Ricochet Of Love, Chapter 4

Ricochet Of Love, Chapter 4 Ricochet Of Love, Chapter 4

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


After Tara goes to jail; Jax is left to deal with the aftermath. The club takes action against potential threats. Jax world is falling apart around him, needing someone to help hold him together. He meets them; has to make the hard calls. He has proven he can lead the club but, will his heart survive it? JAX/TARA & JAX/OC. Set after season 5.


After Tara goes to jail; Jax is left to deal with the aftermath. The club takes action against potential threats. Jax world is falling apart around him, needing someone to help hold him together. He meets them; has to make the hard calls. He has proven he can lead the club but, will his heart survive it? JAX/TARA & JAX/OC. Set after season 5.


Submitted: August 18, 2013

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Submitted: August 18, 2013



Chapter 4


Sitting everyone down at the table Jackson was explaining to them the offer that Anthony had made them. Even though it wasn't going to be easy to explain "We have been offered money to give protection to Lilyan and keep it off the radar. Until Anthony closes a deal in two weeks he want's everyone to believe she's dead and gone. He doesn't care what we have to do to persuade her as long as we don't kill her. In return for that we'll receive a large sum of money to use for Tara's bail."

Jackson already told himself that he would do what he had to do to get Tara out. To him this isn't anymore shadier than some of the other deals he would have to make to get the money.

Happy spoke up "Why us?" He asked what a lot of the others wanted to know too.

"He told me that no one knows about us. They didn't until we crossed paths with her in the warehouse. He figures this is a good hide out and the last place they would come looking for her. Also he's offering man power to us to beef security around here. With Clay being on the loose and joining forces since we still don't know with who, I think it's a good idea." It's almost time for a lock down in the clubhouse but the problem was who should they lock down? Was it one of their own that has turned on the club once again?

Now came the part that he was sure the other had already figured out. Jackson lit up a smoke "They're Mafia and that would put us in the cross hairs for the next two weeks with their enemies. Part of the money he is wanting to give us is a fifty percent deposit on Lin's next shipment of Glocks and AKs. Not only would we have enough for Tara but it would put the club back in business again and gets us out of the red."

Since Jackson has been in control the club been operating more on a hope and a prayer than cash. He felt it was time to make SAMCRO what it once was, a business revenue of earning a lot of cold hard money.

They put out on the table to discuss pros and cons. The biggest con was getting out after the two weeks was over "I'll get us out of this I promise just like I did with the drug running and the Cartel." This one might not be as easy to walk away from but Jackson hasn't failed yet and he didn't plan on starting now.

When Jackson asked if anyone had anything else to add, Chibs did "Jackie, what in the hell are we going to do with her? I get giving her protection but where are we going to keep her?"

Lilyan just became Jacksons problem and he had to figure out what do with her. But he would because this was how they were going to get the money and he will let nothing stand in his way.

"Lets vote this."

It was five to two "Majority rules. Let's do this shit."

It wasn't a surprised to Jackson that Bobby voted against it. Bobby has been going the other way on all of Jacksons deals lately, always voting the opposite of what Jackson was trying to make happen. Making it harder on him than it really needs to be. Jackson was still trying to figure out something with him and what he needed to get it handled but for now Jackson decided to leave it alone.

Now all that was left to do was for Jackson to honor his word that he just gave Anthony Pappy Mancini.

Jackson banged the gavel and church was over.


It was time for us to go and get Lilyan to leave with us on her own or make her come around to my way of thinking. I really didn't give a shit which way it went either. I've got a job to do and I wasn't gonna let a woman stand in my way.

She was exactly where Pappy said she would be too. Coming out onto the porch to meet us "You know if your trying to be all stealthy, you chose the wrong ride because I could hear you coming from a mile away."

"Have you talked to your grand father yet?"

She put her hands on her hip "Yes I talked to him. I don't know what he's thinking that you can do for me. Your protecting me since I already whipped your ass seems kind of silly don't you think? I asked Pappy who he was going to hire next to protect the little biker boys from me."

She was trying to provoke me and I wasn't gonna allow it. I was sticking to the plan "It's time to go. So you need to decide how this is gonna play out. But I'm warning you this time I'll hit you back."

Jumping down from the porch "Thanks for the warning but, I'll take my chances."

Juice wouldn't fight her cause she's a girl but Happy did. When she went to kick him in the face, he caught her leg "Don't try that Billy Jack bullshit on me."

I gave her fair warning and we had her on the ground. I put the rag over her face and it was sleep time for Lilyan "It's about time you learn Darlin, I'm the one in control here."

Loading her up in the van "Juice take her back to the clubhouse and put her in my office. Tie her up and gag her. I'm gonna go see Tara before it gets to late and Lilyan should be out for about four hours."

I noticed Tig was getting in the van with Juice "Where do you think you're going?"

"I thought, you know, I would ride back with Juice just as back up in case she wakes up." Back up my ass. I already know what he has on his mind.

"She off fucking limits. You might wanna remember who she is and if anyone of you go near her, you'll deal with me when I get back." They've been warned now too.

Waiting for Tara to come out for a long time. When she finally did all she had to say to me was "Are you getting me out of here today?" When I said no she hung up the phone and called for the guard to take her back to her cell.

Tara has always known how to get to me and exactly what buttons to push when she needed to. Today was one of those days. I'm not sure where our relationship is gonna go when she gets out. She was giving me every signal that our future depends on what I do about getting her out and leaving Charming. But the problem is today, I can't do either one.

Sitting down in my office watching sleeping beauty tied up on the couch. It's hard to believe by appearance she is capable of doing the harsh shit she does and that she's even Italian for that matter.

Pappy talked to me on the phone for a long time this morning and in three days I'll have the cash for Tara from him. All I have to do is keep Lilyan from killing anyone, hide her out and stop her from interfering with his deals for the next two weeks. Then she can go on a killing spree for all I care.

When she started coming to "I'm gonna take the gag out. This is where I talk and you listen. For the next two weeks were gonna get a long and no more bullshit. If you try anything I'm just gonna shoot you." She understood the behavior I expected from her and if not she will be spending the next two weeks getting cloroformed over and over.

It came down to Pappy no longer being able to control Lilyan and he wouldn't turn his back on her like everyone else has. Him not wanting her to get killed or bring more chaos into his organization and having her protected at the same time. This is his last deal to be made then it's retirement and a new leader takes over. He's just trying to make it out and set himself up with money to live out his years on. That's always the goal when your an outlaw but most of the time you never make it out alive.

The rest of the day wasn't to bad. Lilyan seemed to make friends with Happy. She was behind the bar serving drinks when she bent over I saw her tatt "Where's your old man at?" It was ink of belonging to someone.

All I got from her after she set a beer on the bar for me was "Gone."

Then she walked away "Isn't Roberto your old man?"

"No he's not. Are you writing book or what?" She seemed a little snippy so I didn't ask her anything else.

Talking to everyone we could think of to get Clays location and any dirt that was on the street about him, turned up nothing. Happy poked his head in "Jaxs I'm gonna go to town and taking Lily with me." I noted he called her Lily and that shit is gonna end bad too.

It's not that I don't trust Happy, I don't trust her out of my sight "That's not a good idea. I don't wanna let her out of this clubhouse. No one needs to know she's here."

Happy was taking Gemma to town along with Juice. They were doing a ride a long with her and the boys. As much as it was against my better judgement Abel needed his medicine and I said it was okay if Lilyan rides along with Gemma. I had to go meet Mr. Marks he learned of Clay getting out and needed to talk.

Going to the car to kiss Able and Thomas goodbye I saw Lilyan talking to Abel "Don't be sad little one. Your Mommy will be home really soon. Do you know what I do when I'm sad?"

He had that pouty face and shook his head no "I think of a happy song and the more I play it in my head, the happier my heart becomes. Do you have a happy song?" Abel was telling her the song that Tara and him sing all the time, The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round. On the way out of the parking lot they were doing a loud version of that song with Abel. At least he'll be happy today.

Watching her be tender with him showed me a different side of her but, then again I have a side of me that few people see. If you're an outsider looking in you would never guess that I could be that way.

Marks was already here and pissed off you could tell "Are you hiding and protecting Morrow from us? If I find out the Sons have anything to do with it you won't like the outcome." I gave him my word that we had nothing to do with it. We are looking just as hard for Clay as they are.

When I was getting on my bike to leave "If you hear anything, I want to be the first one you call Mr. Teller. Let's not start our relationship out with me coming to find you. Because I will if I have to." I can't believe he even thinks were hiding Clay out. Nobody wants him dead more than I do. Marks and I got the same goal; mayhem delivered to Clay.

On the way back to the clubhouse Juice was calling me "Jax were out on the old highway. They are gunning for us. We need you." I was flying as fast as my bike could go to get there.

It was over when I pulled up. A van and five dead guys laying around. Lilyan had Abel and Gemma had Thomas. I didn't recognize any of them as locals "Were they after you? God damn it my kids were here and could have been killed. I don't give a fuck how much money I can get from babysitting you. Get the fuck out of my sight. I see you as a spoiled little rich bitch that brings nothing but bad shit down where ever you go." The quickest way to get me is my children and that's also the quickest way to piss me off too.

Lilyan handed me Abel "Yeah, I'm sure that's what you do see. Being an upstanding citizen and all that you are. You don't know shit about me." She started walking down the road.

Gemma put Thomas back in the car and went to take Able from me "They weren't after her Jackson. They wanted me and the boys. She saved the boys from being taken."

I shot my mouth off and now it was time to makeup for it. Pulling my bike up behind her "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have went off on you until I knew what happened."

She kept on walking and ignoring me. I grabbed her arm and my hand was covered in blood "It's a long walk back to town. We can have someone look at your arm."

She jerked away from me "I don't need anything from you. So why don't you fuck off." When Gemma pulled up Lilyan got in the car with her and gave me the finger as they drove by, oh she's real mature.

While Lilyan was getting her arm bandaged I got filled in by Happy and Juice about what went down. This hit was to get to Gemma and my boys which means it had to do something with Clay. These weren't the typical bikers either looking for them either.

Happy was looking at Lilyan with stars in his eyes "You should have seen her man. The way she fought them. When they were trying to get the boys out of the back seat she stabbed the one in ass and ball punched the other one. Damn it turned me on." I'm glad she's making things exciting for them but all I care about is keeping my family safe.

Happy was asking her where she learned to fight like that "Most little girls are playing with Barbies and having tea parties. I was brought up with all boys, very mean boys. I learned at an early age how to defend myself. Because of who I am, there was always someone that wanted to hurt me. So being small I learned to fight and fight smart."

A couple of the Prospects were doing clean up of their little shoot out. We don't need that shit blowing back on us with everything else going on "I don't want anyone leaving this clubhouse alone and without my approval from now on." I looked straight at Gemma and Lily. I was hoping they were picking up that I was talking about them.

I went up on the roof to be alone and write. It's the only time anymore that I get my mind to rest and just let the words flow. I wasn't up there long until I saw her coming up too "Do you have a minute? I need to talk to you about something."

So much for alone time and I told her to go ahead "Tomorrow I need to go somewhere either with you or one of them. I won't be gone long but it's a couple of hours away."

After the attempted hit today I thought she understood the importance of staying put "No. What aren't you getting about this shit? They are gonna find you and kill you. Do you wanna die?"

She was huffy "Fine have it your way. I'll just go and do what I want to. Then I'll come back here when I'm done. How about that plan?"

It was time to make an understanding between the two of us and find out a little back ground on her that she won't say nor does anybody else.

She stopped as she was going down the ladder "Well come on. If you really want to know all about me and my story let's go for a drive. It's easier to show you then sit here for hours trying to explain it. It's a couple of hour drive though."

Following her out the door and not sure why in the hell I'm even doing this. Or even care about what happened to her but, I really wanna know.

The drive was long just like she said it was "Lilyan are you gonna tell me or is this a pleasure drive?" She asked that I call her Lily too. This was an improvement from the start of the day.

"Being a part of the Family makes you a target and bulls eye for anyone that wants to hurt them or has a score to settle. When I met Gabriel I was still young and didn't want him to be a part of the world I belonged to. But he wouldn't stay away from me even knowing how dangerous it truly was to be with me. He knew everything bad about me and my family but loved me anyways. He always told me we would over come it together no matter what happened as long as we had love. That it wasn't my fault what family I was born into and that he only saw the good in me. Now that I'm older I know that's what true love really means; they know everything bad about you but love you anyways. They don't watch for your faults, they look for your strengthens and the goodness with in you." Isn't this love story starting to sound familiar. Not wanting to hurt them by who you are but, you can't let them go cause you love them.

"We ran away one night and got married. We moved around for the first couple of years as far away from New York as we could get. We never lived off the family or asked them for any favors. Gabe went to school and was an architect developer. He was a damn good one too." Mob queen and an architect, what a combination. Almost as good as a biker outlaw and a doctor.

"After settling down in Mendocino, California Gabe built our house and completed a few small residential development projects, he was making us a damn good living. Life was going great for us until he took on a bigger project and we got a lot of publicity because of it. It didn't take them long to find out who I was and they were leaning on him hard to get what they wanted from him. But he refused being the kind of man he was; he wasn't going to get involved with crime and dirty money." More similarities going on of my life and how it's played out.

She stopped talking for a little bit and asked if she could bum a smoke from me "I'm going to give the rest of the story in the short version. One Sunday afternoon Gabe along with our two year old son Addison was going to the store to get milk and a few other things. He always loved going with his daddy and cried until Gabe said he could go. My car was parked behind his so they were going to take that one. Gabe strapped Addison in his car seat and when he started the car..." There was tears running down her face.

"When he started the car it exploded. The bomb was meant for me, I was the target. I watched my boys die and to some degree, I died with them that day. You have asked me many times If I'm afraid to die and no I'm not. It's the fact that I'm the only one still living that I'm afraid of. I've watched and waited. Crossing off each one I kill and gaining a little more peace each time. They took my world and tore it apart and now I'm doing the same thing to them." I didn't know what to say to her. But I more than understood everything she said and where she was coming from.

An eye for an eye is how the club lives "There's something that I don't understand about you. Being who you are why isn't the Family seeking revenge on them?" She refused to tell them who did it. She knew if she did the Family would kill them and that was her way of healing, moving on from it. I understood that shit all to well too. Even though I got them gunning for Clay and the end result of his death is still the same if I did it or they do it, it's not as satisfying or healing. Revenge is what we do and how we live. It becomes a part of you and when it's not fed, you die a little from it.

"When we found you in the warehouse with Yule. You cut his fingers off, why?" I think that's what confused me the most about her kill was the mutilation.

"It's an Italian thing. I wanted his wedding ring so I could deliver it to another one of them that's responsible." Yeah we are more alike than I thought. The club has done some fucked up shit to survive and put the fear of god in people. That's what she did with the next one on her list. She wants him to know she's coming for him. She's toying with them.

Telling her my story too. After hearing hers I was comfortable with her cause we were telling the same story in a different version. When I came to the now and Tara wanting us to leave she gave her advise on it "Jaxs you can't ever run away, trust me. I snuck off in the middle of the night. Changed my name and thought no one would ever find me. You are who you are and that doesn't change by where you live. When they want to hurt you, there's no place that you can go that it's safe." I already knew what Lily was saying was true but, I wanna do right by Tara. There was a time when Tara almost had me convinced that moving a few states over would make a difference. But, Lily is living proof it doesn't.

Pulling up to a gated huge house, she punched in the access code to open the gate and so we wouldn't set off the alarm.

Inside the house was very nice and you could tell money wasn't spared here "Have a seat. I keep files and other information about all my prey. I always do my homework first and wait patiently until the time is right."

She had folders on each one of them. Watching them getting their schedule down and where their families lived. She did her revenge the right way, she never involved the innocent that had nothing to do with her husbands or sons death.

The last picture I looked at, I knew them both "When did you take this picture? Which one of them are getting revenge against?"

Coming to stand behind me "I took it this morning. My target is Mr. Marks. I don't know who the old guy is. Marks met him outside of town. They were keeping things on the down low though. I wasn't able to get very close to them. Why? Do you know them?" I knew the old guy. It's Clay with Mr. Marks, Damons Popes right hand man.

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