The Missing File

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A quickie about good office sex.

I was practically straddling the file cabinet in order to find the right leverage that would unstick the drawer.  I was muttering insults under my breath, and actually felt one of my hairpins fall pulling a lock of hair with it.

The sound of a voice clearing behind me made me squeak and jump in an undignified manner.  I stiffened in my seat and carefully readjusted my skirt to a more modest angle.  I could feel my cheeks warm as I pulled my legs together and found the fallen hairpin. I tugged the lock of hair into place and was pinning it even as I turned to greet my boss.

“Can I help you with something Mr. Davis?” God, I was embarrassed to be seen in such an unladylike position. Even more embarrassed by the 'happy' response between my legs.

“What are the chances that the Harris file is in that very drawer?” His face looked like stone, and his voice was no different. 

‘Oh heavens! He’s going to be dreadfully angry.’  “That would be 100%, sir.”  I said quietly.

“I want it on my desk immediately.”  Without another word he walked away…

I looked mournfully at the file cabinet.  How in the world was I going to get it opened?



Jackson closed the door firmly behind him.  What was he doing?  His heart was pounding in his chest.  She handled so much of his business she was going to discover that it was just a ruse.  He didn’t even know what happened.  He was just casually walking by and he saw his lovely secretary wrestling with the damned file cabinet and… well hang it all she just looked too cute.

He couldn’t remember a time when she didn’t look clean and professional, so professional that he never thought of her as… ‘As what?’ He frowned at his own question.  As a lovely woman capable of passion?  As being frivolous enough to buy expensive lingerie?  As having shapely legs that looked like they could wrap around him, and strong enough to… He imagined her sitting on his desk, legs wrapped around him, pulling him deeper inside her, her head thrown back in ecstasy, muttering dirty little phrases he had never heard from her lips before today.

He had to stifle the growl of frustration threatening to escape. 

She wasn’t one to wear those cute little office suits that showed entirely too much leg and breast.  No she wore long skirts and classic style expensive blouses. There was nothing to prepare him for the sight of her taffy pink toes encased in silk stockings resting on the office equipment.  No hint that the many pins holding her coifed hair in place were hiding a riot of waves and color.  No hint that she could issue such high feminine sounds nor turn so many shades of pink.

Suddenly he wanted to see her lying on his desk her red blonde hair spread out across the mahogany.  He wanted her leg hiked over his shoulder where he could run his hands over the smooth silk of her stockings and watch the sumptuous material of her skirts slowly slide down her leg revealing lovely pink garters the same color of her toes, and he would press his weight against her leg, forcing her thighs to part for him…

He dragged himself out of his daydream long enough to stalk to the door.  “Sometime today, please!”  He was gratified to hear a soft, “yes, sir.”



I winced at the tone of his voice, the solid sound of displeasure in the closing door. 

‘I am not going to cry.’ I scolded myself.

What was wrong with him?  He could clearly see the darned drawer was stuck!  I fumed inwardly.  My frustration and embarrassment had turned into vulnerability. And that tightened my nipples and made my belly clench. Heaven help me it felt delicious.

And what would happen if I couldn’t retrieve the file?  What then?  Would he tower over me in his fiery glory?  What would that feel like?  Would I tremble?  Would I quake inside?  What would it feel like for those muscles to clench just a little tighter?  Would I find release just by standing in his fury?

As if in answer, my pussy clenched even tighter, but sadly found no release.  I imagined him looking down at me with those angry eyes…

“Unbutton your blouse.”  He demanded.

Without thought my fingers slipped over the silk wrapped buttons. I was startled by his narrowed gaze that followed their descent.

“Now.”  His voice had a hoarse quality mingled with his usually demanding tone.

I wasn’t thinking, just following orders as I started flicking open the buttons one by one.  His breath catching at the sight of my pink corset.My well-kept secret. It was my special indulgence to wear the tight unyielding garment close to my skin; the pressure of it making me feel safe and secure as well as sexy.

They were expensive to have made, but so worth the feeling…

“Sometime today, please!”

“Yes, sir.”  Oh My!  I checked myself to make certain I hadn’t truly unbuttoned my blouse while having my little daydream…



Jackson couldn’t help but wonder what she had been thinking about as her fingers traveled down the row of buttons on her blouse.  He had seen so many things today to challenge everything he knew about his mousy little secretary, he couldn’t help but try to imagine what he might find hidden behind that silky row of buttons… Heaven help him he was about to break out into a cold sweat. 

In that moment Jackson understood himself more clearly than he had his whole life.  If he should be presented with even the slightest opportunity, he would press his advantage to the very limit, and perhaps beyond.  He was quite suddenly overcome with the need to know everything there was to know about her, the taste of her mouth, the heat of her sex, the tightness of her throat.  There wasn’t a thing about her he didn’t want to dominate.

It rather shook him to see this side of himself. It was true, he did like control, he did like things a certain way.  After all there was an order to things.  But this urge to thoroughly possess another was something else…

Two slight knocks and she was walking into his office and right up to his desk.

He knew right off that something was wrong.



It was just a mistake, a simple one that could happen any time.  I had pulled the Garner file, opened it and left it lying on the other files to take out the page I needed to copy.  Out of habit I nudged the drawer shut with my leg and I knew immediately I wouldn’t get it open again.  I hate it when I am right.

I just stared at the cabinet and resisted the urge to cry or yell or kick the danged thing.  Instead I calmly tried the drawer one more time.  Nothing happened of course.  But I had to try right?

I thought just maybe I could get to it if I removed the drawer above it.  So I just pulled the drawer forward, hitched the rollers up and over the lip and watched as gravity dragged it from my fingers.  I saw the corner slide down my leg, tearing through my stocking and scraping my skin along its way.

I looked at it numbly.  I wasn’t sure if I was crying for the pain, the loss of the stocking, or anger at my boss. I found a tissue and dabbed at my eyes.  It was my own fault.  Not only was I the one to shut the file in the drawer, but I should have known how heavy that drawer would be with all those files in it. 

I pulled out the Garner file, stuffing as many of the papers as I could find back into the jacket and easily opened the drawer.  I still couldn’t imagine why he would need the Harris file, but if that’s what he wanted, that’s what he would get.

I adjusted my clothes, hoping I looked as neat as usual.  ‘All except for my stockings,’ I thought mournfully.  I checked my hand mirror once before going in. I didn’t want him to see I had been crying.



“What’s wrong?”  He demanded, wincing at his tone.  He hadn’t meant to sound so harsh.  He walked around the desk to get a better view of her and was surprised when she turned part of her body away.

“Turn around.” This time he didn’t care what he sounded like.

After a moment of hesitation, she turned slightly to face him.  She thrust the file toward him. He took it from her fingers and tossed it on the desk, his eyes never leaving her face.  He enjoyed the startled and wary look in her eyes.

“Is there anything else you need, sir?”  He was amused by the bite to her tone.  Did she suspect it was just a ruse?  Was she angry with his obvious disregard of the file?  Or was she trying to hide something?

His eyes raked her from head to toe, seeking what she may be trying to hide.  He thought he might find a hair out of place, a button undone since that was where her fingers had been resting when he last saw her.  He did not expect to see blood trickling down a run in her fine stocking…

He lifted her abruptly into his arms, carried her around the desk and set her upon the beautiful wood.  He sat in his office chair and scooted forward and lifted her foot, removing her high heal and dropping it on the floor.  He firmly placed her foot on his knee, rubbing it gently as if willing it to stay.  Before she could anticipate his next move he snared the hem of her skirt and flicked it over her knee.



I couldn’t tell whose gasp was loudest, his or mine.  I had never expected to be sitting on my boss’s desk with my foot resting on his knee, not in a million years.

It didn’t matter that my leg was throbbing with pain or that my fine silk stocking was ruined.  I couldn’t seem to focus on anything but his hands caressing my foot resting against his warm leg. I had to fight the urge to bunch my toes into the fabric of his trousers and test the firmness of his thighs. But when he flicked my skirt up over my knee, I thought I would die.  Even as I felt the heat caress my cheeks, informing me that I was blushing profusely, the rest of my body was responding.  My breath hitched, and everything clenched tight, my toes, my thighs, it rippled like a wave straight through my pussy, my hips, clenching my belly and forcing a gasp.

I couldn’t help thinking there was no way he could miss my reaction, unless that gasp of his meant maybe he was fighting some reactions of his own and he was too distracted to notice mine.  His eyes narrowed as he took in the multiple straps holding my stocking in place.  His fingers glided down the back of my leg from the top of the beautiful peach silk all the way to the heal and his eyes never moved once.  Was he even aware of what he was doing?  Did he know how hard it was for me to breathe?

“Take them off,” he commanded.  And I felt that same wave of need course through me.  I swallowed hard. 

I watched as my long fingers clumsily worked the buttons out of the loops.  I was positively shaking.  I had fantasized that one day my boss would somehow see my sexy choice of lingerie, and be mesmerized.  But the look of hunger in his eyes said something entirely different.  No, his look shouted ‘if you don’t get those things off soon, I will be more than happy to tear them from your body.


He waited like a hawk; eyes hungrily watching her trembling fingers work their magic.  His thumb moved absently over the smooth surface, delighting in the feel of it.  Unable to resist, his fingers followed suit and soon they were traveling up the back of her calf to her knee, and back down again.

Something about the silky texture called to him, like a gentle caress it soothed him yet inflamed him.  He tugged on her calf and scooted closer at the same time.  It pulled her bottom closer to the edge.  She gasped and grabbed the edge of the desk, instinctively placing her foot against his other leg for balance.  The heel dug into his leg slightly and a rough chuckle escaped.  It should have caused him at least the slightest pain, but he was too busy feasting his eyes.

Her legs bowed out pulling the skirt up to her hips, the slip not far behind.  What was so beautifully framed by legs and lace, was not the panty and garter set he had imagined, but a bit of damp silk peeking out from under a pale pink corset.  His mouth went dry.

This wasn’t some silky bedroom corset, but something made of a soft and sturdy material.  Without thought his fingers grazed the top of her stocking and snared the garter strap and followed the material all the way to the corset.

“Take off the blouse,” he whispered.  When she lifted her hands to her collar, he held his breath.



I was so desperate with need I only undid the two buttons it would require to pull my blouse over my head and tossed it aside.  I would never have treated my favorite blouse in such a manner at home, but something inside me responded to the look of desire on his face.  I wanted to shed everything that hindered his adoring gaze.  Whatever it was that fueled his hunger was welcome to me…

Without a second thought, he swept my shoe from my foot.

Anticipating his next request, I slid my feet to the floor and stood long enough to drop my skirt to my feet.  I hesitated over the slip.By the look in his eyes I could see he was at war with himself. I could tell he really liked the satiny peach and lace, but he really wanted to see what was hidden underneath.  I made the decision for him and the slip joined my skirt at my feet.

My breath caught when he dropped to one knee in front of me. His fingers blazed a trail from my heels all the way up to my silk panties where his thumbs slid down the soft slick material between my legs.

He slid his fingers between my thighs a gentle pressure compelling me to spread my legs. I moaned softly, sliding my feet apart, yearning for his touch to deepen. When his thumb brushed across my clit, my hips jerked forward involuntarily. A quiet sound escaped something between a moan and a whimper.  Heavens, but I wish he would do it again. His thumbs pressed between my silk clad lips, sliding along the crease of their parting.

I moved to stop him, afraid of the power of his touch.  At the last second, I wrapped my fingers around my garter straps instead, gripping them fiercely in my desire.

Then his hands were traveling over the soft sturdy garment hugging my waist, his eyes and fingers inspecting gussets and valleys, and steel boning along the way until he reached the top of my under-breast corset.  His hands slid up over my breasts encased in the smooth stretchy material of my corset liner. My nipples tightened immediately under his warm touch. His thumbs danced across them until they were pressing hard against the fabric like little pebbles.  I was pressing my breasts into his hands, needing more, demanding more…



God, the way this woman responded to him was incredible.  Jackson, rejoiced when her hands covered his, and squeezed his thumbs hard against her nipples.  His cock nudged more firmly against his trousers.  Any other day, he would love to indulge her and let her show him exactly what she liked. 

But from the moment he saw that corset he had only one thing on his mind, and he wasn’t about to waste the opportunity.  With his hands firmly on her hips he turned her around.  She gasped as she was forced to lay across his desk to catch her balance.

Jackson took the advantage to admire the excellent curve of her backside, and where his eyes went his hands were quick to follow.  He didn’t waste time to savor the experience that could wait for another time and he was certain there would be another time. 

He ran his hands up her thighs, nudging her legs apart as he stood, pressing his knee between them for added measure. His fingers pressed the thin silk into her delicate folds with enough force to make her gasp.

The joy he felt watching her body lurch forward and then press back against his hand made his blood sing.  With a groan, he grabbed her hips and pulled her back against him, grinding himself against her soft firm bottom.  He resisted the urge to just push the silk aside and bury himself in her damp heat.

He resisted… but just barely.



I thought the pressure of his fingers would be my undoing, until I felt those fingers wrap around my hips and pull me back against him. The feel of that beautiful cock pressing against my rear filled me with one desire, to have him inside me…

I felt him tugging on my corset and wondered what he was doing, then I felt the long laces tickle my thighs.  “What are you doing?” I asked breathlessly.

“Hell if I know,” he muttered.

Then he was tugging my arms up behind my back and using my laces to secure them behind me.  I began trembling fiercely but it was out of carefully held desire; I could almost sob with the force of it.  If I had combined just about every fantasy I ever had about my boss this would be it. 

He ran his strong hands over my arms as if warming me or something.  “How is that?  Are you good?”  His voice was a soft temptation and I was so mesmerized I almost forgot to respond.

“Yes,” I breathed.

His hands caressed my bottom, a soft warm velvety sensation that made me sink further into the desk. “Good girl.”

I suppose I shouldn’t be so deliriously happy with his approval, but I was.  Then he was tugging at the wisp of silky material that had been covering my delicate lips.  Just removing them was a seduction itself.  I could feel his hot breath on my bottom and the back of my thighs.  By the time my panties met my ankles I think I forgot how to breathe.  And when I felt him stand up behind me I cried out in alarm.  “Please…”  I begged, wanting him to stay.

He leaned over me, taking the opportunity to press the hard length of him against the soft contours of my bottom.

“Please what, Charity?” he teased.  “What could you possibly want from me?” Just hearing my Cristian name fall from his lips was a thrill.



All he could think about was the wonderful smell of her sex.  More than anything he wanted to see if she tasted anywhere near as good as she smelled.  Unfortunately, he had his secretary bound and lying across his desk and as tempting as she was, he was not going to do anything without her consent.

“Did you want me to press hot kisses to your luscious lips?” He was kissing the back of her neck, and when he heard her soft ‘yes,’ he felt a fierce joy.  “And what about my teeth? Do you want me to use my teeth?”  He nibbled lightly on her ear until he heard her groan. 


“And what about my tongue?” he whispered.  “Do you want my tongue inside you?”

“Oh, god, yes!”

That was all the invitation he needed.  He dropped to his knees and buried his face in her sex, the scent of her wafted over him like incense.

It had to be her corset that put her in the perfect position, the unyielding contraption didn’t allow her to bend at all… once she was laying across his desk, her bottom jutted out at him exposing those beautiful lips so wonderfully.  He buried his tongue between those lips, tasting what she offered.  Oh, God, he thought he would cum on the spot!

The next thing he knew he was feasting on her.  His lips, his tongue, his teeth, nothing would be spared, he was nibbling and sucking to his heart’s content, his tongue bathing in her juices.  Her hips were bucking under him and he paid no mind. Then suddenly he was bathed in her release.  She came so hard it covered his face and dripped down his neck.  Damn!


I felt so helpless I think I could scream.  I endured his pleasurable tortures knowing full well I couldn’t move.  It felt lude to be bent over his desk, my rear high in the air, my feet so far apart.  And when he buried his face against me all I could do was allow the pleasure to wash over me, allowing me the most succulent release I have ever enjoyed.  I was horrified by the hot liquid gushing from me. not trickling or spilling, but gushing! What happened?  This had never happened before!

I heard his pants hit the floor and then he was buried inside me hilt deep!  Oh, my, God! It was so intense.  He seemed to stretch me just right, and when he started pounding into me I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  It was so beautiful I wanted him to never stop, even while I knew he couldn’t keep up this pace forever.  What I didn’t know was that not all men were the same, and endurance was just one of those factors.  He plunged into me over and over again, I felt the pressure mounting inside me to an insane height, my cries becoming higher and higher until I became silent, waiting to be pushed over the edge.


Her cries drove him insane, along with the spasmodic clenching around his member.  He knew she was close but so was he.  At this point it was a race to see who could last the longest and who could finish first.  He was so afraid he wouldn’t make it.

He leaned over her, his body covering hers possessively and he barely suppressed the animal like hunger that gripped him.  He reached under her and cupped her breast.  The corset had thrust her breast up high and he gripped it, his thumb and finger latching on to her hard, little nipple and squeezed.  He kneaded, and squeezed, and flicked his thumbs over the little buttons, over and over again until she was thrusting back against him hungrily instead of the other way around.

“That’s a good girl, show me how hungry you are.  How deep do you want me Charity?  Show me.”

He gave her nipples a good hard squeeze and she lurched back against him with a wail, her juices pouring over him, his own release gushing inside her like a fountain.

After what felt like forever, He pulled himself from her reluctantly and looked down at their bodies, and the mess that they made of each other.  All he could think was, this was how sex was meant to be.

Submitted: May 25, 2017

© Copyright 2021 PeytonBlack. All rights reserved.

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Absolutely, and you carried us there into, through and with the passion they shared. Wonderfully written.

Thu, May 25th, 2017 12:57pm


Thank you, your comments are so very appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thu, May 25th, 2017 9:54am


Well done, my friend. I love your stories. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

Tue, May 8th, 2018 2:34am


So happy to see you. Thanks for reading and taking the time to encourage me. I have such great friends:)

Wed, May 16th, 2018 1:19pm

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