Fucked by Dracula

Fucked by Dracula

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


4 college girls are trvaelling Europe, but they get lost. They crash at a mysterious castle which has a handsome, young resident Racdalu. However, this gentleman sees them as more than just guests. He wants them in his harem, and he's got supernatural powers that allows him to sexually enslave.


4 college girls are trvaelling Europe, but they get lost. They crash at a mysterious castle which has a handsome, young resident Racdalu. However, this gentleman sees them as more than just guests. He wants them in his harem, and he's got supernatural powers that allows him to sexually enslave.


Submitted: November 02, 2013

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Submitted: November 02, 2013



Friday Fright: Part 2: Fucked by Dracula - Chapter 1



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A train wormed through a lush forest in the middle of a summer sunset. When it slid into a small town’s train station, the girls got out. They were taking a trip to Europe after their first year of college, and they were enjoying every minute of it, until now.

“Damn it, Kath!” Lerka yelled. “You were in charge of one thing. ONE thing!”

“Look, I thought it was the right map.” Kathryn kept looking through her bag, scrambling her items.

Ekaterina leaned against a nearby pole and said quietly with her usual high pitch, “I guess we can always ask around.”

“We’re in friggin Italy!” Lerka said.

Nicole finished fiddling with her cell phone, “Well, I know a little bit.” She went up to the people nearby, who looked like farmers, and she shyly tried to ask for directions. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, she gave up for now.

Kathryn stood up, “No, I can’t find those maps.” She looked to the horizon and saw a towering, beautiful, grey structure. “Look!”

The girls stared, and Nicole spoke first. “Hey, is that a real castle?”

Ekaterina said, “It’s so pretty.”

Lerka said, “I got a hunch we might be able to visit that place.”

The four walked through town, with various coffee shops and bars and people talking gibberish on the streets. Kathryn liked that her friends weren’t scolding her, so she fuelled the conversation. “I bet there are official tourist people in there so they’ll be able to speak English and point us to the right direction.”

By the time they walked to the castle, it was dark outside. Things were getting a lot more frustrating. The unexpected breeze made their bodies shiver; they were only wearing short shorts (and in Ekaterina’s case, a short cotton dress). They knocked on the tall, wooden, old door of the castle. It looked pretty broken-down now that they saw it up-close.

The door was opened by pale hands. The four observed the three young women behind the door. Two were brunette, one was blonde, and they were all gorgeous in their white dresses and with their hairstyles. They stared for a little bit at the girls, then said, “Hello, you must be from aboard.”

The girls were amazed. Kathryn expressed it, “Hey, thank God; you’re the first English speakers we met in this town. We got lost…”

The girls went in and made much conversation. The three were very talkative, and though they had a thick accent, it seemed good enough for them. The four were invited in, and the elegant fireplace they had was lit, which provided the warm yellow to the room. The seven girls talked on and on, until another person walked in. This was a man, and he greeted them, “Hello, we seem to have English guests here.”

“Hello mas-…I mean, boss.” One of the brunettes said. “We have guests.”

“Good good, make them feel at home.” He said and smoothly walked down the stairs. “I am Racdalu. I…uh…inherited this place from my relatives.” He shook hands with each of his guests. He looked to be around his mid-twenties, and he had jet-black hair that was sleeked-back, and the palest skin. “Would you like dinner?”

They all sat down to eat at their long table. After a while, the subject of the place came up. Kathryn took out her cell phone. “Actually, we thought this was a hotel, we should probably book one right now. Will you help us find one?”

“Nonsense. You girls are welcome to stay; there’s plenty of room.” said the blonde.

Racdalu agreed. “It’s great to have English speakers in our midst; we will tell you which trains and busses to take to really enjoy Venice.”


That night ,the girls moved into their rooms, and Racdalu took a special interest in carrying Kathryn’s heavy bags for her. Kathryn was delighted by their conversation. “Hey, Mr. Racdalu, why didn’t you eat anything with us?”

The handsome man smiled his usual smile, “Well…I am a very sloppy eater. I don’t like being watched.” And as the yreached the door to a fancily-decorated room with a big, red bed, he said, “And besides, I like making more conversation when guests arrive. It is the polite thing to do.”

“Is this my room?” Kathryn asked.

“Yes,” the pale man said. “I am giving you this room and one other room to the rest of them. I can tell you have worked hard for the past week, I want to give you a break. I will be eating a meal later in the night, though. Twelve o’clock. And I usually eat alone; the three servants don’t actually talk to me much.”

Kathryn smiled while making eye contact. She only hoped she looked good. Racdalu walked away and she settled into her bed. She couldn’t agree more; her friends were being very harsh to her. She thought of the guy eating at his table.”


A little bit of sexual fun here

She opened her eyes and she was on the long table, naked, lying with all the food around her oiled body. Racdalu was at the other end, and he raced to the end of the table, and stepped onto a chair beside her spread legs, and then on the table. He lay on top of her, unbuttoned his pants, and proceeded to fuck her. She moaned with his hands exploring her while his member violated her insides. Her hands squeezed his strong shoulders and arms.

She woke up. It was a dream. She looked at the ornamental clock in her room. It was eleven o’clock. She couldn’t believe she had such a long, vivid dream in just one hour.

The giggles and the loud words of the girls of the castle were coming clearly to her room. They walked by her door, and Kathryn crawled out of her bed and greeted them. “Hey, you girls.”

“Hey,” the smiling three said almost simultaneously.

“Your…uh…boss is going to be having a meal at twelve?”

One of the brunettes said, “Yeah, we usually sleep during the day and do our work at night. So yeah, he has his meals at night.”

“Oh,” Kathryn said. “I can’t sleep right now, and…”

The girls in white were already nodding their heads, their eyes wide. “And?”

“Well, I was wondering why don’t you girls ever join him?”

“What, did you want to join him?”

 “Oh, well…I…I can’t sleep so…”

The three intrude into her room calmly, and held her by the shoulders and carried her in. “We know exactly what you want to do.”

Kathryn saw between them on her huge bed, and she wanted to think of another reason.

“For all we know, she might be having a sex dream about him already.”

Kathryn said, “Hey, how did you know that?”

“He’s really cute, and if you want to hook up with him then we can arrange that tonight.”

Kathryn couldn’t’ deny it, the tight clothes he wore, the clear skin he had, and the humble voice; she wanted the boy with the heavy accent. “What do I gotta do?”

First, the girls got her to strip. “Don’t’ worry, none of us are lesbian.” So she did, and they examined her naked body. Kathryn felt it was strange that the girls were so fast around her; their fingers poked here and there on her skin and soon, with their handy devices, they had ripped and plucked all the hairs she had on her arms, butt and pussy. They got her to take a shower too. She was shy at first, not wanting to do it in front of them, but they let her arms down and parted her thighs, and stood in the concrete shower room with her naked. She shampooed her hair while they polished her breasts, legs, butt-cheeks, and back with their soap and sponges.

When she came out, they told her she had a special dress to wear. “It is the most provocative dress.” One of them said. It was in several pieces, and Kathryn wondered how to put it on. They glued various points of the soft fabric pieces on her with special, non-painful glue, and at the end, she had on what looked like a normal, tight blue dress. It made her look tall, but it certainly hugged her body to show all her curves. Kathryn liked trying on a different kind of dress, certainly if it’s going to get Racdalu to sleep with her. She was getting more out of this trip than the others.


The real fun starts here

Kathryn showed up to the dinner hall, and Racdalu was looking over some papers while the dinner in front of him released a dancing stream of vapour into the air. “Oh hey, I didn’t know you were still up.”

Kathryn stepped in in her dress, only able to take small steps because the tight skirt went down to her knees. She had bold bracelets and anklets and a big necklace filled with diamonds. She shone in the lights from the ceiling ornaments. “I felt like we could hang out. I’m kind of a night owl, myself.”

They sat at the opposite ends of the table, but the room was so quiet they could still hear each other. The two had a pleasant conversation as dinner went on. He actually ate stuff, and they were having a lot of time. He discussed his family background, a very distant family background that goes back to the 15th century. She wondered why there were no words about his actual family. She had some questions she couldn’t get to, like was it necessary to have a big sign on the side of the wall with RACDALU on it?

They got up after the meal and walked to the balcony, which had a pleasant view of the whole town, some buildings lit in yellow from the night life.

“I notice you are having difficulty with walking.” Racdalue said on their way to the scenic place. “You can make it easier, you know.”

“Can I?” Kathryn asked, and Racdalu’s hands got to her hips. He grabbed the fabric and yanked it, and off came the long skirt. In its place was left something that resembled panties and she was glad because she had no underwear on under the dress. “Thanks.”

They carried on with her legs and butt-cheeks exposed. She even took off her shoes because the floor was clean and warm enough. The subject fo her dress came up. “You know the dress you’re wearing is actually very complex. You can have the right amount of exposure you want.”

“Yeah, kinda, I guess.” Kathryn said. “The girls gave it to me.”

Racdalue moved his hands to her hips again. You look really good, but I personally like this better.” He grasped fabric from around her waist now, and pulled out two oval fabric pieces. Now, her short dress also exposed the sides of her torso, her hips with even complexion out for him to see. Kathryn made eye contact with him. He said, “Only women who want to seduce wear such dresses.”

He lies back on an outdoors wooden chair, and watches her while he repeatedly tugs at his erect cock. She stands there for a moment, then she tugs at the fabric covering the middle of her torso. It makes ripping noises, then once she has her whole belly exposed, she lets the fabric slip down with the rest. She shakes her hips a little, and his eyes glint in approval. Now she stands in panties and a top that exposes everything below her breasts. She comes in and tries ot kiss him, but he grabs her and turns her around. He unhooks the fabric on her back. “You need to let your blood flow through you. It’s a hot night, no need to suffocate your skin.” Once the hook is undone, her bare back is exposed, and he runs his hands up and down, and slips it into her shoulders, ripping off the fabric in there, as well.

Racdalu admires her body, the amount of ski nexposed for him then while she breathes slowly. She sits there, with only her panties and the two bits of fabric lightly glued to the tips of her hanging breasts. Otherwise, her smooth, warm skin is fully exposed.

His hands explore under her necklace and her shoulders, and her ass and thighs. She closes her eyes sometimes, but her breathing deepens at his touches. She stares at the sign with his name on it. RACDALU. Why does that sound familiar? DALRACU? DRALCUA? Wait…

He bites her neck and makes her feel the sensation of being sucked on the neck a hundred times at once. Her almost naked body gasps and writhes in his arms. Racdalu even holds her arms back, otherwise she was shaking a lot.

When he is finished, his face-skin flushes with red. “Wow, that was some good blood.”

Kathryn gets up as soon as she can recover, and Racdalu doesn’t hold her back. As she was about to exit the balcony, the boss of the house said, “You know you liked feeling that pleasure.” She stopped. “It will heal in minutes because of the special saliva I have.” He didn’t even get up from his horny spot. “I know you like it; it feels great. This is the sexual experience you want to brag about. This is what you deserve, after working so hard.”

Kathryn turned around. He was a vampire, he was wiping off her blood from his lips. “You won’t suck all my blood out?”

“No, I just need little to sustain myself. In its place, I give you pleasure.”

She walked back to him, and he gently pulled her in by her by the wrist. She sits down on the wooden furniture again on her bare butt-cheeks. It’s not long before he starts exploring her body again. He makes her moan, and takes her in. One hand on her thighs and the other grabbing her breasts. He kisses her on the lips while he does this, one of her hands on his head and the other leaning back.

He yanks out the slab of fabric on her right breast, and she moans under his kiss. Her yanks out the other, and she moans again. She gets on top of him, and says, “I need this, this is my vacation!” Her luscious legs on either side of his lying, clothes body, she lies on top of him and kisses him passionately.

“You’re naked, and I’m not.” Racdalu comments as she sucks on his neck. “Do you like that?”

She moans, “I like how you just took off my clothes like that. I want you to use me. I can make out with a hot guy while the others sleep.”

“Did you know I can make you super-strong and smart.”

“Yeah?” Kathryn says. She was not letting him unbutton his pants; she never did that on her first date.

“Yeah, I can give you special powers, you don’t even have to be a vampire and hide in daylight.”

She trusted him. “Do it; it sounds fun! What do I have to do, get bitten again?”

“No, we vampires spread things a little differently.” He grabbed her shoulders and guided her body to turn around while she was skill kneeling on top of him. He positioned her butt to be on top of his crotch area, and she knew where this was going. She gave a shocking gasp when he ripped-off the last piece of fabric covering her clit. He unbuttoned his pants positioned her ass. He slid his member into her, and she gasped once more. He guided her hips up and down, and she complied with it. He let her hips go and she fucked him, her body making small, fast movements. He pinched the tips of her breasts with both hands in rhythm with her fucking. Her moans got louder and louder. Sweat poured down her jewellery-adorned, naked body.

She came before him, and then after a while, he kept her in place, his hands gripping her arms. She couldn’t get away, he fucked her restrained naked body for minutes before he came inside her, bursting another pleasure inside her.

She felt different as she sat there, hugged by her vampire lover, his dick still inside her. She felt an unnatural urge to be his servant.

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