Beautiful Agony

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

He took me away from everything. He made me feel. He made me love. He hurt me in a way that was acceptable. He swept me off my feet. He loved me. I loved him.

Table of Contents

Beautiful Agony

My name is Lexus, and this is my story. I've been through a lot in my life, and experienced many things. Everything changed when I met Tristan again three years later. He was my escape from all the pain I felt. Love can be the worst and best thing to happen to someone. For me it was a bit of both. Read Chapter

The Morning After

I woke up the next morning with an unrelenting pounding in my temples. I got home around one in the morning. Tristan and I spent most of ... Read Chapter

The Reveal

My IPhone buzzed with music. I reached over to grab it 6:15am it read. Time to get ready for school. I decided to wear a dark red sleevel... Read Chapter

The Day Before

Authors note: I apologize this chapter is fairly short! The next one will be longer, and filled with all sorts of incest! xoxo,Lara &... Read Chapter

The Benefit

These public events always make me nervous. People tell me I’m likeable and I can always hold a good conversation even if I’m anxious... Read Chapter

The Drugs

  My mom has classes so Tristan drives me home Saturday morning. He ordered room service for breakfast and didn’t pry when I t... Read Chapter

The Escape

Authors note: This chapter contains BDSM contents. It's not exactly hardcore, but just a warning. Hot sex also follows. ;) xoxo,Lara ... Read Chapter

The Visit

Once we come to the realization that we’ve left Kenna alone with Max, I rush to get dressed. I don’t even bother trying to fix my jus... Read Chapter

The Takeoff

Now I’m not going to lie, I’m not much for trust. But I really think I trust Tristan, how can I not? He’s seen some of my demons an... Read Chapter

The Arival

 When I wake Tristan is fully dressed hovering over me with a glass of orange juice. I rub my eyes and sit up. “Were almost th... Read Chapter

Tasty Mornings

Authors note: Are you guys enjoying the story? I want to know! Should I keep writing? Any advice? xoxo,Lara     ... Read Chapter


Authors note:  The next chapter will contain, a foursome of sorts. ;) xoxo,Lara   First we visit The Arch de Triomphe. ... Read Chapter

Fucking Twister

We stumble out, and into the hotel. We giggle and I run my hands down my boyfriend’s torso in the elevator. As we enter our room Kenna ... Read Chapter

Happy Birthday

Authors note: are you all enjoying the story? The next couple of chapters are packed with drama, espically when they get back home! I wan... Read Chapter