Don't swim naked while camping

Don't swim naked while camping

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Chelsea loves to swim naked, but when she can't find her clothes, she gets her perverted friend to help her out. He helps her out, but he has a twisted way of doing so.


Chelsea loves to swim naked, but when she can't find her clothes, she gets her perverted friend to help her out. He helps her out, but he has a twisted way of doing so.


Submitted: August 21, 2017

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Submitted: August 21, 2017




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The dark waters reflected the moonlit night like liquid mirror, and Chelsea’s glistening body dipping in and out of it made for a stellar sight. There was something very comforting in swimming naked, for her. The water embraced her, every nook and cranny, and with the rush of cold she would be comforted by the warm air above the pond.

Lying like that, she probably looked like a dead body to a passerby. She then thought of a person seeing her curves as she bends her legs and her tits thrash around with every butterfly stroke.

Just then, she felt like she saw someone. It was a retreating shape in the woods. Must be part of her group. She hoisted on shore via a rock and looked about. There was no one. She retreated to her starting spot. Her time was up, and she was a short distance away from the camp site.

Her group was in another pond, all 9 people camping and having a party. This retreat was a way for her and her boyfriend, John celebrating graduating college. She didn’t want to be murdered by an insane local that she didn’t know about.

Upon arriving at the starting spot, she panicked. Chelsea darted from one place to another, looking for that aqua colored bikini, or at least the badger that took them. They have to be in the dirt somewhere. She started thinking of men in masks that lurk in ponds, and a sexually gratified female. It had been a minute long search. She leaped back to the fire with amazons’ legs; perhaps she could find something else back in the campsite. She felt great with the wind on her like that, but she had to put something on.

The sight of the tents excited her. She would put something on, and John wouldn’t find out her secret. She rummaged the area around the campfire. No bag. John must’ve taken those when he went to the fishing place with his friends this afternoon, leaving her with her bikini until the morning. The one thing she could wear, gone. She scavenged out her friend’s bag. It only had lotion and books in it. Everyone else had their bags with them at the other pond.

“Hey cutie,” the guy walked into the warmth of the fire, holding his hand to it. She noticed he had just a small towel on, his turgid member tenting proudly. “Lovely night just got lovelier.”

She covered herself with the bag, standing close to a tent. “Liam, what the fuck! Don’t look.”

Liam gentlemanly kept looking at the fire. “I’m sorry, I thought you were wearing a tan-colored bikini.”

“I…I was skinny dipping. I do it from time to time.”

“By yourself? That’s a shame.”

Liam was always a weird one cracking jokes in the crowd, but he was never this flirty with her. She guessed he was an unpredictable goofball.

“Yeah, believe me, I’m regretting it now. I need to find my bikini before the others get back. Me and John only have the open tent. I’d be completely exposed.” Liam observed the see-through tent whose insides were eliminated by the fire light.

“Just sleep in a friend’s tent.” He scratched his butt through the small towel, revealing some of his ass-cheek to Chelsea. “Better yet, tell John about your little hobby. Take him out to the dock and strip. He’ll love it.”

“I already did.” She walked over to a fold out chair and sat, keeping her legs as closed as possible. “He was angry. Told me he can’t have a girlfriend prancing around naked. I’m in plain view.”

“I see, this is a secret, then.” Liam smiled.

“Don’t fucking tell him! I will kill you.”

“Alright, jees!” Liam threw his hands up in resignation.

“And I can’t hide with a friend. All these are people he knows. They would tell him.”

“I can help you look.”

Just as Liam said that, Chelsea heard footsteps and the crowd. She went into survival mode, and Liam jumped up with her. “Quick, in my tent.” As he pointed, she bolted in. The tent was set up far from the fire, so it was convenient. Liam zipped in after her. It was spacious enough for both of them to stand on their knees, but most of all, its walls were closed off.

She listened to the crowd laughing and bantering, but more than that, she could hear Liam’s heavy breathing. She whispered, “Why the fuck did you get in here?”

“They have to think we’re both asleep.”

“Couldn’t you get out there and look for my stuff?”

“You want me to search out the whole forest? I don’t know where you left it.”

The two sat there, calves rubbing together, until she calmed down. She could see him peeping at her nipples. Hard, rising and falling, and in the light of the lantern he had, her curves glistened. Every arching of her back and bending of her knee, delicate.

She lay back in the soft sleeping bag. “We better look for my bikini once they fall asleep, though.”

“Would you relax, for once?” he smiled. “I think you need some therapy.”

“Excuse me?”

“I mean, you need to talk to people. Me for example, I think you should talk about swimming naked. How do you feel about it, Miss Flannigan?”

Chelsea went into the therapy mood once the almost naked lying man next to him addressed her professionally.

“I like it.”

“Why don’t you do it openly, then?”

“It’s unfair to John. I…I belong to him.”

“Right ,right. You don’t wanna be unfair, you can swim with him.”

“It’s different with him.”

“You masturbate most intensely in there?”

This was jarring to her. How did he know this?

“Lots of people play with themselves. The water gives them a rush. They wish someone could see them.” As he talked, she found herself grinning. “See your beautiful body like one of those water girls, coming out and fucking someone against a waterfall.”

 “Yeah,” her voice trailed off as she looked at his chiseled torso.

His head kneeled to her chest and opened big, and gave her breast a sucking, his tongue making a hard glide. Now it was even more erect as the sensation mixed with the shock. “What the fuck?”

He saw her scowl, but his mouth continued the torture, grinding teeth onto her breast while he squeezed with the other. “What the fu-u-u-ck-ck!” His mouth let go of its vacuum grasp on her breast with his sloppy saliva coating her chest.

She scowled further as she saw his head went down her body, his hands making a grasp trip from her waist to her thighs and calves, his head sucking on bits of her perfect stomach.

She wiggled her whole body, shaking the tent as she tried to slip out from under his weight. “Shhh.” He said, his breath hot on her snatch. “They can hear us.” She felt the fabric of the tent on her back, imagining John’s friends checking out the tent because of disturbances, and finding her like this. She let his hands grasping her ass-cheeks guide her back into a lying position.

He gave the nervous girl a soft bite on the thighs. Why wasn’t she closing her legs? Instead, she let his wet lips take one huge lap from one thigh to her labia, circling her labia, then move to the other thigh. He continued to play with her womanhood like a hungry examiner, making her gulp in air.

He sat with her ass on his lap, and she watched him free his manhood with the flick of a towel. He grabbed his torture tool and circled its tip against her clit. “Don’t make loud noises.” He inserted himself and started his onslaught as she muffled her moans. He fucked her relentlessly while enjoying her breasts. He had her legs over his shoulders, so he would occasionally suck on her thigh or calf, as her hands tried to hold the closest piece of fabric.

He turned her over, laying her on her stomach. Her insides felt her dick’s sudden absence as his hands and mouth explored her back, ass and legs. He laid on top of her, his body’s warmth and weight livening her. He whispers “I need to enjoy you fully. Your mouth.”

She looked to the side to meet his gaze, but as she leaned in for a kiss, he slyly turned his body around, sliding his legs her way. She looked over his body to see his erection, wet with her juices, a few inches from her face.

She smiled, “Fuck you.”

She took it into her mouth, sucking the shaft as she always does. Maybe she should give him the deluxe treatment? She got her lip to the very tip, sucked on it very hard as she gently pinched the testicle skin. She loved watching men’s’ reactions when she did this. She sucked in increments along the shaft, making some rounds before taking the balls gently in her mouth, sucking at the skin.

This is when she noticed he still has his swim trunks in there. In fact, all his clothes were in the tent. He snapped out of his ecstasy and pulled her by the arm to sit up and sucked her breasts. Her mood had visibly changed.

“Did you watch me skinny dip and jerk off just now?” her neutral expression cut into him with its lack of arousal and flirting.

“Yes,” Liam guarded his crotch as he sat back. “I didn’t mean to scare you, but I knew you would go skinny dipping. And…your clothes are with me, right outside the tent in my bag.”

After a few seconds of quiet, Chelsea grabbed his thighs. She shoved her face in there, giving his member a wet, long suck. He moaned out slightly.

He lay down as the gorgeous swimmer serviced his dick. She licked his balls, thighs, and ass to utter cleanliness. Her face had her eyelids and lips loose and hungry. She grabbed his shaft in her small hand, climbed on him, and shoved him into her. His prize rode him, her insides tugging at his dick as she fucked with muffled moans. He grasped at her bouncing tits and sensitive neck.

“I watched you naked many times. I wanted to fuck you so bad.” His words made her rhythmic girly grunts more frequent. She thought of how much he stroked himself, following her and stealing her clothes so he can get her naked and fuck her in his tent.

They both orgasmed, with her breasts bounding inches from his face as she spasmed. The naked swimmer laid her naked, used up body on her trickster lover, with him finally kissing her on the lips as his dick kept sliding around inside her.


A few weeks after, after an unrelated fight, she broke up with John. She’s a maiden of the sea, and always will be.




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