Ricochet Of Love, Chapter 6

Ricochet Of Love, Chapter 6 Ricochet Of Love, Chapter 6

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


After Tara goes to jail; Jax is left to deal with the aftermath. The club takes action against potential threats. Jax world is falling apart around him, needing someone to help hold him together. He meets them; has to make the hard calls. He has proven he can lead the club but, will his heart survive it? JAX/TARA & JAX/OC. Set after season 5.


After Tara goes to jail; Jax is left to deal with the aftermath. The club takes action against potential threats. Jax world is falling apart around him, needing someone to help hold him together. He meets them; has to make the hard calls. He has proven he can lead the club but, will his heart survive it? JAX/TARA & JAX/OC. Set after season 5.


Submitted: August 18, 2013

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Submitted: August 18, 2013



Chapter 6


Getting everything ready to take the table. I still haven't pieced together what role Clay is playing in all of this shit. I can see his hookup with the Irish, gun running was always what he wanted the club to do anyways. It's what he knows and what he's good at.

But with Marks it still wasn't making any sense to me what the fuck he was doing. Why Marks would have anything to with Clay and why Marks has been lying to me this whole time?

I went into the bar to tell them we needed to hold church. It was time to put this Clay shit to bed once and for all.

Gemma and Lily have become real chummy and that really surprised me. Gemma doesn't like any female that holds a higher status than she does and usally she is the first one to throw a fit about them even being close to any of us in the club. Not sure what angle Gemma is running but you know that she has one "So Lily do you have any kids?"

Holding Thomas and feeding him. Lil looked down at him with sad eyes "No I don't." She didn't share her story or any details with Gemma and left it as no. If Lil only knew that Gemma could relate to her in so many ways with loosing a child too. I saw what Gemma went through when she lost Thomas, my brother.

Gemma took Thomas from her to get him dressed "Well you're still young and have plenty of time to start a family."

"I think that ship sailed for me a long time ago. I don't think I could having a child now." When Lil saw me standing at the bar she gave me pleading eyes to not say anything and I didn't. It's not my story to tell.

Chibs and Bobby went to check out a lead on Clay and wasn't gonna be back for a couple of hours. I could have told them they were wasting their time if I'd known they were chasing it down. I told the rest of them when they got back we need to meet at the table.

Happy sat down with Lil "Did you sleep okay last night?"

She smiled at him "Yeah I did. How about you? Did you ever go to sleep?"

Happy took notice that I was paying attention to them and I think it was for my benefit more than anything "After you left my room this morning, I tossed and turned for a while but, I caught a couple of hours before I had to get up. If you would've stayed with me I could have slept better."

He got up and kissed her forehead "I got go to work but I'll catch you later. Maybe we can go for a ride or something. Do you know how to ride?" It was the way he said it ,or something. He wanted me to know that he wasn't backing down from her.

She stood up and was standing very close to him "Oh, I know how to ride. I love to straddle... a bike."

Happy was all smiles going out the door "I bet you do baby." I hate to tell them but Lil isn't gonna go anywhere. I need to keep her out of the eye of everyone and just get through this shit a little longer.

My cell was ringing a number I didn't know "Yeah."

It was County calling me to let me know they put Tara in the infirmary. She was attacked in her cell in the middle of the night "Fuck."

"I gotta go they hurt Tara." I didn't know anything other than that right now. But I didn't need details to know why they did it. It's was my fault. No matter who ordered it or carried it out, it's my fucken fault she's in there. It's my fucken fault cause of who I am and what I've made her become.

Tig rode along with me and it was the longest damn ride of my life getting to her. When I went in a saw her face, I fucken lost it. I threw the tray they had out with medical shit on it across the room. The nurse called security in the room and they went to remove me "I'm fucken fine now. I just need to get some air."

Waiting outside her room for the doctor "Mr. Teller, I'm doctor Williams. I will be treating your wife. She has some severe bruising and swelling to the face and lacerations on her body. Those are nothing to worry about and will heal over time. But, I'm not sure of how much damage was done to your wife's hand. I'm still running test and waiting for all the ex-rays and the dopplers to come back. I sent out for her records too. I need to find out where she was with therapy progression before I can determine what has been done and what we need to still do for her. I'm sorry but on that there isn't anything anyone can do but wait."

"Yeah, there is." Retaliation is what we do best and I'll seek revenge on all the mother fuckers involved in it. It's just how we work and who we are.

Going in to tell Tara good bye. Stroking her hair "I'm so sorry baby. I let you down. But I promise, I'll make shit right. I love you Tara." I stood there as long as I could looking at what I've done to her. I know in my heart what I gotta do no matter how much it will kill me later.

Tig was trying to be there for me "Jaxs no matter what brother, we'll handle our shit and take out whoever did this to Tara. You've got my word that I'll do whatever it takes to make this shit right." There is only one problem with that. I can reap pain and damage on the one that ordered it from the outside. But getting into a prison of women to do retaliation was gonna be a problem.

When we pulled up Happy and Lil was outside messing around. Happy grabbed her from behind and was showing her a choke hold. Trying to do the same thing back to him. She was up on her tip toes trying to wrap her arm all the way around his neck but still couldn't. He was laughing at her "Maybe you should carry around a step stool with you to be tall enough to do that. Or maybe pray that they'll be midgets your trying to take out."

She rolled her eyes at him "You know that is so wrong Hap for so many reasons don't you?"

Telling the others what went down at the prison with Tara. Chibs was on the same track I was "How in the hell are we gonna get into a woman's prison with out being noticed?"

Watching her and Happy play fight put a smile on my face "We can't. But, she can." I wasn't sure how in the hell I was gonna convenience Lil to do this for me yet, but I would.

Calling Lil into my office I went through what they had done to Tara and did a run down of what Clay had done to her hand too "Wouldn't this be classified as official club business that you're not allowed to discuss with me."

She was throwing my words back in my face "Look, this morning I was just pissed off that Happy ignored a direct order from me. I've told them all that getting involved with you isn't a good idea. Nothing personal but after were done with our business, we need a clean break and part ways." I was being honest with her about shit. If I'm gonna bring her into play with everything she needs to know the truth on somethings and I'll decide along the way what those things are.

"What in the hell are you talking about Jaxs? Exactly what is it that you think Happy did?" I don't know why she's playing this innocent shit with me.

"I saw you coming out of his room. I know you two already hooked up." Even a dumb fuck could figure out what they were doing all night.

"Really and just how do you know that how? Because you are assuming that I am just like all the other biker whores that you know. Well let me tell you that nothing happened between me and Happy. I'm not like the whores around here. You guys don't get to take a ride, get off then tell me what to do. So don't even try that shit on me." Lil is so head strong about things and maybe I jumped to a conclusion about them to fast.

I was trying to be honest with Lil and all I ended up doing was pissing her off even worse. As she was leaving "And by the way. Just so were clear on this. If I was gonna fuck anybody here, it would be Happy and do you know why?"

I didn't even get time to answer that before she told me why "Happy knows exactly what he is and never has to put on a front or make you think otherwise. I think maybe you could learn a thing or two from him on that. When are you going to be honest at least with yourself even if you can't be with all of them?" I had no fucken clue what the hell she thinks I'm being so dishonest about.

Over her shoulder "Not to mention that boy has an ass on him that would make you just make you beg him for more." Always has to be a smart ass and tries so damn hard to put me in my place.

Tig passed her going out as he was coming in my office "Jaxs we got intel on who put the hit on Tara."

We got a name and an address of who it was. It was their old lady that headed up the attack on the inside. We were getting ready to ride and I left the Prospects along with Juice at the clubhouse to watch over my family.

Lil was setting with Happy when I came out "Lil come on you need to see this." It was my way of bring her in and getting her close to me. If she feels about family and revenge the way I think she does, she'll do what I ask her to.

Getting on my bike and taking out Tara's helmet for Lil "You're riding with me."

She took it from me and climbed on behind Happy "I'll ride who and with whoever I fucking want to." If nothing else she's consistent; consistently pissing me off and challenging me.

It was a drug house in Oakland and this didn't make any sense why they would have any problems with me or SAMCRO. We've never had any problems with them and hell they weren't even close to being on our territory "Tig are you sure about this? Something doesn't feel right?" The info came straight out of the mouth of Alverze. The word on the street was this crew has a beef with us and Tara paid the price.

Taking out my throw away gun, I handed it to Lil "You know what to do with it, use it. Stay close to me. I don't know what were up against inside." This wasn't her fight but, I needed her to wanna get involved. But, I couldn't leave her without a way to defend herself and be unprotected.

Busting in through the front door there was three of them in the living room. We all had them covered by fire power including Lil "Don't fucken move or I'll blow your fucken brains out. Which one of you is Spartan?"

They were all laying on the floor and none of them were talking. Checking their cuts, we had a VP. I didn't care if he was the one or not. Getting him up and taking him into the kitchen "Who ordered the hit?"

Spitting on me "Fuck you." That was his first mistake. I bashed him in the face with my gun.

Sticking his hand in the garbage disposal and turning it on. When I heard bones grinding and saw blood gushing "Tell me who it fucken was or I keep going til I get to your elbow." That's how shit works with us; a hand for a hand.

The name he gave me that paid them to do it didn't mean anything to me. But it would only be a matter of time until I track them down and kill them too. After putting a bullet in his head I went back into the living room. Tig killed the one but the other I wanted to let him live "You give them a message for me. I'm coming for them and I'm gonna destroy them." I beat the back of his head in with the butt of my gun until Chibs pulled me off him.

Walking by Lil "That's how I handle my shit." I was at that out of control place where nobody stopped me or could reach me. In evil darkness, revengeful and not giving a shit about who got in my way.

After getting back to the clubhouse I went into my office to get the stuff so we could hold church. Lil came in and sat down "That was kind of brutal today. What do you need me to do to make things right with your wife?"


Staying in the shit hole that Marks put me in and with no one around, I've got nothing but time on my hands to figure out what I wanna do next.

There was only a few things that I really had to do before leaving the country anyways. First would be getting to my lovely bitch wife and making her suffer the pain she's caused me. If that cunt hadn't turned on me and was willing to testify that I was the one that went after Pope then our plan would have worked out better than we even dreamed it would of.

Someone killed Pope and did the dirty work for us. The plan the entire time was to kill off Pope and make Jaxs pay the price for that kill. But that little fuck did it first and had all the Sons turned against me, even Gemma.

I'm not leaving til I know Jaxs has nothing left in his life. I'm taking it all away from him just like he did me. Taking out Tara and the kids is high up on the list. He won't be able to do shit after I do that. I know him, he's weak when it comes to them and then I'll put the rest of my plan into action against him.

Destroying him and the club will be a joy for me. They turned their back on a brother, the one that had lead them and made it what it is today. They are nothing without me and now I'll show them what kind of leader they chose over me.

One of Marks guys brought me some food "Did they carry out the orders against Tara yet?"

He sat the bags down on the table "Yes they did. I'm not sure how far they got because they were stopped by a guard that just happened to be walking by her cell. The last report we heard was they really fucked her up though. She probably will never be able to use her hand again." That was good news. I already knew Tara was never strong enough to hang with us and she will no doubt leave the club and Jaxs far behind now. The good doctor will never be able to operate again. That will crush that little fuck and then he'll start making mistakes.

"What about the rest of it. When are they gonna put the bounty on Able and Thomas head?"

As he was leaving "They already did. By tomorrow the children will only be a distant memory."

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