10 May 2011

10 May 2011 10 May 2011

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica






Submitted: July 03, 2011

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Submitted: July 03, 2011



When I get home you're not there. Putting the groceries in the cabinets I see a note on the island.

Dear Sam,
Went to the bar. See there.

Love you honey.

Without any explanation I know exactly what he means. Go to the bar looking slutty.

The bar was a little smoky as I walked in. I spotted him sitting on the opposite side of the bar, so I sat by the middle. The bartender asked if I wanted a drink, then asked to see my ID. Grabbing it from my purse, the two men next to me stared at my cleavage.

"I haven't seen you around here often young lady," his voice was deep and his cowboy hat sat a little crooked. The cigarette hung between his fingers as he drank me in.

"Well I haven't been here long."

"Oh, well let me welcome you and why don't I buy you a drink?"

I smiled. Looking over at Bob to see he is in deep conversation with an older guy.
Every so often he looks over at me to wink.


"Johnny, you get this little lady anything she wants," he tells the bartender before looking over at me, "could I bother you for a dance?"

"Sure, I suppose one won't hurt."

Getting off the bar stool he grabs my hand and walks me over to the jukebox. He flips through some pages of songs before settling on a slow country song. Grabbing my hand in his I lay my other hand on his shoulder, soon he is leading me along with the music.

After a few dances and some more drinks he tells me he has to go. He leans over and tries to kiss my lips. I turn my head, he ends up kissing my cheek. I go back to sit on my stool drinking the last of my drink.

Bob walks over, his hand slides down my back.

"Are you ready to go?" He leans in real close to my ear sending shivers down my back. I simply nod. I grab my purse, his hand slides down my back farther, landing on my ass.

As he pulls up to the house my door swings open and I jump out running up to the door. The rain begins to fall harder.

"Come catch me!" I slip my shoes off and disappear into the house.

Once I reach the bedroom I slid my dress off, throwing it off to the side. All I have on is my push-up bra and a lacy matching thong.

"I can guess you're in the bedroom," announcing as he walks through the house. I stood at the end of the bed with my hands on my hips.

"It's about darn time you get here. I've been waiting for ages mister," I say, just a little impatient, as he closes the space between us.

His large hands grab my hips and he lifts me onto the bed. Climbing on after me, he placed light kisses along my thigh. Just as he reaches my panty clothed pussy, he moves farther up, past my tits, and to my mouth. Kissing me his hands move back down to my tits messaging them and pinching at my nipples.

I moan into his mouth, just before I ran my hands up his chest and rolled him onto his back. Unbuttoning his shirt my eyes filled with lust, I ground my pussy into his pants. Getting towards the bottom of his shirt, I apparently was taking to long. Grabbing my hips again he flipped me on my back a little rougher this time. His hands yanked at my panties tossing them off to the side. Bob climbed off the bed and took his pants off.

Sliding his cock up and down my pussy his eyes filled with hunger. He lifted my legs up and propped them up on his shoulders. He drove his cock deep into me. My hands fell to my sides. My eyes rolled back. My pussy squeezed his cock nice and tight. And with his whole cock deep inside me, he moved his hips forward.

Once I caught my breath he began to run his cock in and out of me. The mixture of cum ran out onto the bed as his cock began to quicken in pace. His chest began to heave with the pressure building up inside of the both of us. My head moved from side to side and my breath became more shallow.

Bob grabbed tight of my hips and pulled me tight against him. The hot cum flowed into me stream after stream. Collapsing next to me, he wrapped his arms tight around me, kissing my forehead. 

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