Police Business

Police Business Police Business

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Everyone loves a crooked cop...right?


Everyone loves a crooked cop...right?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Police Business

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Everyone loves a crooked cop...right?

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 10, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 10, 2014



~~>>> thoughts?<<<

I had that pinch in the back of my mind telling me that something terrible was about to happen. It started the minute chief called us all in late at night, twelve o clock none the less. Told us local drug lords were holding up inside an abandoned apartment on main street. We were to go and scan and sweep taking everyone into custody.

Sounded easy until i started to question why he called in twice as many people than needed and why were we doing a live broadcast scan and sweep? It made no sense but orders were orders.

With that nerve racking thought i slide my pistol in my holster and straighten my police cap that had my camera in it. I quickly moved my small self between everyone to hear the lead of this case.

"Alright guys you heard the captain! We are in then out. Lets try to keep the bloodshed to zero. If provoked use the teaser. Okay people lets move!"

i blew out a huge breath and followed the flow of people into the building. I ignored the stupid comments about bring the 'midget' along or the four eyed troll. If they had any brains they would know that i could have them face planted eating concrete in ten seconds flat. I didn't go to the military and police academy for nothing.

The thumping of music flowed through the long stairwell. Dirty,dim lights flickered as we went up the rottening stairs. Kyle, the lead, motioned to the door blasting Techno music, a good choice i might add. Everyone took out their pistols and turned on their cameras.  Kyle counted backwards to one before slamming open the door.

"Everyone on the ground!" his voice yelled in between the thumping beat.

We followed inside and that was when i got the first glimpse of what i thought were the most beautiful creatures on this planet. Flawless and completely deadly. They were lazed around on bean bag chairs and sofas when we had came in yelling waving flashlights in their faces. Wrong thing to do.

Kyle swung his light in a man's face making him wince and hiss at him. I watched Kyle's eyes grow as big as mine at the sight of the red stained mouth sporting, and the weed fumes are not messing with my head now, fangs. Fangs like you see in the vampire diaries, fangs. Shivers ran down my spine as i gluped and my get the fuck out of there feeling kicked into high gear.

My eyes traveled to the unconscious body's on the floor. No chest movement or normal body color. Either they are dead or they are dead..

My eyes traveled back to the red mouthed guy as he stood slowly staring at the scared shitless face of Kyle. The man stepped towards him and something snapped inside Kyle at that moment. Rapid gunfire sliced through the Techno music and set off a chain of events.

All the doped up, God like people were shot at from my coworkers and screams started to fill the air. It wasn't their screams though..

"Get off me you-" I muffled my scream as i watched the man latch onto Kyle's neck with his mouth digging his claw like hands into his body. Kyle was limp in seconds and so followed the trend of deaths to my coworkers.

Terror seeped into my body as i stumbled backwards through the mist of weed and the wet screams. I ended up in a kitchen where two people were making out in the corner paying no mind to the chaos unfolding just feet away. Filling in heaps of air in my lungs, i moved onto another door. I had to get out of this bloodfest. One thing for sure, if im caught i was surely dead.

I flung open a door entering a dirty room. Almost crying when i saw the balcony door i scrambled towards it kicking it open. Fresh air entered my lungs and thoughts of living another day flew through my mind. Gripping the railing i prepared myself to jump on the next building's roof.

Counting to three i jumpped from the rail into the night air. From my quick calculations, i would have made it without damage if i hadn't been yanked back on the ankle making me slam face first into the railing.


I woke up to an indescribable pain thumping in my forehead and wrists. Groaning i turn to roll over only to have the rattle of chains ring in my ear as the dropping feeling filled my stomach. Last nights dinner flew out of my mouth onto the dirty floor below my feet. Trying to open my eyes i felt a dull pain as well as a cloth covering them drowning me in darkness. i caught the whimper that threatened to pass my lips, i will not freak out, im calm and collective. The throbbing headache and the bitter taste in my mouth told another story.

My ears perked up to the echo of a door opening and footsteps entering. I clenched my teeth as they came closer, standing just a few feet away.

"So this is how you treat a lady on a first date? Where are your manners?" my voice came out dry and weak as my remark echoed in the room. I had the habit of turning into a smart ass when things weren't in my control. Take this situation for example.

Someone scoffed and i heard the shuffle of feet. I raised my eyebrows still waiting for a reply from these..people? I knew they looked normal but they really were far from it.

"And why did you keep this one?" a deep voice to my left asked out loud.

"Her gun was full and she almost escaped. I say that's a hell of a reason to keep her." a female voice said back. I frowned, she is lying.


"No! I will not. Im not like you and your idiotic friends." shuffle of footsteps sounded. "Please brother..." they trailed off in whispers making me sigh hugely.

"If your going to kill me then can you please get on with it?" i said tugging a little on the chains. They were really starting to dig into my wrists probably making them red.

"See she wants to- "


The opening of a door, "Zane!  Were the hell have you been man! Oh shit!" the new voice laughed and the sound of a slap on the back sounded. "Look at this fine catch! Frank look at this police chick."

"Lovely." someone mumbled without interest. I rolled my eyes and tried to make it seem the cuffs weren't hurting as much.

i jumped at the feel of cold fingers on my exposed stomach where my shirt had rode up. Gritting my teeth i tried to stop my heart from beating so fast and leaned backwards away from the cold fingers.

"Don't touch her you dumb idiot! " Zelda hissed slapping the traveling hand away from me.

"Awwe be nice and share your toys."

"That's enough Ricky." Zane sighed.

"Oh come on- "

"Lets go to Acid."

A sigh sounded, "We'll be back to play some more." Ricky chuckled. I felt a quick, cold tap on my cheek followed by a stream of hisses. He laughed and exited the room along with others. I let out a breath i didn't realize i was holding. What the hell am i going to do.

"Shit!" i tumbled to the floor as my wrists were set free. Quick hands went to work on my ankles freeing them as well.

"Sorry. Guess i should have warned you." Zelda said once she finished my right leg.

I ripped the blindfold off which wasn't the smartest thing to do. "Holy shit!" my hands flew to my eyes shielding them from the bright room.

"Ew. i can't believe i didn't notice that. Get up."

I blinked a few times before zooming in on the short brunette blue eyed girl looking at me in disgust. She pointed to the ground and took a few steps backward. Following her gaze, i quickly got up from the mess i made earlier. She was right, this is disgusting.

" Come on lets get you in clean clothes." she turned in her four inch heels and clicked her way to the door in the wall. i stumbled a bit taking in the plain white room with only the chains on the wall that decorated the place. What a weird place to take a hostage.

"Hurry up before i leave you in hear for a week with no food." she said scrunching up her noise as she held the door. Quickly and cautiously moved to follow her into a dim hallway.

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