Fucked in the Country

Fucked in the Country

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Maxie is a 22 year old antopreneur who is very successful, but on one of her road trips, she gets stuck. Luckily, a horny couple is there to provide hospitality. They have their way with the young piece of ass, and she lets them because "This is a one-time thing and who's to find out about it?"


Maxie is a 22 year old antopreneur who is very successful, but on one of her road trips, she gets stuck. Luckily, a horny couple is there to provide hospitality. They have their way with the young piece of ass, and she lets them because "This is a one-time thing and who's to find out about it?"


Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012



Fucked in the Country:

Maxie's Secret Threesome



On the side of the road, a woman stood in a neat red suit with a black shirt on the inside, which hugged her figure and contrasted beautifully against her curly blonde hair. She fiddled around her car, opening up the inside, and then closing it in frustration. Maxie’s car had broken down, and she did not know what was wrong with it. She was a businesswoman who owned several restaurants, and she was just taking a road trip to her new destination. She said to herself, “Oh gosh, why me??”

There is a man in his late middle ages in workers shirt and jeans, his dark grey chesthair showing, came walked in from the farm beside her, “ Heya ma’am! Somethin’  wrong?”

Maxie smiled, her shiny red lips shifting to the side as she does. She explains that her car is broken down. Before she knew it, she walks into the older man’s house beside his cabbage farm. This place is nicely decorated, and she sits down as a woman from the kitchen comes in. She looks of equal age, around 47 to 50 years of age. The couple kiss each other and offer her food. Maxie says, “ Oh, no thank you!”

“No no no, eat up, dear!” the older woman says.

The couple introduce themselves as Chek and Maeet. They are farmers and live alone as a couple in the countryside. As they love one another, they had become obese on the butt and belly, but they seemed like they like doing it with each other, anyways. Maxie wondered what their sex life was like.

Maxie is overwhelmed by the hospitality by the couple as she eats up, and Chek tries to make the car run again. “I can’t fix it, so I’ll drive it via my truck to the car repair shop. It’s getting late, so they should have t fixed by tomorrow!”

Chek delivers the car and comes back while Maxie takes a shower. She wasn’t going to, but Maeet insisted, “ Please, go ahead. We are so delighted to have you here!” and even started to unbutton her shirt, she said she’d go in. As she walked in the door, the older woman unzipped her dress-skirt and it fell to the ground, revealing her smooth, bare legs. She closed the door behind her, locked it, and stripped off. She was a bit startled by the touchiness of the older woman.

She saw the spacious shower room and was delighted by the artwork on the tiles. She stripped off her black shirt, her black bra and her black thong. Her body was smooth and had toned muscles that made her belly flat in the front, but her hips very much shaped. She had C-sized breasts that bounced whenever she did, and she had this tan that was very even throughout her body.

She cleaned herself and got off the water to notice a small, round hole on the wall that had a black, shiny thing beyond it. She wiped herself with her towel, and wrapped a huge towel around herself, which covered down to the upper part of her thighs like a mini-skirt. She also put a towel on her head for her hair.

She stepped out quickly to see what the black thing was, but as soon as she opened the door, Chek was there to bump into her. She fell on top of him, her bare legs against his, and her towel almost falling off until she adjusted it.

Chek said, “Whoa, be careful, ma’am.”

Maxie got up and walked over to where the hole was, and found a black cloth laid over a small window into the shower room. She removed it, and there was nothing there. But, right beside it on the desk, she saw a video camera.

Maxie saw the couple standing beside her, “Uhm, is this your family camera?”

“Yes, it is, dear.” The older woman replied, and she grabbed Maxie by the hand, “Come on, let me show you our clean dresses. I wore ‘em when I was a young gal like you.”

Maxie decided to stop the questions about the camera as she was walked up the stairs.

They went up to a bedroom and she was presented with all kinds of dresses she could put on. “Ya can even take ‘em if ya want!” the older woman said enthusiastically.

Maxie picked some dresses, smiling at all the polka-dot designs. They were all dresses that showed off cleavage, which hwasn;t her style, but for one day, she decided to try. After all, this couple are all that are going to see her like this.

She went into the closet, looking back at the older woman, who was staring at her. “I…would like to dress alone, please!” she said and the woman turned around. Maxie knew the older woman didn’t turn back, and it made her more uneasy. She didn’t get the qibe that this woman would hurt her or force her to do anything, but she felt like she was attracted to Maxie.

Maxie slipped into the dress, and her tan cleavage was framed with flower-pedal designs in this red and white polka dot dress that hung to her knees. At this point, Maxie noticed another hole that lead to a black, shiny object in the closet. Before she had a chance to ask a question, Maxie was dragged off by hand downstairs, where there was fiddling music playing.

Maxie was surprised, and she started dancing to Chek’s fiddling music happily, with the older woman beside her, dancing also, but then by the end of the song she had stopped and stated staring at Maxie’s tapping legs and waving hands


At night, the music hadn’t stopped, and Maxie was reading her files to prepare for tomorrow’s meeting at her headquarters. She noticed the couple were yelling around, drunk. She heard her name being called out, they gestured to her window to come downstairs. She smiled and did.

The couple was kissing passionately as she went downstairs. Maeet had her dress stripped half, exposing two lumps of saggy breasts that hung over her round belly, and they rubbed against her husband’s hairy chest.

“Wow!” Maxie said, “You two are getting busy!”

“We are!” Maeet exclaimed. “It’s our date night!”

“We have sex every Friday.” Said the older man, still hugging Maeet.

Maeet said, “We was hopin’  you’d help us out!”

“Shh!” Chek said to his wife. “She doesn’t HAVE to.”

“Well, we can still request it!”

Maxie was confused, “What?”

“Maxie!” said Chek, “We both get lonely once in a while. We like to mix things up and we don’t discriminate. We often run out of ideas, though, don’t we, Maeet?”

“We sure do,” Maeet replied. “We fucked our horses, goats, donkeys. Heck, we’ve even tried the chickens for a while.”

“I don’t even know how that would work.” Maxie said, with wide eyes, trying to smile.

“Maxie,” Chek said, “If you’d like to, you’re a pretty young lady. We can try it with you. If not, then that’s fine.”

Maxie was intrigued and torn for some reason.

Maeet’s tone was a bit more rough, “Chek, she receved our god hospitality, so it makes sense she’d give US some…hospitality!”

Chek asked, “Well Maxie, whaddaya say?”

Maxie looked down, her pretty eyes going from one place to another. It was a disgusting thought to her, but she wanted to do it. She thought, Oh well, why not? Not like people at the office are gonna find out about it! As long as I try to stay away from Maeet as much as possible, I should be good, she thought to herself. She turned to them and said, “Maybe for 15 minutes or so.”


And the next moment, Maxie was pushed on top of a laying barrel, and as she threw back her head, her chin gave way to her soft neck and then to her plump cleavage pushed down by the dress that hugged her to the skin.

Maeet started slurping away at Maxie’s legs, starting from her knee and pulling up her skirt to lick up the thighs. Chek started at her neck, and then he quickly moved to sucking at her pushed up breasts. Maxie let out a tiny moan and swayed her body a tiny bit like she always did during sex, and the couple were using their hands now. Maeet rubber from her ankles, to the knee, up her thigh, and then stretched out her black thong to finger her pussy. Chek squeezed out the 2 breasts from under Maxie’s dress, leaving the nipples exposed and the round breasts pushed against one another. He fondled one breast while he sucked on the other.

Maxie was pushed out of that position, and she was spun around on spot, wit hher bare feet against the moss of the farm. She spun, and she felt clicks all around her dress. Before she knew it, her polka dot dress pulled off. She looked at her almost naked body, and at her thong. Maeet thought that was cute, so she grabbed Maxie’s head, and kissed her passionately. Maxie wasn’t attracted to women, but she pretended that this was Chek. After all, they both had the same kind of kissing. While Maeet did that, she also grasped Maxie’s buttcheeks. Maxie swayed her buttcheeks as they were grasped and slapped contu=inuously until she realized her thong was pulled down. She stepped out of the thong, her elegant feet touching the little slap of fabric last befoe it was thrown into the moss below. She watched the couple get naked as well.

She saw that there was a camera in the open, filming them. The couple said, “Look, we usually film these. Again, it’s because it gets lonely.”

“That’s cool.” Maxie said. Not like people at home are going to see this. “Do you have a mask?”

Maxie wore a black feather mask which contrasted against her light blonde hair as she got into another position.

Chek laid on his back in the barn, with their cows and pigs all around, trying to sleep. Maxie was directed on top of him. Maxie got her face inches away from Chek’s erect penis and looked at Maeet questioningly. Maeet answered, “I’m not good at sucking.”

“Yeah, it usually turns me off.” Chek joked.

Maxie thought about it for half a minute, and decided to say what’s on her mind, “Well, my boyfriend loves my blowjobs. I can suck you good!”

Maxie popped the penis in her pretty mouth, and she sucked it as well as she could, giving little nibbles to the side and playing with the balls the whole time.

When Maxie was done, the penis didn’t look any more erect, but Chek said he was ready.

Maxie was guided by Maeet’s hands on her hands and Chek’s hands on her hips & upper asscheeks to sit on his penis. Maeet joined her on top of Chek, and Maxie felt the older woman’s saggy & sweaty breasts and belly against her plump and beautiful torso. Chek fucked Maxie, and the feeling of the dick inside her made Maxie moan out immediately. She knows why she agreed to this now. It was because she hadn’t had sex for a long time because of her busy schedule. Maeet hugged Maxie, kissing her lips and face in a sloppy way as Maxie moaned. Then Maeet sucked and fondled her breasts, which bounced when she let go.

After Chek had fucked her like that as his wife worked on her up top, Maxie was lifted up, letting Chek’s wet dick slide out of her, and she walked over to a couple of wooden boulders. Chek got the ropes, “Can you stand upside down?”

Maxie hadn’t done it in a while, but the couple said they’d help. She put her hands on the sandy floor and let her hair fall down as her legs were lifted up by the couples. Then, the couple tied her ankles to the ceiling with the rope. They also tied Maxie’s hands back as she hung from the legs, only her long, curly, blonde hair touching the ground. They had tied her legs insuch a way that they stood parted, her thighs making a sharp V shape to her vagina.

Maeet slapped at her thighs and clit and said, “Hot piece of ass we got ourselves, didn’t we, Chek?”

The 3 laughed, and Chek fucked Maxie’s mouth while grabbing her ass and back while Maeet licked up her entire body, including her elegand ankles, her figure, her youthful belly, her soft neck, and her upside-down hanging breasts.

Maxie thought of how this was the opposite of what she wanted. Although she didn’t mind Maeet, she wanted Chek to enjoy her body and make her feel exhilarated. However, Chek cummed inside Maxie’s mouth, and Maxie took this opportunity to swallow it so she’d be more sexy to the older man than the older woman. She was disappointed when Chek walked and sat on a bench and played on his harmonica while Maeet got in front and masterbated Maxie while soving her big pussy against her face. “I’m not stoppin’ until you cum, dear.” Maxie forced herself to eat at her and tried to think of Chek or even her boyfriend as the fingers went into her. She finally came, and Maeet stopped.

Later, the naked couple sat on the wooden bench as the naked young womangot off the camera view and took off her mask, walking away with her breasts bouncing and her bodacious body lit by the moon. She smiled at the couple, of whom she wasn’t going to speak of to her friends tomorrow when she would safely arrive at her department. She’d mention nothing other than ‘they helped me fix the car.’”

“Goodnight, Maxie!” the couple exclaimed.

“Goodnight, lovebirds!” Maxie said as she walked into the building.


The next day, after Maxie had gone, the couple printed out a picture of Maxie in her upside down sexy pose. Maeet exclaimed, “Oh yes, that is a beauty!”

“She was one of the best. Others had to betalked to for hours before we convinced them, and even then they didn’t have much fun. But glad this one liked our performances. We stil got it!”

They pinned the picture onto a wall that contained many other pictures, all of different women and all of them in sexy poses, naked, and having sex with the couple.

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