Office Shenanigans

Office Shenanigans Office Shenanigans

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


This is a work in progress. No names, just a lustfilled quickie between boss and employee.


This is a work in progress. No names, just a lustfilled quickie between boss and employee.


Submitted: August 25, 2018

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Submitted: August 25, 2018



After the meeting, he grips my arm and drags me into my office. 

This is it, Im being fired. I didn't handle myself well in the meeting, but I couldn't hold back. 

As he slams the door he pushes me up against the wall to the right of the door. I look up, but before I can say a word his lips are on my mine. What?!? Wait? My boss is kissing me. 

I push against his chest breaking the kiss. 

"What are you doing?" Inside I don't feel violated or assaulted; I feel something I haven't felt in over five years. 

I search his face. I search his eyes. I see lust, pain, want, and ....and what? 

He doesn't answer; he just stares back at me and licks his lips. I clench my thighs as my breath increases. He leans down to kiss me again; not as demanding as before but with just as much intensity. I don't push back. 

His arms, that were on each side of my head, encircled my body. His tongue parts my lips as his hands cups my behind. Against my lips he whispers, "This ass is mine." Quickly, he draws up my skirt until his hands are back on my lacy panty covered butt. I soon realize how soaked my panties are; my private area has betrayed me. 

Pushing his knee between my thighs, he parts my legs in order to help him get access to my sex. He's taller than I am; lifting me slightly he moves his head towards my neck. His lust-filled words draw me in, "I've wanted your sassy ass since day one. I can't hold back any longer." 

I gasp as one long, thick finger enters me and he sucks, hard, on my neck. 

Thank God my hair falls around my neck to hide what will be a mark. 

"Shhh, baby..." Baby? Like seriously, "You're tight. Say the word and I'll stop." He keeps fingering me and sucking on my neck as a river runs down my thighs. I want him to stop, yet, it feels so good. 

Opening my eyes, I look over his shoulder at my office. "I...Uhm...." I'm blinking wildly as he keeps screwing me with his fingers and I rock into his hand wanting more. "This....oh my..this isn't right." I say with the same lust in my voice. 

Squeezing my butt cheek, and increasing his tempo of, now, two fingers in my sex,  he says, "Say. The. Word. And I'll stop. For now." 

I can't speak. I'm cuming now; full Niagara Falls flowing from me. With my hands on his shoulders to keep from falling, I lean forward and bite down on soft flesh of his right shoulder. Moaning as I bite down, I can't stop cumming. My head is reeling from this awesome sensation I haven't had in years. Vaguely aware of what is happening, I hear a zipper. 

He's still kissing and sucking my neck. 

I hear a rip of paper. He removes his fingers, pulls me up, pushes my panties to one side and pins me, more, to the wall.

I feel his erection against my stomach. I open my eyes and stare into his deep brown ones. I see it now, but am totally clueless as what to say. 

"Say. The. Word..." He's staring back at me. 

I make a quick decision. "Don't stop." I whisper. 

"Wrap your legs around me." As I obey his command, keeping my eyes on his, he attempts to enter me; there is a struggle. 

A look of dismay covers his face, "You have children...yes?" 


"Then why does you pussy feel like a fifteen year old virgin?" The tip of is cock is at my entrance. I want to feel him inside me. 

"It's been about six years since I had sex." I say dropping my gaze. 

"Fuck! I...fuck...I want you so bad, but not like this, if..." 

"Don't stop." I say looking back into his eyes. 

"It's been .....I've only known you...." I can feel the head of his dick enlarge like he will burst if he doesn't get this release. 


With my urgent plea, he covers my mouth with his and plunges deep inside me. We both moan into each other's mouths. He takes my body with each thrust, squeezing my behind as he enters me. 

"Mine." He hisses against my lips. "Say it." 

"Yours. Yours. Oh...gawd yes..." I whisper. My eyes shut tight as I allow this take over. Swinging me from the wall to the desk, swiftly sweeping everything to the floor, he lays me down. I hear, more than feel, my panties being ripped from my body. 

Mercilessly, he plunges into me faster and faster, "Oh, you feel soooo good. I'm cuming....gawd I'm cuming." Holding my waist, he thrusts deeper inside of me, "Open your eyes." 

As I open my eyes, the sexual euphoria doesn't allow me to see clearly. I can't stop the orgasms ripping from my body. My vision clears and I see him looking at me intently. He's holding back his own orgasm waiting on something from me, but I don't know what it is. 

One. Glorious. Hard. Thrust and we're both over the edge. He cums hard grunting as he releases.

I feel faint.

He lies on me and starts to kiss my cheeks, then my lips moving to my neck. Still inside me, I feel his cock jerk a bit.

"Marry me." 

"I....I...what?" Three. Maybe four months I've known him. I've let him, wondrously, sexually assault me in my office and...marriage?? "What?"

"I've watched you for months. The meeting we had when I hired you, I was intrigued and in love and................marry me." 

"In love?" Now I'm angry. "Get up." I hiss. 

"Please. Don't ...." He says pulling us both up. 

I straighten my skirt and shirt, as he removes the condom and fixes himself in his pants.

"This was a simple mistake, however, outstanding it was. A. Mistake." I cross my arms over my heaving chest; I'm seriously mad. 

His eyes soften and I see what I saw before; there is some kind of feelings there. He has feelings for me. Now I get why he's passed me over for everything. I shake may head and look down. 

"Day one, huh?" I ask. 

"Day one." He lifts my chin and pecks my lips, "This was sooo good, but yes, it shouldn't have happened this way. That sassy mouth of yours in the meeting had me rock hard for two hours. I wanted inside you, but," He reached in his pants packet and retrieved a small box. Opening it for me to see he asked this time, "Will you marry me?" Inside the box was a gorgeous peridot and diamond engagement ring. 

He's been paying a lot of attention to me. 

Again, I make a quick decision, I believe is because of my sex that is throbbing for more of him. 

"Yes. Yes, I will." 

Before I can rethink what I've said, we're at it again. Kissing. Groping. Assaulting each other.

Spinning me around and bending me over the side of the desk, I hear him put on another condom. 

"When you say, I do, these are over." He massages my clit with his cock head; my juices are flowing again. "Mmmmm, what a pretty sight." 

He slowly glides into me. In this position, I feel more of him. I feel how thick he is against my tight sex. 

"I need this. I need you." 

I moan my agreement into my forearms. He slides in and out, slowly, causing my climax to build to great intensity. 

"Please, I can't take it." 

"Mmmm, hmmm, baby..whatever you say." He quickens while reaching under me to grab my breast. Pinching my nipple he bends over as close to my ear as he can, "You know you're fired, right?" 

I gasp thinking, this is what he really wanted. He wanted to get me in a compromising position to fire me. This...prick!! I try to muster up a reply, but he swivels his hips and I'm cuming like a river. I can't say a word. 

"I can't have my wife, sashaying around the office, fine as hell in front of the crew. Nope. Not. My. Wife." 

The last word is barely audible as he tenses with one last thrust and explodes in the condom. Falling into me, we both lay there catching our breath. 

"My wife. Understand?" I nod as he pulls out and takes off the condom. He reaches over to help me stand to my feet straightening my skirt. After zipping his pants, he walks over to the bathroom in my office. I hear the water running. He returns with a warm towel he uses to cleanse me of the evidence of our escapade. 

Standing up he kisses me longingly. Inside his biker vest pocket, he retrieves two things: keys and a bank card. He hands them to me. 

"The keys to my house and my car; now ours. This bankcard is in your name connected to my personal account. I've had this card for a month, and the extra keys made last week." 


"Are you changing your mind now? --about marrying me?" 

"I was thinking, I didn't know how sure, or real, you were being." 

He tilts his head and smiles, "Very sure. You're fired. Go home and pack your house, I'll meet you at my place after work." 

He kisses my cheek and leaves the office. 



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