Pearls - A Hot Music Video

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Here is a script to a music video about a sexy woman who wanted a lot of jewellery from her rich partner. He brings her jewellery, but she quickly sees these gifts come with a price; her submission. She succumbs to the rich guy's wishes, and he makes her body stretch, spread, and dance for him as he has his way with her.

Music videos are often made to titillate the viewers, but wouldn't it be awesome to have porn that plays like a music video?




The Song: It’s a pop song by a female artist, upbeat and a lot of electornic sounds.

Characters: W is the woman, blonde and tan with B, maybe C sized breasts. M is the man, with a suit on, probably W’s rich partner.

Scene 1: Shot of inside a house, a room full of sofas and coffee tables,

W: A woman in a tube-dress comes in. The tube dress is grey and shiny, and contrasts against her slightly-tan skin. It goes up above her breasts but reveals her shoulders, and it goes down to the top of her thighs, revealing almost the entirety of her smooth legs. Walks in happily to greet M. “Hey…" Her eyes widen as she sees M. "Oh my god! Is this for me?”
M: hands her a big box from a jewellery store in silence.
W: Opens the box and looks at all the pearl and gold stuff inside. “Oh my god!” Bunches her hands up against her face. “I love this. I thought you didn’t want to get me a ton of jewellery when I asked you to, but I didn’t know you’d do it…” her words trail off into silence as she holds up one of the jewellery inside, which turns out to be some sort of gold-coloured collar connected by pearl chains to a pearl-chain thong. The camera shows her confused face look at M.

Shot fades to white and fades back in into the next scene.


Scene 2: Two shots, the White Room (WR), which is the present, and the Dress Room (DR), which is some minutes ago. This scene alternates between the two shots.

WR: Shot of W’s face as she sings with a neutral expression. The camera zooms out from her face slowly. We see that her arms are up.
DR: Shot of a white room where we see from her pretty chin & lips down to her shoulders and a little bit of her dress that went up to her shoulders. We see a hand come in and grab her dress, yank it down as she stays still.
WR: The camera is still zooming out as she sings on. She has a gold collar on. We can see her arms are definitely tied up, though the camera hasn’t zoomed out enough for us to see her hands, her arms are stretched almost as far as they can and bound together.
DR: We see her lower back covered by the shiny fabric of the dress, then the hand slides the dress down to reveal her bare lower back and almost all of her ass and then just leaves the dress there.
WR: the camera still keeps zooming out as W sings.
DR: shot of the lower part of her dress, the front of her thighs down to her knees, and we see the hand come in and yank the dress off to reveal pink panties as she stays perfectly still, and then the hand starts yanking on the panties until it cuts off, again she doesn’t move.
WR: camera zooms out on the singing, restrained W pretty far, almost coming down to her bare breasts until it cuts to her back, from which the camera zooms out far enough that we can see her entire back with her hair hanging down it, and her hands above her head, shackled together by golden handcuffs that seem to reach right up to the ceiling. She appears to be sitting, though it’s not a chair.
DR: Now we see she is naked; it’s a shot of her from lips & chin to her belly now, and she has her arms crossed to cup her own breasts with her hands. M moves in with a golden collar that has a golden chain attached to it. She jerks her neck back a little, but he still moves in.
WR: a shot of W’s head as she sings and rocks back and forth.
DR: again, the same shot with her crossing her arms. The collar’s chain is now sliding up in between her breasts, which hare still being covered by her crossed arms, and the hands finally clamp the collar around her pretty neck.
WR: The camera zooms out on her back even more to reveal she is sitting. She is sitting, naked, in a white room inside the mansion on a white piece of furniture. It is a very narrow couch without a back, and the fabric on it is loose and has lots of folds that hide her butt and genitalia as she sits there. Her bare, tan legs are on either side of the furniture, and her toes are planted on the carpet below.
DR: She is seen from her side, her hands shackled at her front and her forearms hiding her breasts, as she is dragged by her collar to the white furniture.
WR: M comes into the room, suited, and he is carrying something in a white pillow. She watches him, still singing with a neutral face.
DR: W, still shackled and being carried into the room. Her chin turns toward a life-sized golden sculpture of a penis, probably rubber, and she is gently pushed into the furniture to take her position, with her legs on either side. She approaches the penis.
WR: M places the pillow on a table next to her and gestures towards her. Cut to a shot of her belly and hips from the back and right side of her as she starts swinging her hips side to side while still sitting.
DR: W has gotten in position, and we see the hands pull her arms up and leave the collar chain hooked to the furniture. Her face is neutral as her hands are shackled up, and the hands that shackled her rub down her arms and side of her back and hips.
WR: W is swinging as M gets some sort of pearl chain out. It’s got two big golden contraptions at its ends, and he goes in. Once he is done, the camera shows her full front as she sings on, her breasts now have two round, tiny gold contraptions attached to them that hide her nipples, but reveal the rest of the breasts. Her breasts hang a little and there is a pearl chain that connects the two gold contraptions that goes downwards like a necklace. It goes down to her belly button, but not below it. We can see her bare body down to her belly button but the fabric of the furniture blocks the genitalia. She keeps swinging her hips periodically.

Scene 3: Alternates between Room Shot (RS) and Sing Shot (SS), which are shots of her from the back entering a large room and shots of her face with the camera zooming outwards, respectively. 

SS: a shot of W’s head as she sings, and she is lying down on something red with her hair in the upper part of the shot. The camera zooms out slowly after she says a few words.
RS: Singing continues in the background as W walks into a big room with really tall decorative door. The camera shows her walking from her back, and she is almost naked, her tan back, ass and legs showing. She is wearing a thong and a collar with bead-strings coming downwards. Her thong is just a string of tiny pearls that are just above her ass, and there is another string that goes from its center and right into her butthole.
Her collar is golden and laced with lots of pearls, and it has thin strings of pearls attached to it that come down in steep angles. It is essentially a skirt, except it starts at her collar, and instead of fabric it has a few thin strings that go down to the bottom, which is a round golden wire that is right below her ass.
The golden ring swings around as she walks in slow motion into the room, the strings caressing her tan skin.
SS: The camera keeps zooming out from her singing face and her hands seem to be tied up again, but she has some thin gold chains, one on each shoulder. She is definitely lying on her back, though.
RS: W is seen from her back, M’s hands remove the skirt by detaching the strings of her collar, and the ring of gold around her body falls to the ground. She gives a little sideways grin when her collar is attached to a gold chain. M also puts on some big and heavy necklaces on her. The gold and pearl is big on them. The shot shifts to her from the front now, her only wearing a collar with M holding her chain, and her thick necklaces cover her entire chest, except their weight pushes her breasts down, letting the sides and bottoms of her breasts be in plain sight. She’s also wearing golden panties, a dull-yellow triangle that attaches to the pearl strings that press against her ass-skin. Also her anklets and bracelets, which are thick, golden and laced with pearls.
SS: Camera continues to zoom out, but never out enough to see her breasts, but the two thin chains over her shoulders seem to go towards them.
RS: W dances around with the necklaces swinging back and forth but never revealing her nipples. She dances while M watches from the red bed in the center of the big room, and she walks close, seductively. Her chain is tugged, so she crawls to M on all fours at the tips of her fingers, her necklaces are down but still the camera does not let us see her nipples.
She comes in and on her bent legs, her torso in between M’s legs and her face looking up at his. He reaches down her necklaces with some more gold chains and she makes a whimpering face.
SS: Suddenly, she is singing but this time, she seems to have the necklaces. The camera shows her legs, free at sides of the red bed with lots of pearls and gold around her. Her feet caress the jewelleries on the bed. M is shown at the side of the shot and W quickly puts her legs together and bends them her way. Her arms are bound to the top of the bed, with her hands together. M then grabs her ankles, and she doesn’t resist as he binds her in spread-eagle pose. Her voluptuous legs are tied up at the sides, but they have enough room to be bent a little.
She keeps singing with a grin as her anklets are removed, then her bracelets, and the camera shows the body parts up close. Then, the camera shows one side of her chest as the necklaces are removed, and there is a gold chain that goes from her shoulder to her nipple, attaching to a small clamp that covers her nipple, and another chain goes out towards her thong. M is on top of her bound body, and she wiggles with her two breasts swaying back and forth, but her breasts never escape the grip of the thin chains.
SS: a shot of her from top of the bed, with her thong and the nipple chains, wiggling and dancing as she is bound.
SS: back ot the shot from side of the bed of her with M on top of her, in between her legs. He goes in, and she closes her eyes as his face buries in her neck. Now it’s a shot of them from top of the bed again, and M removes the thong and throws it away, with its nipple chains and everything.
WR: Shots of her dancing while standing in the white room, her whole body with her golden thong, and her nipples attached ot that chain and her hands bound upwards. She swings her hips and shakes her ass at the camera, bending her legs and even titling her head back in orgasm.
SS: He is still on top of her. His hips go toward M’s, and she opens her lips and eyes in orgasm.

The End




I am new to this script thing. How do you like this?



Submitted: January 13, 2014

© Copyright 2021 PearAmongstApples. All rights reserved.

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This is something new for me also. I liked it. So many imagery. I wonder who the singer is?

Fri, May 15th, 2015 8:43pm


This was more of a miss than a hit for me; I am horrible at scripts, maybe I'll draw it and animate it at some point in my life, but for now, no one will be able to visualise what I am trying to say *sigh*

As for the singer, I was just imagining a white blonde pop singer.

Sat, May 16th, 2015 4:47pm

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