writing prompt - GRACE

writing prompt - GRACE

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A friend's daughter asks him to let her practice having sex on him. Find out how he got to fuck a girl a little more than half his age.


A friend's daughter asks him to let her practice having sex on him. Find out how he got to fuck a girl a little more than half his age.


Submitted: April 25, 2012

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Submitted: April 25, 2012



GRACE by Pear Amongst Apples

THE WAY TO READ THIS STORY is to read the intro and there are 3 parts that may independently climax you. Each time you come back, read the next part. That is my tip.


I was watching a game of Hockey when the phone rang. My friend picked it up, and he said it was his daughter; she needed a ride. He and I went to her skating place by car, and we entered to talk inside.

She was developing quite well for an 18-year-old, with lots of curves and one of the clearest skins I’ve ever seen. Her father speaks to me, “She goes here every week, practicing her skating. She’s gotten awards, and it’s gotten her scholarships!” She jumps and does a couple of twirls in the air. She was phenomenally good. “She also gets good grades. Looks like she’s going to be an athlete-scholar!” the father says confidently.

After she spotted us, she slid to us and went in. She was a very animated young woman, “Hi Mr. Henski, how are you?”

“Not bad, Jelina, not bad.” I replied.

We walked back to the car as she started talking, and she didn’t stop until we were at my friend’s house again. The weird thing was, she was talking mostly to me the whole time. I tried to remember how many years it’s been since we last met, or how much she used to talk to me before. She kept giving me wide-eyed smiles that were quick. I, nonetheless wanted to completely resist since it is my friend’s daughter and it’s a girl half my age.

That experience almost faded from memory until she called my cell phone the next week. “Hey Mr. Henski, would you mind picking me up from that skating place you went to last week? My dad’s busy.”

I was weirded out, but, being a single guy with no girlfriend at the time, I happen to follow what young girls like her say, but only a little.

She was waiting again, and she started giving me those looks again. “Listen, Henski, I am going to cut to the chase; do you sleep with a lot of women?”


“Have you slept with a lot of women?”

“Well, I have had girlfriends.”

“Come on, we all know the single life. As an 18 year old, I am asking you: you’ve had all kinds of women please you, right?”

It took me a bit of courage to say it, “Yes. I, in fact, have one night stands occasionally.”

“Occasionally is good enough!” She said and continued, “I want to have sex with you!” before I had time to do anything but be shocked, she said, “Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to be your girlfriend.” She got her cell phone out and had a bunch of hand motion as she talked, which made it all feel technical. “Look, my father’s very strict with sex, and he won’t even let me date my boyfriend. But I only am the best, but not when it comes to sex. I would like to learn how to have sex so that I make it feel like the best. I can read all the articles I want, but the best way is to have experience. I would take classes or go to seminars, but you know my father.”

I was still shocked. “You want me to…”

“…do me in your place, but let me learn it all. Tell me the best way to please you.”

“And your parents…”

“My parents think I am skating and then going out with friends. I have to be at my place by 6:00pm.”


Pt. 1: strip the 18 year old

“I can’t believe you taught me into this.” I said as we walked into my apartment.

“I’ll be right back.” She said. She went into the washroom and washed up, but then she went out wearing a soft, white blouse and a red miniskirt with black panties. I could see her nipples as the soft material pressed against her chest.

I started instructing her all the way through.

We sat on my bed and it took a bit for me to work up the courage to kiss my friend’s daughter. We started making out, and soon I pulled her into me, with my waist between her legs. She wrapped her legs around me, her bare feet flexible enough to dig into my back. I caressed her legs. She stood up, one foot between my seated legs and another foot bending its leg above my shoulder and the foot placed on my upper back. I kissed her smooth legs. First the straight one, then the bent one, starting from the thighs and working my way up to her feet. At the end, she was lying and giggling while I kissed her feet.

Her lying body and her smile tempted me. I grabbed her mini skirt and pulled it down her legs, and out. She turned around and lay on her stomach. Her bare ass coupled with her curvy legs were enough for me to take off my clothing and hump her legs around. I got to her panties and pulled at them, “Your skin is good.”

After I pulled her panties out to leave nothing between my eyes and her bare ass, she turned around to lie on her back. “All waxed, just for you!” she said as I saw the bare pink flesh of her clit.

I rubbed at her bottom and top half, moving up her gorgeous midriff. She had –sized breasts and I sucked at he nipples. She moaned a little, and then she got up. She danced on the bed, half naked while she removed her blouse slowly. “Was that good?”

“Yes, you’re excellent. Now, let me…”

The naked girl waved her index finger at me, “Ah ah ah, not time to fuck yet.”

I was tired of anticipation by then.


Pt 2: Blowjob from the virgin mouth

She had special tying equipment and she tied me up. We were both naked, and I was giving her instructions.

The way this will work is I will give you a blow job, just like you said you liked it. But I will only tase you.”

I wasn’t looking forward to her teasing me all the ways I told her women have, but this was the only way I would get sex from her.

She started by touching it. She then moved on to sucking. It was erect, and she took time to erect it many times over. She erected it by sucking it from the side, sucking it while she was lying with her body wrapped around me, sucking my testicles, an licking on the sides. She then pressed my sex’s tip against her bare vagina and swung her hips around. I reached for her and tried to fuck her myself, tired of just lying still.

“I knew this was going to happen.” She said and pulled the ropes closer. Now I had no choice. She inserted me in and moaned.

She swung around, pressed her me in between her breasts, and even danced her vagina in front of my face.

At the end, my penis was still erect. She lay cuddling her naked body to mine while my heart raced. “Why aren’t you releasing me?”

She wrapped her legs even tighter around mine and moaned, “I nee you to teach me the positions now.”


Pt3: My friend’s daughter, naked and fucked

Never had any woman I slept with asked me what position I like. Also, nobody wanted to get creative with positions. This teen was the best.

We conversed as we stood naked, with her in front holding my erect penis in between her thighs. “Now comes my part.”

“Yes, I cannot avoid it much longer. You’ll have your way with me.” Then she turned her head with a smile, “How was that?”

“Good dirty talking.” I told her.

We fucked in all kinds of positions. She brought her magazine, so we had a lot of variety. I fucked her pink pussy sideways as she held onto the wall. I fucked her doggy style, while he practiced her moaning. I fucked her while she wrapped her legs around me. I fucked her while she tried her best to hold the crab walk.

The last time, we weren’t sure. Then I got an idea, “We still got the ropes from earlier, right?” We looked at the corners of my bed where they still were.

I tied her delicate feet and hands up. “You’re going to not listen to me and do it all the way this time, aren’t you?” she asked me as I tied the second hand.

“Well, nothing else left.”

“There’s one more…”

“No, you’re getting fucked completely, now.” I said as I tightened the ropes so she wouldn’t be able to move them down. She tried to reach up and untie the hands, but despite her legs’ free range, my bed was too large for her to even do that.

“Sorry.” I said, and was thinking of untying her.

Then, she said, “Just fuck me!”

This time I gave her my all. She would pull away all other times when I tried to fuck her too hard, fearing I will cum, but this time there was no way of telling. “You took a big risk with this, what if I was a rapist?”

She spoke in a quiet voice and in sntences broken down by the thrusting. “You’re..not..I...know..father’s..friends.”

“What if I refused, and told your father?”

“I..knew…you..wanted to..fuck..MEEEE!”

She started screaming and moaning loudly. She held on to my ass with her legs ever so tightly.

I said, “You could practice on me more if you want to.”


“YES!” I screamed.

“I’d..LOVE..TO,” she threw her head back as we both climaxed. Me fucking her hard and hr body squeezing my penis periodically. The teen’s leg wrapped around me tightly. “I’D LOVE TO GET FUCKED BY YOU AGAIIIIN!”

the end

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