Ricochet Of Love, Chapter 8

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Celebrities and Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

After Tara goes to jail; Jax is left to deal with the aftermath. The club takes action against potential threats. Jax world is falling apart around him, needing someone to help hold him together. He meets them; has to make the hard calls. He has proven he can lead the club but, will his heart survive it? JAX/TARA & JAX/OC. Set after season 5.

Chapter 8


Waking up not feeling so well. My head hurts from drinking too much last night. My side hurts from where that woman punched me in the ribs. But my biggest hurt was in my heart. I crossed the line of no return when I delivered the message for the Family. The messages was; I was one of them now.

Going to Gemma to see if she has anything I could take for my head I over heard a conversation between her and Nero "Jaxs won't survive this. Loosing Abel to Wendy. He was already all torn up inside because Tara was gonna walk away from him and take the kids with her too. The club is already questioning any decisions he makes and it's only a matter of time until they turn on him too. Just like they did JT and Clay. It's just more than Jaxs can take right now. My family is falling apart slowly and I don't know what to do about it." Tara was leaving Jaxs? He made it sound like everything was fine between them, all sunshine and rainbows.

I've heard some on the Sons talking about Jaxs when he's not around. They think he's loosing it and they are not sure how much longer he can hold everything together being like he is now.

Nero saw me standing in the door way of the kitchen "Good morning. We didn't think you would be up this early cause we thought you'd still be sleeping it off."

I told them I would have but I was hurting and wanted to know if they had anything I could take. Gemma went through her purse and found a bottle of Alieve. I was holding my side and she gently lifted up my tank top "What happened to you? Nero look at this."

I'm not sure why they were making a big deal about it. It was just some bruises. I've been hit harder than that before. When Jaxs came in for coffee Gemma showed him. He took a hold of my tank from Gemma hand and pulled it back down "She's fine. We were all just fucken around last night and she got hit a little hard." He has an explanation for everything even if it's not the truth. For the most part he keeps Gemma on the outside of the circle. He's really careful what he says around her. I wasn't understanding what caused the riff with him and Gemma but, he doesn't trust her.

Jaxs was wanting to talk to Gemma alone "Can you and Nero give us a minute?" We both said yes and went out to drink our coffee in the bar.

Nero is really a nice guy. He is so into Gemma you can tell. It's the look that he gets on his face when he says her name. That silly dopey look of love. But he is one tough ombre any other time. Gemma keeps him grounded and going I think.

Jaxs went straight into the table with a pissed off look on his face when he came out of the kitchen. Gemma sat down with us. Nero was squeezing her hand "You okay?"

"Not really. Jaxs called the attorney this morning about Abel. With everything going on around here and with Tara right now. He is in for one hell of fight to get Abel back. Jaxs can't even see him until after the hearing. He's talking about doing some irrational shit. I tried to tell him but he wont listen to me." Jaxs Teller not listening? Sounds normal.

I was going to have to call Pappy. That's the last person I wanted to talk to today. With Abel being somewhere else, he's unprotected. I'm praying that they don't know where Wendy lives. Maybe being with his mom will keep him safe and out of harms way.

Gemma smiled at me. I didn't care too much for the way she was smiling either "Would you talk to him?"

Leaving the table because I didn't want to go there "No. He won't listen to me anymore than he will listen to you Gemma. You're his mother."

"You'll get farther with him than I will. He shut me out a long time ago." I've noticed that is how they handle a lot of things around here. If you don't want to hear it or deal with it, just pretend the problem doesn't exist but it never does go away.

Stomping towards the room where Jaxs is "Fine. But I'm only doing it once then I'm done with it." Jaxs is so damn stubborn and he thinks he's always right.

The doors were shut and I didn't want to just go in there, it's a place for members only. I always want to make sure I show them the respect for that and never over step my bounds. I knocked and asked if he could come out and talk to me. He walked down the hallway and I followed behind him.

We went to his room and he sat down on the bed "You wanna talk today cause you didn't wanna talk to me last night." I ignored his sarcasm and did what I came in here to do.

"I was wondering if you found out anything about Abel yet?" I didn't want to say; well Gemma already told me and wants me to talk some sense into your stubborn ass.

"Cut the bullshit Lil. Gemma sent you to do her dirty work for her. She told you everything didn't she?" I wasn't sure if I should say yes or no at this point. Not knowing if she did or didn't tell me. So I stood there waiting for him to say something. When your not sure what the hell is going on sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.

"Well now you know don't you? My life is fucken upside down just like the club. My old lady doesn't even love me enough to stay and stand beside me. When I need her the most. Once I get her out we both already know she's gonna run as far away from me as she can get. Not that blame her for it but, she took the vows. For better or for worse and with me she knew it has to get bloody and worse before I can make it any better. I've already lost one of my sons and Tara will try to take Thomas from me too. Great fucken father and old man I am." I didn't know if I should feel sorry for him or shake the shit out of him. Tell him to wake the fuck up and see what was going on around him.

"I'm falling and can't even start to climb out of the hole with the club. Since Opie died I stopped believing in or having any brotherly love. Op was right the gavel corrupts. You can't set in that chair without becoming a savage. That's what I am too; no emotions, no heart and don't give a shit about who I gotta hurt anymore to get shit done. Look at what I did to you last night. That's never how I meant shit to turn out." Jackson was in that place where I've been so many times with myself. This is his way of life and all he knows. Whatever it was that flipped that switch inside him must have been really bad.

"I've been there before too Jaxs. Arguing with myself that I'm doing the right thing by avenging Gabe and Addison by spreading more death. It's like I breathe in new life with each inhale and only exhale death and darkness. When the animal is released within us you can't always put it back into it's cage. I don't know everything that's happened to you. But I know the path your on and it's taking you straight to hell because I'm on the same one too." That was the first time I said those words out loud. Even though they have ran through my mind since I tortured and kill the first one that hurt my family. Because they took away from me the only people I've ever loved.

"I have no place left to turn to. They all do shit behind my back and when I'm not watching and waiting for it, they stab me in it. Don't let Gemma play on your sympathy Lil. Cause she'll use it and then twist that knife harder in your back when you're not looking. I can't even count on one hand the people I trust anymore. But I'm starting to trust you. You've done more for me than you ever had to do and got nothing in return for it." I wonder how much Jackson is like his mother? It's even possible that's where he learned it from. That's part of the problem, I'm waiting for the knife to the back too.

"After you get the money from Pappy you don't need me anymore Jaxs. I don't need you to watch over me either, never really did. Let me know when it's done and I'll be on my way." This way there was no more waiting for it. It was time for my ending with Jackson Teller and SAMCRO.

He got up from the bed and was stand close to me. To damn close "So that's it. You're leaving?

Taking a few steps back from him because there are a lot of trust issues still there between me and Jaxs "You told me we needed to have a clean break when our business is done. It's time, what you wanted is done that's what this is. A clean break and our ending."

I kept stepping backwards and he kept moving forwards. Pushing me up against the wall "Are you sure that's what the reason is? Tell me you didn't feel anything when we kissed last night."

I looked away from him "I didn't feel anything Jaxs and won't ever for you. Or anybody again for that matter."

"Why won't you look at me when you say it? You're lying." Then he kissed me. This was hotter than it was last night. Lifting me up from the floor and wrapping my legs around his waist. We were to into it to even notice that someone had come in.

"Oh shit I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt. I wanted to know if Lily wanted to do a ride along with me?" Lyla stood there looking really uncomfortable.

Jaxs put me down and kissed Lyla on the cheek "You doing okay Darlin?" She was the one person he was still putting his heart and soul into. Maybe it was because she was Opies old lady when he died.

I told Lyla to let me get dressed and I would love to get the hell out of here for a while. Before I made it to the door Jaxs took my hand "Don't leave. We've got some unfinished business to handle between us. I'm ready to fight smart and I need you for that. You said you'd be there for me. I'll be back this afternoon and were gonna go to the table about Clay. I need you to back me up on this." I never said if I would or wouldn't be here when he got back. He got what he wanted from me and what he needed.


Nero has proven to be a good avenue for the club to earn. The Lodge was pulling down good money and he can run pussy like it's nobodies business. Part of the reason he's so good at it is he never mixes business with pleasure. Lyla is my eyes and ears there and she thinks he's great. He treats her good and with the respect she deserves.

In return were giving him protection and helping to keep his crew whole. The club owes Nero a lot of money and I owe him a debt of gratitude for what he's done for my family. There is only one thing standing in the way of that relationship growing stronger, Gemma.

She hasn't pushed to be in control of anything with him yet, but she will. It's only a matter of time until Nero is blind sided by the Queen herself. I still haven't figured out what game she's running with him yet.

Nero came into my office and brought me a bag. It was the clubs cut of pussy profits "You doing okay Jaxs? You seem a little off track lately man." A little wouldn't even start to describe it.

Nero's phone went off and there was trouble at the Lodge. Lyla said some of Dantes old crew was there busting up the place and harassing the girls. But there was one girl that wouldn't take it, Lil.

"We need to go. Dantes old crew reformed with a new leader that stepped up for it."

Tig was the first one to step up. Petting that dog that he just had to rescue and keep from Dantes dog fighting ring "Let's go brother. I'll gut those sons a bitches." That was one thing I could always count on from Tig. He was always ready to fight and didn't matter who. That's the one place my back was safe from him. He's a fighting mother fucker.

Lyla and a few of the other girls were driving down the highway from the Lodge when we caught up to them but there no Lil "She wouldn't leave the other girls in there with them Jaxs. I tried to get her to leave with us but she refused."

"Goddamn woman." Making another problem for me today that I had to go handle.

Guns drawn when we went in, we heard Lil screaming "Get off me."

We were at a stand off with four of them. They had two of the girls on their knees with guns pointed at their heads. Two of them were holding Lil down and had torn off her shirt. They hadn't hurt her yet and I wasn't gonna let them either "It doesn't gotta end like this. Let the girls go and we'll let you live. Just walk the fuck away."

"Fuck you white boy. We want our money back. If we don't get it, I'll finish what I started with her then I'll kill her." He lifted Lil up by her hair off the bed and put his gun to her head.

Nero was trying to rationalize with them "Come on now. Let's calm down. I've got the cash. You let the girls go and I'll go get it Mono. There no reason to hurt them." He always protects his girls first over money. He's earned my respect the way he is.

They let the two girls walk away but not Lil. Nero had the money in a bag "Now let her go." He opened the bag and showed them the cash.

The one took it from him and they were backing out of the room "Don't move, I'm taking her as my little insurance policy. If you follow us, I'll kill the bitch."

Pointing my gun at him. Lil was screaming at me "Pull the trigger Jaxs. Don't let this piece of shit walk out here. I'm dead either way and you know it."

I froze, what if I hit her? What if he pulls the trigger on her before I take him down? Everything else was blocked from me right now. Except her screaming "Pull the fucking trigger Jaxs."

Not thinking about it anymore. I shot him in the head. The rest of the Sons took care of all of them but one. He was the one we were gonna make an example out of not to fuck with Nero or us. We all had our guns pointed at him and he dropped his piece on the floor.

It was Happy that Lil went to. He was hugging her tight to him "It's okay baby. I've got you."

Happy took his T-shirt off and gave it to her. In mix of all the shit I wasn't even thinking about her being topless. The rest were to fucked up to notice too, except Tig. Nothing stops him from seeing tits.

The other girls went and got Lil some clothes of theirs for her to wear. She asked if we could all leave so she could change. Everyone walked out but me "What the fuck were you thinking? You could of got yourself killed?"

"I wasn't thinking Jaxs about anything but those girls that couldn't defend themselves. Do you know a couple of them have kids? They have something to live for and I don't. So what the fuck difference does it make? What I'm doing isn't living anyways." I knew the truth to that statement. Just cause your breathing and have people around doesn't mean that you're taking in life.

We called Lyla and told her it was over. It was safe now for them to come back. She came back grabbed some stuff and took off. I've been doing everything I can for her and the kids. Hoping she'd stick around and stick it out with us but after today; it's only a matter of time until she's gone too.

Waiting for Lil to come out so we could leave. We still had to do something with this fuck. We took him out back.

Lil came out wearing a short black halter top and very short pair of jean shorts. But she was still wearing those goddamn black boots of hers.

Taking my gun from me and standing over him. Kicking him in the balls repeatedly "That was from me. This is from Nero and SAMCRO." Then she shot him in the dick.

Handing me back my gun "That's how I take care of my shit Jaxs." I've done more damage to her than I thought I did. My outlaw ways has been bleeding all over her. I needed to make it stop and heal her somehow.

Nero's crew was gonna make an example out of him. Taking him to the streets as there message, if he doesn't bleed out first.

Nero was kidding Lil I think "You know if you're staying in town. I sure could use someone that would help watch over my girls."

Lil smiled at Nero "Thanks for the offer. But I don't think I'll be here that long."

Happy put his arm around her "Madam Lily. I fucken love it." I bet he does.

The rest were riding back to the clubhouse. Pappy kept his word, the money was there. Doing business with him makes me a little nervous. I don't trust him but I still need him. I'm gonna get Tara out then start handling the rest of my shit.

Getting all her paper work signed and officially done. A ambulance was gonna transport her back to Saint Thomas, she'll get the care she needs there and it's where she'll feel the most comfortable.

I wanted to see Tara before they left with her but she didn't wanna see me "I don't want you, your mother or SAMCRO anywhere near me or my children. After I get my hand operated on again. I'm done with this shit. You've taken away from me everything that I stood for Jaxs. All reasons to feel good about myself. Healing others made me that way. With the damage they did to me, I'm going to be lucky to have fifty percent usage left in my hand. You and SAMCRO killed all the shit I love and poison everything you come near."

To some degree I know she's right. I've tried to make changes and do shit the right way. But I can't and still have the club survive. When I looked into her eyes I didn't see that happy girl I married. I saw spite, hate and disgust. It was all of the feelings she has for me now.

Keeping a couple of the Prospects near her at the hospital to protect her is all I can do right now and wait it out to see what's gonna happen. There's not that many of us left in the club anymore and with all the shit that's going down, were spread pretty thin.

I went back to the clubhouse. I didn't see any point hang out and fighting with Tara. I needed to finish putting everything together so I could take it to the table, there was one thing that was repeated over and over. She always followed each of them to a place outside Oakland. It would have been easy for them to keep it off the radar from us. It's no where near our territory.

I wanted to get some answers from Lil on it and she wasn't out in the bar. Happy came in with Tig "Where's Lil?"

Shrugging "I don't know. I thought she was with you."

Juice came over "She left with before you got back Jaxs."

Going into her room all her stuff was gone. Knocking on Lyla's door but no answer. I opened it and her stuff was gone too "Fuck, she left and took Lyla and the kids with her."

Calling the one person that would know "Where is she?"

"Everyone at the table now." Taking my chair I waited until they all came in.

When Chibs went to set down, I stopped him "No brother you take my left. You're my new VP. Your seat belongs to Tig now." I just did what I said I wouldn't do, trust Tig with my life and my secrets.

It's time for a change and to fight smart. I was gonna start now.

I hope you enjoyed reading me!


Submitted: August 18, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Petersgirl. All rights reserved.

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Wow, this mafia business is sure messy sometimes... & here I thought it was going to get a little hot in there with Lil & Jax...

Wed, August 28th, 2013 6:18pm


It will get heated between them but I like to build up to it. I'm really not a erotic writer. I write it focused around the whole story. xoxo PG

Wed, August 28th, 2013 12:20pm

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