Chapter

Cooper St. John Foundation-2

Chapter 2   Sitting in a very spacious private cubicle away from their parents Jordan sat facing Jared. “Why are you s... Read Chapter

Cooper St. John Foundation-3

Chapter 3   Josephine was yelling “HELP! HELP!” as she started running towards the house. Sarah met her at the kitchen... Read Chapter

Cooper St. John Foundation-4

Chapter 4   That call never came from Grace. Franklin Labelle Jr. was pronounced dead ten minutes after his arrival at St. A... Read Chapter

Cooper St. John Foundation-5

Chapter 5   The day was as beautiful as the gates which lead into Aunt Josephine’s courtyard. Jordan was mesmerized by all... Read Chapter

Cooper St. John Foundation-6

Chapter 6   Wanting this day to end as soon as possible wasn’t going to happen for Maximo. Not with the current situation ... Read Chapter