Fan Fiction- Naruto x Gaara

Fan Fiction- Naruto x Gaara

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This is my own character pairing from the anime Naruto Shippuden.It follows the basic plot just I have decided to go with Naruto and Gaara as a couple because I think there is some sexual tension between the two. So feel free to read if you like yaoi!


This is my own character pairing from the anime Naruto Shippuden.It follows the basic plot just I have decided to go with Naruto and Gaara as a couple because I think there is some sexual tension between the two. So feel free to read if you like yaoi!


Submitted: May 24, 2012

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Submitted: May 24, 2012




“I think they’re gone now…I can’t sense any chakra from the surrounding areas.” Gaara whispered as he dropped his sand defenses down a notch.

“You shouldn’t underestimate the Hidden Rain they’re best known for their sneaky attacks-ya know?” Naruto replied cautiously.

“Yea you’re right and we can’t have this information falling into the wrong hands, the victory of the war hangs within the balance if those rogue ninjas get this-

“Yeah you’re right!” shouted Naruto which caused Gaara to place a finger on his lips to quiet him.

“Ssshhhh…” said Gaara as he quieted Naruto a bit.

The two sat in the sand dome, secluded from passers-by with the use of shrubs around the dark forest- waiting patiently for a messenger bird to take the Intel to their respective villages. As the sun set and outside got colder Naruto felt the urge to draw nearer to Gaara to keep both of them warm and alert.

Naruto scooted across to Gaara’s side of the sand dome, his clothes rubbing against the pebbles on the ground but as he moved he bumped his but on a sharp rock, “Ouchhh!!” He shouted.

“Naruto! You are just too loud sometimes. What’s wrong did you get hurt…?” Gaara’s voice trailed off in concern.

“Yeah I just hit my ass on this damn rock,” he said, rubbing the bruise.

Gaara just shook his head at his clumsy friend and smiled a little.

“Isn’t it a little cold out here,” asked Naruto beginning to move closer to Gaara once more.

“…Uhmm yeah…I guess it is,” he said calmly though his body showed no signs of being cold.

“Can I sit next to you? May be our body heat could warm us up,” Naruto asked quickly, his voice bright and chirpy from his brilliant idea.

“…Well if that helps then sure you can sit next to me…” Gaara replied, still as calm as ever as Naruto settled himself beside him.

The two remained quiet for another few minutes until Naruto broke the silence with a random question.

“Gaara we’ve been friends for a while now…ever since the Chuunin exam and I…really see you as someone I share a strong bond with… but I never asked…” he said contemplatively. “Do you like ramen!!? Because it’s like my favorite food!! Ichiraku’s is the besttt!!”

“Naruto!  Ssshhhh,” Gaara scolded and lifted his finger to Naruto’s lips again then he replied softly, “and yes… I do like ramen but in the Hidden Sand I don’t get to eat it often since the others think I shouldn’t be eating such foods as the Kazekage…” he said, then turned away from Naruto’s gaze.

“Well that sucks…” he said, then ran his fingers through his spiky hair…

Naruto watched his friend’s back. It rising and falling with every breath he took which fascinated him- something so trivial. He then stared directly at the little exposed skin from Gaara’s neck; even though it was somewhat dark, he could still see how perfect Gaara’s skin was and it started an uncontrollable urge inside him. He had always thought of Gaara in a respectable way and they shared the same feelings, views, struggles…he was like him, and this allowed for a strong bond to develop but these urges he was having surpassed the boundaries of their bond. All the unimaginable acts he wished to experience with Gaara flooded his head and clouded his judgment until he couldn’t resist anymore.

Moving silently, closer to Gaara, Naruto leaned in around his ear and whispered, “Would the others disapprove of this too,” and captured Gaara’s lips in a passionate kiss.

Naruto pressed his lips against Gaara’s, tasting and feeling the amazing warmth radiating from them but when he caught hold of what he was doing he pulled away and pushed Gaara away.

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to do that!!! I’m really sorry! I don’t know what got into me!” Naruto apologized profusely while on his knees- begging for forgiveness. “I don’t know what came over me…I guess after being rejected by Sasuke so many times…I guess I was just looking for companionship someplace else…but I know what I did was wrong and I promise it won’t happen again…”  Naruto lifted his head as the tears began to well in his eyes but he just would not let them escape- he couldn’t let Gaara see him like this. “Can you forgive me,” he asked, his voice weak and shaky.

Gaara moved over to him slowly, taking in Naruto’s sorry frame, then he placed Naruto’s chin between his thumb and index finger and whispered, “I forgave you the minute you did it…truthfully I’ve always wanted to kiss you…I was thinking about taking you moments ago but I just couldn’t find the courage to say or act upon my feelings…Naruto, you have always given me the strength to make hard decisions in life and for that I thank you and the bond we share will never be broken, no matter what you do…so screw Sasuke because right now I want you so badly that I’ll be the rebound…you can share anything you feel with me, tell me everything you think and I will be here for you…because…I love you…” and with that Gaara leaned in and kissed Naruto softly, which caused  a few tears to cascade down his cheek and Gaara wiped them away with a gentle sweep of his hand.

Gaara pushed Naruto down gently; their lips only parting for that one second it took for him to hit the ground then he bombarded Naruto’s lips with soft sweet kisses.

“Naruto…” he whispered so softly he barely even heard it. “I…ughh…love you…so much,” he stumbled out between moans….

“Gaara…” Naruto whispered as Gaara began to part his lips slightly then he forced his tongue into Naruto’s mouth, ran his fingers through his hair then pulled Naruto’s face up to his- deepening the kiss as their tongues met.

“I’m gonna take you right now… I wanna make love to you so badly…” Gaara whispered again as he began to unzip Naruto’s jacket.

“Gaara…wait…” Naruto muttered but it was so low Gaara just ignored it and kissed from the base of his neck to his chest, then he ran his wet tongue up the side of his neck and nibbled on Naruto’s earlobe causing him to release a loud moan.

“Oh…you like it there…?” Gaara asked, then ran his tongue back down Naruto’s neck, sucking hard so raised, red bruises formed on Naruto’s skin.

“Gaara…Gaara…ughhh,” he moaned, which made Gaara smile inwardly.

“Yes keep calling my name; I want you to remember how good I make you feel…I want my touch to be forever on you…” Gaara replied to Naruto’s breathless moans.

Trailing his finger lightly down Naruto’s exposed skin, Gaara placed Naruto’s nipple between his lips then began to suck hard on it. Which caused Naruto to moan uncontrollably and he wiggled beneath Gaara.

“Ssshh be quiet… We wouldn’t want other ninja to hear us…” he said teasingly then he grabbed both Naruto’s wrists and pinned them above his head so he couldn’t struggle as much. “I’m gonna make you beg me to stop…you will be unable to bear all this pleasure…”

Gaara rolled his tongue skillfully over Naruto’s nipple then sucked again, when he was done with that one he went to the other and spent ample time on it- working his lips over the hard bud and licking…wetting Naruto’s skin.

“Gaara –I ca—n’t…” Naruto began…

“You can’t what…” Gaara said teasingly as he placed two of his fingers on the tip of Naruto’s cock- still pinning him down with one of his hands.

“I didn’t hear you…did you say something…” and as he finished, he rolled his fingers over the soaked head, evoking more moans from Naruto.

“Gaara I can’t hold out anymore…I want you to… fuck me…” Naruto said as his voice trailed off and he turned his head in shame. He couldn’t believe he was asking this of one of his most trusted friends. But the way Gaara was making him feel, he couldn’t ignore it- it just felt so good and he needed to release.

“You want me to fuck you,” Gaara asked, then he slowly began to fully remove Naruto’s pants which were restricting the rest of his cock. His underwear was a neutral white but it still made him smile because he seemed so pure but Gaara would be the one to change that.

Quickly removing his scarf and other pieces of clothing, Gaara began to straddle Naruto, their hard dicks rubbing against each other, causing friction and pleasure for both of them. Then Gaara leaned in and began to kiss Naruto again, enveloping his lips in soft kisses which prompted Naruto to grab his hips and rock them slowly on top of him.

“Ughhh Naruto…you feel so good…ughhh…” moaned Gaara but he was muffled by Naruto’s hungry lips.

“Gaara…I wanna be in you right now!” Naruto grunted and Gaara lifted himself up slightly and allowed Naruto access, then he lowered himself down slowly onto Naruto’s cock.

“Ughhh uhhhh…Narutooo,” Gaara moaned but Naruto cradled his body and began to sit up to change the position so Gaara was in his lap. Then he grabbed his hips and began to slide him on and off his dick, creating pleasure for both of them and their moans became louder and louder.

“Gaara, ugghhhh uhhhh ughhhh Gaara this feels so fucking good!” Naruto shouted and Gaara kissed him again, their tongues mingling  as they muffled each-others moans.

Naruto grabbed Gaara’s hips tighter, causing bruises to form but he didn’t care. Gaara felt so good he just couldn’t stop himself as he pumped inside him. Then Gaara took charge and began to bounce on Naruto’s dick. Up and down as he rested his hands on Naruto’s shoulders for stability. They were pleasuring each other even though they were just ‘friends’ a few minutes ago.

Gaara was elated. He finally got what he had been yearning for since the time Naruto rescued him from the Akatsuki. That last hand shake, the last time he saw his face, meant so much to him. When he felt Naruto’s warmth against his palm, and the big smile he gave him before he left, he knew then that he felt more for him than he could ever express but now he was feeling Naruto inside him. Rubbing against his walls and taking him to ecstasy was more than his mind could bare but that was until Naruto reached out and grabbed his erected cock. He began stroking it while Gaara was bouncing on him and it made him feel so good. He was being pleasured two times over and it felt amazing. His head was so sensitive and he responded immediately to Naruto’s touch.

“Ughhh Gaara, it’s so wet and sticky…and all because of me,” Naruto said as he pumped Gaara with one hand.

Gaara could feel his gaze on his cock which made his pleasure even more heightened and he could feel his climax.

“Ughhhh Naruto….ughhhh…ugghhhh…Narutooo, don’t stop,” Gaara whispered over and over as he continued to bounce.

“You’re cumming Gaara…?” Naruto asked out of pure curiosity. He loved the fact that he was gonna make Gaara cum. That he was the reason, and he continued pumping harder. He squeezed the tip then slid his hand down the shaft which sent Gaara wild.

“Narutooo, yess I’m cumming!” Gaara shouted. His voice so loud but he didn’t care, he was just loving all the pleasure Naruto was giving him and as Naruto watched Gaara’s face, his mouth open, gasping for air yet calling his name over and over and it sent him over the edge too.

He grabbed Gaara’s hips again and fucked him so hard that Gaara began to get weak but Naruto was nearing climax so he allowed the man handling until then which Naruto gladly accepted and he thrust his dick inside Gaara hard.

“Narutooo, I’m cumming!!! Don’t pull out please don’t pull out!” he pleaded and Naruto complied.

“Ughhh I’m cumming too!!!” Naruto shouted and the both came together as Naruto left his inside Gaara and Gaara spouted all over his chest which made Naruto tremble a little.

Gaara whimpered against Naruto’s chest as he lay on top of him. Naruto still pulsing a little inside because he liked the way it felt- just lying there with Gaara on him; he smelt so good and he was so tight- he just loved feeling him.

“I said I was gonna take you,” Gaara whispered against Naruto’s neck.

“Yeah well may be next time…I just couldn’t help myself okay? You’re just so…” Naruto stopped, searching for the word but he never found it.

“You don’t know what you want to say, do you…” Gaara asked as he held his head off of Naruto’s body.

“Whatever!” he shouted, which made both of them laugh…


There might be a continuation so feel free to check in from time to time to see if there is ;)



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