Sexy Spies

Sexy Spies

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Being a spy is a lot easier when you're sexy. Elena and Katarina are on an important mission to get data from someone's mansion. Elena enters the mansion, running into some trouble with some guard. Katarina has to distract the party guests. But these are not problems that their beautiful bodies cannot solve. Join these spies as they dance naked, suck dick and get pounded doggy style in their spy adventure!


Being a spy is a lot easier when you're sexy. Elena and Katarina are on an important mission to get data from someone's mansion. Elena enters the mansion, running into some trouble with some guard. Katarina has to distract the party guests. But these are not problems that their beautiful bodies cannot solve. Join these spies as they dance naked, suck dick and get pounded doggy style in their spy adventure!


Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Submitted: May 04, 2013






There was a large crowd in a party that Mr Caher had in his huge mansion. Mr. Caher seemed like a well-done gentleman on the outside, but he was part of the drug trade, and he was about to get his ass whooped. One night, he was throwing a big party with over a hundred people showing up. It was a classy party with food, live music, people dressed in their fine clothes, and lots of balloons & confetti. He was making an impression on the fancy people around him, but he wouldn’t be making such a big impression when he goes to jail weeks later.

The 2 girls who were going to do the ass-whooping were Katarina and Elena. Before even coming near the mansion, they were prepared by their cop-friends. Katarina was a plump young woman with an even complexion and luscious hair. She wore an elegant dress with some bracelets and a necklace that night. She even had one foot lavished in an anklet. “So, are we good to go?” She asked pressing the speaker in her ear.

“Yes we are, I am about to make my way on to the roof!” answered the lady on the other line. She was Elena, a skinnier but still great looking woman with shoulder length jet-black hair. She was wearing a one-piece leather outfit really tight around her, and unzips on the front. She zips herself up, and she shot the big wire-gun till the tip landed on the mansion’s rooftop. She was ready to go in at the right time.


Meanwhile, Katarina went into the crowd in a limousine, and she asked how they’re doing with everyone. She went in and was an instant hit. She was gorgeous, and she could really keep the conversation going. She laughed in a very feminine way. However, she finally saw the guy. She was to distract Cohen and the others from going back to their headquarters up at the 3rd floor of the mansion.

She went up to Cohen, “Hello sir.”

Cohen was surprised, but greeted her back, “Hello, how do you do?”

Katarina didn’t lose eye contact, but Cohen definitely eyed her pushed-up breasts right then. With their tan, the breasts looked great, and so did the shape of her body in the tight dress. Katarina started talking about things with Cohen, and of course Cohen paid attention because she was so pretty, and was the most forward of all the women in the party.


Menawhile, Elena was on the roof, and had already swung over to the roof of the mansion. She was making fast progress, and she already fastened the wire that she would use to swoop down onto the window.

“HEY!” came a voice from behind her. “Don’t move!”

Elena put her gloved-hands up and stood up to turn around. The guard on duty tonight was supposed to be ignoring them according to the cops’ deal with him, but this was another guard. Somehow, the shifts must’ve been changed. Elena tried ot think of a way to get out of this. She would usually beat the guys up, but she was standing many meters away from him.

She got one idea, and she went with it, “Please don’t shoot, sir!” Elena said in the most innocent voice she could muster. “Sir, I just came here to rob, I have a poor family, you see.” She made herself look like a typical teenage robber. And in that outfit, she looked sexy with her hands up.

“You know I’m going to report you!” the guard said. “And don’t even try to run away because with one buzz from me,” he held up what looked like a tiny remote control. “…I can summon ten guards up in here!”

“Oh please sir.” Elena kept sticking to her act as he approached. She wasn’t feeling like the guard can just be knocked over, or he’d just tumble down the roof and everyone would know. How could her aggressive ways be failing her now?? Before she can think of anything, she was hand-cuffed. “Sir, I’m willing to just go and out of your business. Go back the way I came, I will. Just give me a chance! I won’t bother this mansion anymore.”

“Well,” the guard said. “You seem like a pretty mixed-up kid.” The guard went behind her and grabbed her shoulders to lead her to the exit from the roof. “I like ya’.”

“Do you like me?” Her hands went onto his bulge. Her tight outfit was practically unzipping as she breathed-in deeply. “If you let me go I won’t tell nobody. I bet I can give you a happy time.”

Elena spun around, and the guard was pinned against a cement wall on the roof, and he sat on it, while she put each thigh on each of his sides. She started kissing him, and then he kissed her back, but he never let go of that cell phone.


Meanwhile, Katarina was having a hard time talking to the rich guy, who was off talking to his closer friends. She was frustrated, and then she saw the pool, and all the bikini girls around it. She got an idea. She walked down to the pool, unzipping her green dress, which dropped away and she stepped out of it. As she approached the pool, she got more and more naked, and more and more people looked at her. Next came off the beige bra, which she dropped to the ground and left, too, and then came the pink panties, which were tight around her plump butt, but her butt was bare now, and her tan was even throughout her body. She finally stepped out of her shoes, and dove right in. That was when Cohen looked towards the swimming pool.



Elena was seated at the edge of the cement, now, and the guard had already taken her shoes off. Her cut feet dug into his uniform. She said, “I’m so hot, I want it all off!”

The guard grunted, and broke away from kissing her neck to unzip her from the front. Cleavage was instantly revealed, and then her entire belly. She gave a wild smile, and so he pulled back her leather outfit to pop her smooth breasts and hips out. Her breasts shook with every movement, and he grabbed at them violently as she moaned to every touch, her hands still handcuffed and holding onto the concrete behind and entangled in her outfit. Then, he pulled down the outfit to help her free her bare legs and pussy from the leather pants. Afterwards, she put her legs up and laid back as he fucked her hard, holding her beautiful legs and listening to her moan viciously.



Katarina was being chased by security guards around the pool. She ran around, wearing nothing but her bracelets, necklace, and her anklet. She laughed and smiled, and sometimes danced to the music. He swam for safety, but she had to come out somewhere, so she did. Cohen came in as the two guards were dragging her by her arms, trying not to look at her belly-button ring and her bare shaven vagina. “Let her go, it’s alright.”

“Really?” askd th guards.

“I guess, as long as it’s in the pool, it’s all good.” Said Cohen.

The guards released her, and Katarina smiled her biggest cutest smile at him. She started dancing around him, her bare hips swinging to the music, and her ass shaking and jiggling, often towards his crotch area. Cohen smiled with her, but he walked away, but not too far away, as he continued watching her. Everyone’s attention was on the naked girl, and there were even drunk men in suits that came up to grind with her. She felt like, as long as he doesn’t avert his attention from her and go up to his office, she’d be fine. She hadn’t received the ‘mission accomplished’ signal yet, so she figured Elena was still working on it. As she swung her hips, her ass-cheeks starting to feel the bare penis of the businessman, she wondered what was taking Elena so long.



Elena was now blowing the guard, sitting on the roof with both her legs to one side, and her head forced to his dick over and over again by his hand on the back of her head. The guard felt her body up the whole time as best as he could, giving her breasts a hard squeeze every time his big hands came across them, which made her give a moan through the dick in her mouth.

Her body was then turned around to a doggy-style position, except her arms were cuffed-back so she rested on her knees and a side of her face. He fucked her hard and fast, cumming inside her. The hot juice streamed into her and down her hairless thighs.

“Got it!” Elena yelled at her regular, non-innocent voice.

“Got what?” the guard asked, as he was sprayed with something Elena had in her costume that she had gotten out as it was entangled around her cuffed-arms. After this, she positioned the unconscious guard so that he can’t fall down the roof, and picked the locks on her hands. She put down the leather outfit, and, with only her mask on, she went down the window. The security footage of the room she entered and stole data from recorded footage of a woman with a beautiful body, naked wearing nothing but a black mask around her eyes, come in and steal data from the computer. When she came back, she had her clothes in a bundle in her hands, and the cops took her back into a van and they drove off, her still naked in the van.



Meanwhile, Katarina was having a tough time distracting Cohen. She was still dancing in front of him when he looked at his watch and walked away. She pulled herself away from the suited drunk guys dancing around her and said, “WAIT!”

One drunk guy was even grabbing her in the wrist or hips to pull her back, and she said, “Wait! Cohan!” She addressed the drunk, “Get off me, you…”

At that point, Cohen looked at her, and she got a buzz that the mission was complete. She could stop distracting him now. She got a pen and paper out of her purse from the ground and wrote her number down and gave it to Cohen. Cohen smiled and walked on. “Goodnight!”

“Goodnight, Kate.” Said Cohan before he disappeared into the crowd inside.

Katarina still had a guy on her back. He grabbed her in the wrist and a thigh, “Whaddaya say we get back there in the garden, huh?”

Katarina knew her mission was accomplished, so her naked body, shining with jewellery, was now still in the embrace of the stranger. She grabbed a condom from her purse and looked at the drunk with her wide, cute eyes, “Sure!”

They went to a corner of the mansion which was dark. He pinned her naked, sweaty body against the wall and fucked her up while groping her and sucking her tits.

“……!” Katarina was fucked good and he came hard. She left the party afterwards, and no one suspected she was a spy. She too got in her limo naked with her clothes on her hands. This seemed to happen a lot to her and her partner, she thought to herself.




Give me some ideas: What do spies do? What else can I write about?



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