Fucked by a Werewolf 2

Fucked by a Werewolf 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


4 young college girls are having a sleepover party, but there may be a monster in the house. The calm one, the slutty one, the innocent one and the hard-working, humble one, they all have to encounter a monster who wants to eat them. But they can avoid getting eaten, if they use their body right.


4 young college girls are having a sleepover party, but there may be a monster in the house. The calm one, the slutty one, the innocent one and the hard-working, humble one, they all have to encounter a monster who wants to eat them. But they can avoid getting eaten, if they use their body right.


Submitted: October 31, 2013

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Submitted: October 31, 2013



Friday Fright: Part 1: Fucked by a Werewolf – Chapter 2



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“What?” Kathryn responded.

“There was a monster in the basement. I got it locked up. I will have to go up and look at his stuff. I suspect certain things, but I can’t know it without a doubt until I see something.”

Nicole raced up the stairs, and Lerka and Kathryn followed her. Ekaterina, on the other hand, would rather stay downstairs. She was sure the friends would get to the bottom of why her friend has lost her clothes. “I don’t like this house.”

“What happened to your clothes?” Kathryn asked as Nicole searched her uncle’s studies. She looked through the work desk and then his bookshelf.

“I am looking for any clues…oh here it is!” Nicole said and pulled out a book. “Listen, I was attacked by a thing out there!”

“What thing? A coyote?” Lerka asked.

“In my uncle’s basement?” Kathryn asked.

Nicole explained what happened to them. At the end, she sighed, “It had this odour to it or something. I hate to admit it but it calmed me down enough to not let me scream.” She left out the part where she enjoyed it. The two friends were suspicious.

“Wait,” Lerka said. “You went downstairs and got freaky with the uncle. You had sex with it, didn’t you?”

“Here,” Nicole said and opened the old book in her hands. It had faed text and barely-intact pictures in there. Nicole skimmed the text, and said some things outloud, “…the werewolf attacks and tears its victims to pieces. Often, virgin sacrifices would be given to the beast, and the next night retrieved because the beast would hunger no more.”

“So, you’re saying this person raped you, and it was some sort of a ritual?” Kathryn asked.

“No, it’s a werewolf, and it doesn’t know any better.” Nicole said. “I wouldn’t’ classify it as rape per se…because it’s an animal.” She convincingly twisted the truth, still not wanting to share the fact of her embarrassing orgasm. “Some sort of a chemical thing going on.”

“I believe it.” Lerka said, holding the book. “This book sounds legit.”

Kathryn thought for a moment, “Where’s Eka?”


The real fun starts here

Downstairs, Ekaterina waited for a while, and then started to clean up the cups in the kitchen. Downstairs, a big clang resonated. She came outside, and the basement door opened slowly. She watched it closely. A head with spiky fur popped out, black and canine. It ran out once it saw her.

She screamed and threw the glasses in her hands. The beast stopped and stumbled onto the floor as the rest of the girls descended the staircase. Ekaterina watched the beast stand up and show its fangs. The four stared at it, and Nicole finally unwrapped herself. She walked up and stood in front of Ekaterina, naked, her breasts still perky. She didn’t mind doing this again.

But the beast looked at Ekaterina again, who hid behind the other two. Nicole said, “It doesn’t seem to be responding to me anymore, it would stop threatening by now.”

Lerka, seeing her frightened friend, took off her top. She had no bra on, so her breasts bounced as she moved around. “Here boy! Here!” She whistled as she lead the beast’s gaze away.

It followed her into a door right in front of the basement: Kathryn’s bedroom. The beast walked in slowly, and Lerka was able to get him to the other side of the room, and shut the door. He got angered by the shutting, but then Lerka slid down her yoga pants, exposing her perfectly toned legs. Looking at her with just her blue thong on, the beast saw she had an even tan. Lerka noticed him checking her out, and was glad she’d visited the salon so much.

The werewolf started growling a little, its white teeth showing starkly against its pitch-black jaw. From the other side of the door came a muffled voice of Kathyn’s, “Hey! You alright?”

“Uh-huh.” The blonde yelled back. “The monster’s still kinda growling, though. You said it will calm once it’s aroused.”

Then came Nicole’s voice, “Yes, but it says here that the werewolf will need more and more arousal as time goes on.”

Lerka sighed then whispered, “Really?”

She looked at the beast, who was getting angrier by the second. “Alright girl, time to work your magic!” The blonde, tan girl in her thong pretended there was gut guitar music. She swung her hips to one side and put her small hands in the air, her gentle fingers fluid with her rhythm. Then she swung her hips to the other side, and waved another hand gesture, her breasts vibrating on every move.

She took steps forward, criss-cross, with her feet digging into the soft carpet of the bedroom, and sat on Kathryn’s swivel-chair. She sat on it and spun it around, hypnotising the beast as she swung her arm like she is a cowgirl playfully swinging a rope. Then she stopped it with one delicate foot, and the other’s toes pointed at the watcher. The toes gestured the beast to come closer, and it obeyed eagerly.

She sat there as the beast arrived, his toned belly inches from her face. She looked up, making eye contact. It had the biggest erection she’d ever seen. She grasped it, and the beast didn’t seem to respond. That’s how all guys were when they got a hand-job; they didn’t make much noise or facial expressions, so she continued. But the beast expressed its anger when it gritted its teeth again. She swung away just in time to avoid its claws’ air-splitting swing. “Gosh, that was close.”

The creature seemed to be infuriated. The blonde quickly went back to her routine. She swung her hips back and forth, really fast as her toned legs stepped sideways. She was now using her belly-dancing skills. With every swing, the center of her belly gave little vibrations. With her hands in the air, her curves were making waves of visual pleasure for the monster.

She lay on the red bed in the room, arms still up, and showed off her legs. The beast came in, and each bold hand grasped one of her delicate ankles. She held her breath as he opened them up and poked its canine head onto her bare chest. She felt the licking of the werewolf, her breasts danced under his tongue. He licked her shoulders, then moved up. His long, soft tongue slid up her throat and her head fell back, allowing him to lick up to the bottom of her chin. He ran his sharp teeth onto her soft neck as well, leaving a bruise, but giving her the sucking of a lifetime. Its head then licked down her body. Her hands held the sheets below her head as her torso was licked in one smooth motion, between her heaving breasts and then on her belly. The beast remembered her dance as he licked her belly, and then moved onto her thighs, which she spread and moved to grant him better access.

He lay on the bed now, and she opened her eyes to meet his. He hugged her body and slid on his back, taking her up. She gave a gasp, and then felt his warm body against hers. Her breasts pushed up against his chest, and her thighs tried to wrap around his lower torso.

He took her shoulders and slipped her. Her front felt the cold of the room again and his warm hands explored her, making her savour the warmth. As one of his hands trailed down her belly, it pinched at the triangular fabric that was covering her pussy. It yanked it off, sending a small snapping pain on her butt-cheeks. She moaned at that, and he threw it on the floor with the rest of her clothes. She wiggled in pleasure on top of him, and she looked down to see his member protruding between her legs.

He positioned his hips, and she bent her smooth legs. He grabbed her arms. Her feet pressed on the penis; she was afraid that it would hurt a lot. It was big. He gave a growl, but she kept going. Despite her efforts, he slid himself in, and she couldn’t reach it anymore with her legs. She wiggled her hips around, but the werewolf slid his member in all the way, making her gasp every time it moved.

He moved it in and out slowly, and she got used to it. Her insides wrapped it as warmly as his hands wrapped her. Her legs slithered to twist around his big thighs, and she was fucked. She was fucked like this for minutes. She never seemed to cum, which was frustrating and arousing.

Then the werewolf put her on the bed and placed her in doggy style position. He went deep into her, he didn’t seem to fit completely inside her, but he slid in anyways. She made the loudest noises she had ever made. She orgasmed when he shot his juices inside her.

She slid off his dick and collapsed on the bed. Later, the other girls came in and took her out.




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