04 July 2011

04 July 2011 04 July 2011

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Carly goes out clubbing only to scratch her her dad's car! When her cowboy in shining armor comes to rescue her & save her car, what will she have to pay?


Carly goes out clubbing only to scratch her her dad's car! When her cowboy in shining armor comes to rescue her & save her car, what will she have to pay?


Submitted: July 04, 2011

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Submitted: July 04, 2011



It was so easy up until the part where the cars collided. The keys had slipped noiselessly from the hook. Her father had even left early. The party was amazing. The part that was unexpected and going to most likely cause her early departure from the Earth was the faulty red light that had caused Carly to go through the intersection while the other way was given a green light. The black patent leather stiletto slammed on the breaks. The pickup mimicked her. Both drivers stepped out.

Carly's sequined dress brushed along the side of the jet black sports car. A thin, barely there, silver streaked showed. Stopping in mid step, Carly shrieked. She had just scratched her father's baby. The car that was worth more than all the clothes in her closet. She was dead meat. There was no coming back from this one.

"Are ok little missy?" Even though Carly knew she was going to die, the voice almost made her soak her panties. She turned. Only in Dallas could someone be returning home from a night club and see a man in near full cowboy attire.

"Uh, ummmm," she hardly knew what to say. She simply pointed at the scratch.

"Ya look a little young to own that, guessing it's daddies?"

Carly nodded.

"Follow me, I have a paint shop just a few minutes from here."

As the seatbelt fastened, she looked in the mirror. 'So hopefully this guy will take some wet pink little panties for payment,' she thought, 'Maybe he'll take a blowjob or maybe motorboating.'

Sure she had the money, but she didn't really want to pay the guy for the scratch, even if he was saving her ass.

He motioned for her to pull into the openeing garage door. The night grew a little more silent once the roaring pickup had been shut off.

"Ok, this won't take too long, it's a quick fix but it works perfect," he pulled out some tools that Carly had never seen before. "I'm Matt by the way, welcome to Matt's Paint Shop."

"I'm Carly."

The cowboy's eyes to every inch of her in. His cock began to stir. Frantically he thought of something to get rid of the hard on; dead puppies, his grandma naked, old saggy tits. But everything he thought of turned into Carly sprawled out in front of him in her dress. Carly naked begging for his cock. Carly's young, perky, firm tits.

"You look a little young to be out partying, how old are you?"

"Nineteen. How old are you?"

Carly had heard from her friends that oldermen were the shit when it came to fucking. She had never tried it but all her friends said they were ten times more willing to eat pussy than the twenty year old douche bags. That made her flirt shamelessly with every older man she got her petite hands on.

"Fifty-three," the large hands went to work on the scratch. He seemed very concentrated on his work, Carly stayed silent.

"Well," he said putting the tools away, "There ya go."

Carly could tell his eyes were moving over her body. This was her chance. She pulled open her black clutch.

"How much do I owe you?" She knew well enough that most cowboys that would do something like that would want no payment or very little.

"Nothing missy, I bet that car belongs to your daddy and I don't wanna let you get in trouble. I'm just helping out."

"Well come on," she moved closer to him, "There must be something I can do for you."

Carly glanced at his left hand. No ring.

"Anything Matt. You name it."

The small hand slid down his chest and to his belt. She tugged a few times on it.

"There must be something I can do for you."

Matt thought on it. She said she was nineteen, he knew of some of the clubs where if you had enough money you could get in. The pink sequined dress was loose around the bottom and very low cut and tight at the top.

When she had stepped closer he thought he had seen the starts of where her bikini had been when she tanned. He took the chance, halfway through he figured she would stop and get in her car and leave. But up until that point, he'd do whatever the hell he could get away with.

"Come here," he barely whispered. 'My god, her hand is much smaller in mine,' he thought pulling her toward the truck. He nearly blew his load lifting her into the cab.

Laying back across the console, Carly could tell her pussy was wet. In fact she was surprised cum wasn't running down her legs. The emerald green eyes closed once she felt his large rough hands sliding up her legs from her feet. Lightly placed kisses and nibbles brought her to the edge. Matt lifted her dress up to her stomach. Even the slightest touch was causing her to inch closer to the edge.

His tongue barely touched her throbbing clit when she started to moan. Not only that but she started to move her hips to get him to eat more. One hand ran up her leg and touched her sopping wet hole. Matt slowly pushed his middle finger in her pussy. There was no shock she wasn't a virgin.

His mouth was on her clit when she put her legs over his shoulders. His tongue flicked over her pink litle clit a few times before her heels were digging into his back. The sweet hot cum flowed into his mouth easily with a little coaxing. Once it started she showed no signs of stopping.

'This was his chance,' he thought.

All the guys at the bar would tell him about the young pussy they could get and how amazing it was. They often told Matt to remember the first girl and how damn tight she was. Compared to his ex wife, Matt could tell Carly was tight, but so was everyone. His one finger fit easily, but he thought two or three might be a struggle. Obvisously the cock she'd had before hadn't been very large or it had been a long time ago.

Before she knew it Matt's pants were unzipped and around his ankles. The eight inch cock stuck straight out from his torso. A few strokes and he pulled Carly closer to him.

She moaned when he placed the head against her opening. Moaning louder once he got a few inches into her. Her hips were bucking fore more. His cock slid into her more as her moans escalted. The next thought was that someone might hear her. Matt's solution was to stick his finger in her mouth. Just like he wanted she started to suck on his finger like it was his own cock.

With her pussy so tight around his cock and Carly sucking on his finger like it was the end of the world, Matt's cock began throbbing. His hips pumped his piston faster, deeper, and harder. It was easy to see her big tits bounce around under her dress.

Matt could feel his cock was about ready to explode. With one deep penetration he pulled Carly up tight against his groin and went balls deep. The big thick cock errupted in her tight pussy. Stream after stream of white hot cum sprayed into her pussy.

The pink panties were pulled out of Carly's clutch and used to clean up the mess of cum. She was about to get back into the car when Matt told her to come back.

"If you ever need some car matienece, I know some people sweet pea." He lifted her off her feet and pulled her into a deep tongue filled kiss.

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