Fucked by a Werewolf

Fucked by a Werewolf

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


4 young college girls are having a sleepover party, but there may be a monster in the house. The calm one, the slutty one, the innocent one and the hard-working, humble one, they all have to encounter a monster who wants to eat them. But they can avoid getting eaten, if they use their body right.


4 young college girls are having a sleepover party, but there may be a monster in the house. The calm one, the slutty one, the innocent one and the hard-working, humble one, they all have to encounter a monster who wants to eat them. But they can avoid getting eaten, if they use their body right.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Fucked by a Werewolf

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4 young college girls are having a sleepover party, but there may be a monster in the house. The calm one, the slutty one, the innocent one and the hard-working, humble one, they all have to encounter a monster who wants to eat them. But they can avoid getting eaten, if they use their body right.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 31, 2013



Friday Frights - Part 1: Fucked by a Werewolf – Chapter 1


When Kathryn arrived at her uncle’s house, it was weird. The house was wooden and smelly, certainly not taken care of well for the past 20 years or so. She got out of the car after her parents with her bags, and they knocked on the beige door. Out came my uncle, messy guy in his 30s with long hair. “Heyyy!”

“Hello Roger,” the mom replied, and they came in, “You’ve got a lovely place.”

“Not really,” he said, scratching his head. “I have a lot of holes in the house. Sometimes…uhh…the kids down the block damage my house for no reason.”

“Well, have that taken care of, we’ll certainly help you.” The mom continued as Kathryn was lead upstairs to her room by her father.

“Yeah totally.” He said. “You got nothing to worry about.”

The parents conversed over tea, talking about the conference they’re going to and how their daughter will be able to walk to college from this neighbourhood instead of being driven. Kathryn settled in, knowing she’ll be here for 2 weeks. Well, it was a crappy place, but at least it wasn’t in the middle of the woods. She said bye to her parents, and she immediately called her friends.

The uncle was absent most of the time; he’d come home towards sunset. A few days from then, it was Friday, and Kathryn decided she’ll be having a sleepover. “I don’t mind” said the uncle. Whenever Kathryn wanted something, he seemed to hunch over and passively agree with her wishes. “Just, I would love it if you didn’t do it this Friday.” The way he said this made Kathryn feel defensive. Why was he so insistent on this all of a sudden?

One other day, she was getting a drink from the kitchen, and she saw her uncle coming out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around his hips. His long hair drooped, but his body was surprisingly toned. She let herself stare; the uncle was a step-uncle, so it didn’t feel incestuous to her. She was certainly going to share this with her friends this Friday night.


It was Friday night, and the girls got together after college to march to Kathryn’s house. When they were walking around, they all commented on the house.

 “Not a great place,” said Nicole, calmly as she observed the various holes on the walls.

“But it’s manageable.” said Lerka, hugging the pessimistic friend. As she turned her head to look, her blonde hair got into Nicole’s face.

Already sitting on the floor for the board games they want to play, the long-haired Ekaterina said, “You sure your uncle’s stable?”

Kathryn hissed, “Nah, he’s good. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. He’s one of those people you would call a sweetheart.”


The four young women sat around, and started a game of Haunted House while they talked about various things. Kathryn’s uncle came in the evening, but he was rushed and had a wild look on his face. He slammed the door, and stormed in.

Kathryn was quick to comment, not even turning back to look at him. “Whoa, uncs, slow down. No wonder you got all kinds of repairs to do.”

The uncle came in, and looked around, “Hey g…g…girls. H…how are you doing?”

Katerina was the only one not holding back a laugh, so she responded, “Good Mr. Dale.”

“Good,” the uncle stormed out, and into the basement door. “I’ll be here. You girls don’t come down tonight, OK?” He stuttered all his words now, it was unusual of him, Kathryn noted. “I got a lot of work to do tonight, OK? I’ll sleep in my office!”

After he shut the door, the three girls started laughing. Lerka was first to comment. “Did you see the erection he had? Woooooow!”

Ekaterina made an upset, cute face, “No he didn’t.”

“Yeah he did. You just didn’t look.”

Ekaterina crossed her arms, “Of course I didn’t.”

Kathryn stopped her giggling. “He’s such a creep!”

“Indeed,” Nicole added, after she has calmed her voice once more.

The four played on, and they even got to dance to some music. As they were dancing, Nicole stepped out. She was doing the least dancing, but she wanted a bathroom break. She went to the third floor washroom. The toilet was dirty. She went to the second floor washroom, dirty again. She couldn’t hold it much longer, so she slammed-open the basement door and headed-in. The toilet there was not clean either, but she relieved herself, anyways.

Where the fun starts

When she came out, only light source on the cramped stairs was from the open door that leads upstairs. She heard muffled banging, and she followed the sound. She heard it, irregular ones, and soon she started hearing a voice, too. Her usual, calm expression changed when she saw a steel door. A door that was wiggling from the strong banging from the other side. She looked around, grabbing her taser. If this uncle of Kathryn’s was a maniac who kept animals or people in his basement, she was going to tase him to death. He must be on the other side of the door, too.

She flicked the lock and twisted the handle. It opened, and she went in. The room had steel walls, too, and it had cushion floors that were cut and clawed but still gave way below her feet. It had red lamps all over, but it wasn’t bright enough to see what the thing was. It looked canine, and it sat on the corner, a human-sized fur-ball. She approached cautiously.

When she was a few steps away, the creature groaned with the deepest male voice Nicole has ever heard. It stood up, and she realised it was taller than her, and it had human features. It had arms, abs, a six pack, and muscular legs, all covered in thick hair. Its head, though, was completely canine, though it made noises that sound more like a human.

It grabbed her with its thick fingers, and she immediately tased him. The shock made him groan, and she ran to the steel door. She tripped over one of the cuts in the cotton floor, and the creature got to the door before her. As it closed the door, the air pressurised.

She tased him again, but it had little impact. It grabbed her again, and when she slipped away, the claws that had dug into her top peeled it off of her. She stepped to the other side of the steel room and as she walked more, she felt her torn pyjama-pants also slipped down. She stood there, and the wolf stared at her. Its noises lessened, she noticed, as it stared at her in her white bra and panties. She let her arm down, uncovering her breasts. Nicole could see the erection. Its thick, veiny and muscular shaft pointed at her.

She had a hypothesis, but tested it by covering her breasts again and kneeling and covering her legs with her other arm. The creature growled, and Nicole snapped back up, revealing her pushed-up breasts, and it calmed back down. It was aroused by her. After moments, it walked towards her. Nicole liked it; it wasn’t running. Its feet had canine toes, but it walked like a human: slowly and sensuously. Nicole felt its warm breath, which smelled of old clothes. The erection poked her soft, round belly. She makes eye-contact with it; she knows animals respond to that.

After some minutes of staring, the creature grabbed the back of her bra. With her feminine voice, she gasps as the thick fingers are on her bare back. It tears and pulls it off, exposing her perky breasts in a second. Its fingers snapped around her side and it kneeled its warm body. Its tongue licked away at her breasts. They were so long, they could wrap around each breast. He gave equal attention to each. She couldn’t hold it back, she moaned.

The beast grasped her and laid-back on the floor, its strong arms able to hold her almost naked body in the red air, her front facing the steel ceiling. His rough, exploring fingers teased her wet breasts and spread the saliva on them to her belly and thighs. He lowered her body down. She felt his hairy, muscular chest against her smooth back, ass and thighs. She moved her legs around, trying to escape her captor, trying to escape this sexual desire she had right now. The more her shining body struggled, the more his arms surrounded her. He slipped a soft finger to the side of her panties, and he pulled them down without her noticing. She stopped moving her legs when she noticed, but it was too late; the panties were now dangling from her feet. Why was she so turned on right now?

Her eyes snapped wide and she barked a high pitched moan when the beast entered her. She breathed heavily as he inserted the rest of himself into her. His breathing became heavy too.

He held her up, one warm hand wrapped around her thigh, the other grasping her soft neck. Her beautiful legs sometimes twisted into the creature’s warm, muscular legs. He slipped it outwards, his dick rigid against her wetness. Then, when the tip was almost out, he slid it in, and he repeated this in fast intervals. She breathed in rhythm with his insertions. In, out breathe in. In, out, breathe out. Her feet moved and grinded, restrained loosely by her stretchy panties.

Then, the beast turned, and she was lying on the cotton floor, her breasts leveling its soft terrain. Her anties slid off, on the floor like the rest of her clothes. It got on top of her and lifted her hips with both hands, its thumbs groping into her ass-cheeks, often rubbing up and down. His member slid into her, and he fucked her as she let out her moaned.

It fucked her for minutes like this, and she orgasmed as his warm liquid filled her insides. After that, he sat back and breathed silently. The naked girl got up after a while, tore off a piece of fabric from the floor and walked out as fast as she could.

She walked out of the basement door, and the other girls, who were still dancing noticed their friend who was gone fore more than ten minutes. She had the same uninterested look on her face, but she was wrapped in grey, old fabric. Kathryn immediately asked, ‘What the hell? Where were you?”

Their friend said, calmly, “There’s a monster in the house!”


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