Dangers of Hide-n-Hunt - Ch 15

Dangers of Hide-n-Hunt - Ch 15 Dangers of Hide-n-Hunt - Ch 15

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Teaching Jennifer how to avoid being captured by an enemy was the purpose of the simple training session. But when was anything simple involving Jennifer Keller. Soon unforeseen forces come into play, it will take all Ronon has to get back what is rightfully his.


Teaching Jennifer how to avoid being captured by an enemy was the purpose of the simple training session. But when was anything simple involving Jennifer Keller.

Soon unforeseen forces come into play, it will take all Ronon has to get back what is rightfully his.


Submitted: September 25, 2015

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Submitted: September 25, 2015



Jennifer had watched Ronon throw the knife. She heard the sound it had made when it hit its target. She had seen the hilt of the blade protrude from Drakari's chest and had seen him fall to his knees. She witnessed this all in a span of seconds. Now she was about to witness Ronon kill Drakari – who she had surmised was in love with Selena.

"NOOOOO!" Jennifer shouted scrambling from behind the ruin where she'd been hiding.

"Ronon! STOP!" Jennifer yelled. She stood in front of Drakari shielding him with her body from having a hole blown through his. Only for the briefest of seconds did the thought of being in mortal danger race through her mind – of Ronon shooting her. She trusted Ronon enough to know he would stop in time. Drawing in a shaky breath – she hoped he could stop in time!

Several feet from the pair, Ronon growled and aimed his gun away from his target mere seconds before he was to pull the trigger. His heart was pounding in his chest knowing he could have killed Jennifer due to her impulsive move.

A fury so deep and dark raged within Ronon. A primeval animalistic feeling of territorial possession fueled his ire. He wanted to tear apart the man – limb from limb – with his bare hands for daring not only to lay a hand on what was his - his woman – but to actually take her from him! It took everything he had to rein in this raging avalanche of destruction.

Ronon once again aimed his gun at the wounded man but this time his finger rested on the trigger guard because Jennifer still stood in his line of sight. In a low furious tone he ground out, "MOVE!" His eyes were dark with the emotions swirling within him.

Colonel Sheppard, Teyla and the team of Marines still had all their weapons trained on the assailant but they knew this was between Ronon and the stranger. They were just there for backup.

Selena's parents had been maneuvered reluctantly back behind a couple of Marines. When Ronon had shoved Selena aside, her mother started for her but Trudon held her back.

Jennifer yelled at everyone "Don't shoot!" Looking at Ronon she implored, "Don't shoot please!"

He took steps towards her. Weapon raised and at the ready. "Jennifer! Get. Out. Of. The. Way!" He angrily enunciated each word slowly. Each word held a promise of retribution against Drakari. If Ronon got close enough to her, he could pull her out of the way and end this.

"Okay everybody let's not get all trigger happy here." Sheppard said moving closer to Ronon. Sternly looking at his men, he ordered them to hold their fire.

"He's going to pay for what he's done!" Ronon declared through clenched teeth.

Drakari still on his knees peered around Jennifer. His breathing was labored to say the least. Blood stained his shirt. Jennifer thought that he should have been dead instantly when the knife struck him. He should have dropped like a brick. Maybe a demon's heart is to the left or right than human anatomy. Maybe demons didn't have hearts? She could not think about that now. She had to concentrate on getting everyone - Ronon especially - to lower their weapons and calm down.

"Ronon please! He didn't hurt me."

At that understatement of the century, Ronon's stormy green eyes went to her neck were black-and-blue marks were starting to appear. He tilted his head to one side, arched a brow, looked her in the eye and said, "Really?" He took another step towards them – a few more feet and he could grab her out of the way!

"Now move dammit!" He demanded still aiming his weapon at the alien being who he hoped was bleeding to death!

Drakari sat back on his legs; his hands still wrapped around the hilt of the blade. While Ronon and Jennifer were arguing, Selena had made her way to Drakari – much to her mother's dismay . She fussed over him. Tears streaked her worried face. He lifted one hand to cup her check and his thumb wiped away her tears, "Ssshhhh. Do not weep, love."

Groaning he proceeded to pull the knife from his chest which made an awful sucking sound. "By the gods!" he bellowed. Selena's tears flowed harder; seeing his face in agony. Jennifer turned around, "No!" Being a doctor she of course knew never to pull out a protruding object because it was plugging the wound. The patient could bleed to death.

"Jennifer get out of the way!" Ronon once again ordered. Now the bastard had Ronon's knife available to him – not that he couldn't use those razor sharp claws of his if he wanted.

"No!" She said with a determined look on her face. Jennifer knelt next to Drakari opposite Selena. She demanded over her shoulder "Medical Kit! NOW!" Jennifer placed her hands over the wound and ordered him to lie down so that she could put more pressure on it. Selena wept and Drakari just smiled and looked at Jennifer. Taking her hands from his chest he spoke, "Dr. Keller I am fine. Trust me!"

"Fine? You are most certainly not fine! You just had a...what the heck?" Before her eyes the wound was healing. She unbuttoned his shirt to take a better look. Nearly healed. She looked up at him puzzled.

"Shadow Realm" He winked at her. "Remember, my dear? Another of my many talents!" he said in that deep gravelly voice.

Ronon reached down and hauled her away from Drakari. He put the gun right in his face. Selena's mother had made her way to her daughter and seeing the danger pulled her back to safety behind the Marines.

Jennifer placed her hand upon the enraged Satedan's arm that held the gun. Her other hand she placed over his heart and looked up at him. Knowingly or not she once again placed herself between Drakari and Ronon.

"Ronon, please, don't shoot him. It was just a big misunderstanding."

He looked down at her then back at Drakari. Ronon bared his teeth and growled his hate but did not shoot the bastard nor did he lower the weapon.

Jennifer tried again, "Ronon listen to me." She gently rubbed her hand over his bare arm and spoke in soft even tones. "It was a misunderstanding because of the gift – the necklace – I received from Trudon."

Sheppard looked over at Trudon and narrowed his eyes at the elder. Trudon had the decency to look guilty. The Colonel made a mental note to have a detailed conversation with the chief elder before Ronon knocked out all the man's teeth!

Jennifer continued, "Drakari wanted to know where I had gotten it. That's all. He did not harm me. Other than the bruises on my neck, he never touched me otherwise." As she explained she kept her one hand over his heart and the other soft touch on his right arm. Ronon looked down at her. "He gave me food. He took care of me while on the other side"

The more Jennifer talked the more Ronon calmed down. Her voice was like a cool balm soothing his scorched shredded emotions. Only she could heal with her voice and touch. She was the only one that could calm him. Ronon's breathing started to slow. He raised his free hand to her chin. With his index finger and thumb he firmly held her chin and turned her head one way and then the other, getting a better view at the damage of her neck.

"You're sure you're okay?" He asked – his voice thick with emotion.

"Yes Ronon I'm fine now!" She smiled and wrapped her arms around him hugging him tight; she buried her face in his chest. He was her life line; her anchor. She swallowed back the tears that threatened to spill. She could not cry now because she did not think she had anything left in her to talk him down from such an immense rage again. He wrapped his free arm around her.

Ronon holstered his gun. Glaring at Drakari he maneuvered the toe of his boot underneath his knife which lay on the ground between them. He balanced it on the tip of his boot then with a flick of his foot the weapon went blade over hilt until he caught it in midair by the handle. Ronon clinched his jaw. The urge to plunge it into this prick's chest again was strong, but the woman who had her arms wrapped around him was much stronger. He sheathed the blade.

Ronon walked Jennifer over to where Teyla and Sheppard stood. Ronon looked at Sheppard with an unspoken request. John nodded and looked at Teyla. She understood also. Teyla put her arm around Jen's shoulders and spoke softly to her. Ronon stepped back and turned towards Drakari who was standing looking at the tear in his new leather coat. Mumbling, "And I thought the day could not get any worse?! I just bought this!"

Ronon sprinted in Drakari's direction. He used a fallen ruin to give him height and momentum. His fist came crashing down on Drakari's jaw like a anvil. The demon went down hard! Ronon paced back and forth in front of the fallen fuck. Moving his jaw back and forth then shaking his head, Drakari started to get to his feet when Ronon once again hammered his fist into the side of the demon's face. Ronon leaned down and ground out between clinched teeth, "This is not even close to being over!"

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