Hers: Freya

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Contemporary erotica

The Hers is a "work in progress" of a few books I have in my head. These ladies (hers) are described in some detail, in the midst of hot and sexy situations. Hers is the background stories of a full book, for each woman, yet to come. Each chapter is a woman who will have her own book 2020/2021.

Her name was Freya. 

Never quite understood why her mother named her Freya.

The only she had heard the reference was in King Arthur legend. 

Her mother stated it meant Lady or Noblewoman. 

Dark chocolate brown skin, brown eyes, thick thighs, natural hair, and big breasts weren't part of Arthurian legend or a noblewoman. 

She huffed. 

Frey was far from noble; at least behind closed doors. 

Like now. 

On Freya's mind was the man she bumped into while leaving the store. Picking up things for her lunch this week and talking on the phone she was truly distracted. When she bumped into him they both said excuse me until they caught each other's eye. 

Attractive man about her age with a salt and pepper beard and his hair pulled into a man bun. In a matter of seconds, Freya was drawn into his clear blue eyes, full lips, and cute Dad bod. Her womanly parts were crying out. She quickly said excuse me, ended her call, and drove home. 

Trying to get some sleep after a full dinner and shower before bed, Freya couldn't get the mystery man off her mind. She pulled out her trusty vibrator, from the bedside table and fantasized about the handsome fellow. 

"Mmmmm..." She moaned as she toyed with her clit in her left hand and pinched her nipple on her right tit with her right hand. 

Vincent, her vibrator, lay next to her waiting for his turn. She named him after a man she loved who died a sudden death over five years ago. Vincent, the man, was faithful. So was the vibrator. 

Thoughts of mystery man's beard burning the insides of her thighs while he sucked on her swollen clit and fingered her pussy had Freya frantically rubbing and flicking her engorged nub. Orgasm number one was slowly rising. From the tips of her gold manicured toes to the roots of her natural hair. 

Freya pinched the taut nipple between her nails causing the feeling of teeth biting down on the tip of her a double d's. 

"Fuck..fuck..." She exclaimed as she squirted on the bed. "Wow. Mmmmm..never done that."

Taking one finger swirling it around the outside of her weeping pussy, Freya let her head fall back and closed her eyes. Bringing that finger up to her lips she sucked it in imagining what the mystery man's cock would feel like. 


She didn't get a name or number. Just remembered his face. 

This was her problem in life. Photographic memory and sense of the future. 

Freya fell under the other meaning of her fictional namesake, especially from Arthurian legend. 

She could see bits and pieces of the future. Freya could call things into existence. She could remember every last detail of a person place or thing. 

Right now, she zoned in on his lips and his eyes. 

Inserting the same finger she just sucked into her wet vagina, she continued to imagine the mystery mister in her bed. Finger fucking her while biting her nipples. 

Adding another finger to her tight her whole, Freya squeezed her pussy walls around them is she fucked herself. 

"Mmmmm, yessss.....yessss.....I need more of you mystery man." Moving her hand from her sore nipple she frantically rubbed her clit to help bring on her next orgasm. 

Her pussy was wet. 

Her moaning getting louder. 

The sound of her fingers going in and out amidst the juices flowing from her started to sound like water from a showerhead trickling in the bathtub. 

"Ohhhh oh yesss...." She whispered into the darkness of her bedroom. She was getting closer when the sound of water became louder. 

Freya slowed her actions and opened her eyes. She took a deep breath inhaling the scent of a man's body wash. Swallowing hard, she turned to her left towards the sound in the area of her closet. Where the entry to the closet should have been was a vision of her mystery man. He was in the shower jerking off. His hand pumped away at a rather large, thick, veiny cock. His head was thrown back in what should have been private ecstasy. 

Never had she had this experience before; Freya never had a vision of this nature. This was real. This was in realtime. A private moment. 

But Freya watched returning her fingers to her pussy as she did. 

The head of his cock was just as engorged as her clit. 

He pumped his rod. 

She pumped her fingers 

"Oh, I wish I had your pussy wrapped around my dick. Giving me all you got." His voice laced with a thick Irish accent. 

I hope he's thinking of me. Freya thought as she watched him getting visibly close to exploding cum all over the shower wall. 

"Oh, baby those brown eyes are going to haunt me for the rest of my life." 

His legs tensed and his bit his lip. 

Freya was ready to release as well. His next words sent her over. 

"I wish I could see your face as I make you cum....fuck...yesssss.."

As he came she did too bucking her hips off the bed. 

"OHHHHHHH, yessss..yesss...." Freya let her eyes fall shut as she let the tremors of her orgasm take over and die down. 

The water was still running to her left, but something was different. The atmosphere had shifted. 

This was new to Freya having waking visions of a person. Most times it was bits and pieces she would pull together later. The way she was raised, people knew her to be prophetic, but she never wanted to be that person. She was false, as she told it. Freya's faith frowned on masturbation but it was her joy. Freya couldn't fornicate, but she didn't want to marry. 

Now, in the middle of what she shouldn't be doing, something was happening to her; something hard changed. 

She turned her head to her left and gasped. She was staring straight into the mystery man's clear blue eyes. He was still in his shower. The water pulsed against his the side of his face and trickled down his body. 

"How can I see ye? How can I hear ye?" He asked never considering he was still naked. 

Freya covered herself and shook her head at the man. 

"I ...I don't know. This has never happened before." 

"Something...something similar has happened before?" 


He frowned before he said, "You're not a witch." This wasn't a question. More of thought out loud statement. "How does this...stop? I can't have you watching me shower every time I'm in here, or me watching you in all your sunshine and glory." 

Freya laughed, "This has never happened. I don't know." 

"Must be a connection between us after we bumped into each other today." 

"Must be." She looked up at the ceiling pondering this new part of her gift. When she turned back to ask him some questions, importantly his name, the door to his life was gone. The room was dark again. 

She got little sleep as she thought of who to call about this part of her life new to her gift. Freya never desired to bother her mother with her visions unless they had something to do with her. For fifteen years, she said nothing about them. 

They talked often enough, but never deep conversations about her gift. Freya didn't want to hear her mother's condescending tone about not being in church and on fire for God. Freya was on fire for God and what he wanted. Just not the traditional church way. 

She woke the next morning by the sound of her cell phone ringing. She didn't answer. It stopped and started again. She rolled over and saw it was her mother calling. 

"Yes, Mama?"

"I had a dream last night." 

"Don't start, Mama." 

"Oh, I'm not. No matter what I think or say, I know God's got you. Especially after my dream." 

Freya sat up her emotions on alert. Her mother's voice was laced with worry. 

"O-kay, Mama. What's going on?" 

"Your birthday is coming up soon. You'll be forty-eight years young. Hmmm. Come over for breakfast, child, I have some things I need to tell you. It's time." 

"Time for what, Mama?" 

"Time to tell you full truth and extent of your gift." 

This has got to be good.

"I'm on my way." 






Submitted: May 03, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Pepper Gold. All rights reserved.

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