Chapter 1 - First day at school

Chapter 1 - First day at school Chapter 1 - First day at school

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


The story is about a young man starting his medical study at John Hopkins university. Being a paranoid brainiac who have never been in love, he finally found the one. But he had to overcome some barriers before he can accept that there exists an emotion called loved


The story is about a young man starting his medical study at John Hopkins university. Being a paranoid brainiac who have never been in love, he finally found the one. But he had to overcome some barriers before he can accept that there exists an emotion called loved

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter 1 - First date at school

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The story is about a young man starting his medical study at John Hopkins university. Being a paranoid brainiac who have never been in love, he finally found the one. But he had to overcome some barriers before he can accept that there exists an emotion called loved

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Submitted: July 26, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 26, 2011



In the 21st century, it would be odd for a gay man to be in the closet. Well, that’s me. Still in the closet. There are several factors. One of them is that I am half Asian. My mom, being the most holier-than-though saint, will probably have a brief heart attack then toss me on my ass out of the door. Traditionally, the dad would be furious at the gay son and the mom always tries to understand and accepts her son. Well, my situation is different. My mom would definitely KILL me if she knows I am living in sin. My dad, who is a little be more understanding and probably the only one who ever knows I’m gay, will try to accept me. So for now, I am still very deeply closeted.

I try my best to hide that I am gay. I always have one or two girls with me, not in a fag-hag kinda way, but more like a boyfriend-girlfriend kinda way. People suspects but never ask, at least not to my face. Also, I am not very talkative. Not that I am unfriendly but I just don’t make friend on the spot. Trust issue may be. I always like keep things to myself. Sometimes, it bottles up and I had a hard time draining it.

So that was my personality. Now it’s time for a few real-life facts about myself. I am half Asian-Germany. You can say that I am blessed with a brilliant brain and some good-looking features, particularly the partially brown hair, the wide shoulder, the square and symmetrical face, the aqua green eyes, the 6’2’’ figure and a slender, athletic body. What can I say? I am blessed. Despite the complete package, I have had a hard time finding a boy/girlfriend. I blamed my class schedule and my social upbringing. I have always been swarmed with school work. Getting 4.0 at Harvard is harder than it seems. Besides, even though I have my own place since college, my mom always hovered at my place. So you can see how I have no love life. I am not sure if I ever have a life.

After graduating from Harvard with honor, I got accept to John-Hopkins medical school. I am so glad that I am about to start my life on my own since my mom agree to back off for a while (she said maybe she visits once or twice a year. In return, I call her 3 nights a week). My first day at med-school was quite interesting. I arrived early for my Gross Anatomy class. The class was completely empty. I picked the first row (I always have). It was still early so I thought I should close my eye a little. Once they were open again, it was 10am (3 hours since I got here). I looked around and the class was still empty. I walked around and found a note on the lecture table saying “Gross Anatomy has been moved to C-121.” No sooner did I realize that I missed my first anatomy class than I found out that the Janitor locked me inside the class room. I hopelessly called out and banged on the door. Suddenly, I heard something from behind. You know how I was in a quite anatomy lab with long-dead cadavers and suddenly something move. Well, let’s just say that I did not pee in my pant but my heart almost jumped out of my chest. I turned around and saw another student who fell asleep like I did and was woken up by my yelling (to the door, not in response to the scary lab).

Furious at missing the class and the surprise heart attack this guy gave me, I started to yell: “where the hell did you come from? You scared the hell out of me. Do you know that you make me miss a class? I have never missed a class before in my life.”

Poor the guy, he did not understand the situation until he looked at his watch. However, he freaked out for like a second and then he yelled back at me: “and who the hell are you? Your missing a class has nothing to do with me, you sleepy-ass?”

Did he just call me a sleepy-ass? And what the hell is a sleep-ass? But then I realize that I was being unfair to him.

“Sorry” I apologized “I was freaking out”

“It’s okay. It’s nobody’s fault. It is the first day and all, so don’t worry. Let’s just get the hell out of here.”

I told him about the little situation we had about the locked door and he started to get the picture of the cold and silent anatomy lab where hundreds of cadavers were mutilated for educational purposes. Now, both of us was sweating and calling out for help like crazy. After a while, we calmed down and decided to sit down to make a plan. After a little discussion, we agree to use the lighter to activate the fire emergency system in the building. 20 minutes and a soaking wet shower later, the whole building was evacuated and we were free from the classroom. Of course, it took some explanation to the dean and the board for the whole afternoon but we were off the hook. There went my first day school without any actual studying.

I went back to my apartment where I was late to meet my new roommate who did not have a key to come in and probably had been waiting for a while. I felt guilty on the way home. When I was on the front door I did not see anyone. So I supposed that my roommate went home and cursing me on his way. I opened door and there he was walking out of the bathroom with my Captain America towel. What’s even more surprising was that it was the same guy I was stuck with this morning. Without letting him explain, I started to jump at his throat.

“Why the hell are you here? Are you trespassing? I am gonna call the police.”

I was heading for my phone but he was faster and grabbed the phone before I did. He started to explain that he was speaking with me on the phone the day earlier and my neighbors let him in with the key that I gave them. I did not hear a word he said because as he was gunning for the phone, the Captain America towel fell off and exposing his TRUNK. My jaw almost drops. I face got all red.

“Hey, did you hear a word I just said?” He asked me which snapped me right out of the “view”

I regained conscious and apologized to him AGAIN. Then I added “wow, what a coincidence, I yelled at you twice for the wrong reason on the same day. I have never been wrong for so many times.”

“It’s been an awful day for both you and me. What do you say we shake hand and forget about all this?” I shook his warm and large hand. For a moment there, I kinda felt something ran through my spine. I really looked at his face for the first time. Wow he had some of the most beautiful features a man can ask for: a warmed big smile with bright teeth, the firm jaw line, the lovely baby blue eyes that attracting the soul, the tall nose that is proportionate to his face and the long dark eyebrows. “Oh Shit, I think I am falling for this guy.” I think to myself “maybe hell freeze over and he is gay.”

“Hello” he called to snap me out of my own imagination AGAIN “are you there? Good! I am gonna settle in my room”

“Okay. Yell if you need any help” I replied

“Oh, and thanks for the towel. I’ll give it back to u when I am done.” He glanced back playfully with a big grin on his face. I felt my heart started to melt. I slapped myself “Snap out of it, you idiot. Look at him and look at you. No way in hell (1) he is gay (2) he will like you.”

I shook my head and went back to my room. I did not realize how filthy I was until I sat down on my chair. So I took off my shirt and headed for the bathroom. Before I went in, he came out of his room NAKED and handed me the towel. I have never seen a naked man while I was half naked before (I was homeschooled). He looked me for a minute and compliment “wow, dude you have nice abs and that V-shape. How did u get that?”

All I can muster was “home”

“What?” he asked

“Oh I just do a lot of crunches and push up at home.” I quickly correct my response

“Well then you have to show me how you did that because I am dying to get your figure” he admired

“You don’t look so bad yourself. Look at that pecs and that shoulder. You must be pumping a lot of iron?” I returned his compliment

“Thanks. I wrestled in high school and college. So this is a must. No offense but you don’t look like you play any sport” he blatantly asked

“You right. I don’t play any sport. I just work out for my health” We stop for a moment. Taking advantage of this pause, I added “so I’m gonna go take a shower before I’m late for the Dean’s dinner.”

“What’s dinner?” he quickly asked

“Oh, the dinner was exclusive. The dean invited me since the interview. It was only for the student and their spouse or loved one (totally made it up).” I answered him trying to get into the shower. As I turn on the hot water and drop my clothes. He barged into the bathroom. Now the both of us were naked. I tried not to freak out because he might suspect I was not straight.

“So is your girlfriend coming tonight?” he asked

“I don’t have one. I am gonna go alone” I reluctantly give him the omitted truth.

“Okay good. Then we can go tonight. I always want to be in the loop with the dean” he happily announced his self-invitation.

I was surprise and pull away the shower curtain to see if he was serious. By looking at his face, oh god he was. “You do know that I said “loved one or spouse, right?” I hastily asked

“I don’t think the dean would mind the gay couple” he blatantly added

“What make you think that I am gay and I would agree to this arrangement?” I asked

Suddenly he jumped into the shower and planted a kiss on my mouth. I did not imagine my first kiss came this sudden and totally unromantic. But I did not remember any resistance on my part. I kissed back. It came to me naturally. I think he was a little surprised at this fact. He grinned devilishly and kissed me again. No sooner did I pull away than he gave my nuts a squeeze. It hurt a little at first. But then it felt so good that I let myself moan. Then I regained control and I pushed him away.

“What do you think you are doing?” I was furious because I felt like I was being stripped naked in the Time Square (not so further from the truth in this case considering we were both naked)

“Well, do you like it or not?” I playfully asked

“Like what?” I played dumb

“Oh don’t give me that. I have seen you checking me out since my shirt got soaking wet in the anatomy lab (damn, I have been so careless). But don’t worry. I took that as a compliment that a guy like you was checking me out.”

I stood there speechless. I did not know what to say. Then he went on: “oh god, don’t tell me… you are still in the closet at this day and age…” my face got red. He was about to out me. I can’t let this happen. I did not know what came over me but I punched him in the face with a right hook that he was slammed against the wall. I was a little proud of myself because I have never thrown a punch before. He got up from the floor: “what was that for?”

I stuttered “I’m sorry. Are you okay?” he was bleeding from his nose. So I quickly went out a get the band-aid kit for him. After a while, he stopped bleeding. During the whole time, I find numerous ways to apologize. Finally he took the gauze out of his nose and said: “so are you gonna tell me why you hit me?”

“Well…” I paused for a second try to stall in vain. When nothing came up and it became obvious that he knew, I answered “Okay I am gay…” I felt like the weight of the world has just been lifted off. Unexpectedly, he was laughing. I felt so embarrassed. What if this is some kind of reality show or a prank? And this guy just tries to out me in front of camera? I turned my head around looking for hidden cameras.

He was able to stop laughing and explained “I laughed because of your expression when you finally admitted that you are gay. It was like you are constipated and the poop finally came out. No pun intended.”

I got so mad that I grabbed the towel and went straight to my room. Before I could do that, he catched my hand and pull me down to the floor with him. Our bodies touched. I felt his warm skin pressed against mine. His breath brushed up against my face when he looked at me with those baby blue eyes. Then he said while looking at me “I am sorry for making you out yourself.” That’s it. That is the whole reason why I punched him. I felt like the truth was forced out of me. But I could not stay mad at him for long (or anyone ever. What can I say? I am nice). I smiled and tried to shrug it off. I stood up and help him stand up too. Holding my hand and puling himself up from the floor, he pressed his body against mine to the wet bathroom wall. He tried to kiss me again. This time there was some groping too. I pulled away.

He asked “what’s wrong now?”

I answered “what’s wrong with you?”

“Common dude, I haven’t shot my nut in a week now. I am super horny. I bet I can help you shoot yours too.” He advanced toward me

I avoided him and added: “I don’t do one night stand (like I know what it means). Besides, I’m not in the mood. I’m gonna be late for that dinner.”

He looked like he remembered something “oh right, that dinner. Can I still come? Please”

“Okay, you can go.” I forcefully answered.

I quickly ran to my room and put on a white dress shirt from J-crew with a navy-green stripe tie, my pant and a black jacket. It took me 20 minutes to get ready. When I was all set to go, I saw him in the leaving room with his hair gelled and his fancy Armani suit. He looked like a total player, a very handsome and good-looking one.

“Well, I did not recognize you without your clothes” I joked

He smiled “you don’t look so bad. In fact, you look very professional in those clothes.” -This guy really knows how to smooth talk. He might not be bad company after all – I thought to myself.

“Okay we should go now.” I decided. “Let’s ride in my car”

“No way! I don’t want to show up at the dean house in a Corolla.” He disagreed

“How did you know?” I was surprise and offended a little.

“I just know okay? Let ride on my Mustard” I led the way

I did not want to argue any more so I followed him. He jumped into a red convertible two-door Mustard and started the engine. We were ready to go. My first time in a convertible with the lit off was more than what I was expected. I felt so free when the wind brushed against my face and the sun directly hit my light tanned skin which he just complimented on. “Hey you have a nice tan.”

“Thank you. So I am gonna tell the dean that we come as roommate not a couple okay.” I told him

“What? Why? The dean won’t mind. I am sure he will be even more interested in us.” He proudly said

“No. That’s not the problem. We are the problem. WE are not a couple. I just met you and I don’t even know your name.” I pointed out to him.

“Oh that’s right. I’m sorry. My name is Erik Thompson.” He told me

“My name is Daniel” I replied

“Do you have a last name Danny?” He asked

“That’s all you should know. I did not ask your last name. And it’s Daniel not Danny” I furiously answered.

“Okay! Geez. You are really milking the “mysterious closeted gay” guy angle huh?” He jokingly added

“Whatever!” I tried to stop the conversation.

“So what do you say? Will you be my boyfriend” He was playfully proposing to me. I did not even know if he was serious. I have been wanting to hear these words from a guy for so long. But I don’t settle for this situation. So I replied

“Well if you put it like that, NO… Gosh! Do u even hear yourself? You are shameless.”

“Drop the act. I know you want me and I know that I am the first guy you have seen naked”

“It’s not that.” - He may be right. I do want him. But not like this - “don’t get me wrong you are a wonderful guy. I am extremely lucky to be your roommate and have seen your gorgeous body and a certain body part (I grinned at his pant). But see the thing is you are a player. And I don’t want that. Your heart may be unbreakable. Mine is not”

The conversation from then on died. I felt bad because maybe I overstepped my boundary. There we were at the dean house. Erik and I parked the car and ring on the bell.

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