Ricochet Of Love, Chapter 5

Ricochet Of Love, Chapter 5 Ricochet Of Love, Chapter 5

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


After Tara goes to jail; Jax is left to deal with the aftermath. The club takes action against potential threats. Jax world is falling apart around him, needing someone to help hold him together. He meets them; has to make the hard calls. He has proven he can lead the club but, will his heart survive it? JAX/TARA & JAX/OC. Set after Season 5.


After Tara goes to jail; Jax is left to deal with the aftermath. The club takes action against potential threats. Jax world is falling apart around him, needing someone to help hold him together. He meets them; has to make the hard calls. He has proven he can lead the club but, will his heart survive it? JAX/TARA & JAX/OC. Set after Season 5.


Submitted: August 18, 2013

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Submitted: August 18, 2013



Chapter 5


Asking Lilyan to explain what the hell she was talking about "Marks worked for Pope. Pope was an investor in the new development property that Gabe was doing. There's all kinds of bids and proposals that are necessary to gather up for the total financial package to present it to the investors. Gabe discovered that there was about two million dollars in phony bids had been added somewhere along the way, it was Marks. They were stealing from Pope and wanted Gabe to help them. In exchange they offered him a kick back to wash the money clean once they found out who I was."

So, I'll be damned Marks was fucking Pope over the whole time "How do they wash the money?"

"That part is easy. Pope as an investor would be writing checks to different corporations for the trades of work performed. Pope never actually wrote the checks, someone else did it and then he would sign them. They set up a dummy corporation that would receive in the money and then a another corporation would take that money. Reinvest it in a prospering business. So not only would the dirty money get laundered they would make a profit on it too, less the kick back for washing it. Also making many different transactions with several companies while hiding under the corporate veil. No personal names are used so it takes a long time to trace it back to the original company and by then they are long gone with the money." What she's telling me makes sense, except how is Clay involved in all of this?

"Once they figured out Gabe wasn't going to help them and feared he would rat them out, they came after me. Only it was him and Addison that paid the price. The original plan was to kill Pope and for Marks take over. They were forming their own organized crime group and Yule was a part of that too. Pope was all strung out about his daughter getting killed so they kept him busy with that and used that against him. Then Pope was killed by some biker guy and ..." Yeah, I already know he was killed and by who, cause I did it. Does she know the truth and was she watching them then too?

"A member of your organization, right? That's why you asked me about the picture?" She is very smart with this shit. I gave her the short version of the story. Pinning the murder on Clay and never mentioning that I was there.

Then came the long talk about Clay and what he did to me, my father and the club. She took it all in and didn't ask me a lot of questions. I figure being who she is, she already knows better than to even ask.

"Can I use what you have on Marks to bring to the table show the rest of the club? Will you back me up on this? I've gotta take Clay out once and for all. If he's in bed with Marks, justice will never be served to him." I have her total support and she gave me all the stuff she had. Going to the club will only prove what I've been saying about Clay all along to them. Now there will be no doubt left in their minds that Clay has to meet Mr. Mayhem and I'm the one that personally gets to deliver it to him.

If Marks already had a plan to kill Pope, who in the fuck where they gonna say did it? "Can you prove that Marks was gonna do that?"

Getting a key that was taped up in the fireplace "Oh yeah, I can. I have copies of that stuff you have plus other things all around the country. Gabe had the last meeting between him and Marks taped. It was the day before he died. I didn't put all this together until after. We had a safety deposit box at the bank together and Gabe was putting everything in there for safe keeping. He knew if anything ever happened to him that I would go there to get the insurance policy information. Gabe kept everything to himself and now I wish that I had been more involved in the business like he always wanted me to be. Maybe if I had there would have been something I could have done stopped it. But, I was trying to live a normal life and just be a good wife to him and good mom to Addison. Believe it or not, I was really happy staying home and taking care of them." She's still carrying around all the guilt and burden of what happened even though it's not her fault.

"We should go it's starting to get late and the thing I wanted to do tomorrow, if you don't mind I want to make that stop tonight on the way back?" I agreed cause she was helping me out right now.

Lily went out back into the flower garden and was cutting down some flowers. She grabbed a bag of stuff and we left.

It was almost sun down when we came to a cemetery. She took the flowers she had cut and pulled out some small little cars "Do you mind waiting here for me? Tomorrow is Addisons birthday." If I'd known where she wanted to go I wouldn't have been so hard on her earlier.

Kneeling on the ground she placed all the flowers but one on the grave and sat there for a long time. Going to the next one she laid the one flower on the grave and put the little cars on head stone "Happy Birthday. Rest in peace my sweet boy." She was just staring off and it was getting dark.

I didn't wanna take this time away from her but she was tearing herself up inside. I know I've been there "Lil we need to go."

Looking at me she started crying and I bent down to try to comfort her "I miss them so much Jaxs. My every morning starts off thinking of them and they are the last thing on my mind at night." I held her until she cried it out.

I took the keys from her so I could drive back. It was so quiet that you could have heard a pin drop. She was in her own world and I was in mine.

When we got back to the clubhouse "Don't say anything to them about the info you gave me. I wanna check out a few things before I take it to the table tomorrow." She said she wouldn't and she was so fucked up right now, I don't think my shit really mattered to her anyways.

The boys were already in bed by the time we got back. I went in and kissed them good night. Making sure that they were covered up "Love you boys and always will."

Happy and Lil was setting at a table in the bar. I got a beer and just watched "There really isn't anyone that I'm close to anymore. There's only a couple of people that I talk to on a regular bases. Even they don't know how I really am." Happy was trying to get close with her and from what she just said, I don't think that shit is gonna happen.

"You don't want to get close to me, no one does. I will only bring you heart ache and pain. Get you hurt or even worse, killed." She's still feeling the weight of guilt over her husband and boy.

"I'm a big boy and can take care of myself." Then he leaned over and whispered in her ear "A very big boy."

Lil smiled "I know you are. Well it did take four of you to take me so I should say, I guess you are a big boy."

Happy stood up "Get up and come on."

She took a drink of her beer "Where are we going?"

"Outside to take me on unless you're scared." He was all cocky and taunting her. We all followed them out.

"Happy I've had a really hard day and I'm just not in the mood right now, Okay?"

He said okay but wanted her to show him how she can kick like that. She had her foot inches from his face "If you kick them in head just right , they go out like a light."

Lil brought her foot then to his rib cage "Kick them here and they can't breathe so they can't fight."

Bringing her leg up to his crotch and stopping "If you kick them here well they fall down."

He grabbed her in a death hold "What do you do if they do this?"

She used her legs to take his legs out from under him and when he fell she went with him "That."

They were face to face and I saw Happy's hands going down her sides to her hips.

"All right enough." I went over and helped Lil up from the ground.

Waking up to noises around 3:00 am, I got up to see what was going on. Lil was coming out of Happy's room "Thanks David." She kissed his cheek and went down the hall to her room.

When I was going to get coffee I passed Happy in the hallway the next morning "I asked you not to get involved with Lil. Are you fucken her?"

Happy was being all defensive "What fucken business is it of yours if I am?"

Gemma and Lil had a breakfast bar out for all of us. Lil seemed different than she did last night. Sitting by Happy they were all giggles with each. She was eating a strawberry, lick her lips and making a sucking noise "What the fuck Lil are you eating that damn thing or sucking it off?"

Slurping up the strawberry juice from her lips "Whats your problem Jaxs? Are you having a bad day?" I didn't even answer her. I took my coffee to my office where I could have some fucken quiet time.

Lil was knocking on my door "Can I come in?"

I don't know why she asked cause she didn't wait until I said yes "I thought after last night you and I were cool Jaxs. What's going on?"

I threw the file down on my desk "Oh yeah were cool. You're really cool with Happy though huh?"

She acted like she had no idea what I was talking about and changed the subject "Are you going to the table today and discuss Clay being with Marks?"

"Club business and I can't discuss that with you."

She knocked my feet off my desk "Well you didn't have any problems discussing it with me last night asshole."

Getting up from my chair and inches from her face "Don't push me Lil." I've had enough of her trying me already.

Shoving me as hard as she could "I'll push you. It sounds like someone needs to. You know you are the smartest dumb man that I've ever met. Your so blind fueling your own fight that you don't even see what's going on in front of your face with your club."

I opened the door "Get out. You don't know shit about how I run my club and things I've done for it. Considering were a lot a like maybe you should shut the fuck up."

Lil walked out all huffy "Were nothing alike. I don't fight for greed and power like you do Jackson. It's to bad. You're a good leader but, you could be a great one if you wanted to be."


I have watched the Sons and Jackson for the last few days. I think he is a strong leader but, has lost focus on somethings that are really important. You can tell he loves his boys and there is nothing that he wouldn't do for them.

But the Sons are a small fish playing in a big pond when it comes to taking the players on that they are wanting to. Here in Charming they are feared and the only huge fish that makes all the rules up everyone has to follow.

Some of them are great and I really like a lot. Juice makes me laugh with his boyish ways and the funny shit he says when he's being so serious too. He acts like he doesn't understand why you're laughing. That makes me laugh even more then.

Chibs is a good man and is trying his damnedest to hold Jackson together so the club will survive. His sexy accent is so cool, I love to listen to him talk. I think to some degree Bobby is trying to do the same thing but is going about it in a way that Jackson will never allow.

Then there is Tig and Gemma. Gemma I still haven't made up my mind about. She seems sweet and caring on the outside but I see there is some darkness there in layers. I wouldn't trust her very far. Tig, well I just try not to bend over very much in front him.

Of course they wouldn't be complete without Happy being around. He has became my friend and makes me feel like I'm actually alive again. He never judges me just like Gabe never did. Happy and I have talked most of the night away.

Before we realized it was almost time to get up. Telling me his story and me telling him mine. He did try to kiss me but once I said no, he was cool with that and didn't push any farther. Other than a kiss on the cheek and him kissing me on the forehead, nothing has happened. For now that's the way it needs to stay. My head is all fucked up and I couldn't give anything to a man right now.

There was a crow eater tonight that would have loved to have serviced Happy's needs in anyway he wanted and when I asked why he wasn't leaving with her "Don't know. I guess I kinda like just hanging out with you. Girls like her mean nothing to me other than pussy. But, I'm getting close to you and really trust you, that never happens with a woman. I'm not sure yet if that's a good thing or not." I have told him many times already, being close to me is a bad thing. But I noticed it doesn't seem to stop him from trying anyways.

Abel had to come hug me good night before he went to bed, it melted my heart. He gave me his Angry Bird to sleep with so I wouldn't be sad and lonely anymore. He's only three and can read me better than any adult can.

Making me have a weak moment I dialed a number that I haven't in a long time "Hey, I need to talk to you. I need a favor."

I could almost feel the smile that brought to his face because I told him along time ago I would never come to him again for anything. I never wanted to speak to him again or acknowledge that I belonged to his family. When they tracked me down here and he went to Jaxs to make sure I had protection, I wanted to be that eighteen year old girl again and run away from them.

"Whatever my beautiful grand daughter needs, you know I will give you. What is it? Is Mr. Teller holding up to his end of the deal?" Pappy tried to make a connection with me again and I still pushed him away. The only reason I answered the phone to begin with was because he used Roberto's cell to call me from. Then I had no choice but to talk with him. Now I was the one that wanted to talk to him.

"The favor isn't for me. It's for Jackson. I want the Family to watch over his boys. There is so much that I didn't know that connects me to the Sons in so many ways. Our enemies have joined forces. But I'm afraid that Jackson is taking on more than he can handle and his family will pay the price just like mine did. I don't want him to know that you're doing it either. I will be forever in your and the Family's debt if you will do this for me. I know how it works Pappy so let's not kid each other. You do this for me and when the time comes, I do what you ask." That is why I never wanted any favors from them. You have to do what is asked of you no matter what it is or when. Sometimes it's better to never have had the favor done to begin with. But this is for Jackson, Abel and Thomas. I can't protect Addison and Gabe or bring them back. Maybe this will at least give Jackson and his family a fighting chance.

"Watching over them is not a problem and I can have people there in hours. I will meet with you in a day or two to let you know what I want in return. You don't know how happy it makes me that you have come back to me. After your mother passed, you and Roberto are the only true family I have left. I love you Lilyan with all my heart." I believe that Pappy does love me but the Family dictates sometimes just how deep that love runs.

"I love you too."

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