Ricochet Of Love, Chapter 7

Ricochet Of Love, Chapter 7 Ricochet Of Love, Chapter 7

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


After Tara goes to jail; Jax is left to deal with the aftermath. The club takes action against potential threats. Jax world is falling apart around him, needing someone to help hold him together. He meets them; has to make the hard calls. He has proven he can lead the club but, will his heart survive it? JAX/TARA & JAX/OC. Set after season 5.


After Tara goes to jail; Jax is left to deal with the aftermath. The club takes action against potential threats. Jax world is falling apart around him, needing someone to help hold him together. He meets them; has to make the hard calls. He has proven he can lead the club but, will his heart survive it? JAX/TARA & JAX/OC. Set after season 5.


Submitted: August 18, 2013

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Submitted: August 18, 2013



Chapter 7

A/N: Waring this chapter is a little dark. You may not find it to be but, I just wanted to give a heads up.


Lil was just like I thought she was. Family means everything to her and you don't ever allow anyone to hurt them without hurting them back "I need you to get on the inside of the prison. Watch over Tara for the next few days until I can get her out of there. I need a woman that can send a message back to the ones that did this to her. I would do it myself but I don't have tits and I think they would notice."

"Just how would I get on the inside of a prison Jaxs?"

"I need you to get arrested and be there to protect her. Then I'll get you out of it. I promise, you have my word Lil. I wouldn't let you go down like that." I know this was a crazy plan and it wasn't fair to Lil. But who else could I go to.

She laughed so hard that she almost fell out of her chair "I'm sorry, I thought I heard you say to me that you purposely wanted me to get caught doing something wrong so I could get arrested then go to prison."

"Yeah, I kinda did." She stopped laughing then.

"Well you can forget it. I would have more enemies in there than I could start to count. I really want to help you out Jaxs but, there is not anyway in hell I'm going to get caught by the cops just to make you happy." Not that I could blame her. You really have to love someone to give up your freedom in exchange for them. In the club we have done it so many times. Opie not only gave up his freedom but his life for me in Stockton. He's really the only one of the Sons I call my true brother.

"I might be able to do something else though if you're interested. But, the help isn't free and comes with a price to pay." Since when did it stop ever coming with a price or doing a favor in return. I know all about that shit. That's how some of the shit has gotten so deep around here, pay back.

She called someone on her cell "Are you still planning on coming to see me today? I'll be there. I love you too Pappy." That answered the who she called.

"We talked last night and he was going to come see me anyways. But he has to leave to town and we need to go meet him. I can't promise you anything but I'll talk to him."

I took her by the hand as she was leaving "Thank you Lil. I'll do what I gotta do to keep Tara safe."

She took her hand out of mine "I know what it's like to hurt and think you're all on your own Jaxs. But I want you to know I'm here for you." I wonder if she was just making empty promises like I've heard before. Most everyone always tells me that they'll be there but in the end, but when I need them the most, their gone. But I really wanna believe her. She has that way about her that makes you wanna believe in her but I'm not sure how much shit she shovels yet either.

We was leaving to go meet Pappy, Happy didn't have such a happy look on his face "Where the hell are you two going?"

Lil acknowledged him but I didn't. I don't gotta explain shit to no one "Were going to meet my grand father before he leaves town. We won't be gone long."

Giving her a helmet "You're gonna have to ride with me this time since Hap isn't coming along." She just climbed on with me and didn't even comment. There is a first time for everything.

The way she rode told me she has done this before. You can always tell a first timer. Even when I was speeding like hell, it didn't bother her.

We were waiting for Pappy along a road off Highway 101. It was in his route to the airport and secluded "So who did you use to ride with?" I was making small talk cause since I've met her she's never quiet. She hasn't said a word since we left.

"When I was young I use to ride with Roberto all the time. He liked playing Hells Angels. Gabe had a bike too. It was for us to take weekend rides together. We would leave on Friday and stay where ever we landed at." I remember a time too when my Harley was a ride of pleasure and not what it's use for today.

"Who is Roberto to you? He seems pretty protective." She still hasn't talked about him even though I've brought him up a couple of times.

"He's my brother. His father raised me as his own and until my mother got sick; I never knew the truth that I wasn't his. I really believed that I was. Even though they all have the dark hair and I'm blond. He use to call me his little fared haired princess when I was little." That tells me who Roberto is anyways.

"Do you ever see your dad?"

She looked away and then finally answered my question "No. I don't even know who he is. My mother told me about him on her death bed. She got pregnant by him when she was young and the Family didn't think he was good enough for her. She never saw him again and he never knew she was pregnant with me. All I really know about him is that he was a modern day outlaw of his time."

Pappy and his entourage was coming. You couldn't miss that shit coming from a mile away. When Roberto opened the door for Pappy he went to Lil and kissed her on both cheeks. She did the same back to him.

"What is it that we need to discuss? And what we talked about last night, consider it taken care of." I kind of got the feeling that whatever they were talking about, they didn't want me to know.

"As you know Jaxs wife is in the county lockup. She was brutally attacked and needs someone on the inside for protection. She was previously attacked and they almost made it to where she couldn't use her hand anymore. She needs out Pappy so that she can get the best care and nothing else further happens to her." Lil was true to her word and was trying to get help for me.

"I also wanna get on the inside some how to send a message to the ones that carried it out. I've gotta get her out of there. I know we agreed that you would give me the money next week but, I need it now." She left that part out. I know he already knows all about this kind of shit and I didn't have a problem telling him.

He looked to Lil "How do you feel about this? What do you think I should do?"

"I think you should protect his wife on the inside and give Jaxs the money."

"What about seeking revenge on those that did it to her? How do you feel about that?" I couldn't understand why he was even asking her opinion on it.

"I don't feel anything on that. This has nothing to do with me." Pappy keeps trying to put her in the middle of my shit for some damn reason.

"I'll have my attorneys send the money by wire in the morning. You can claim the money Mr. Teller and get your wife out. Until then she will be protected under the Family. But, only until she is released. After that she's on her own. As far as revenging for what has been done, I can arrange something. The only way that I will do any of this; is if Lilyan follows through with it and seeks revenge on them." I wasn't sure what the fuck game he was playing with Lil right now. But why would he insist that she's the one to do the kill?

Lil had a terrified look on her face "I can't do that. They haven't done anything to me. I don't want any part of this."

"It's time Lilyan for you act as a member of this Family and be who you are. Stop fighting it and prove your loyalty to us. My word is final. You're all in or out for good. The choice is yours." She walked away from us and I guess that was her answer; she was out for good.

"Look, I still need your help. I can't control what Lil does but, I'm willing to do whatever you need me to do to make this happen." This is where dancing with the devil burns you. But I couldn't let Tara continue to burn in a slow hell cause of me.

"There isn't anything that I want from you. I suggest you find a way to make it happen with Lilyan. Your wifes well being is depending on it. I need Lilyan to come home where she belongs and take her rightful place . She has what it takes and the know how to do the job. The challenge will be getting her to realize that unless she does this she never will be truly free. I chose you Mr. Teller to watch over her because I see that she relates to you and wants to help your cause. That is as close to being one of us as I've ever seen her be." I didn't tell him but Lil and me agree on nothing. She fights me on every damn thing. I'm sure if he got her true feeling about me, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

"I'm an outlaw not Lils fucken shrink." He only seemed amused by what I said.

"You better become what ever it takes Mr. Teller if you want my help. I'll have it arranged by tonight. Call me after it's done and I'll have the money there in the morning." He got in the car and they all drove away.

Lil didn't say a word on the way back even when I tried to talk to her. It wasn't even an hour after we returned when Pappy called me.

It was done. We'll intercept the prison transport wagon. Two of them will never make it to there destination.

We had it planned. Tig, Hap, Chibs and me would hit the wagon. Making them stop then Lil would make the kill. She never said anything but she knew what she had to do.

With no cuts on and dressed all in black we waited at a cross section in a van we stole; we waited for them. We saw them coming and everyone pulled down their ski mask. With wearing gloves too no identification could be made. Making sure that none of this blows back on SAMCRO.

Tig was driving and when they came through the intersection he plowed the van into them from the side. Getting the guards out and handcuffing them to the bumper we took the two women. We needed a more quiet place for this to happen.

Going to an open field outside of Charming and taking the two women out of the van; throwing them to the ground "Check their ink. I wanna make sure we got Spartans old lady." One would pay the price and the other would deliver the message back for us when I make the call.

Taking off our ski mask and waiting for Lil to take charge "Take her cuffs off."

Telling Lil there was no way in hell the cuffs were coming off. Just get it done "Then I'm not doing it Jaxs. You do it."

I had Tig take the bitches cuffs off. At first she assumed we would just cap her and be done. But that's not how shit works with us. Watching her and Lil fight. I was understanding what it was Lil really needed, she had to fuel the reason to make the kill.

When the woman was beaten down, it was time to get this shit over with. I threw Lil my knife "Finish her."

"I can't. I'm sorry." She went to walk away and I wasn't gonna let that shit happen. Grabbing Lil by the arm.

Happy shoved me "Let the fuck go of her. Just kill the bitch and let's be done with this shit."

I shoved him back "Stay out of it. Lil has to do the kill."

"Come on man. She can't do it Jaxs." Telling Tig to shut the fuck up and stay out of it too.

Dragging Lil by the arm back over to the woman. I was screaming at her "You came here to get it on. Finish her goddamn it."

Chibs was giving me flack too "Jackie, stop this and I'll kill the girl. Were taking to long and need to get the fuck out of here."

Lil still just stood there and I let go of her. I had to find some way to reach her "It was you that told me we are what we are and we can't run from it. Finish her."

Picking up my knife from the ground she grabbed the woman that was on the ground by the hair and looked straight at the woman that were gonna let live to send the message that no one hurts our family "The beat down was from SAMCRO. This is from Pappy and the Family." Lil slit her throat.

Dropping the blood knife at my feet "Call Pappy tell him it's done. He just used us both to get what he wanted. To prove there is no where you can hide from them when they want revenge on you. Not even women are safe from the Family when you cross them. You both are about the same. I can't decide who I hate more right now you or him."

Everything was set for tomorrow. Pappy was wiring the money for Tara. But the shit that happened back there was still bothering me. What have I done getting Lil back in bed with the Family she didn't want anything to do with?

Looking around the bar Chibs held up a beer for me "She's up on the roof. She took a bottle and left. What was that shit back there Jackie? I know you're trying to get the money for Tara but what you did to Lil, was just wrong brother." I knew I wronged Lil and needed to make it right some how with her.

I didn't see Happy anywhere "Is she alone?"

Chibs smiled "I sent Hap to make a pickup for us. You've got an hour. Go talk to her and make it right." Chibs made up some bullshit errand for Happy. I guess everyone can see how close there getting to each other and it's just not me.

Climbing up the ladder I saw Lil just staring off "When I drink, I drink alone. I like to be alone so I can wallow in my own self pity without witness. Leave Jaxs, now is not the time for you to be around me."

Knowing that feeling all to well "Lil I'm sorry. I should have never involved you in club business. I'm just trying to do right by my family and the club. The more I try the deeper in I get."

"You got what you wanted from me and right now I'm feeling all used up. So leave me alone Jaxs." She got up to leave. Having had a lot to drink she wasn't walking well.

I took a hold of her waist "I understand why you hate me right now and I don't blame you. It's just that I see you stronger than any woman I've meet. You stand stronger than some of the men too. You told me today that you'd be there for me. Did you mean it?"

"How can you even ask me that. I just killed a woman that has done no wrong to me for you and your boys. So maybe your family will have a fighting chance. Maybe I should be asking you the same thing. But wait, I already know the answer to the question Jaxs. As along as it fits your needs, you'll be there for me, right?"

She was pounding her fist against my chest "Answer me you son of a bitch."

I'm not sure if it was the weight of the world crushing me, my family coming unraveled. Or if it was pure need and wanting that I kissed her. Pulling her little body into mine our lips were hungry and hot for each others. Our tongues touching and licking when we would end each kiss and start another.

My hands running down to her hips pull her closer to my already hard cock. Feeling how warm her body felt pressed up up against me. She broke away from me.

She walked over and picked up her bottle. Went down the ladder without saying a word. As much as she had to drink I was kinda worried she would fall before she got down to the bottom of it.

Following her down the ladder and to her room. I knocked on the door. She didn't answer so I walked on in. She was already getting undressed "Why did you leave?"

"Have you felt like there was a part of you that if it got released you couldn't control it? Once the animal has taken over you're no longer a person." I told her I've felt the same way for many years.

"That still doesn't tell me why you left without saying anything?"

Putting on a tank top and shorts "Because." That was it. That was her answer.

Happy was knocking "Lily are you okay babe?"

I went over and opened it. He looked a little surprised to see I was in here with her. Lil came over to and looked at me "Hey Hap. He was just leaving."

Juice was coming down the hallway to get me "Jaxs there's cops here and a social worker to see you."

When I saw Wendy with them I knew why they were here "What do you want?"

The social worker was taking Abel out of Gemmas arms "I told you Jaxs I was coming for my son. He is better off with me right now and you know it."

There was no way in hell that I was gonna let that crack whore take him. Abel was crying and I went to take him away from the social worker. The cop stepped between us "Sir you need to step away. I have a court order that states Ms. Case has been granted temporary custody until the hearing on Monday. If you don't move away now I will arrest you." Like the threat of jail would stop me.

Lil took a hold of my arm "It isn't the time to fight hard Jaxs. It's the time to fight smart." Knowing she was right I watched another part of my family being taken away from me.

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