Ricochet Of Love, Chapter 2

Ricochet Of Love, Chapter 2 Ricochet Of Love, Chapter 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


After Tara goes to jail; Jax is left to deal with the aftermath. The club takes action against potential threats. Jax world is falling apart around him, needing someone to help hold him together. He meets them; has to make the hard calls. He has proven he can lead the club but, will his heart survive it? JAX/TARA & JAX/OC Set after season 5


After Tara goes to jail; Jax is left to deal with the aftermath. The club takes action against potential threats. Jax world is falling apart around him, needing someone to help hold him together. He meets them; has to make the hard calls. He has proven he can lead the club but, will his heart survive it? JAX/TARA & JAX/OC Set after season 5


Submitted: August 17, 2013

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Submitted: August 17, 2013



Chapter 2


Going back to the clubhouse the ride was helping me clear my head. None of us was expecting to find what we did tonight. Yules dead and some woman took us on with a cause. There's something so off about her. No woman acts like that, hell most men don't. Especially against any of us.

Juice said she attacked him on the stairs and of course he didn't see it coming, none of us did. She better be glad she took us by surprise of her attack cause she can bet her ass it won't fucken happen again, woman or no woman. That kick to the face has earned her the right of putting herself in a mans position and that's exactly how she'll be treated too.

I'll show her no mercy next time our paths cross and there will be a next time now that she has shamed our patch. If word ever got out about a woman doing that to us everyone would want to fight against us. It's about the respect of who we are. Not to mention she shot the one that could connect all the dots for us about whats going on. Don't think I'm not gonna have to deal with that shit coming sooner or later.

"What the fuck happened to you guys?" That was Happy's greeting and no I didn't answer his question either.

Pulling into the driveway all the lights were off in the house. Gemma was asleep on the couch and I covered her up. I don't want to be mean to her or have to distance myself from her but she left me no choice. She keeps doing things and fucked up shit worse than it was before, putting even a bigger gap there. So that's on her. I know everyone thinks I'm being to hard on her but they don't know what she's capable of but, I do.

Checking on Able and Thomas; they were fast asleep. Going into our bedroom and moving Tara's robe off the bed, I sat down and done some soul searching. I needed to be up early and at the attorney's office early to see what we can do about getting her bailed out. Or at least find out what were gonna be up against.

Maureen was at the clubhouse waiting for me to get there. I didn't even have to go to her office. Nothing she had to tell me was good news either. Tara's bail was two hundred and fifty thousand dollars cash. If convicted she could be facing twenty to life.

If I pulled out all my personal money I could get my hands on and the clubs stash, it wouldn't be enough. There's places and ways to get it but, none of those options are good for the club either. Sometimes you have to dance with the devil with no remorse and that's what I'm gonna do.

Not even sure what shit went down to land Tara in jail when we were told that everything was handled "There is an anonymous witness that came forward and has agreed to testify that Tara went to the prison with the cross and had every intention of helping Otto Delany kill that nurse. It went from being an accomplice to murder to premeditated murder. I can't get any information at this time about the witness." Nobody even knew about Tara going there so how could there be a witness? It has to be someone that wants to hurt the club or someone has been paid off to testify.

Attorneys make a shit load of money and we keep Maureen on retainer. She is given bonuses where she had to stretch the law to make it bend in our direction "Find out now who the witness is and their address. Not knowing is not acceptable. I don't give a shit what you have to do. When can I see Tara?" All I really cared about at this point was find the witness and taking them out of the picture. I needed to get to Tara to let her know everything would be okay. That I'm here and I won't let her down.

Maureen said she wouldn't be allowed to see me until tomorrow but she was going to visit Tara this afternoon. I told her to pass a message for me "Tell her I love her and I'll figure out a way to get her out. We'll try to find her some protection until then." Last night when I couldn't go to sleep and was laying there thinking about all the people I've wronged that have came back to haunt me. The quickest way to get to me would be through my old lady. I don't want to scare Tara but if we don't get her out she's in danger of retaliation from people that wanna hurt me and SAMCRO. It's a little hard to find women that will help protect us on the inside like when were in lock up.


They were talking about options to raise Tara's bail at the table. Jackson had already decided what he had to do. Right now he wasn't going to involve the rest of the club on it unless he had to.

Since they have no intel on what the Irish are up to and they had no other way to really find out. Unless they could get their own Irish charter to get information for them. "That probably won't play out but, it's worth a shot."

Since all the shit went down with rescuing Abel while they were in Belfast, the Irish charter hasn't been very supportive to them.

Chibs was using some of his connections to put out feelers to see what he could come up with.

Juice was making some calls too. He's trying to step up and redeem himself with Jackson and the rest of the members since Jackson found out that Juice was a rat. He helped set Clay up to take the fall for Popes murder too. In exchange Jackson won't tell them that Juice was the one that gave info to the cops about reco.

Although Jackson was respecting what Juice was trying to do, Jackson still was not sure how far he can trust him. Jackson was thinking that Juices time was coming and he would be putting Juices loyalty to the test real soon. Jackson wanted to know that it wouldn't happen again and see how much Juice has learned about turning on the club.

Bobby finally showed up and took Clays old seat. That's his way of showing disrespect for Jackson's decisions and leadership. Everyone was paying attention to Bobby and Jackson. But Jackson can hide the truth and his feelings when he has to. Jackson let it go because this was one of those times having a score to settle is best left alone right now.

"Let me get this right. You guys got your ass kicked by a bitch?" Happy is never one to sugar coat anything and this was no different.

It was more than just some woman strung out on a rampage or having a PMS day from hell. She knew to use a silencer and mutilating his hand was more than most women could stomach. After Jackson was telling them all of this they agreed; something is definitely fucked up there. They needed to find out about her and the ties she has to the Cartel or if it's just to Yule.

Jackson was asking if there was any new club business that needed to addressed before banging his gavel Bobby stood "I resigned as VP. I don't feel that I can serve the club and it's needs right now. But I'll be more than happy to perform the duties until you appoint the new one."

Jackson was looking around the table and wasn't sure who he could trust to serve in that position. But he decided that he would deal with it later.

Jackson banged the gavel and Church was over.


Unser was sitting outside when I went out to smoke "I need a favor. I need you to find out about someone and as fast as you can get it for me."

He was laughing "Oh yeah, I'll have that in hour with all the information you gave me on her. A small blond with long hair and big tits. How many of those can there be running around?"

Taking Chibs and Tig with me to go start my dance with the devil and get the money for Tara's bail. Bobby asked me if I wanted him to come along too "Nope, your not my fucken VP anymore." At some point Bobby and I will settle our shit and make things right but it wasn't gonna be today.

Riding past a strip club Chibs got my attention "Jackie look who's going in there." It was her. Hard to believe that a stripper could just kill like that.

Walking in she was in the back with a guy until she saw us. Making a beeline to take the stage. Tig mouth was open "Is that her? Damn she could beat me and keep me for her very own. I think I'm in love."

The look on my face must have said it all "Sorry Jaxs. We've got to kick her ass that's just a given brother." Only Tig would stop and think of pussy when shit is going down.

She has to leave that stage sometime. So we took front row seats. She was doing a damn good job of pretending to ignore us.

When she was down to just her panties she came over right in front of me and straddled my lap. As she was grinding on me she whispered low "I have more people watching over me and protecting me than you could ever imagine. The best thing you can do is go home little biker boy before you get hurt."

Have you ever met someone that just pissed you off by them being in your sight? I have now and I wasn't waiting until she was done with her little routine. I didn't give a shit who was around either. Pushing her off my lap and grabbing her by the throat. Slamming her back down onto a table "Who the fuck are you? Do you even know who we are?"

Before she even had a chance to answer those questions I had a sawed off shotgun in my face "Let her go now."

Looking around the room there was guys with guns drawn on us. Letting her up from the table she ran to a big guy. She was sobbing into his chest "Thank god you saved me. He was threatening me and said when I left here he was going to follow me home and hurt me." Why was she playing this I'm a scared little girl shit now? She was being nothing like she was last night.

Turning her head to look at me she had a evil smile on her face. He was hugging her tightly to him "It's okay honey. Nobody will ever hurt you as long as I'm around."

When the cops showed up Tig, Chibs and me were arrested for disturbing the peace. That bitch hasn't seen mean until I get out of jail and then she's in for it. Cause were still on probation and this just means more shit is coming our way. But at least I know where to find her now.

Sitting in a jail cell wondering how Tara was doing in hers. This is nothing new to me but I'm sure she's really scared. Not being arrested in Charming is both good and bad. Juice was on his way with our bail.

A Deputy opened the cell door "Trigger, Teller and Telford you made bail. Let's go." They didn't have to tell us twice to get the fuck out of here.

Looking around for Juice but we couldn't find him. Standing outside smoking when he pulled up "I didn't pay your bail. I just got here."

If he didn't then who did? I went to talk to the front desk "Your sister paid your and your friends bail sir."

Not having a sister I asked what she looked like and her name "She was a short blond with long hair."

The lady went over and got our paper work "I really can't read the name on the signature line. Everything was prearranged when she got here. She handed me five thousand dollars and then left."

She put her glasses on "It looks like the first name says Shay... no Shag. The Last name is Goff maybe or Off." Shag off; means fuck off.

Getting our bikes out of impound and going back to the clubhouse. All I wanted to was sit down and have a smoke in peace. End this day so I can see Tara tomorrow.

When Bobby came through the door "I'm not in the mood for you right now. I meant what I said; if I get you alone I'm gonna take your head off." I gave him fair warning.

He leaned on a chair at the table "Jaxs, I didn't come in here to fight with you brother. But you need to know that Clay made bail."

Hope you enjoyed reading me! With Clay out of jail you just know more chaos is coming Jacksons way!

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