Ricochet Of Love, Chapter 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Celebrities and Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

After Tara goes to jail; Jax is left to deal with the aftermath. The club takes action against potential threats. Jax world is falling apart around him, needing someone to help hold him together. He meets them; has to make the hard calls. He has proven he can lead the club but, will his heart survive it? JAX/TARA & JAX/OC Set after season 5.

Chapter 3


Who in the fuck would bail that piece of shit out? Who would have that kind of cash just laying around to spend? The only family and friends Clay has is the club.

This is going to make hell rain down on us now. Whoever helped Clay to get out of jail will be coming for us too. Now I have to worry about my boys and Gemma. She lied just like I told her too. She gave the performance of her life when she told Roosevelt that Clay went out with the gun and was alone for a few hours. He will come after her and he will kill her if he gets the chance to. She double crossed him and used him just like she did JT, my father. It all comes around and it's Gemmas turn to face the devil now.

Gemma really wants me to believe that she had nothing to do with and knew nothing about Clay killing JT. I don't believe that shit for a minute. I know the ways of Gemma and how she lays the blame on who it fits at the time. But this time the blame lands on her with Clay no matter what she says.

The deal I made with Gemma was if she helped get Popes murder pinned on Clay, she would get her family back and could be around the boys again. But that was never gonna really happen. Tara had made it clear to me that she didn't give a shit, let Gemma do what we asked then Tara would deal with her. I'm trying to do the right thing, put my old ladys wants and needs first. It was only gonna be a matter of time until Gemma found out that truth too. But Tara had no problem being deceitful and being a user where Gemma was concerned. But Tara rides my ass about my outlaw ways and being a user.

I need to find a place to keep the kids. Where they can be protected at all times with people I can trust to give up their own lives for them if it came down to it. For now I needed to get to them and make sure I watch over them until then.

Wondering if this had anything to with Tara getting arrested. Was this part of the plan and already in motion? Clay could be using this part to get to me. But he was arrested about the same time she was. It could be the peoples plan that got him out. When you have so many people gunning for you at the same time it gets hard to decide who all the players are and what they'll do next. But right now it doesn't matter as long as I secure my boys then I'll do what I gotta do.

Not even wanting to discuss this with Bobby "I'm gonna go get the boys and get a couple of the Prospects posted here. It's better for the night that they are all watched over. We'll decide tomorrow what were gonna do about Clay."

Bobby didn't argue or even look at me "I'll make sure that happens to keep them safe. But you know eventually were gonna have to work this shit out between us and move on from it. Clay is gonna try to hurt us and with the power he has of the the people backing him, he just might get the job done this time. I told you what being weak and vindictive would bring."

Did he really just say that shit to me? I've had enough of everyone questioning me and tell me how wrong I've done. It was time to show them that I'm the one in control and their opinion doesn't matter shit. Grabbing him by his hair and having my gun pointed at his head "Yeah I know exactly what you told me. Cause you went behind my back and made a deal with Clay when I wanted to kill that son of bitch, I had to take another path to get the job done. You sold me out. The next one that crosses me won't live to regret it."

Chibs was trying to get me to let go of Bobby. All the others were watching too. I let go of him "We'll settle our shit another time. Everyone needs to be on watch tonight. Lock down your family and know where they all are. We don't even know who's coming for us but be damn sure that they are coming." I should have added thank Bobby for that but I didn't. Cause if I got my way about it Clay wouldn't be breathing anymore.

After getting the boys and Gemma to the clubhouse I made sure that the Prospects understood what was going down. I was gonna go home. My house or Gemmas house should be the first place they come to look. I'm packing a bag and going back to the clubhouse to stay there to watch over my family. What once was a happy home with a family is now empty and broken.

I tried to sleep on our bed last night but all I did was toss and turn. I missed her warmth and just knowing she would be there will a beautiful smile on her face when I woke up. It's true what they say; enjoy every second of life. You're on top of the world one day and everyone is trying to bury you the next, even though you're still alive and still breathing.

Gemma already had the boys fed and in bed when I got back. Nero was with her and he asked if it would be cool if he hung out for the night here too. I have no problems with him and think he's a pretty good guy. But Gemma will ruin him and take from him until he has nothing left in him to give to her. Maybe it's not her fault she's like that but, she will end up fucken up his world too.

I didn't wanna leave Lyla and the kids unprotected cause they have suffered enough heart aches already "Nero do me a favor. Call Lyla and tell her she needs to bring the kids here for the night to stay. But try not to upset her too much. She's been through enough."

I went in and sat down on the bed watching Abel and Thomas sleep. Maybe I should have listened to Tara and got out sooner or maybe it wouldn't have made a difference anyways. All I know is what started out being turning the club around and making something that my boys could be proud of being a part of; has turned into more mayhem and tearing my family apart. I was to tired to think anymore and curled up with them to try to sleep.

Leaving to go see Tara I wanted to make sure Gemma was okay before I left "I'm okay baby. I've been through so much shit over the years with the club, this is just one more thing that we have to over come and conquer. The only thing I don't think I could stand is loosing my boys. Because I'm dead without you, Abel and Thomas in my life." She hugged me and I hugged her back. Family is the most important thing in our world and that has been drilled in my head from when I was young. But Gemma drew first blood with me and even though I will protect her with my life, I won't forget.

I was sitting at the visiting booth when they brought Tara in. She looked worn out and without any emotions right now. The only way we could talk was on the phone "Jaxs why am I still here? You promised me that no matter what you would take care of this and protect me. I can't even be there to kiss my babies good night. Do you know how that makes me feel being separated from them and not knowing what is happening to them? Who is watching over them? You better not tell me your mother either. "

"I'm working on getting you out of here. I just need time to raise the money. I promise I won't let you down. I love you Tara and I would have never asked you to go see Otto if I thought anything like this was going to happen, I swear."

Now came the part I already know she's not going to understand "They boys are with Gemma but it's complicated right now. Clay made bail and I need to keep them all close to me."

She started crying "How is that even possible Jaxs? You said if we got Popes..."

I stopped her from talking. I've been in here enough to know they record all calls "This isn't the time to talk about that."

"I should have never came back to Charming. Look how my life has turned to shit since then. Not only my life but the boys too. The longer were here the worse it's going to be. I love you Jaxs but marrying you means I'm married to the club too. I'm begging you once I get out lets just go. Pack everything and get the hell out of here." I still don't think Tara is seeing the reality of who I really am and who she has become being with me.

"It's not that simple anymore Tara. With all this shit coming down on me, them charging you and Clay getting out; I can't leave now." By the look on her face that's not what she wanted to hear.

"Then you leave me no choice. I'm taking the boys and going to Oregon and getting as far away from SAMCRO as I can." That was not what I wanna hear from her. There is no way in hell that's happening either. That's the one thing that Gemma and I agree on; I can't live without my boys.

Our time was up and the guard came to take her back to her cell "I love you Tara and I'll be here tomorrow to see you." She hung up the phone without saying a word and wouldn't even look at me.

Maureen called me and she filed whatever paper work she had to so that she could find out who the witness was but, it would take a few days to get it. When I brought up what happened to us yesterday at the strip club and what she found out "All the charges have been dropped against the three of you. It was summed up as just a misunderstanding. It was the club owner that had them dropped a Mr. Roberto Mancini." At least something is going my way today.

Going back to the clubhouse I passed the strip club and turned my bike around. I was gonna put a stop to at least one of my problems.

Talking to the bartender "Hey, I'm looking for a dancer that was here yesterday. She's a short blond with long hair. She has a tatt on the small of her back." It was dark and I couldn't see what it was but I could tell she has ink.

"You are not welcomed here and I don't know what dancer you're talking about." I kept pressing him for something about her, anything.

A guy dressed in a black suit came out from the back "It would best if you left and now. We don't know anything about the girl you're describing and no one works here like that."

I remembered him from yesterday, he was here "Look, I don't wanna make any trouble. I just wanna talk to her. She was here and so were you. I would think you would remember since you had me arrested. Is Mr. Mancini here so I can talk to him?" More guys came out of the back and it was obvious that I've wore out my welcome.

The guy from yesterday "Boys why don't you show him out, please. You really need to take the warning and stay away from here or I will handle things my way the next time you come back. Do we have a understanding?" We have an understanding today but I'll come back and get what I want eventually.

Sitting at the table searching for a solution, some sort of plan of how to find Clay and put an end to this shit once and for all when Tig came in "Jaxs you need to see this brother. We have visitors."

There was a long stretched black Limo and four sedans parked behind it. Not exactly something you see in this neighborhood everyday. The guy from the strip club stepped out of the Limo and went around to the other side opening the door. An old guy got out dressed in a very nice Italian suit.

When the old guy got out so did everyone one else from the sedans; all packing heat "Mr. Teller I presume? I'm Anthony Mancini." He stuck his hand out for me to shake it.

I didn't shake his hand "What can I do for you?" Keeping a close eye on the guy from strip club and watching how he stood behind the old guy. He is connected to the old guy some way. Maybe his right hand man or his protection.

"I would like to talk to you. I believe we have some business to discuss."

I lit up a smoke "I don't think we do. Unless you can tell me where to find the girl." The younger guy tensed up. Just mentioning her gets to him you can tell.

Anthony asked the young guy to get something out of the car for him "Roberto please get what I brought for Mr. Teller." I slipped my hand inside my cut and left my hand on my gun not being sure what the fuck was gonna happen. Chibs did the same along Happy. But Happy just pulled his out and had it pointed at Anthony. Happy is one that handles his shit and never cares about the consequences to come.

"I can assure you there is no need for that. If I wanted you dead Mr. Teller, you would be already. Take a look around you." He was right about that. There was enough fire power in this parking to start a little war.

He opened his jacket to show me he had no gun on him. Roberto came over and opened the case. There was stacks of hundreds dollar bills inside of it "Is there somewhere we can have this discussion in private perhaps?"

Figuring it was safe to let Anthony come inside the clubhouse but I stopped Roberto at the door. Anthony told him to wait he would be fine. We went to the table and shut the door.

"I want to apologize for any problems that Lilyan has caused for your organization and I hope that you accept my peace offering." He was trying to buy me off. Which makes me wonder even more who the fuck she really is.

But I know everything comes with a price to be paid for it and to be throwing around that kind of money means the other shoe should be dropping anytime now "Who is she? Why are you offering this money? Please don't insult my intelligence either Mr. Mancini. I'm just a mechanic and a Harley lover. To earn that kind of money there has to be something illegal involved." I was letting him draw his own conclusions about SAMCRO. I don't know him and he don't know me. I sure as the fuck don't trust him either.

"Please don't insult my intelligence either Mr. Teller. I know what you do and who you are. You see nothing happens on the streets that I don't know about or can't find out about. You and I are not that much different we both just want to take care of our families and earn a good living. Lilyan is my grand daughter and she is a very good girl unfortunately; she has a vendetta to settle and no matter what I think or say she does whatever she wants to. The money is to make you back off from her. To receive that case that's all you have to do is just back off and let her settle her score. Word has it that your trying to make bail for your wife Tara and your step father has made bail. I'm sure that money would help in both those causes." He does know more about us then I gave him credit for. But still refused to give me any direct answers to my questions concerning her.

I wasn't even gonna ask how he knew all those things "I can't back off from her. Your right my step father is a club problem that I can't discuss right now but, your grand daughter killed the only lead we had that goes back to how to stop him. That shit is putting my family in more danger every day I don't know what the fuck is gonna happen or who in the fuck has turned on us. I just wanna talk to her and find out what information she knows about. But I can't promise anything if she gets in my way again. I won't allow anyone to hurt my family." Playing a poker move; I threw all my cards out there to see what his response was. If he's like me he will do what he's gotta do to protect his family.

"I'm not exactly sure what happened between you and her but, I won't allow that Mr. Teller. You will not hurt her in anyway. If I have to step in, I will. Now I don't think a bunch of Harley lovers would want to take on my organization but the choice is yours. I think your going to find that some of the same people might be on both of your list as a problem. But the only one that knows that for sure is you and Lilyan." He and I came to understanding and I was taking it to the table for a vote. I explained to him that yes I'm the leader but the rest of the club has a say too. He didn't understand that concept as he makes most of the decisions.

This new business plan was not one that I wanna put the club in but, it solves my problem with money and getting Tara bailed out. We even set up a meeting to talk about him buying guns from us. He was still being very vague about his organization and what role he played in it.

Anthony stuck out his hand again "Our families are good now, no?"

I shook this time "Yeah."

As we were walking out into the bar Nero was sitting out there with Gemma. He asked if he could talk to me "Jaxs man, do you know who that is that you're talking about doing business with?" No I didn't know all the details about them yet but I was gonna get intel on them before taking it to the table.

"They're Mafia and Pappy is their don. They're some bad ass mother fuckers. They are the eyes and ears of the streets. Nothing happens that they don't want to and they crush whoever gets in their way. They aren't from around here either at least not Pappy. I heard about him when I was running pussy up in New York." Now it's all making sense to me. Anthony is leader in the Mafia world.

I hope you enjoyed reading me. In the next chapter we will be meeting Lilyan and finding out why she is the way she is.

Submitted: August 18, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Petersgirl. All rights reserved.

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This one helped tpo tie in the pieces... I'm enjoying the read, & the plot twists even a little bit.

Wed, August 28th, 2013 9:12am


I really do love that you read me. But I write really long I am at chapter 33 on this story and almost 180,000 words cause I like to talk a lot. It helps if you have seen the Sons Of Anarchy. Jackson Teller....he does shit to me. Thank you for reading me it was sweet and coming from an author like you a very high honor. xoxo PG

Wed, August 28th, 2013 5:26am


You honor me with your efforts, as well as your visits, calling cards, comments, & sound bites... One thing is sure, you're more powerful than a mountain as you shake your twin peaks...

Tue, January 21st, 2014 7:31am


I have pretty good sized twin peaks. You show me yours hun and I'll show you mine!


Wed, January 29th, 2014 4:52pm

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