The Need

The Need

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Jasmine and Mike have been married for a year, but Mike's business keeps him out of the country for quite a bit. Jasmine has a career and is an entrepreneur; she has yet to go with Mike on his excursions. There are two reasons for that: one, Mike is afraid and two, no one knows they're married. Right now, it's been three months since they've spoken to, seen or held each other. Jasmine has broke and is an emotional wreck. Needless to say, so is Mike.


Jasmine and Mike have been married for a year, but Mike's business keeps him out of the country for quite a bit. Jasmine has a career and is an entrepreneur; she has yet to go with Mike on his excursions. There are two reasons for that: one, Mike is afraid and two, no one knows they're married.
Right now, it's been three months since they've spoken to, seen or held each other. Jasmine has broke and is an emotional wreck. Needless to say, so is Mike.


Submitted: August 25, 2018

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My slippers click clack as I bound down the stairs to my husband's study. I know Charles, our head of security is in there looking at video footage, or talking to someone on the team; I don't know. I don't care. I need to talk to my husband; it's been three months. 

I know I look a mess. My robe isn't tied tight enough and my weave is all over my head. I. Don;t. Care. 

I burst through the office doors giving Charles a stern look. 

"Ma'am..." He stands up quickly, holding his cell phone away from his ear. 

"No more FUCKING MA'AM. Where is Michael? He should have been back thirty days ago and you keep brushing me off." 

I must say, right here, we are mob family; both Mike's Russian Side and my black/Italian side. When we married it was a two week affair in Italy, Russia, and the States. Michael, at 45 years of age, is still handling family business. This job has carried on too long. 

"Ma'am, I..." 

"Stop it! Get him on the phone because if he is somewhere having an affair my uncle Donatello will kill him." I hiss at Charles. All I see is red; I never hear someone enter the study behind me. 


I spin around on my heels almost falling. Shocked and now filled with worry, I stand facing my father in law. Ivan is in my home which means my husband is missing. The air around me gets thin and my eyes start to blur. I look back at Charles but all I see is this brut of man shaking his head in defeat. 

"No, no. Papa no!!" I'm speaking just above a whisper as my father in law turns me to him and pulls me in a hug. This seventy-five year old man is a gentle as a bear as he holds me. "Where? When...someone say something." 

"We don't know, my princess. Charles has pulled all types of strings, called in all types of favors. Donatello has sent a team; we just don't know." 

My heart is breaking. I can't even think. He could be dead and no one knows. They don't tell me about these jobs because the less I know, the better it is legally. Yet, this time, they've lost my husband. My world comes crashing down around me. I can't see any longer. I hear this sound scaring me; causing me to look around frantically. Everything goes dark when I realize, the sound I'm hearing, are my own screams. 



Two months.Two fucking long months I've been gone.  I've been....fuck where have I been? 

I hear some music playing as I try to remember, anything. The only thing I remember is my wife's smiling face. Jasmine. Opening my eyes, an excruciating pain shoots through my head. 

"Ugggh..." I close them again hearing someone rush in to where ever I am. Someone starts speaking frantically in Spanish. 

"Doctor, doctor, está despierto." (Doctor, he's awake)

I'm in the hospital. Oh no. How long have I been here? 

The doctor starts flashing a light in my eyes, it's so bright, I push his arm away. 

"Senor? Senor? Sir, can you hear me? Se, habla espanol?" 

"Si, puedo oirte y si, hablo espanol."

"Bueno, good." 

¿Cuánto tiempo he estado aquí?

"Usted ha estado aquí por treinta días, señor. ¿Prefieres inglés?"
Thirty days. I've been here for thirty days. 
"I'm Doctor Pedrosa; we found you in the desert beaten badly." 
Everything comes rushing back to me, I start to get ill; heaving the nothing in my stomach. 
"I need a phone. I need to contact some people to come get me." 
"We washed your clothing, sir, you had no identification. Can you tell me your name?" 
"Goodman, Sean Goodman." 
"Very good; stay here resting; I will have the nurse bring you a phone." 
Opening my eyes, bearing through the pain, I look around the room. This hospital room looks like I'm in one of the lost villages of the Saharah, but he spoke fluent Spanish. I'm very far from where I started two months ago. Those bastards are going to pay; thirty extra days away from my wife, a job not finished and I can imagine what my father is going through trying to find me. 
When the nurse brings me a phone, I notice quickly its a burner phone.She smiles and says, "Where we found you is where the cartel dumps bodies. Someone wanted you to be found, Senor. They didn't bury you alive." 
"Cartel? Where am I?" 
"Oh God." My head is reeling again. 
There is only one number I remember by heart. It's my brother's office number. The only landline he has in his house;we purposely use it in emergencies. 
Ryan picks up on the first ring. 
"This better be the fucking call I've been waiting on." He hisses into the phone. He's quiet so I know people are around him. 
"Columbia..." I look over at the nurse pouring me some water. She mouths Bogota. "Fuck, I'm in Bogota." 
"Not a problem. Unc has some people there, you're out in 24-48 hours." 
"She's not good." Ryan hangs up. I hand the phone back to the nurse. She throws it in the fireplace that been burning in my room. Jasmine isn't good. My heart breaks as she is all I can think about even after my Uncles men find me and have me on a plane in less than 24 hours. 
Jasmine is all I can think about as I settle into the bed on the jet. 
Three days after my screaming fit, I finally come out of my room and sit with the family. My Uncle Donatello's wife, makes a meal for us all. I pick at my salad, smile and talk. The mood is light, but I barely hear what they are talking about. Ryan comes rushing in the dining room but my Father in law raises his hand to silence him. 
"Princess, you've eaten; go get some rest while the men here talk." 
I just nod and walk away. After my shower, I get back in bed praying for better news tomorrow. 
I sit straight up in the bed. I feel him. Tears are brimming at my eye lids as I consider it was all a dream. But then, I hear him breathing. I sit up letting the sheet fall from my body. The breathing was slow at first then it hitches when my breasts become exposed. 
I flip on the light next to my bed illuminating our master bedroom. Standing by the door, with a full beard, looking exhausted, is my husband. 
"Oh my God, Michael!" I jump out of bed and run over to him, kissing every inch of his face including his sexy beard. 
"My love, I've missed you!" He exclaims removing his clothing backing me up towards the bed. "I'm so sorry. I know you were worried." 
"What...happened?" I ask between kisses, but I don't get my answer. Mike throws me on the bed and strips out of his pants. 
"Jasmine..." I barely hear him as his dick stands at attention. Is it bigger than I remember?
"I need you."
Looking up into his eyes, I see what we both feel; love and desire. "Always." 
Climbing on top of me he pulls me up towards the pillows. I part my legs to welcome him home; Mike wastes no time entering me. 
"OHHHHH, yes, Mike!" 
As Jasmine screams my name, I keep fucking her with long strokes. I need her. I missed her. I love her. My wife. She wraps her legs around my waist causing me to go deeper inside her. Three fucking months. I hit the hilt so hard her head hits the headboard. 
"I'm sorry baby." 
"No, no, Mike, don't stop. Deeper, baby." 
I reach up to hold onto the headboard with both hands and screw the life out of my pussy. Yes, it's mine. All mine. Jasmine nips and sucks on my chest while raking her nails on back. She hasn't seen the bruises on my body yet. I can feel my release coming quickly. 
"Baby, I'm cuming. I can't hold back." 
"Let go, my love. I'm cuming with you." 
" good, baby." I slow my strokes knowing I want more but my head is spinning. I pull out slowly reaching down to pull the sheets over us. As my head hits the pillow, Jasmine reaches to turn the lights off; she sees the bruises all over my body. 
She gasps. I pull her close and hit the light. Kissing her lips, I whisper, 
"Babe, we'll talk about it later. I just want to hold you." 
I'm awakened by a phone ringing. I try to turn towards the ringing, but I realize, Jasmine is laying on me. I open my eyes and turn to my head to the left; The phone ringing has a note on top with my name on it. Someone in the family came in while we sleeping and put it on the night stand. I answer noticing there's a money clip, a gun clip, and keys next to it. 
"You have one hour. Pop and Uncle Donatello want ot meet with us in the garden." 
"Yep." I hang up and kiss my baby's head. I need another fucking before I go meet with the family. 
I start caressing her back lightly with my fingertips causing her to stir in her sleep. The way she's laying on me, I have perfect access to her cunt with my fingers. I squeeze one ass cheek then slide my fingers across her crack until I feel the moistness of her pussy lips. I smile to myself. My baby is wet for me. 
"Mmmmm, Mike..." I slip two fingers in right away without waiting. She starts to rock her hips into my hand as finger her from this position. I close my eyes and enjoy her purrs, and whispers. I feel her hands on my rock hard member massaging my balls and stroking me up and down. Then I feel Jasmine's lips. 
"Fuck, babe...." She's wasting no time going to work on my tool. "Jaz...." 
"Mmmmmm...what, Michael?" I open my eyes to watch her lick and suck me like a cherry popsicle. 
"Nothing, love, nothing." Fuck..everything! This feels soooo good. 
Her tongue flicks across my head as she squeezes my balls. I can't even finger her right any more. I feel my nut rising. 
I can't help but smile at Mike falling to pieces on the work of my tongue and my hands on his cock. In the morning light I can't help but see the bruises on his body. Those fuckers are going to pay for hurting my husband. I can't wait to put my training into use. 
Flicking my tongue around his engorged tip one last time before I decide it's time to ride. Mike doesn't open his eyes as I lower my wet pussy onto his cock. 
"MMMMM, yes.." 
"Hmmm mmm, ride me baby. Take all you want." 
I work my hips in a twirl taking all of him inside of me; going up and down in a quick rhythm. Squeezing him as I ride. "Michael, I missed you so much." 
"I know, baby. I missed you too." 
My lusty side took over as I pinched my nipples and squeezed my sized D breast. Fucking my husband and feeling sexy self was taking me back to the sexual euphoria from hours ago. 
"Mi-ke...I'm cumming." 
"Okay baby....." He grabs my waist holding me still he plunges deep inside me from this position. I'm seeing stars, "Yes, yes. YESSSS!!!!!! Gawddd Jaz." 
I start to squirt on his cock, as Mike fills my cunt with his jism. I fall forward. Spent. He cradles me in his arms and kisses my forehead.
"Go meet with the family, my love. I'll be here. Waiting." 

Sí, puedo oírte y sí, ha

Sí, puedo oírte y sí, hablo español


Sí, puedo oírte y sí, hablo españ

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