Precious Food

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

What if the enticing stranger Liam has been chatting with all week turns out to be very very handsome and very very deadly...

After a week of sending messages back and forth on that dating app, Liam conjured up his courage to meet his charming Night Owl. After 40 minutes, still nothing. Disappointed he asked for the bill.

However, the man who showed up when he already give up took his breath away. Drop-dead gorgeous, the kind of unearthly beauty Liam never encountered but something was terribly wrong with him. And Liam can't pull away from those bewitching eyes.

Table of Contents

A Blind date

Liam meets him for the first time... Read Chapter

A handsome stranger

Why can't Liam resist this man? Read Chapter

The app

Was it all a dream? A bad dream? Read Chapter

The warning

Sometimes there are thing we can't stay away Read Chapter

A black note

Peek in the dark manor of the ruler of the city. Read Chapter

The invitation

let's peek into Liam's pov Read Chapter

Tertius, the noble

Saving Liam and at what price... Read Chapter

The price

Will Liam get out of this mess? Read Chapter

A revelation

Will Conrad thanks his savior? Read Chapter

Who are you?

What is that mystery pull that works between those two? Read Chapter

Blazing sunrise

Who is really Liam Conrad Asher? Read Chapter

A buried secret

Who is really Liam Conrad Asher? Read Chapter

A prisoner

How will Liam escape? Does he really want to? Read Chapter